7 Essential Rules To Seduce A Beautiful Woman

You’ve probably asked yourself how to show a girl that you want her in a way so that she doesn’t reject you. But in fact, it’s not about how much you want her. It’s all about her and her desire to have sex with you. The guys from Yes dates shared a couple of tips on how to gently guide the girl you fancy towards your bed.

1) Show Yourself Off

It’s easier than it seems. Most sexual interactions are motivated by women giving silent signals to the world. Your task is to direct these signals to yourself. What does it mean? For example, when you arrive at a party try to stand in the middle of the room for a while. It’s natural for girls to hang around the epicentre of the party. Besides, this gives the lady a chance to examine you from all sides. If you notice a girl you already know in the crowd, smile at her as women always prefer even casual acquaintances to suspicious strangers. Get a smile in return, catch her eye and leave the room. You already made it clear that you’re ready to make contact… To be continued.

2) Look Into Her Eyes

Making her agree to take a tour around your bedroom isn’t so difficult. Just ask her when you see that her pupils are fully dilated. This shows that at this moment, she’s receptive to everything you say. If the situation requires immediate agreement and you don’t have time to wait until the pupils have expanded all by themselves, then just dim the lights in the room. Her pupils will dilate, her receptivity and her interest in you will suddenly jump to the level you need. Carefully watch how she reacts to your words. If she takes a look to the left, be ready for a quick decision. If she looks to the right, then she most likely needs some time to think. At this moment, we can say that her positive answer will make you happy.

3) Know What To Say

If you were sexual partners in the past, tell her how much you enjoyed everything that happened between the two of you. These words will result in a surge of hormones of happiness (dopamine and oxytocin) in your companion’s body. Be sure, after such fireworks of emotions, she’ll try to do everything to make you say these words again in hope of getting a new portion of these hormones. The conditional reflex works for you in this case. This is extremely important for good flirting.

4) Stand Your Ground

A girl always prefers men who know what they want, even if they want to seduce her. Moreover, it will flatter her and make her a little more talkative. Give her all the charm you have. In a skilled seducer’s hands, this weapon can work miracles! And, of course, be persistent. It’s not so easy to refuse a persistent and charming partner who wants you and doesn’t even hide it.

5) Don’t Agree With Everything She Says

You shouldn’t agree with what your companion tells you. Girls are interested in socially dominant men. That’s why when having a conversation about anything (the topic doesn’t matter), try to argue with her from time to time, not agreeing with her words, but your arguments should be similar to her arguments. At some point, she might think that she managed to change your point of view. Let her think this way! But remember: a healthy argument is good, and throwing a glass of beer in her face is a bad argument; it can spoil the evening.

6) Be Generous

This method only works in the long run. By nature, a woman is programmed in such a way that she’s attracted to generous men. Let’s say that for her, generosity is a signal that a man has some surplus of resources which he’s ready to share. It’s not even about giving her a gold necklace and taking her to a luxury restaurant. Give some money to the homeless guy in the underpass, donate your blood, or take the bag of toys to the orphanage. First, it will make a proper impression on her. Second, these are good deeds that will boost your mood and self-esteem.

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7) Use Non-verbal Body Language

Don’t hesitate to use long proven non-verbal ways to persuade your companion. Breathe in the same rhythm with her and repeat her gestures. Using simple techniques of non-verbal language can form a desired image of you in a person’s mind which will influence how they react and behave towards you. Repeating your partner’s gestures creates the illusion that you absolutely agree with everything she says. We don’t need to tell you how important that is, right? And the girl can relax a bit, knowing that she has nothing be afraid of with you, since you’re on the same page.

To Sum Up

Try not to show the girl that you want her too much. You need to make her want to seduce you instead. The thing is that girls don’t like when guys give them too much attention. Perhaps it’s not that noticeable, and it seems that ladies love when men show sympathy to them all the time, but it’s not true. The most important thing here is to play with her a little. Don’t try to give all that you have to her and share all of your secrets at once; don’t be afraid that she’ll leave you. If she is interested in you enough, she’ll stay by your side.

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