VIP Interview With Jaiden Lillith Events Organiser & Promoter For Sanctuary

When you come across a place which welcomes all with a vibrant, accepting, social and fun community spirit, you really need to find out more about them. Sanctuary is an adult lifestyle venue which does just this! Sanctuary provides people with the opportunity to meet likeminded members of the fetish community. On the naughty side of Sanctuary, their venue does allow sex on the premises and light to hardcore BDSM play!

Sanctuary is famously known for showcasing some amazing kinky and fetish talent in the adult entertainment industry.  Sanctuary brings you the latest workshops, dance parties, classes, adult markets, BDSM product suppliers, burlesque performances, photography sessions and so much more! The venue can also be hired out for dungeon and kinky experiences.

By attending an event at Santuary, you will be in for a remarkable night that may just get hot and steamy with some incredible memories. The venue is also wheelchair accessible and easy to get to via public transport.  Sanctuary follows a strict code of conduct to ensure the safety of all individuals who attend any events. Sanctuary welcomes all sexualities, gender and ages from 18 and up.

This is a VIP Interview with Jaiden Lillith event’s organiser and promoter for Sanctuary.

Adult club and events
Image: Sanctuary Banner

Tell me about yourself

My name is Jaiden Lillith, Events Organiser and Promoter for Sanctuary. I have had a long background in event promotion and management in the music industry, and I’ve brought that knowledge and expertise to the world of BDSM and kink. I’m also a proDom/me, sex worker, kink educator, writer and musician.

What inspired the creation of Sanctuary?

All involved in Sanctuary have a passion for BDSM / Kink, equality and sex positivity. We wanted to create a purpose built venue for BDSM events and parties, to have an open minded, queer friendly LGBTIQAUP+ safe place where the kink community could gather openly to meet like-minded people, play, learn from one another and have a great time! All are welcome to our events and all are treated respectfully. Sanctuary is Sydney’s first legitimate Sex on Premises and BDSM events venue for the public.

Where is Sanctuary located?

Sanctuary is located just 10 minutes from the CBD, in the bustling suburb of Annandale. Our address is 191 Parramatta Road, Annandale.

What is Sanctuary’s venue like?

There are three floors to Sanctuary, it’s a very long venue with a BYO bar and cafe at the front. We have a number of comfortable couches and mattresses, an A Frame, a number of St Andrew’s crosses, multiple suspension points for rope / lyra / bamboo – at least 9 depending on the configuration, a sex sling, a stripper pole, spanking benches, various pieces of custom designed BDSM furniture, cages, and a medical room for needle / blood play. We have three toilets and two showers, and the ground floor is accessible to differently abled persons. There is mood lighting throughout the venue, and the basement area has a “suburbian garage dungeon” vibe. There is a stage on the ground floor for performances. The atmosphere is open, friendly and very kinky, and our recent renovations have given the venue a dark and alluring atmosphere.

Pet play at Sanctified
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Sanctuary is famously known for being a kink events venue which celebrates people’s sexualities, sexual lifestyles and fetishes. Who would you recommend attend a Sanctuary event?

We have something to offer for everyone, from people new to the community and lifestyle to the most experienced kinksters. It is a very friendly and accepting atmosphere and we welcome people from all walks of life. We pride ourselves on being all inclusive, and have been complimented on the atmosphere of friendliness and acceptance where all the possibilities along the spectrum of sexual and gender identification are made to feel welcome and free to be their fabulous selves. We’ve also had pets, leather fetishists, latex wearers, adult babies, littles, Daddies, Mommies, Masters, Mistresses, slaves, submissives, puppies, kittens, ponies you name the kink, we’ve had them here! We’re proud to be a sex positive venue, and welcome couples, singles, groups to explore and play openly and consensually.

What are the benefits of attending an event with likeminded people?

While BDSM has become more accessible to the public, with the range of kinks and fetishes out there it can feel isolating when you don’t know anyone else who shares them. We’ve seen many people meet others who shared their interests and made life changing friendships and relationships at our venue, and it’s been beautiful to see. Attending an event with like minded people helps to build a stronger community, makes it a safer place and gives opportunities to learn and experience new things. Playing in a public environment is a great way to try new things with the comfort of knowing that there are people who have your back, and can be less intimidating than one on one meetings. And of course, the exhibitionists and voyeurs in us can have a great time in a public space! Who knows, you may even find a new kink you never knew you had!

What can people expect from attending an event at Sanctuary?

We host play parties and casual social focused events such as Rope Chill and the Markets. We have a strong focus on consent and safety, and maintain a balance between these values and the freedom of individuals to explore. Our staff and Dungeon Monitors are very experienced and are respected members of the BDSM community, who are excellent at unobtrusively making sure that events are safe and fun for everyone. There is no requirement for people to play if they attend, many first timers just come and watch and make new friends. Be prepared to perhaps see things that you’ve never seen before – from spanking and impact play, Shibari / rope play, suspensions, blood and needle play in the medical room upstairs, D/s dynamics of all kinds, and of course good old sex in all of its forms!  We also have live performers at the Sanctified parties, from Shibari to Burlesque to extreme performances. It’s a BYO venue with an alcohol check in – we have bartenders with an RSA to serve the alcohol. Sanctuary promotes and provides safe sex supplies and information for use at our parties.

What services does Sanctuary offer?

We proudly host a number of social events, specialist kink nights (Rope Chill), Fetish Markets, Swingers parties and BDSM / Kink parties, and also offer dungeon hire for up to 140 people – from the most intimate of private gatherings to public events, to photography / video shoots. It’s also a great venue for a naughty bucks or hens night out! The cafe sells soft drinks / cold drinks, freshly made coffee and a number of candies for purchase.

What events are your best sellers?

Threshold has been one of the longest running pansexual BDSM parties in Sydney and we are proud to host them on the third Saturday of every month! We also run the Sanctified parties on the last Saturday of every month, and they always have a different theme such as our Gender FVCK night which has been a big hit and is returning for New Year’s Eve, our upcoming Pet Play party, and more! We have so many great theme ideas and we’re looking forward to all the imaginative, sexy and sometimes wonderfully terrifying ways that people can engage with the themes for events. Our regular Rope Chill event on Tuesday nights is a big hit with all the rope enthusiasts, and is a playground for beginners through to some of the community’s finest Shibari artists. Our monthly Fetish Markets are also a great place to meet people, pick up some great toys or fashion and support the local community’s creations – we accept stall holder applications from all members of the public.

New years eve adult party
Image: Sanctified Gender FVCK

What do you love most about Sanctuary?

What I love the most about Sanctuary is the atmosphere of fun and acceptance and seeing people find their tribe for the first time – when I hear people telling me that they have finally felt that they’ve found a place that they feel comfortable and at home in it definitely gives me the warm fuzzies. It’s one of the driving forces that motivates me to look for more ways to provide fun and fulfilling events for the kink community. And well, seeing people doing wonderful and terrible things to each other and hearing all the slappy, thuddy, moany sounds echoing through the venue during our parties is also extremely hot!

What have been your most memorable events or moments at Sanctuary?

There have been so many! The Gender FVCK event was definitely a highlight and something close to my heart- as we’ve said before our venue is all inclusive, but having an event dedicated to to those who sit outside the binaries of gender definitely encouraged everyone to come out loud and proud – I love seeing the lines blurred and people expressing themselves from all along the gender spectrum, and it was beautiful to see some people taking their steps into a different skin for the first time, and finding their joy in that as well as all those who have been walking a different path feel like they have found a place of their own. Helping some boys pick out their dresses was adorable and it was lovely to see them strutting their stuff around the venue. We’ve had amazing performances from burlesque entertainers such as Pixie Lust and her sexy spider dance and Bettie Bandit as Vampirella, both of which required drop sheets for both spider jizz(!) and fake blood…

What does the future hold for Sanctuary?

We look forward to hosting more and more events and seeing our community grow!

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