Behind The Green Door!

I’ve written about my group of friends in college before, the O.R.G.s so I’ll spare you the details.  This time my story is about an a porno we watched from the 70s called Behind the Green Door.

You can always go back and read the Wine Glass Story or the Pool Time story if you want all the background.

The TL;DR is that I have a group of four friends, all of them geeky, all of them guys, and all of us horny.  I’m the only girl in the group, which is great because I get all their attention for me.

We All Were are Roger’s House to Study

As usual, all five of us have gathered to study at Roger’s house.  As usual, we do very little studying and instead talk about sexier topics.

Roger has a stash of porn that we usually end up studying and/or discussing in great detail.

This time it was a porno from the 70’s, which struck a nerve with me.  Because the first porno that I watched when I was very young was from that era, and it still makes my coochie tingly thinking about it.

The movie that the boys were going on and on about was called “Behind The Green Door”.  I’d never seen it.  But it was rumored to be one of the must-watch movies of that era.

Behind the Green Door

The boys were discussing if this was Marilyn Chambers‘ best movie (it was also her first).

I had not watched the film, so most of the conversation was way over my head, and I told the boys so.  Roger was a little shocked that I had not watched the movie.  So he proposed we have a screening, and we all agreed.

We truly were not going to get any studying done tonight.  That’s for sure. We filed out to the TV room and each took our favorite spots in front of the television.

As was now the custom, I took my spot in the center of the couch, with Tom on my left and Sam on my right.  David laid down on the love seat that was to the left of the couch.

Roger, after fiddling with the VCR, pivoted the EZ chair that was to the right of the couch so that it was half-facing the TV and half-facing us.

Movie started… and nothing happened.

The first 10 minutes are extremely slow, nothing really happens, except for the abduction of the main actress.  I must admit I was starting to get a little bit bored, as well as the boys.

They started talking about other things rather than the movie.  There was a part of the movie that I found fascinating though.  A group of well-dressed men and women gathering at a club.  All of them wearing masks.

Then there are a few scenes where they prepare the abducted girl for a night of sexual abuse.  Even though the preparation scenes were very tame, they still managed to get me a little hot.

A Slow Burning Film

I have to hand it to the film, it has a slow burn at the beginning that gives a girl time to get her motor running.

And then, bam it starts to pick up, the girl is finally brought up on stage in front of the perverted club members and she gets ravaged.  It’s mesmerizing.

A very beautiful actress gets touched and molested by a group of women, then by a group of men.  As the acts on screen get rougher and rougher, the perverted club members also start to pleasure themselves.

Turning the club into an amateurish looking orgy.

Meanwhile back in the living room, the room was completely silent.

I looked around at my boys and their cocks were definitely hard.  Roger was caressing his cock over his pants. To my right Sam was adjusting his hard monster cock down his right pant leg.  It was clearly outlined in his tight jeans.

Tom, also has his cock pitching an impressive looking tent in his lose pants. David was also rubbing his hand over his bulge.

“It must feel pretty nice to be groped like that,” I finally said.

The boys did not take their eyes off the screen and mostly just nodded in acknowledgment.  I was feeling naughty.  The slow burn of the movie and the debauchery on screen was hitting all the right buttons for me.

Forced exhibitionism and groping was always a turn on for me

And the fact that there was a group of people watching and masturbating on screen while we were basically doing the same thing. It really made it more exciting for me.

behind the green door

I didn’t say a word

Just reached out silently to grab Sam’s left hand and slowly drag it over my lap and onto my inner thigh.  I hiked my skirt up so his hand was resting on my bare skin.

With my left hand I reached over to Tom’s right hand, dragging it silently and slowly onto my left breast.  Sam started to caress my inner thigh up and down.  His pinky finger grazing my panties when he slid his hand up my thigh.

Tom just squeezed my tit, his fingertips teasing my erect nipple though the fabric of my blouse and bra.

I unbuckled my bra and slid it down my blouse.

It felt really nice to feel my hot breasts free from the bra, and getting Tom’s attention. I reached out and started to caress both of the boys dicks over their pants.

Squeezing their shafts and stroking as best I could over the fabric of their clothes. I was very very horny and could feel my panties start to get very steamy.

Maybe Sam felt the steam because he got more adventurous and slid his fingers under the side of my panties and onto my bare labia.

He dipped his fingertips into my wet fountain.  Then went up and down the shaft of my clitoral hood, sending sparks all over my body.

Sam was a very gentle lover

And I was surprised how well he knew his was around my pussy. I struggled to unzip Sam’s jeans.  So he helped me and took his dick out for me to caress.  I did the same to Tom.  Who was busy undoing the buttons on my blouse to get better access to my tits.

I stroked my boys slowly, wanting to make it last as much as possible. The debauchery on the screen making us lose our inhibitions.

Sam slid a finger inside my pussy and I gasped, drawing the attention of Roger and David, who got up from their chairs.

“You really want to feel like Marilyn Chambers tonight?”, said Dave.

I bit my lower lip and nodded.

“Ok,” he said and knelt in front of me, and started hiking my skirt up to my waist, “Get that out of there,” he said to Sam.  He took Sam’s hand out of my pussy and proceeded to dive into my mound.

Sliding my panties to the side with his hand, his warm tongue lapped up and down my soaked slit, making me feel wonderful. Tom finally freed my tits from my blouse and leaned forward to lick and kiss my nipple sending electricity all over my body.

Sam, seeing that my breasts were finally exposed, took the opportunity to caress my right breast with his warm hand.

It was quite a chore to concentrate on stroking the dicks

That I had in each of my hands with so many hands and mouths touching me. On the screen Marilyn Chambers had been placed onto a swing.

She was stroking a dick with each hand, getting fucked from under the swing.  And at the same time was was getting face fucked by another person.

In the living room I was stroking two cocks, getting my pussy eaten out and getting my tits licked and caressed.

behind the green door

“Come here,” I told Roger, “get behind the couch and take your dick out.”

Roger unzipped and slowly made his was behind the couch.  I leaned my head back onto the low back of the couch where Roger’s dick was waiting for me, dripping precum.

Opening my mouth I let Roger slide his salty dick in my mouth.  His dick was quickly entirely inside my mouth.  I swirled my tongue as much as I could around it.

He started to thrust his hips slowly fucking my face carefully.

The angle was a little difficult and I think he was being overly cautious so my teeth would not graze him.

I started to feel Tom’s dick start to throb and his balls were being drawn up tight against his shaft as I stroked him.  This meant he was going to cum soon so I released him and he got up quickly.

I knew we could not make a mess, so I released Roger’s cock from my mouth to his complaint.

“You don’t want a mess, do you?” I asked.

“No,” he conceded, but not happily.

I leaned forward and guided the tip of Tom’s awkwardly long cock into my mouth where he immediately exploded in orgasm.  I swallowed it all down as quick as I could.

Then leaned back to let Roger continue to face fuck me, which he did diligently.

Dave lifted my legs up to get better access to my pussy.

His tongue gliding up and down from the top of my clitoral hood to my asshole.  He was licking all the right places and spending the right amount of time in each spot.

As soon as his tongue swirled around my ass I could tell I was going to cum quickly.

Dave surprised the fuck out of me with his skill.

Tom sat down again after putting his cock back in his pants

He continued to caress my left breast, pinching my nipple. Sam, leaned forward and flicked his tongue teasingly over my right nipple.

My right hand was drenched in his precum.  Gliding up and down the entire length of his veiny cock. The slippery precum starting to froth at the base of his cock, where my hand would eventually stop on the way down from each stroke.

Every time I reached the tip of his cock a new droplet would get squeezed out and lubricate my hand some more.

David placed the tip of his finger in my ass and started to suck on my clit.

That sent me over the top.

My body shook as I started my orgasm with my legs trembling and my moans getting louder.  I don’t know if it was my moans or what.  But Roger exploded inside my mouth without warning.

I felt his warm spunk start to fill my mouth.  So, I concentrated until he took his cock out of my mouth and I was able to put my head forward again to swallow all of his load.

I was still trembling from Dave’s expert pussy eating when I tugged on Dave’s hair.  He stood up, his face glazed with my juices.

I stood up and let Dave sit on the couch.

I guided Sam up from the couch and stood him behind me.   “Cum inside me,” I instructed, “I’m on the pill”.

Sam nodded.  I leaned forward at the waist, my head buried in Dave’s lap, and my ass sticking straight up for Sam.   Sam’s cock stretched my pussy as he entered me slowly.

We were both very lubricated, but it was still a tight fit.

I was a bit nervous that he would hurt me

But he was gentle and slow with me.  His tenderness made me even more of a horny slut as I deep throated Dave’s cock greedily.  Dave was also very wet.  His slick precum coating my tongue and my throat.

I bobbed my head up and down quickly on his cock his juices and my saliva dripping back out onto his lap.  Slurping it back into my mouth as much as I could.

I could see that my deep throat was a lot more that he bargained for.  Because his hips started to move up and down pretty quickly to meet my mouth with much urgency.

Sam had worked up a momentum

My pussy now accepting the monster cock greedily as he slapped onto my buttocks loudly.  Sam reached underneath me and put his index finger over my clitoral hood.

With each thrust, his finger would grip me just right.  I was so stimulated from my previous orgasm that I had no trouble reaching another orgasm right away.  Especially from such a forceful fuck.

Pretty soon after my orgasm I felt Sam speed up and then stop.

His body shook as he came inside me.

He slid his enormous cock out of my aching pussy.  I knelt down in front of Dave where I proceeded to blow him some more until he finally came in my mouth and I drank it all.

Sam’s cum dribbling down the side of my leg.  I mopped as much of it as I could with my fingers and drank it up.

Naked, sweaty, cummy, and happy.

The boys continued to touch and caress me.  They took turns fingering me and giving three more orgasms throughout the rest of the film.  While this was going on, all four of them continued to masturbate.  And managed to each cum in my mouth one more time.

I drank so much of their cum I did not have breakfast next day.

It was one of the most enjoyable nights of my life.  That film became one of my favorite movies to watch and masturbate to to this day.

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