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This Week: Vibrators

Welcome to week two of Sexy Santa’s gifts just for her. Now, I am not trying to freak you out but you have about two and a half weeks left until Christmas so I am going to forgo my normal opening jokes and get right too it because let’s face it, you don’t have the time!

This week Sexy Santa will be going through and discussing “vibrators”.

What Is A Vibrator?

Ok so most people know what a vibrator is or should I more correctly say, most people have an idea of what they think a vibrator is. The truth is there are so many different types and styles of vibrators for an array of different uses that simply asking for a vibrator is like going to a car lot and just asking for a car, you kind of want to be more specific.

The 5 Main Types Of Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrator

The Rabbit is currently the most popular style of vibrator. It is characterised by a shaft and clit tickler on the same unit. The Rabbit name comes from the original design of the clit tickler which was in the shape of a bunny rabbit.

Body Wand

Body Wands are another popular style of vibrator. Wands are about strength, I personally find wands to be some of the more powerful vibrators out there. The wand is characterised by a bulging dome on top (the vibrating part), a flexible neck and a longer handle with speed control. The great thing about a wand is that is can also be used as a general massager as well.

G- Spot Vibrator

A g-spot vibrator is a sex toy designed to specifically work the g-spot. Generally, but not always, a g-spot vibrator will have a long shaft with a curved tip that targets the g-spot. There are also other g-spot vibrators on the market that employ different techniques to work the g-spot, some include vibes that move in a waving motion, are super flexible and bendable or even ones that have rolling balls inside that massage the g-spot automatically.

Clit Tickler And Mini Vibrator

The clit tickler and mini vibrator are my favourite sex toys to give as a gift! A clit tickler is designed to be used on the clitoris and is characterised normally by being small and buzzy, however they can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrators are a common first sex toy for many and come in a variety of different styles. Bullets can be small, medium or large. Some can even come with a wired or wireless remote control. A small wireless bullet vibrator can be used for public play, she can wear it while out to dinner and you can have the remote and give her little surprises throughout the entire meal.

So now we know about all the different types of vibrators that you can get! Yay! Except what makes a good one and what makes a bad one? That’s where I come in! Now, I’m going to give you Sexy Santa’s recommendations for each type of vibe.

We Will Have 3 Tiers

  1. Nice: Introductory sex toys for the curious beginner.
  2. Naughty: Moderate sex toys for those building their collection and developing their tastes.
  3. Very Naughty: Advanced sex toys for the discerning user.

Rabbit Vibrator

Nice: NU Sensulle Duo

A cute little rabbit vibe that is reliable as the heat in January.

Rabbit vibrator by Sensuelle
Image: NU Sensuelle Duo

Naughty: Jack Rabbit Signature “Thrusting Rabbit”

A new twist on an old favourite, the newly released Jack Rabbit Signature range is bringing back what we loved from the old Jack Rabbits but it also brings something new to the table. While the thrusting function is my personal favourite, the line also includes the Rocking “G” Rabbit that has a wave function to work the g- spot or the beaded rabbit that has rolling beads working inside the shaft to enhance the experience.

Rabbit vibrator that thrusts
Image: Jack Rabbit Signature “Thrusting Rabbit”

Very Naughty: LELO Soraya

LELO is as good as it gets in the sex toy game and you better believe this rabbit will leave her smiling. Beautifully crafted and minimalist styled the Soraya is a sleek and powerful sex toy that is worth every cent.

G-Spot Vibrator by LELO
Image: LELO Soraya

Body Wand

Nice: Body Wand Mini

I love this sex toy! This is a cute little version of the iconic Body Wand. Don’t let its size fool you however this little Body Wand packs a punch.

Body wand in a small size
Image: Body Wand Mini

Naughty: Rianne S Wand

A beautifully made body wand that won’t disappoint. It also makes the perfect gift as it comes with a bracelet, two gifts for one? You’re welcome.

Body wand by Rianne S
Image: Rianne S Wand

Very Naughty: The Body Wand

Of course I had to pick this one. It’s an icon for a reason. I have had my body wand for years, she never skips a beat. The Body Wand is famous for its design and its strength, if you want power you’ve come to the right place!

Body Wand Original Heavy Duty Massager
Image: Body Wand Original

G-Spot Vibrator

Nice: Lady Bonnd Jete G-Spot Vibe

I love this as a g-spot vibe because it is no nonsense. It is designed to get right to the spot it is needed. Lady Bonnd is actually a high end brand (Side note: Their wands get an honourable mention also) and even though this is part of their more affordable range it still has that high end feel.

G-Spot vibrator by Lady Bonnd
Image: Lady Bonnd Jete G-Spot Vibe

Naughty: NU Sensuelle G

A g-spot vibe that comes with a rolling ball function in the tip to massage the g-spot. It may look a little strange but this one will become your best friend in no time.

Nu Sensuelle G Massager Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: NU Sensuelle G Massager

Very Naughty: Svakom Trysta

This wins because it is a g-spot vibe and a Rabbit Vibe in one. The Trysta also employs the rolling ball g-spot massager. Svakom is one of my favourite brands; they make well-crafted elegant sex toys that never miss a beat.

Svakom Trysta Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Svakom Trysta

Clit Ticklers And Mini Vibrators

Nice: Pillow Talk Flirty Mini Vibrator

I love this range; they are the best of both worlds, affordable and high end! These super girlie sex toys are a hit and even come with a Swarovski crystal button!

Straight vibrator by Pillow Talk
Image: Pillow Talk Flirty Mini Vibrator

Naughty: NU Sensuelle Bobbi

Can you tell I am a fan of this brand? It’s true I do love them but I’ve found them to be great little sex toys that just keep going and going. The Bobbi is a new release and it didn’t disappoint at all! It feels soft as skin, gives a nice amount of flex and is more powerful than I expected.

Bullet vibrator by NU Sensuelle
Image: NU Sensuelle Bobbi

Very Naughty: PornHub Turbo Clit Stim

I was doubtful of the Porn Hub branded stuff but after getting to know them more and test them I can say these might be some of the best sex toys recently released. The clit stimulation is incredible, ergonomically designed to fit in the hand this little thing has so much power that I was still feeling vibrations travel through my hands after I had turned it off.

Personal massager by Porn Hub
Image: PornHub Turbo Clit Stim

Bullet Vibrator

Nice: Porn Hub Bullet

Super simple and strong a great sex toy when you know what you need.

Bullet vibrator by Porn Hub
Image: Porn Hub Bullet

Naughty: Fun Factory Wireless Bullet

Fun Factory is a great brand of adult toys and their Bullet holds up to their reputation. This little Bullet is completely rechargeable meaning no more annoying batteries and it is stronger than it looks.

Bullet vibrator by Fun Factory
Image: Fun Factory Wireless Bullet

Very Naughty: NU Sensuelle Petite Egg

I know all about NU Sensuelle that should tell you how much I like them! This is a wireless bullet that comes with a remote meaning it can be controlled by someone else. Wink Wink!

Bullet vibrator by Sensuelle
Buy Now | Vibrators For Women

Ok that’s it for Sexy Santa this week; we will be back next week to save you from the horror of terrible Christmas presents.

Happy Shopping,

Sexy Santa

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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