11 Fetishes People are Drawn To

Fetishes are becoming more popular these days.  Some of them are extremely interesting and fun to do but for me some of the fetishes are the worst I’ve ever heard of!  In this blog, I’ll talk about 11 fetishes that people are drawn to.

What is a fetish?

A fetish is defined as a person who has an extreme sexual attraction to an object, body part and/or action.  This person may masturbate while holding, rubbing, or even smelling the object they admire.

Where do sexual fetishes come from? People normally develop a fetish for many reasons.  It might be one of the common fetishes seen in porn or see the fetish in other forms of media. They become curious about what they see and they may want to try it.  Sometimes a fetish can come from seeing inappropriate sexual behaviour.

Some people may ask their lover to participate in the fetish with them. They might ask their lover to use or wear an object for masturbation or during sexual intercourse. Participating in a fetish is normally not a dangerous activity.  But some people take it to another level that can hurt themselves or others. Both people who are planning to participate in any type of sexual activity together should approve on a consensual agreement.

11 Fetishes that People Are Interested In

Sensory Deprivation

You are able to control the sensations your lover experiences. Some people use blindfolds to control their sight and use ear plugs to control their hearing. Controlling various senses can make any feelings of sexual pleasure experienced intensify as that is the only feeling they can focus on.

Foot Worship

A Foot Fetish is becoming one of the most common fetishes people might be interested in. The majority of people who adore and worship feet are men. They can become sexually aroused by licking, smelling, tasting and sucking any area of the foot including the toes.  Many also use the foot as a way to masturbate with.

Shoe Fetish

People are attracted to inanimate objects and shoes can be the mark of someone’s fetish desire. It has been found that a lot of men love looking at shoes. They love the way it looks, the curves, the size, the shape, how high the heel is, the colours, the patterns, the weaving, the point of the shoe and the type of shoe.

It is said that some people are erotically visually stimulated by positioning themselves in such a way that when they look at a person they see the shoe and look upwards towards to the erogenous zones.


A fetish which involves secretly watching people having sex or viewing their naked bodies anywhere they can find them.  Most people satisfy this need by watching porn or looking through the internet for images or erotic stories to satisfy them.

11 fetishes like
Voyeurism Photo


Latex clothing is getting very popular lately, people who usually like latex love how tight it feels on the body. We can see a lot of celebrities wearing latex for casual day activities and it makes them feel sexy.

Lots of people wear latex lingerie to satisfy their partner’s sexual needs. There are some latex bondage sex toys made of latex as well which feels really soft and comfortable to use on the skin.


A very common fetish to use by couples to spice up the relationship. Bondage can include tying, binding, or restraining a partner for erotic, aesthetic, and/or sensory stimulation.

Rope, cuffs, bondage tape and self-adhering bandage. Other BDSM, kink and fetish products may be used for this purpose.

11 fetishes that are popular
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Cross Dressing

Very common more than anyone can imagine. Cross dressing involves a person wearing the opposite sexes clothing or being sexual active with someone who does cross dressing.

Normally people who are into having sex with cross dressers are straight or gay men.

Water Play

A popular fetish for most people. Water fetish is the practice of sexual activity in areas of water like spas, saunas, showers, swimming pools and the beach.

Outside Fetish

An outside fetish is when someone is interested in having sex in public.  Such as in a public bathroom, the bushes, the forest, on benches, on trains and much more.


Spanking your lover during sex can be a lot of fun. You can spank them lightly or spank them heavily to give them sensations of tolerable pain. You can use sex toys like crops, paddles and whips to give a visual emphasis on the activity.

Navel Fetishism

A naval is also known as a belly button,  everyone has one. There are two types of belly buttons including an innie and an outie. They can be of varying shapes and they can also hold different types of liquids.

Breath Play

Controlling your lovers breath through light choking can be alluring to people who like being dominating.

This is a dangerous sexual activity.  It falls under the edge-play category, erotic asphyxiation and autoerotic asphyxiation which make it a highly debated topic in the fetish community.  If you are planning on participating in this fetish, you should heavily research the topic.  Speak to medical health professionals to be fully aware of any dangers involved.

11 fetishes - autoerotic asphyxiation
Kenny’s Death

Erotic & Autoerotic Asphyxiation

“Erotic Asphyxiation which is the blocking of blood and air to the brain.  Autoerotic Asphyxiation  is doing the same thing just by yourself.  They have both become very popular in society even in normal culture.

Erotic & Autoerotic Asphyxiation masturbation methods actually date all the way back around 500 years ago at least.  It was actually originally prescribed for men whom suffered from erectile dysfunction.

The reason why the doctors gave this as a masturbation method is because people noticed during public hangings and hangings in general that a lot of the males had erections when they were hung.

Some people who were being hung even came from the experience, thus making medieval doctors link the dick to the brain.  (Some people would argue that the dick and the brain are the same thing).

How Does Autoerotism Work?

So basically how Autoerotism works is when the carotid arteries are compressed and there is a lack of oxygen going to the brain.  Carbon dioxide builds up which increases all of your senses including your masturbation senses.  And even spidey senses while inducing “Hypoxia” which is a semi-hallucinogenic state.

11 fetishes
bondage and fetish play

Ways to Achieve Erotic & Autoerotic Asphyxiation

There are many different ways to achieve it.  Some examples include hanging, tying a tie or belt around the throat and putting the tie over a door handle which is very unsafe.  Using a plastic bag over the head or even getting someone to choke you or you can choke yourself out.

Autoerotic Asphyxiation is a very dangerous act to perform when alone.  It roughly has between 500-1000 deaths per year with only one percent of these people being of female gender credited to it.  Which basically says you’re more likely to be killed choking yourself to cum than you are to be killed by a shark.

Everyone fears sharks but no one is scared of the silent killer….the chokey.

Asphyxiation 11 fetishes
Painting: Auto Erotism Asphyxiation & Autoeroctism

Erotic & Autoerotic Asphyxiation is often misinterpreted as suicide

Or it confuses people because when you find a body hanging naked with a ninja grip on the pistol it can be seen as suicide.

Although this is the image people see.  It end’s up with families going through many law suits with insurance companies due to them trying to not to pay out and claim suicide when in fact it was just someone trying to explore heightened arousal.

Despite the risk of death precautions, it is a fun masturbation method that you can try with a partner.  I have found that many many women love to try Erotic Asphyxiation.  I’ve never seen 50 shades of grey but if someone can confirm for me, does he choke her?  I’m assuming where this has come into play because I’ve seen some very vanilla girls who have wanted to try this.

Celebrity Deaths

Some celebrities whose death is claimed to attributed to Autoerotic Asphyxiation gone wrong include Michael Huthinson from INXS.  Robin Williams, David Carradine, Ariel Castro, Kelly Hewitt, Joyce Germain, Kristian Digby and many more.   

There are at least 600 deaths attributed to death by misadventure of auto erotic asphyxiation in the USA per year.

IF you want to try out Erotic Asphyxiation

When having sex there are many ways to try this with your partner, if they are on top I suggest they just choke you front on while riding you.

If they’re on the bottom it’s a lot easier as you can reach around their neck with your arm and choke them with your forearm/bicep.  This is really effective compared to a hand.  Or even have them lay on their back and choke them front on as well.

  • I believe it is most important that the person is facing you.  So they are aware of how much you are breathing.
  • It is important that your lover is paying special attention to the person’s breathing whilst this masturbation method is being used.
  • It’s a very submissive act and you can not know your own strength.
  • Make sure you talk about it before hand with a partner, so they can tap out or anything like that because they won’t be able to say any safe words or phrases if you do it right.

With Erotic Asphyxiation remember to keep your head in the game and not choke too hard.  I know it’s enjoyable but you don’t want to kill your partner.

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