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IMTOY is a luxury sex toy and sexual health product manufacturer that was established in 2012 between the cities of Las Vegas, USA and Shenzhen, China. Their products promote personal well-being, fun and pleasurable stimulation that will entice you to unbelievable measures. Their carefully crafted products take into account the hardware, user friendly designs, application compatibility and above all a high attention to quality.

IMTOY’s product ranges include Zoo, Forbidden Fruit, Luxeluv, Piu and Candy. You should keep an eye out as their product ranges continue to grow! So much so they have been featured in the media in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elite Daily and many more. This is a VIP interview with IMTOY’s resident blogger Zoe Stone which looks into her inspirations and what makes their products go above and beyond.

Tell me about yourself

I’m Zoe Stone and I’m in charge of filling IMTOY’s blog full of sexy, fun, and useful content! I like introducing myself by saying I’m not what people usually expect from a sex writer (or at least, I’m not what I would expect from a sex writer)! Right or wrong, I always thought that to write about sex you had to be a wild, experienced unicorn, who’s sexually fulfilled on a cosmic level. But hey! Now I’m a sex writer too and I’m here to disprove the myth!

The way I see it, we’re all on our own individual journeys through pleasure, and what I’m interested in writing about is the bliss and the struggles, the out-of-body experiences and the epic fails, and all from a sex positive and body positive point of view.

Raunchy, relatable and empowering – that’s what I’m going for!

What inspired the creation of IMTOY?

IMTOY sits at the confluence of sex toys and tech. Our vision was to focus on designing intelligent sex toys and sexual health products that promote intimate well-being and provide life-giving pleasure! Our tagline is:

“Engineered for Ecstasy”

That says it all really!

What inspires you?

As a writer, books are my jam! I’m always looking for those magical moments when an author captures and communicates something deeply real. They tend to access those moments of universal truth by really focusing in on the details.

It takes guts to get up close and detailed when writing about sex – it’s such an intimate topic. We’re really vulnerable in that space. But I’m a big one for taboo-breaking, and there’s been such silence around sex for so many of us. Only good things can come from opening up and being real.

That’s why I really admire outspoken women. Some of my favs are active in the sexual space, like Elena from The Yoni Empire, or journalists Mona Chalabi and Mae Ryan who made The Vagina Dispatches. I’m a fan of anyone who’s out there, speaking up about issues that affect women, sharing information, and empowering others.

Tell me about IMTOY’s product range?

IMTOY has got so many goodies on offer. Our pride and joy is The Zoo Collection. Each of its six silky soft silicone toys was inspired by and named after an animal. Did I mention that they’re all millennial pink with rose gold accents? They really do deserve a proper introduction:


Couples sex toy IMTOY DOLPHIN

The Dolphin was engineered with innovative partners play in mind. It’s a C-shaped vibrator that targets the G-spot and the clit. The insertable part of the vibe is designed specifically to leave enough room for a penis to slide in behind the toy. Dolphin fits snugly in place for hands-free fun during penetration.


Rabbit vibrator IMTOY RHINO

Yowza! The Rhino is a powerful little number! This toy gives you everything you need – inside and out. It has two rumbling motors. The G-spot seeking curved tip ensures internal pleasure, while the toy’s horn (a classy reimagining of the traditional rabbit) delivers intense, direct clitoral stimulation.

I’ve heard the Rhino has popped a few internal orgasm cherries!


Personal massager IMTOY MANTA RAY

The Manta Ray is our wild card. When people first look at it they’re like, “WTF?” but it’s simple once you realise what to do with it:

  • For people with a penis, all you need to do is wrap the super flexible silicone around your erection, or sit on it to externally pleasure your P-spot.
  • For people with a vagina, Manta Ray’s textured and extremely pliable design makes for an incredible lay-on vibe.



Wands tend to be pretty hefty toys. We wanted to design a wand that’s smaller and more slender than most, but still packs a punch. Enter the Gazelle! The tantalizing tips of its horns are an absolute treat for the clit, and thanks to its adaptable head, you can swap between horns or a smooth head. A major upside to its slender design is that it can be used on the clit during penetration without getting in the way.


G-spot vibrator IMTOY GIRAFFE

Ah! The Giraffe! My first love! The Giraffe is a really thoughtful take on a classic shape. It’s simple, it’s ergonomic, and boy does it deliver! It really is the perfect toy for a beginner who’s looking to try a penetrative toy for the first time and doesn’t want anything too girthy. It also makes for an amazing clit vibe too!



The Whale is our other C-shaped vibrator, targeting both the G-spot and clit, but unlike the Dolphin, this toy’s curvaceous head is designed to fill you all up. We like to think of the Whale as your silent, sneaky sidekick – designed to be taken (or worn) anywhere. Hand over the app to a partner and you’ll be sure to have yourselves some cheeky fun!

As for the rest of what IMTOY has to offer, there’s…


Men's masturbator IMTOY PIU

This is our high tech male masturbator. Using its very own app it synchronizes your pleasure with erotic movies. The vibrations actually interact with scenes and motion!


Personal massager IMTOY CANDY

Candy is a super soft, body-safe kegel ball. It connects to your smart device so you can follow a professional training course. Candy’s app lets you track your progress, reach new milestones, and stay motivated.

Recently IMTOY started housing other brands too like:


Sex toy range banner LUXELUV

Luxeluv has a tempting collection of cosmopolitan toys that goes by the name of The Destination Range. Each toy in the collection is named after a different city. Why not find out where desire will take you next? There’s Vegas – a versatile vibrating cock-ring, Havana – a rabbit-style vibrator with a twist (its shaft can curl in a “come hither” gesture), and the Santiago – an ultra-discreet finger vibrator with a powerful kick.

Men's stroker IMTOY Memphis
Image: Luxeluv Memphis

The craziest toy in the collection has got to be the Memphis. It’s a masturbation sleeve that doubles as ac Bluetooth speaker! You can even set it to vibrate to the beat of your favourite song!

What are IMTOY’s best sellers?

The Dolphin, Whale and Rhino are our star products!

What materials are the sex toys made with?

Let me break it down:


These toys are made with high quality silicone, durable tungsten alloy motors, and lithium batteries. Piu’s outer shell is made from ABS plastic, making all these toys entirely non-porous and super easy to clean. Candy even comes with its own UV light sterilisation storage unit. They charge using a magnetic USB charger, so they’re 100% waterproof, and the special silicone we’ve made them with is dust-proof too, making them as ready to dive into the bath as they are into bed!


These vibrators from Luxeluv’s Destination Range are made with silicone. They’re also waterproof, using a simple but effective design that protects the jack where the charger plugs in, but they’re not completely sealed like The Zoo Collection, so these toys require some caution when cleaning around the jack.


This masturbation sleeve also doubles as a high quality Bluetooth speaker (super sneaky, right?). The outer shell is made from ABS plastic with a squeezable silicone grip in the centre. The skin-soft inner sleeve is made from TPE and has a vibrating bullet fitted into it that can be popped out when you need to wash the sleeve.

What is silken silicone? How would you describe the feeling of the silken silicone?

The silicone we’ve used for The Zoo Collection, Piu and Candy is our secret weapon. We worked hard to find the perfect balance between pleasure and durability and the end result is toe-curlingly soft to the touch! When Wetlandia reviewed the Gazelle she said:

“I want to hold (it), and run my fingers over it, and touch it all day long. I want to live in a magical kingdom where everything is made of this silicone.”

It’s pretty dreamy stuff, but to really know what I’m talking about you’ll just have to try it for yourself! ;P

How would you describe the feeling of the vibrations delivered through The Zoo Collection?

The six toys in The Zoo Collection have 16 vibration patterns, which range from rich and rumbly to OMFG-this-is-AH-MAAAZING!

What is the Zoo app? Are all of IMTOY’s products compatible with the app?

No, the Zoo app was developed specifically for the six toys in The Zoo Collection. Once you power up your toy it can be paired via Bluetooth with your smartphone. Once it’s connected, the toy can be controlled by the app, which unlocks extra vibration modes and fun features like voice, video, music and kinetic interaction, randomized vibration, and an option to draw your own vibration.

What do the shake, bomb and rocket functions feel like?

The shake function works like this: When your Zoo toy is connected via Bluetooth to its app, you can turn on a function that makes your toy vibrate in response to any movement of your smartphone. If you shake your phone, the toy gives off powerful vibrations. If you move it gently, then the toy rumbles and shudders. It’s a really fun feature for tempting, teasing power play.

The bomb function makes your toy produce randomized vibration patterns. You never know what’s coming next! It’s a great way to start slowly and build yourself up until you’re ready to explode.

If you can’t take the edging any longer, that’s when you hit the rocket button which takes you straight to the highest vibration strength, blasting you off into orgasmic outer space!

What are the best ways to use the music and speaking feature of IMTOY’s products?

We sent the Rhino over to Cosmo to try out, and this is what they had to say about the the music feature on the Zoo app:

“Our favourite feature, however, is the ability to sync the app (and the Rhino) to your iTunes library, giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘beating off’. Ha ha. But seriously, if you’ve never experienced a vibrator pulsing in time to the dulcet tones of Bad And Boujee, then you simply haven’t lived, my friend.”

Our advice is find your favourite boudoir beats and sync your toy up for the experience of a lifetime.

As for the speaking feature, the more you make noise, the harder the toy vibrates. If you’re a little shy, but you want to learn how to be more vocal in the sheets, then this is a really fun reward system for living your pleasure out loud!

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