Jelqing Exercise: A New Trending Activity

Often physical activities get to be widely accepted in society for the benefits that it does bring the participant.  Of late, there has been a greater stress or emphasis on taking to exercises that are very physical in nature than at any time in the past.  No doubt, there are advantages to the person participating in an exercise but over and above the near term benefits there is a need to conform to the popular trend being followed.

There are principally two aspects to the jelqing exercise.  The first is the obvious physical aspect and the second or more subtle part is the need to conform to the popular notions being held in communities and groups across the world.  It would be pertinent to discuss in brief the two parts to the jelqing activity as it would throw a light to more young folks taking to the jelqing exercise more than ever.

Improving the physical ability

The most important feature of the jelqing exercise is that it can only be done by the male members of society.  It is every man’s vision of himself to be rather hard built even if the person might not have any need to use the physical strength at any time in their lives.  But the well-built person is bound to attract the attention of the opposite sex easily and even the admiration of the other men that they come across in their daily lives.

Thus the typical jelqing exercise has to be seen as an attempt to improve the constituent of the male phallus more than anything.  Although the typical man would not need an introduction to what is jelqing exercise, it should be noted that the very method used to stimulate the muscle group does have a direct bearing on the final outcome of the jelqing activity most of the time.

Jelqing exercises motions and movements

Most of the jelqing exercises fall into a broad range of motions and the most basic of movements are as described below.

The pump

This is essentially the thrust that is made by the person onto the shaft of the penis.  It is said that by using a good strong pumping action, the thickness of the member can be bettered.  There are those folks that try to sustain the pumping action but this is more of a personal preference than a standard procedure mostly.

The twist

When the thrusting action is done along with a torsion twist, then it is the twisting pump.  This would be for the hardcore exercisers that do not find the necessary development after some time performing the jelqing exercises.  But for those wishing to have a quick result, the twist can be used to have an intense workout.  It would be advisable to exercise caution when the twisting action is being done as it is easy to cause a tear in the muscles if done for extended periods of time on each occasion.

The wave

The usual wave jelq exercise is when the phallus is moved from side to side with the strong thrusts being done.  This could be seen as a variation in the usual procedure that has been found effective in a number of people.  The noticeable effects on muscles are when the exercises are done for sufficiently long periods of time and with different variations to the procedures.  The wave action could be one of the variants possible to the exercises.

The role of peer pressure in taking to the jelqing exercises

As mentioned in the start of the write up that a lot of men take to jelqing to conform to certain image types prevalent in the society.  There are times when folks keep performing the activity to keep within the peer groups and this can be a strong motivating element in the practice of jelqing.

Often when men perform jelqing exercises, they really do not think far ahead as to what is a jelqing exercise.  It is possible that the more sexual overtones to the exercises could negate the actual need for the exercises.  There have not been instances of the activity being addictive although the detractors of the exercises would try to portray this as such.  Then there are always the very righteous people in the society that would frown upon any kind of muscle building procedures and more if they involve the more intimate parts of the man’s body.

To a lot of people, jelqing exercises can prove to be a relaxing activity.  In addition to the obvious increase in member size, the exercise does over a period of time increase the hormonal levels for some people but there is really no logical reasoning for this to happen most of the time.  It is more about the nature of the person taking to the set of exercises.

Trending jelqing exercises
Image: Jelqing growth

The slow nature of the jelqing exercises

A feature of the jelqing activity is that it is one of the least responsive of exercises around.  It might be that the body part concerned is of such a nature that people have to persevere with the activity to bring forth results.  But on the positive side, the growth that is had with the jelqing practice tends to be more permanent than the typical growth due to exercises seen in the other parts of the body.  Thus there would not be the usual loss of muscle tone as soon as the exercise is cut out from the daily routine. There are also products available to perform jelqing exercises.

With the jelqing exercises, the results are rather subjective in nature.  So it would not be right to compare results between two proponents as each person’s body tends to react in different ways to the exercises.  So the typical habit of the bodybuilders to take measurements and to make comparisons to each other’s progress must be avoided at best. For more information be sure to read the jelqing and clamping guide.

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