Behind The Green Door!

orgy with frikki

I’ve written about my group of friends in college before. So I’ll spare you the details, you can always go back and read the Wine Glass Story or the Pool Time story if you want all the background. The TL;DR is that I have a group of four friends, all of them geeky, all of them guys, and all of us horny. I’m the only girl in the group, which is great because I get all their attention for me.


As usual, all five of us have gathered to study at Roger’s house, and also as usual, we do very little studying and instead talk about sexier topics. Roger has a stash of porn that we usually end up studying and/or discussing in great detail. This time it was a porno from the 70’s, which struck a nerve with me because the first porno that I watched when I was very young was from that era, and it still makes my coochie tingly thinking about it. The movie that the boys were going on and on about was called “Behind The Green Door”. I’d never seen it, but it was rumored to be one of the must-watch movies of that era.


The boys were discussing if this was Marilyn Chamber’s best movie (it was also her first). I had not watched the film, so most of the conversation was way over my head, and I told the boys so. Roger was a little shocked that I had not watched the movie, so he proposed we have a screening, and we all agreed. We truly were not going to get any studying done tonight, that’s for sure. We filed out to the TV room and each took our favorite spots in front of the television. As was now the custom, I took my spot in the center of the couch, with Tom on my left and Sam on my right, David lied down on the love seat that was to the left of the couch, and Roger, after fiddling with the VCR, pivoted the EZ chair that was to the right of the couch so that it was half-facing the TV and half-facing us.


The movie started… and nothing happened. The first 10 minutes are extremely slow, nothing really happens, except for the abduction of the main actress. I must admit I was starting to get a little bit bored, as well as the boys, they started talking about other things rather than the movie. There was a part of the movie that I found fascinating tough, there is a group of well-dressed men and women gathering at a club. All of them wearing masks. Then there are a few scenes where they prepare the abducted girl for a night of sexual abuse, which, even though the preparation scenes were very tame, they still managed to get me a little hot. I have to hand it to the film, it has a slow burn at the beginning that gives a girl time to get her motor running.


And then, bam it starts to pick up, the girl is finally brought up on stage in front of the perverted club members and she gets ravaged. It’s mesmerizing. The very beautiful actress gets touched and molested by a group of women, then by a group of men. As the acts on screen get rougher and rougher, the perverted club members also start to pleasure themselves, turning the club into an amateurish looking orgy.


Meanwhile back in the living room, the room was completely silent. I looked around at my boys and their cocks were definitely hard. Roger was caressing his cock over his pants. To my right Sam was adjusting his hard monster cock down his right pant leg. It was clearly outlined in his tight jeans. Tom, also has his cock pitching an impressive looking tent in his lose pants. David was also rubbing his hand over his bulge.


“It must feel pretty nice to be groped like that,” I finally said. The boys did not take their eyes off the screen and mostly just nodded in acknowledgment. I was feeling naughty, the slow burn of the movie and the debauchery on screen was hitting all the right buttons for me. Forced exhibitionism and groping was always a turn on for me, and the fact that there was a group of people watching and masturbating on screen while we were basically doing the same thing, really made it more exciting for me.


I didn’t say a word, just reached out silently to grab Sam’s left hand and slowly drag it over my lap and onto my inner thigh. I hiked my skirt up so his hand was resting on my bare skin. With my left hand I reached over to Tom’s right hand, dragging it silently and slowly onto my left breast. Sam started to caress my inner thigh up and down, his pinky finger grazing my panties when he slid his hand up my thigh. Tom just squeezed my tit, his fingertips teasing my erect nipple though the fabric of my blouse and bra.


I unbuckled my bra and slid it down my blouse. It felt really nice to feel my hot breasts free from the bra, and getting Tom’s attention.


I reached out and started to caress both of the boys dicks over their pants. Squeezing their shafts and stroking as best I could over the fabric of their clothes. I was very very horny and could feel my panties start to get very steamy. I think maybe Sam felt the steam because he got more adventurous and slid his fingers under the side of my panties and onto my bare labia. He dipped his fingertips into my wet fountain, then went up and down the shaft of my clitoral hood, sending sparks all over my body. Sam was a very gentle lover, and I was surprised how well he knew his was around my pussy.


I struggled to unzip Sam’s jeans, so he helped me and took his dick out for me to caress. I did the same to Tom, who was busy undoing the buttons on my blouse to get better access to my tits. I stroked my boys slowly, wanting to make it last as much as possible. The debauchery on the screen making us lose our inhibitions.


Sam slid a finger inside my pussy and I gasped, drawing the attention of Roger and David, who got up from their chairs.


“You really want to feel like Marilyn Chambers tonight?”, said Dave.


I bit my lower lip and nodded.


“Ok,” he said and knelt in front of me, and started hiking my skirt up to my waist, “get that out of there,” he said to Sam, as he took Sam’s hand out of my pussy and proceeded to dive into my mound. Sliding my panties to the side with his hand, his warm tongue lapped up and down my soaked slit, making me feel wonderful.


Tom finally freed my tits from my blouse and leaned forward to lick and kiss my nipple sending electricity all over my body. Sam, seeing that my breasts were finally exposed, took the opportunity to caress my right breast with his warm hand. It was quite a chore to concentrate on stroking the dicks that I had in each of my hands with so many hands and mouths touching me.


On the screen Marilyn Chambers had been placed onto a swing, she was stroking a dick with each hand, getting fucked from under the swing, and at the same time was was getting face fucked by another person. In the living room I was stroking two cocks, getting my pussy eaten out and getting my tits licked and caressed.


“Come here,” I told Roger, “get behind the couch and take your dick out.” Roger unzipped and slowly made his was behind the couch. I leaned my head back onto the low back of the couch where Roger’s dick was waiting for me, dripping precum. I opened my mouth and let Roger slide his salty dick in my mouth. His dick was quickly entirely inside my mouth and I swirled my tongue as much as I could around it. He started to thrust his hips slowly fucking my face carefully. The angle was a little difficult and I think he was being overly cautious so my teeth would not graze him.


I started to feel Tom’s dick start to throb and his balls were being drawn up tight against his shaft as I stroked him. I knew that meant he was going to cum soon. I released him and he got up quickly.


I knew we could not make a mess, so I released Roger’s cock from my mouth to his complaint. “You don’t want a mess, do you?” I asked.


“No,” he conceded, but not happily.


I leaned forward and guided the tip of Tom’s awkwardly long cock into my mouth where he immediately exploded in orgasm. I swallowed it all down as quick as I could, then leaned back to let Roger continue to face fuck me, which he did diligently.


Dave lifted my legs up to get better access to my pussy. His tongue gliding up and down from the top of my clitoral hood to my asshole. He was licking all the right places and spending the right amount of time in each spot. As soon as his tongue swirled around my ass I could tell I was going to cum quickly. Dave surprised the fuck out of me with his skill.


Tom sat down again after putting his cock back in his pants, and continued to caress my left breast, pinching my nipple.


Sam, leaned forward and flicked his tongue teasingly over my right nipple. My right hand was drenched in his precum and gliding up and down the entire length of his veiny cock. The slippery precum starting to froth at the base of his cock, where my hand would eventually stop on the way down from each stroke. Every time I reached the tip of his cock a new droplet would get squeezed out and lubricate my hand some more.


David placed the tip of his finger in my ass and started to suck on my clit. That sent me over the top. My body shook as I started my orgasm; my legs trembling and my moans getting louder. I don’t know if it was my moans or what, but Roger exploded inside my mouth without warning. I felt his warm spunk start to fill my mouth. I concentrated until he took his cock out of my mouth and I was able to put my head forward again to swallow all of his load. I was still trembling from Dave’s expert pussy eating, when I tugged on Dave’s hair. He stood up, his face glazed with my juices. I stood up and let Dave sit on the couch.


I guided Sam up from the couch and stood him behind me, “Cum inside me,” I instructed, “I’m on the pill”.


Sam nodded, I leaned forward at the waist, my head buried in Dave’s lap, and my ass sticking straight up for Sam. I felt Sam’s cock stretch my pussy as he entered me slowly. We were both very lubricated, but it was still a tight fit. I was a bit nervous that he would hurt me, but he was gentle and slow with me. His tenderness made me even more of a horny slut as I deep throated Dave’s cock greedily. Dave was also very wet, his slick precum coating my tongue and my throat. I bobbed my head up and down quickly on his cock, his juices and my saliva dripping back out onto his lap. I slurped it back into my mouth as much as I could. I could see that my deep throat was a lot more that he bargained for, because his hips started to move up and down pretty quickly to meet my mouth with much urgency.


Sam had worked up a momentum, my pussy now accepting the monster cock greedily as he slapped onto my buttocks loudly. Sam reached underneath me and put his index finger over my clitoral hood. With each thrust, his finger would grip me just right. I was so stimulated from my previous orgasm that I had no trouble reaching another orgasm right away, especially from such a forceful fuck. Pretty soon after my orgasm I felt Sam speed up and then stop. His body shook as he came inside me.


He slid his enormous cock out of my arching pussy and knelt down in front of Dave where I proceeded to blow him some more until he finally came in my mouth and I drank it all. Sam’s cum dribbling down the side of my leg. I mopped as much of it as I could with my fingers and drank it up.


I was naked, sweaty, cummy, and happy. The boys continued to touch and caress me. They took turns fingering me and giving three more orgasms throughout the rest of the film. While this was going on, all four of them continued to masturbate and managed to each cum in my mouth one more time.


I drank so much of their cum I did not have breakfast next day.


It was one of the most enjoyable nights of my life, and that film became one of my favorite movies to watch and masturbate to to this day.



Pool time with the O.R.G.’s

bukkake girl

I’ve written about the O.R.G. boys before here: The Wine Glass Story, but for those that want the TL;DR version here it is:


I had a group of very geeky and perverted friends in college. We called ourselves the O.R.G. because it sounded like the word “orgy”. Tom was a tall and lanky Florida boy. Roger was our short and chubby rich friend whose parents lived close to the college, his mom was a professor at the college and we liked to hang out at his house. David was a short and built kid from New Jersey. Sam was black kid from Chicago who looked just like Steve Urkel. And me, well I was a freckly red headed kid from Miami. I was the only girl in the group perhaps because I was the only girl brave enough to hang out with these perverts. Also I’m a big pervert myself so I always had a great time with them.


During the warmer months of the year, Roger’s pool became THE gathering place for the O.R.G. I recall a particularly warm Saturday afternoon when we got to share the pool with Roger’s mom and her friends. Roger had invited us over to his house to have a swim, and just as we were getting into the water, his mom shows up with a gaggle of friends in bathing suits and towels.


Roger’s mom was a petite, five foot three, attractive Asian woman with a strong, extroverted personality. She didn’t have much of a figure, but she had beautiful, black, mid-back length hair. She was wearing a black bikini and an elaborate oriental sarong. Her friends were a hodgepodge of different styles and looks, they were all in their late 40’s early 50’s wearing very elegant and expensive swimsuits designed for younger women, but a few of them actually managed to look quite elegant in them, the others, not so much.


We greeted the party from the pool like good little girls and boys, then quickly swam to the opposite end of the pool to talk among ourselves. As was the case with the O.R.G., our conversation quickly turned perverted. The boys started ranking Roger’s mom’s friends from the most sexually desirable to the least; describing in lurid detail what they imagined their nipples looked liked, and how they thought each woman groomed their pubes, and if they had pretty or ugly pussies. Every once in a while they would steal glances at the older women before continuing their detailed description and deliberation until they turned to me.


“So, what do you think, Dee? Whom would YOU pick?”, asked Roger in a hushed voice. The rest of the group became silent. I had my back to the edge of the pool, the four boys surrounded me and got closer to hear what I had to say.


“Oh I would definitely pick your mom, Rog”, I said trying my best to keep a straight face. Up until now nobody had dared to comment on Roger’s mom. But I knew if there was a single member of the group who could get away with fucking Rogers mind up, it was me. “I mean, she has the perkiest little titties. I could spend hours sucking on her hard little nipples.” The rest of the crew started cracking up. Except for Roger, of course. “And think of that pink pussy. I bet she has tiny little pussy lips and really dark pubes. Or maybe she shaves? Does she shave Rog?”


Roger was not having any more and said, “Hey, that’s not cool, Dee.” The rest of the O.R.G. was in tears laughing at Roger’s expense.


I just smiled back, “Don’t be such a grump. I’m just fucking with you,” I paused just enough to see him break a reluctant smile. But then I added, “But why not her? I mean, if I was going to go down on a woman for the first time, she’d be a pretty fantastic lay.” I giggled.


The rest of the group made a V shape with their index and middle fingers, put it up to their lips and started making a licking motion with their tongues, mocking Roger. “Can’t you picture it Rog? Your mom between my legs?” I leaned back against the wall of the pool and slid my bikini to the side revealing my pussy to the boys. By now they had seen it a few times, and I was not really ashamed to show it to them anymore, but it always got great reactions from them when I was brazen enough to flaunt it. Roger was angry, but not angry enough to not fix his eyes to my pussy. The rest of the boys continued teasing licking their fake vagina fingers and moaning at Roger.


I readjusted my bikini bottom and splashed some water towards the boys, “You guys need to cool off!” I looked at the bulges they were sporting in their swim trunks. As expected, just a quick flash of my pussy made them uncomfortably stiff. Tom and Sam, both whom sported pretty long tools, looked particularly uncomfortable. Tom’s tool even started to peek out of the bottom of his swim trunks. It was a sight to behold, and I could not help but burst out laughing, “Looks like Tom’s trouser snake is peeking at us!”. Tom was not only awkward in appearance, but he also dressed strangely. Of all the boys, he was the only one that wore really short swim trunks. It was almost as if he was stuck in the 70’s.


“Fuck, dude! Put that shit away!” growled Roger, “My mom’s friends are right at the other side of the fucking pool.”


No matter how angry he got, even Roger had to acknowledge that there was no way Tom’s  member could possibly fit in his swim trunk while he was hard. It was just physically impossible.


Tom covered the tip of his cock with his hand, and looked ashamed, “You guys are all pitching tents too, so fuck off,” and splashed water at us. This started off water fight, everybody splashing water everywhere! I was completely drenched and trying to open my eyes through the wall of water that was being splashed on me when we heard, “Roger, honey”


The water fight came to an immediate stop, we all struggled to clear the water from our eyes and look in the direction of Roger’s mom’s voice. When I finally opened my stinging eyes, I almost burst out laughing at the sight of four guys covering their crotch with one hand, while clearing water from their eyes with the other hand, and trying to find the source of the voice.


“Can you and the other boys please help us move the chaise lounge’s from the sun to the shade?”, she asked. Her hands on her waist waiting for an answer.


“Yes, mom, be right there,” said Roger.


“Thank you sweety,” replied Roger’s mom and she turned quickly walking toward the ladies. I think it may have been my imagination but I could have sworn she was exaggerating the sway of her hips as she walked away from us.


I could not help but blurt out, “Damn Roger, you mom has a sexy walk.”


“Shut up Dee,” he growled, still trying to push his boner back down.


I moved between the boys and Roger’s mom and turned my back to Roger’s mom, so they were looking at me. I had the largest grin painted on my face thinking about what I was going to do next. I tugged down the cups of my bikini top, my boobs jumping out  completely out of my top and said, “Just don’t think about your mom nibbling on these nipples, ok?” I pinched my nipples between my index finger and my thumb, tugging down on them, and letting them go. Then quickly readjusted my bikini top as I walked back toward the ladies on the other side of the pool, to avoid getting splashed again by the stiff boys.


If I’d learned anything about my boys, it was that it did not take much for them to get erections, and once they got one it would take forever for it to go away. I’d witnessed the O.R.G. boys ejaculate multiple times in a row and still wait an eternity for their erections to wear off. This was going to be fun.


I exited the pool in front of the ladies, and sat on the edge of the pool ready to witness the show. The red faced boys slowly made their way towards me. Their hands still on their crotches. Tom went underwater a few times, getting his head wet and combing his hair back. David probably though that would help because he followed suit. However when they emerged, their face was still red, and their boners were still as evident as a horny erect elephant in the room!


“Tommy and Davey, please get this one and drag it over there,” said Roger’s mom pointing to a shady corner of the pool.


“Yes, Mrs. Tanaka,” they said in unison, walking towards me as I was sitting on the edge of the pool where the steps to exit the pool end.


As they approached the steps, I leaned forward, my left hand on my left leg, my right hand quickly slid my bikini bottom towards the right with my ring and pinky fingers, my middle and index fingers opening my meaty, inner lips and my thumb caressing my clitoral hood up and down slowly. They froze in their steps for a good 3 seconds catching the show, then looked straight at my face with pleading looks. They dove back into the water quickly, and as they reemerged, they washed their face and spent a few more seconds pretending to clear water from their eyes and ears. My cheeks were starting to hurt from smiling so much.


They finally made their way out of the pool, walking past me, David walking ahead of Tom. His hands in front of his taught tent. He quickly made his way to one end of the chaise and crouched down to pick up one corner of the chair. Tom walked right behind Dave, using him as cover. But as he walked past me, I saw his boner had completely dominated his swimsuit. His massive cock had basically shoved the swim trunks up, exposing his cock and balls for all to see. He walked quickly to the back of the chaise and crouched to pick it up, using the chaise’s seat-back as a shield.


They picked up the chaise and held it very close to their crotches, using it as a hiding place for their boners. Roger and Sam were making their way out of the pool and I greeted them with the same show I’d given Tom and David. Sam smiled a toothy smile, tugging the bottom of his shorts so that they would not suffer the same fate that Tom’s shorts had suffered. Roger, who has the smallest penis of the bunch just used his hand on his crotch to hide his boner. As they walked past me I readjusted my bikini and turned to watch.


One of the ladies headed over to guide Tom and let him know exactly where she wanted the chaise to be lowered. I covered my mouth with both hands and my eyes opened wide. She did not seem satisfied and kept asking Tom to move the chaise a little more to the left or to the right. She was wearing sunglasses so I could not be sure if she had noticed or not. Tom, on the other hand had the reddest face I’d ever seen.


If they’d noticed, the older cougars sure as fuck did not let on. But they must have noticed and liked it because they kept the boys rearranging furniture longer than was necessary. I slowly and quietly made my way out of the pool, grabbed my towel and headed inside the house toward Roger’s room, where my clothes were. I took off my bikini, walked into Roger’s bathroom, and hopped in the shower to rinse off the pool water.


When I opened the shower curtain I saw all four boys waiting for me just outside the shower; arms crossed, boners stiff as ever, all looking extremely pissed off.


“That was not cool, Dee”, said Roger.


“Yeah, what the hell?” added Tom.


“We could have gotten in trouble,” said David genuinely pissed.


Sam just stood there shaking his head. He was the least angry of the bunch, but still not a happy camper at having his boner exposed to a bunch of cougars.


“You gotta admit,” I said softly, “that it was a kind of poetic justice that the ladies that you found so sexy actually got to see how horny they made you.”


“It wasn’t those ladies that gave us erections, Dee,” said Sam. “It was YOU, then you hung us out to dry.”


He had a point, and I started to feel a little guilty. “Yeah,” I was at a loss for words, “I guess you’re right. How can I make it up to you?” I looked at the angry and erect boys standing in the bathroom looking at me naked in the shower, then I got an idea. “If I got you all erect, then I guess I should take responsibility for that. Tom, close and lock the door, and stay quiet.” I grabbed Roger’s and David’s waistband and pulled them into the shower with me. I moved them behind me with their backs on the tiles of the wall of the shower, then I grabbed Tom’s and Sam’s waistbands and positioned them on the opposite side. I was now surrounded by my friends, their boners poking me from every direction. I turned the shower on again and knelt in the center.


I reached out and started to pull their swim trunks off. I quietly asked the boys behind me to take their trunks off and drop them outside of the shower. They were all following my instructions without hesitation and without saying a word. Up until now I had never actually touched my boys. We’d watched porn together, masturbated together, and had seen each other naked, but we’d never crossed the line of actually touching each other. I guess since I crossed the line of putting them in actual danger of getting in trouble I would cross the line in penance.


“I’m sorry I gave you erections and almost got you in trouble,” I whispered, “to make up for it, you guys can bukkake me.” I reached out at the throbbing dicks around me and started to caress and stroke. Without even looking I would tell right away whose cock it was that I was holding in each hand. Sam’s veins felt just like I thought they would. Tom’s turtle neck foreskin and his impressive length were unmistakable. Roger’s short and thick cock was impressively hard, and David’s super hairy pubes tickled my hand.


I could only stroke two cocks at a time but I saw that as soon as I let go to grab another one, the owner of said cock would start stroking themselves. I looked up and tried to make eye contact with each of the boys as I was stroking them. Pretty soon I could feel David starting to move his hips back and forth into my hand, and was breathing heavily and moaning. I leaned me head back, closed my eyes and released his dick. He quickly grabbed it himself and started to stroke faster and faster until I felt his explosion slap my lips and cheekbones. The force and warmth made me flinch. I felt him splash a few more times over my cheekbones and into my hair. I opened my eyes and watched his post-orgasm face. He looked satisfied. He stepped back and washed himself on the running shower.


Tom was the next to cum. He splashed his warm seed all over my cheeks and lips. Rope after rope of warm, sticky seed splashed forcefully onto my closed mouth. Sam was next, he was behind me so his ejaculation splashed on my forehead and nose. I could not tell if my face was warm from my excitement or from the coats of warm spunk that was caking it.


Roger was last, he was directly in front of me. I was making eye contact with him, caressing my tits and pinching my nipples watching him stroke faster and faster. Just as he was about to cum, I opened my mouth and let him shoot his first shot onto my tongue, then closed up and let him shot the rest of his cum on my face. I swallowed his sticky, salty seed not breaking eye contact as a peace offering.


I cleared the bulk of the cum on my face with my fingers. I licked some of it, reminding me of the time I drank their combined soup. I stood up and let the shower wash the rest of the jizz off from my face. I finished showering and they handed me a towel.


“All’s forgiven,” said Dave, still dazed from his orgasm.


I just smiled and nodded. We got dressed and then went out for pizza before each of us went to our own places. Funny enough, the rest of the night none of the boys brought up the events of the day nor any O.R.G. related topic. It seems that the tension had been all spent up.


When I finally got to my dorm room, I headed straight to my bed, stripped off my clothes, got beneath the sheets and fingered my pussy to orgasm three times. My roommate even stopped writing on her computer long enough to comment, “one of those days again, eh?”


“Yeah,” I replied sighing and fell asleep satisfied!

The Wine Glass!

Erotic Stories

I’ve always been a kinky person. All throughout High School I kept getting in trouble because I couldn’t keep from humping everything, saying the wrong things at the wrong time, and just basically being intrigued about everything related to sex, which, coming from a very religious family, is not something that usually went unpunished. Yes, as you’ve probably guessed by now, I ended up getting grounded a lot. So by senior year I was becoming an expert at avoiding getting into trouble while still trying to figure out why I felt so curious about this carnal sin called sex.

I somehow managed to graduate with pretty good grades and was accepted to a pretty awesome college far away from home. In fact, the distance from my home was a factor that I valued a lot when making my decision on which school I wanted to attend. I finally wanted to be free from the judging gaze of my parents and family. Finally liberated, I must admit I went a little nuts with this newfound freedom. Let me tell you about one of these moments, this is the time I learned a new Japanese term at college.

During my college years I made a group of pretty loyal friends that closely resembled the group that I had in High School. In my experience geeky boys have a tendency to be secretly kinky, and they also lack the ego to be jerks or assholes to me after they learn of my kinks and hang-ups. In High School I learned that the popular crowd will quickly turn on and destroy people in their own group for much less than being a sexual deviant, so I always kept my distance from them. The geeky kids were always sweet and glad to have any kind of female attention and friendship. They were all hopelessly single, hopelessly sweet, and hopelessly horny, which was just the kind of friend I was looking for.

My college group of friend consisted of five really close friends. We called ourselves the O.R.G. (Oppidan Research Group). Not because of we were researching anything related to Urbanism or anything like that, we just found it hilarious that it sounded like the word “orgy”. If there was any research that our group would do, then it was usually related to sex and deviant/perverted sexual practices. The internet had just recently become “a thing” and information about sex had never before been as readily available as it was back then.

In our group we had: Roger, the rich, Asian kid. He had a round-face, was short, pale, and was the king of all the tech and gadgets. His house had Internet built in, which was a big deal in a world of dial-up Internet. Next there was Tom, the tall, pale, and thin-as-a-stick kid from Florida. Nowadays there are jokes on the Internet about “Florida Man” doing some fucked up thing, I think it may actually be Tom! I’m joking of course, but he was an odd looking kid. Very quiet, but always had a glint of mischief in his eyes. Sam was a skinny, geeky black kid. If I had to describe him I would say he looked like a less goofy looking Steve Urkel. And rounding up the O.R.G. was David. He had long curly hair, was somewhat built, and came from a huge family New Jersey. I was the only girl in the group. And maybe it was because I was the only girl brave enough to hang out with these geeky perverts.

It was a Thursday night, we’d gathered to “study” at our usual meeting place: Roger’s house.

Roger was a local boy, he had always lived close to the college because his parents were both doctors and one of them was a professor at our college. His house was huge and mostly empty all the time because his parents were often out working or traveling, which was just perfect for us; a big, beautiful house all to ourselves with great furniture and many places to study or goof off. Also, during the warmer months, the pool was one of our favorite places to chill out.

Roger’s parents were both out, as was usual, so we had the house to ourselves. Roger was extremely giddy and joking around with the rest of the crew. I’d been the last to arrive to the house and they were giggling and making jokes about some strange word that sounded like “go-koon” to my ears. They were joking about getting some more go-koon from the fridge, which immediately drew out groans and “eww” from the others. After a few more mentions of this word related to food or drink, I finally gave up an asked what they were talking about. And they all burst out laughing, which only doubled my determination to find out what the joke was.

Roger served us all lemonade as we sat down to at the round table in the middle of the breakfast nook. His face dramatically illuminated by the hanging lamp. As he took his seat, he explained that the word was Gokkun, and that it was Japanese. And he explained that there is a whole sub-genre of Japanese porn where a group of men would ejaculate into a glass, or a plate, or a bucket. Once they had all filled the vessel, a girl would then take it and swallow the whole thing. My mouth was agape. Which only made them all laugh even more, and I guess that is when I realized that my mouth was open and my cheeks immediately turned red from embarrassment.

“No fucking way that’s a real thing,” I said as I finally regained my wits. My mind was racing and quickly switching from disgust to intense curiosity.

I’m not sure if the boys could tell the conflict going in my brain. But it almost seems like they were prepared for me to doubt them. “I have proof!”, said Roger, and he produced a VHS tape from his backpack and put it in the center of the table. Sam quickly picked it up and inspected it.

“Where the hell did you get this?”, Sam asked, turning the tape over and over. It had a black label with red Japanese symbols all over it.

“My dad brought it back from his last trip to Japan,” said Roger coyly, “He still has no idea that I know where he stashes his porn collection.”

The next few minutes the boys argued over international video formats, but Roger assured everyone that the video was in the correct format and that we would be able to watch it. The boys chugged their lemonade down and we quickly filed after Roger to the den. Roger fiddled with the VCR while we all sat on the couch. I sat smack dab in the middle of the couch with Sam and David to my left, and Tom to my right. The video started, and Roger came and sat on the floor in front of us all.

After a lot of “artistic shots” of a Japanese garden and some cheesy music, a very busty girl walks into the garden and proceeds to strip naked, then a group of men come and surround her. They also disrobe and begin to stroke their dicks. The girl in the center kneels and takes turns fellating the men. So far there was nothing I had not seen before in regular pornos. I could tell the images were working their magic on the boys though, as they all shifted in their seats, adjusting their crotches.

I’d watched porno with the boys before. And while I do enjoy watching the films, I enjoy watching they boys reactions to the film much more. Their dicks get hard and there is a lot of adjusting of bulges that goes on. Depending on the film some boys get a little more adventurous and start to actually stroke the outline of their dicks through their pants, which excites me much more than what’s going on in the film. Tonight was one of those nights, the boys were all over their junk, petting and caressing their boners over their jeans. Pretty soon there was four boys with their eyes glued to the screen, and their hands squeezing their boners over their jeans… and one girl with her eyes glued to their crotches and her hand down the front of her leggings sliding her index finger up and down her slit.

It was Sam that noticed first what I was doing. He pretended to not see me, but his coordination is pretty awful, and he did a double-take and quickly glued his eyes back to the TV. His eyes darting quickly from the TV to my lap. I turned my head to face him and grinned. I was hoping he would understand that I didn’t mind if he saw me, after all I was enjoying watching him stroking his dick through his pants. He gave me a very nervous smile and nodded, squeezing the outline of his dick, which was very large and growing against the leg of his tight jeans. The head of his dick was clearly distinguishable under his pants.

On the screen, the Japanese girl was stroking dicks all around her, sometimes sucking, sometimes licking and trying to please too many men to count. She rubbed their dicks all over her pale face while the men were groping her tits, and fingering her extremely dark-bushed pussy. She simply submitted and let the men use her like a toy. Pretty soon a lady in a white kimono and a large glass bowl showed up on the screen. As the kneeling girl sucked cock to the point of orgasm, the men would quickly pull out of her mouth, aim at the glass bowl, and would cum into the bowl. One after another, the men would cum into the bowl making a larger and larger puddle of viscous, clear liquid with white streaks in the bowl.

After they’d all cum into the bowl, she took the milky, sticky soup and proceeded to drink it down. She didn’t chug it down, but rather took many sips from it while her friend in the white kimono would help clean her cheeks and lips, when the cum would inevitably dribble out. The boys were transfixed to the screen, and I was transfixed to their throbbing dicks. I could not hold it in, and finally said, “This Gokkun shit really gets your guys horny, doesn’t it?”

They turned to me and were about to probably say something, but I’d forgotten that I had my hand down my pants and they all instantly focused on my crotch, their eyes wide. I could feel my face turning red and warm. And I closed my eyes. Then I heard it, “Yeah? How about you, sticky fingers?”. Even Sam chuckled, but thankfully came to my rescue, “Don’t be hypocrites guys, you were all jerking through your clothes.”

“Yeah, but she’s actually touching her stuff”, said David.

Even though I was ashamed, I could not help but find it incredibly adorable that David could not find it in himself to say vagina, or pussy, or cooch, or something like that.

My boys had caught me red-handed, as it were, but I was still horny even if I was a little bit ashamed. However, shame had never killed my arousal in the past. In fact, it usually tended to make me feel even hornier so I proposed, “Tell you what, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?” And proceeded to quickly slide my leggings and panties down my thighs to my knees. My hand covering my well groomed bush, and my middle finger lodged over my clit while my fingertip rested between my pussy lips, parting them.

All four of them stared wide eyed at my mound. I moved my finger up and down my slit grinding my fingertip back over my clit and then down the clitoral hood, sending millions of tiny sparks all over my body.

Sam was again the first to unzip. I guess that little moment we had earlier had somehow given him the courage needed to follow my lead. He fished around in his fly and underwear with his hand until a huge black pole of a cock flung out from the fabric of his pants. It was a glorious, black cock with big veins running all around the length of his shaft. His glans was a pink-brown color, and was very moist. His hand was stroking the base, making his head bob up and down with each stroke. I was happily surprised to learn that Sam had such a beautiful specimen hidden in his pants, and absentmindedly licked my lips.

Tom was next, he unzipped and his cock practically flew out of his pants. I guess I should have known that Tom was the kind of guy to not wear underwear. His cock was very pink, in definite contrast to Sam’s. It too was large, which I guess only made sense considering how tall and lanky Tom was. He was uncut, and his foreskin reminded me of a little turtleneck. Whenever he stroked his cock, though, his foreskin would come completely down revealing his head, and then slide right back up to cover it again. I was mesmerized.

I leaned forward to slide my leggings down to my ankles when I heard two more zippers come down. When I sat straight up again there were four happy cocks being stroked around me. On the screen the movie was still playing. Another girl was repeating pretty much the same scenario we had seen previously, but this time the Japanese men were taking turns fucking her. Her exaggerated porno moans were the perfect soundtrack for our own activities. Nobody watched the screen this time, however. I was too busy admiring the happy cocks around me glistening in their precum. I opened my legs to let the boys get a better look at my puffy labia and my hardening clit, but still kept on grinding my fingertip up and down and left and right over my clit.

David was stroking pretty damn fast, which must’ve warned Roger that something was going to happen, because he warned, “Don’t fucking cum on my dad’s couch, Dave.”

Dave looked pale, he’d already passed the point of no return. “Too late Rog, I can’t stop now”.

Roger looked alarmed and got up quickly towards the bar. He grabbed a wine glass and quickly handed it over to David. “You owe me a new wine glass, asshole”.

David grabbed the glass just in time, sat up on the couch and tilted his dick down into the opening of the glass and exploded into it. The head of his cock forcefully shot out rope after rope of the most gloriously white spunk I’d ever seen. It was pretty amazing. Not even in the pornos had I seen a dick shoot cum out with that much force. “Oh wow,” I said, “You could kill somebody with that Dave.” The rest of the boys chuckled.

“That’s nothing,” Said Roger, who motioned for David to hand over the wineglass. David leaned forward and handed the glass to Roger, his white spunk swirling around at the very bottom of the wine glass. Roger kept stroking while looking at me grinding away at my clit. Soon he took his eyes off of me and positioned the glass in front of his dick. He also spurted furiously into the glass, his little white ass contracting as his whole body convulsed with each spurt. His white spunk slowly slid down the sides of the wineglass to mix with Tom’s.

“Oh shit,” I chuckled while furiously grinding my clit. “What the fuck? Since when do you guys cum bullets?”

Tom motioned to Roger for the wineglass, Roger obliged. Tom got up from the couch to reach for the glass. My legs were against his legs, so as soon as he got up from the couch my legs opened up wide. I took the opportunity, with my legs now wide open, to slide two fingers in and out of my pussy. It felt really good. Even though rubbing my clit sends sparks all over my body, feeling my aching pussy get stuffed feels really great too.

Tom, now with wineglass in hand, turned to face me. The sight of me finger-fucking my pussy drove him quickly over the edge. He positioned his dick’s head inside the wineglass and exploded as well. Because he was right in front of me, I didn’t get a good look at his ejaculation, but he made up for it with his sounds. He really grunted and put on a show for me. It sounded almost as exaggerated as the actors on the film.

As he took the head of his cock out of the wineglass, I noticed that there was a rather large puddle of swirling goo at the bottom of the glass. I was impressed. “You boys really cum in buckets, don’t you?”.

Sam reached his hand out and Tom handed him the glass. As I looked around the room I noticed that the other boys, even though they’d cum forcefully just seconds ago, were not going flaccid. In fact their cocks were still at attention and throbbing up and down at the spectacle of my finger fucking, and to the sounds of a shrill Japanese actress getting fucked by an army of men. Sam sat at the edge of the couch, he grabbed the wineglass and pointed his dick downwards into it, he then looked directly at my glistening fingers sliding in and out of my pussy, and came. He also shot rope after rope of cum inside the glass just as I was shuddering from my very own orgasm. My body trembled as I managed to whimper out, “Oh yes!”.

I could feel every inch of my body twinkle in and out of existence. It was a very intense orgasm. When I opened my eyes and looked at my boys, and they looked at me I could tell they had no idea what just happened, so I explained, “I just came too.” Then all opened their eyes wide and nodded.

“I was almost expecting for you to ask for the wineglass in order to cum into it,” chuckled Roger, as he turned toward the TV to turn off the VCR and retrieve his tape. That’s when I turned to Sam, who was still recovering his breath from his own orgasm, and asked for the wineglass.

Roger almost lost his balance when heard me ask for the glass and quickly spun around on his heels.

Sam obliged.

I swirled the slimy white goo at the bottom of the wineglass like a fine wine. It felt heavier than I expected, and was indeed a larger quantity of cum than I would have though my boys were capable of producing. I placed the edge of the glass to my lips and tilted the salty, sticky mess onto my tongue. My eyes darted from boy to boy as I sipped the cum into my mouth and swallowed it little by little. Their mouths were agape. They couldn’t believe what I was doing.

I steadily swallowed the entire load, waiting for it to slide slowly down my throat. When I finished, my boys clapped and cheered.

Roger reached for the wineglass, and asked if I wanted anything. “Seeing as to how you have a wineglass in your hand, some wine would taste pretty good right about now,” I said. And he served me some of his dad’s wine from the wine cooler. It tasted like heaven after all that salty cum.

We never had another Gokkun session with the boys after that. But we did a whole lot more masturbation sessions soon afterwards.  Here is one of them entitled pool time with the O.R.G.’s.

I Touch Myself!

A friend of mine has a fetish for classic porn movies of the 70’s and 80’s. He says it’s not a fetish but a preference, I prefer to call it like I see it. We were talking about it the other day, and it made me remember the first porn film I ever saw, which coincidentally is the film that taught me how to masturbate.


I was very young, too young to admit publicly, let’s leave it at that. But youth never helped me to stay away from trouble. No, not me, especially since I was such a curious little girl and my friends were just as curious as me.


My friend Janet showed me a Betamax tape she had “borrowed” from her older brother. Yes, I said Betamax (I was THAT young). I can vividly remember the title on the tape: VCX – The Devil’s Playground. Having been raised by very strict Catholic parents, the title had a Taboo and irresistible lure for me. I had to watch that movie.


Janet lived a few blocks away from my house. We’d both walk home together from school and she’d spend the afternoon with me until my parents came home and drove her home. We’d usually spend that time doing homework, talking about stuff and basically keeping each other company. This was our routine. We were great friends and I guess because of the fact that we were so young, it never occurred to my parents that we would be doing anything inappropriate while they were at work.


We didn’t do homework that day, though. We immediately walked to the living room and turned the TV on, clicked to channel 3, and slid the tape into the Betamax. While Janet rewound the tape, we inspected the box a little more: the front featured a Satan-like character, holding three bikini-clad women chained like slaves. The back of the box had a picture of a nude black girl bound to a cross while a woman tore her panties off, two young girls touching their crotches, which were blurred out, and a man with white beard admiring a girl’s breasts. I remember my face getting very warm, my heart racing, and my hands shaking as I held the forbidden box and admired the blatant nudity.


Janet was smiling, having an older brother she had seen a lot more nudity than I had and always loved to show off by saying how much cooler she was than me. The tape finished rewinding with a loud snap of the betamax machine.


We pressed play and started the movie. It was all very red, a devil and some naked women on chains were on the screen, I guessed they were in hell. The devil character explained that to get concubines in hell they had to recruit them young. My heart skipped a beat and even though I knew it was a movie, I got a little scared that I was watching nude women on TV while a guy was saying that the devil likes them young.


Janet laughed it off because honestly the devil character did look funny, and he was not very scary at all. He had a partner demon with him, a woman, that somehow always got the better of him. The movie continued, and Janet and I sat on the couch glued to the screen.


Next scene: three young, giggling girls in nightshirts are spying on a group of teenagers who are watching a porno on a projector in the living room. The young girls run back into their room giggling louder and mocking the sounds from the movie: Panting, moaning, and such, but mostly giggling. Two of them climb to the top of a bunk bed, and a third stays on the lower bunk. The girls at the top start to mock-kiss each other playing out what they’d seen in the movie, giggling at the absurdity of what they’d witnessed. The girl at the bottom laughs and pulls her panties down, then grabs a plush Mickey Mouse doll and starts to fake-fuck herself with the doll, mock panting, mimicking the sounds they’d heard on the movie. The girls at the top laugh like crazy at the audacity of the girl on the bottom, then they take their panties off too and start to rub pillows and cushions on themselves too, giggling and making fun of how absurd everything they had just watched seemed to them.


I could relate to them, it must be fun to have your friends over for a sleepover and peek into what the adults were doing, but I have to admit, I was VERY taken aback when they took their panties off. I was still smiling though, I couldn’t let Janet know that I was surprised or stunned.


The girl at the bottom bunk bed was no longer giggling though, she had started to rub the Mickey doll slower and slower onto her pussy. She had started to rub Mickey’s white-gloved hand in tight little circles around her pussy, and her mocking giggling had turned into a very low and primal moan. “Ooh,” she’d say over and over. The girls at the top bunk were giggling at their friend’s silly behavior now and started to rub each other’s pussies, mocking their friend on the lower bunk. Their mocking didn’t last long, soon they were oohing and moaning just like her. This continued for a while, then I noticed Janet’s face. It was as red as mine, and her hands were shaking a bit.

I’m not sure if it was my age that contributed to me being mesmerized by the sight of Mickey Mouse touching a girls pussy, or if it was watching a pussy on television. But I was intrigued by the visual. It was so wrong, so taboo, I HAD to keep watching. I started to feel a rush of warmth all over my body, it was totally new to me. Janet was mesmerized too, I’m sure even SHE had no idea what was going on. Even little Mrs. “I’m cooler than you because I’ve seen a boy’s dick” was caught off-guard by what we were watching.


On the screen, the girls continued to touch themselves, the girls on the top bunk were caressing their pussies lovingly, exploring each other’s folds, parting their lips, and rubbing their clits tenderly. On the bottom bunk, Mickey was still working his magic on his girl, his hand circling her pussy, then rubbing up and down. Then something magical happened, all the girls moaned louder and louder and shook and trembled and collapsed on their beds, suddenly seeming very tired. The scene changed and they were back in hell, the devil guy was talking some more and Janet pressed STOP on the machine.


We didn’t say anything to each other, she took the tape and put it back in her backpack. I was too ashamed to say that I wanted to keep watching, so I went to the kitchen to get us something to drink and start on our homework.


That night, as I was getting ready for bed, I locked my door. I wore one of my older nightshirts that night. One that I hadn’t worn in a while, because it was starting to look ridiculously short on me, but it looked like the one the girl on the bottom bunk wore, it was almost the same length. I felt my heart race as I slid my panties off, like the girl had done in the video. With a plush Teddy bear in hand I laid on my bed and spread my legs. Remembering what I’d seen, I rubbed the bear around my pussy, pushing into my crotch at first, then realizing that circles was what felt better to me.


It felt very strange at first, Teddy’s fur tickled my inner thighs, and the fabric felt a little rough on my tender bits. I kept rubbing and rubbing, in my mind was the image of Mickey’s hand on the girl’s pussy, and things changed. At first I thought I’d hurt myself, or maybe peed a little, but no, the moisture on Teddy wasn’t pee nor blood. It was different. It smelled, felt and tasted different. It was something new, and wonderful. Teddy’s felt paw felt a lot smoother on my quickly moistening pussy, and the feeling it was starting to create on the rest of my body was amazing.


Warmness all over my body, delightful tingling in my belly and my legs, that memory of the girl moaning and Mickey’s painted-on smile as the girl guided his hand on her pussy playing over and over in head I had to bite my lip to stop myself from moaning, my parents were still up.


Stroking in circles and up and down, Teddy had soaked up a lot of my moisture. I kept going and going and going. It felt so amazing, and wonderful and new. My body guided his paw with more urgency, I rocked my hips and and down into Teddy as something overcame me. It felt like somebody had splashed warm water all over my body, and suddenly I had to move Teddy’s paw away from my pussy for it was too sensitive. It was a strange mixture of overwhelming pleasure and pain. I could not stop myself from trembling and shaking on the bed, from both orgasm and nerves.


I remembered the girls on the porno who were suddenly tired after playing with themselves, and just closed my eyes, reveling in wave after wave of warmness that overcame my body and made me shake every time it washed over me.


Next morning, before school I spent a good deal of time washing poor Teddy’s now very stinky paw. The smell made me very ashamed, but also very tingly as well. It was a strange feeling for me. I’d much later learn that there’s a kind of shame that turns me on. In the next few months I managed to grind onto all my plush toys, before realizing that I could get very similar results using my own hands, but the image of that girl with Mickey Mouse was so strong that it just made it a lot easier to reach orgasm using a toy than my hand.

Mickey Porn

I never did get around to buying a Mickey Mouse toy to masturbate to, now that I think back to it, it would probably make me orgasm very quickly. I did, however manage to find a DVD of the movie which I immediately bought. To my horror, they took out the scene with the Mickey Mouse doll. I’m guessing the Disney company could have pressured them into editing the film, but they’ll never take away the image that’s been burned into my mind and that taught me the joys of masturbation.

A Seaside Adventure Part Two!!

Read Part One Of A Seaside Adventure

I turn my head and notice the big and dripping head of Mando’s cock peeking out of the leg of his shorts as he has knelt beside me to caress me. I reach for it with one hand, my oily fingertips caressing the tip and the base of the head and watch a big dollop of precum escape the tip. I catch the moisture with my fingertips and spread it around the smooth head. I gently stroke the head with my fingertips from the tip to the base watching as more and more precum escapes the tip. I spread it evenly all over to glaze it and leave it glimmering.


Mando slides his fingers out of my pussy to take his shorts off, his cock comically springs up to attention. He has a thick, manly cock; and his pubic hair is well trimmed and groomed. He lays down next to me and kisses me, his tongue hungrily searching for mine in my mouth. He places one of his hands on my oily breast and the other glides over the entrance of my pussy and over my clit. My hand wanders onto the tip of his penis, my fingers lightly caressing it, feeling its warmth and it hotness almost like steam coming off of it. My fingers lightly travel from the tip of his penis head to the base, then back to to the head, not really stroking it, just barely caressing it, feeling how his balls suddenly get hard and tight at my touch.


Mando kneels, and takes his dick into his own hands stroking it. He says, “Would you like to taste it?”


“Yes,” I reply, “but only if you will eat my pussy too”. I kneel and straddle Mando pushing him down onto the towel. I part my legs and place my knees on either side of his head, lowering my dripping pussy onto his mouth. I lower myself onto Mando’s cock, teasing it with my tongue, taking quick licks at the drops of precum that form on the tip.


Mando sucks my pusys lips into his mouth. His tongue parting them and entering my hole expertly. His nose pressed into my wet ass, makes me crazy with lust. I open my mouth and greedily suck Mando’s cock in as far as it will go. My tongue swirling around it. His slippery, tasty precum sticking to my tongue. I stroke his shaft quickly with my hands while noisily slurping up and down his cock. Mando’s nose pressed hard into my ass as his tongue slides in and out of my pussy is too much for me. I start to tremble.


I hear Mando moan loudly as an explosion of warm wetness splashes around my mouth. I swallow quickly and just in time for the second explosion to splash around in my mouth. My legs go weak as I feel my own orgasm washing over me. His tongue flat on my clit as my hips grind into his face. I try to concentrate on swallowing his cum and licking his cock clean when once again, his cock tightens up and another burst of warm stickiness fills my mouth.


I feel my orgasm finally take control of my body and pull my hips away from Mando’s mouth to protect from the sensitivity. My knees shake and his mouth finds me again. I moan loudly as my orgasm takes control of me. I can’t concentrate enough to swallow the last explosion of Mando’s cock and let it dribble out of my mouth and onto Mandos’ cock, down his shaft and onto his manicured public hair. Mando must have felt my orgasm for he too has stopped licking and is just kissing my inner thighs and mound. Still shaking I try to adjust my stance and feel my trembling arm give way to my weight, landing my cheek on the puddle of Mando’s sticky cum on his pubes.


I turn around laughing with a wad of Mando’s white cum on my face and hear him break into laughter too. I bend down to kiss Mando’s cock lovingly and lick it clean, continuing to suck it lightly. He says to me, “Wanna swim?”


Still feeling my legs weak from the my orgasm I smile and think that maybe wading in the water will give my legs a chance to wobble around and start to feel normal again. “Sure, Mando,” I say and give his now flacid penis one last suck to clean the last drop of cum from the tip of it.


Mando starts to get up, and instead of waiting for me to get off of him, his strong arms pick me up and carry me like a baby. “You don’t seem ready to walk just yet,” he says. He carries me all the way into the water, where he wades in and slowly lowers me in.


“Such a gentleman, thank you,” I say and feel the cool water wash up around my naked body. Water forms beads around my breasts from the oil. My nipples are very hard from the water on my skin. I follow Mando deeper into water. We wade in until we can no longer touch the sand with our feet, we then wade around in the shallow waves for a bit, hugging and kissing. After a short time of swimming Mando says, “I’ll race you to the beach”.  And starts swimming toward the beach again.


I swim after him, the salty water splashing on my face. We reach the sand, the warm sun quickly warming my body. His wet, naked body looks great with his long dick dripping with the salt water. I wonder to myself if his dick will be salty from the water. He notices my eyes looking directly at his dick, and he smiles. “I have a surprise for you, follow me.”


We make our way through a densely vegetated path and onto a beautiful garden. A natural waterfall splashes down onto a lagoon that merges with an estuary. There are large rocks that the resort has fitted into the pond making it easy to walk toward the waterfall. Mando wades into the lagoon and I follow, the water barely covers our hips. We make it to the cool waterfall.


The cool water catches me unprepared and I take a deep breath and hug Mando. He hugs me and we kiss under the cool water. I feel his cock getting hard again against my legs and I grip it between my inner thighs to trap it there. Mando’s pre-cum lubricates my inner thighs and I squeeze his cock to make it slip and slide between my legs, making it get harder and start to throb.  Mando kisses my mouth, neck and chest. He makes his way to my nipples and begins to lick and suckle on them. His warm tongue is a great contrast from the coldness of the waterfall washing the salt water away from our bodies.


Mando kisses my mouth passionately, then says, “Come, let’s get more comfortable.”


I don’t say a word, but follow my new lover closely, out from under the waterfall and onto a shady path that leads to beautiful wooden bed with white curtains that are tied all around the long bedposts. There is a white linen sheet extended above the bed that has a few leaves that have fallen from the trees that surround the bed. The trees make the area cool and shady, and the sea breeze makes the leaves rustle in a magical way.


Mando guides me onto the bed, where I lay on my back. He immediately joins me, kissing me and mounting me. His wet dick rubbing up and down my wet slit. Our juices mixing together. My pussy itches for his cock to enter me, and I guide my hips upwards to help him find the entrance quicker. The tip of his cock nestles my entrance and he pushes in. It feels heavenly. His thick dick stretching out my pussy feels amazing. I gasp.


He moans, “You are so tight, it’s driving me crazy.”


I move my hips instinctively up and down guiding his cock onto all my favorite spots. Mando begins to pound into me. His balls slapping onto my taint. The sounds of our lovemaking filling the air. He leans down and kisses me.


I whisper, “let me get on top.”


He stops and smiles, and says in his rough voice, “As you wish.”


I mount him, and feel his hard cock slide deeper inside me. I start to rock back and forth guiding his cock to all my favorite places inside me. I watch the expression on his face change when he realizes he has very little control over what I’m doing to him. I slap my ass up and down on him loudly, fucking him; hard, deep, and fast. After a moment of this I go back to rocking back and forth quickly, my body warming up to a big orgasm. I arch my back, close my eyes and feel the orgasm wash over me like a wave from the ocean. I squirt my juice all over his chest as I continue to shake from the powerful force. Then I slump down next to him, hugging him with a big grin on my face.


I kiss Mando and then lie next to him relaxing in the warmth of my afterglow, when I notice a group of young men hidden through the jungle vegetation. They’re smiling and putting their phones down. I think they have filmed us in our passion. I quickly turn face-down on the bed, and look at Mando. “Oh my god, what do we do?”


Mando quickly gets up from the bed, and walks towards the group of boys. As my heart is pounding in my chest I hear mando conversing and arguing with the young men. After a long and what seems like a frustrating conversation in Spanish, Mando returns to the bed and hold my hand. He says, “I convinced them to erase the video, but they want something in exchange.” His face turns somber as he says the next words, “they want to see your pussy up close, it’s ok if you say no.  But I can’t be sure of what will happen if I come back with a negative answer.”


At first I feel shocked and I can feel my face grow warm with indignation, but before I can speak I give myself a few deep breaths and start to think; These guys have probably already seen me naked fucking Mando, so watching me naked is not something they have not already seen. But if we give them time to copy or send that video, then the whole world will see me naked.


I turn around, covering my body with my towel, and sit. I nod and say, “Ok, but give Mando the phone right now, or no deal.” I whisper to Mando, “Please erase the video as soon as you get the phone and make sure they haven’t sent it.”


Mando translates what I said to the boys, and they speak amongst themselves for a few seconds, quickly coming to an agreement, and showing their phones to Mando and saying something to him. He translates, “They say that you need to start and they will hand their phones one at a time to me once you are naked.”


I can feel my face getting red, and my heart racing. I feel a little bit of shame and nervousness, but as I start to unwrap the towel I realize that I also feel arousal. My nipples are hardening, and my pussy is getting moist with expectation. I kneel down and unwrap the towel and let it drop to the floor. My body naked now in front of complete strangers.


I hear them say encouraging comments and compliments on my body, but I don’t listen. I don’t raise my eyes, but I can tell that all of them are starting to get erections. Including Mando. Mando is still naked so his hardening dick is obvious. He tries to cover it with his hand, but it’s so big he just grabs it to the side. With his other hand he is collecting the boys’ phones, one at a time, and working on them to erase the files.


They begin to direct me on what to do. Mando transates, “they want you to open your legs!”, “they say to spread that pussy”, “they want you to touch your tits”.


I open my legs and my arousal must be visible, because I am very wet and my labia is swollen and open. I cover it with my hand, but that just stimulates my clitoris even more. I start to move my fingers around and pull up my hood to show my rosy exposed clit to the boys.


Mando’s dick is fully erect now, he can no longer cover it all, and his head is starting to accumulate drops of precum. He’s still holding it in his hand but has absentmindedly started stroking it. The boys see this and figure it must be ok, because they start to drop their shorts, take their hard dicks into their hands and begin to stroke. Each of them masturbating while watching me touch myself.


I am extremely horny now, my hands touching my pussy, caressing my folds, and swirling in endless ecstasy over and around my very hard clitoris. I see so many hard, excited, pink dicks being stroked all around me. Their heads bobbing up and down as everyone strokes them watching me. In my mind they are nodding in approval of my actions. One of my hands is caressing my pussy, the other is on my breasts, pinching my very hard nipples.


Suddenly, a familiar delicious dick appears from the pack and moves closer to me. It’s Mando. I hungrily reach for it and lick the precum from the head giving the boys a good show. I decide I wont suck it right away, but instead lick it so that it is very visible to all of them. I lick all around it, giving it loving kisses and making sure that the boys can see what a man’s cock looks like. He drips his delicious clear liquid all over my tongue and I let it cover my my lips and chin. Mando holds my hair back with his hand guiding my head onto his dick just the way he likes it.


Soon, one of the braver boys stands closer to get a better look. The smell of his cock is very arousing. Young men’s cocks smell very different. I reach for it and begin to stroke it with my hand while I slurp as much as I can of Mando’s cock into my mouth. I am now sucking Mando’s cock greedily, harder, deeper down my throat, while stroking the young man’s dick with my left hand and touching my pussy with my right hand.


Before I know it another of the boys has moved forward looking for my attention. I stop masturbating and reach for his little dick and begin to caress it. His is the smallest of the dicks in the group. It’s very cute, and not circumcised. I caress his dick carefully and tenderly, and his dick responds by covering my hand in his clear precum. I play with his foreskin pulling it back and exposing his very wet and purple head.


Mando’s cock is deep inside my throat, and I’m stroking two young men’s dicks with each hand. The remaining two boys kneel in front of me and touch me. One massages and caresses my breasts clumsily, almost as if it’s his first time touching a woman’s tits. The other boy’s cold, nervous hands touch my pussy and my ass. He seems to know what he’s doing, because he is very caring and teasing, rubbing very light circles around my asshole, and very light circles around my clit.


My eyes try to find Mando’s eyes. I moan with pleasure at being ravaged by all these men and lick the underside of Mando’s huge cock.


I look up and see Mando smile, and I think to, “Oh no Mando, you’re not cumming too early this time.” I release his cock from my mouth and watch it jump up and down wanting my attention. I look into his eyes and begin to suck one of the other dicks, my now free hand runs up and down Mando’s leg, being careful to not excite him much more. I want him to relax a bit so that he can keep going.


The boy’s face is white. I can tell he did not expect that I would suck his cock. But he moves forward to make it easier for me to suck him. Mando still has his hand in my hair. I wonder if he’ll continue to guide my head when I am sucking this young man’s dick while looking at him. Mando releases my hair and begins to slowly stroke his own cock while watching me.


In the meantime, the two boys touching me are now both sucking on my nipples. Each one has one of my nipples in their mouth, they stroke themselves and touch my pussy, taking turns. One’s rougher and puts two fingers inside my pussy, the other is more tender and caresses my outer lips and my clitoris. I like both their approaches, and they’re going to make me cum soon.


The last remaining boy’s cock is rock hard. His foreskin has now exposed his small penis’s head and he is dripping clear precum all over my arm. I turn my head and switch hands and begin to lick and suck his small dick, it’s very sweet, wet and slick. His entire cock fits inside my mouth without going into my throat. I take this opportunity to lick his dick all around inside my mouth. He really does taste wonderful. His hips begin to move in and out of my mouth.


I now hold Mando’s huge dick in my hand and stroke it very softly, caressing him. I hold the other boy’s dick in my other hand, stroking him, and am devouring completely the smaller boy’s dick with my mouth. I can feel his tension and release his dick just in time for him to cum onto my cheek. His warm sticky cum runs down my cheek and onto my neck. After many splashes of hot cum dumped on my face, he stands back. One of the other boys releases my tit and stands up to take his place. I immediately grab his dick and begin to stroke. I turn to Mando and smile and begin to suck on his dick again. His glorious enormous cock. “These boys are toys compared to you Mando,” I say to myself  and lock onto his eyes while I lick and suck him.


The boy on my left takes his dick into his own hand and starts to stroke faster aiming for my left cheek. He splashes very long ropes of cum onto my hair, ear and neck. It all drips and crawls down my face slowly. He stands back for a few moments but then kneels behind me and leans his face into my ass to lick my asshole. It’s his warm tongue on my ass that triggers my orgasm.


My body trembles, and I breathe and moan loudly. But I try to continue sucking on Mando’s dick.


I think Mando can tell that I’ve just cum, because he gets very excited and starts to thrust his hips pushing his cock quickly into and out of my mouth. He moans loudly and a his dick jerks up and down while explosions of his warm cum fill my mouth, one right after the other, quickly. He then grabs my hair and pulls my head back and says to me, “Show them the cum, then swallow.” His stern tone sends amplifies my orgasm sending electricity down my spine, and I do as I’m told.


I release his cock and open my full mouth, a little bit of his cum starts to dribble out onto my chin, but I slurp it back into my mouth, then I swallow his sticky, warm cum down my throat. I open my mouth again to show you that I have swallowed it completely. I begin to lean back onto the towel, grabbing and stroking the two remaining boys dicks in my hands. I guide them around me while I reposition myself.


I lie down on the bed with my legs spread wide. The boy who made me cum by licking my asshole, starts to lick and explore my pussy with his fingers, sending shivers all over my body. His friend with the small dick kneels down beside him to get a better look and to touch my breasts.


The other two boys are kneeling with their dicks in front of my face. I pull them closer to suck on their cocks greedily at the same time.


sex on the beach

I can see that they are a little bit ashamed to touch their dicks together close to my mouth, but I pull them close so that I can lick them both at the same time. I rub both of their very wet and slippery cock heads together while I kiss and lick the bottom of their shafts. I try to put both of their dicks inside my mouth at the same time, they are almost thin enough to fit.


I take turns sucking one into my mouth, then the other, all the time making sure that they touch and that they can feel each others penises. I see in their facial expressions that they did not expect this and are very much turned on by the intimate, almost bisexual experience. First one of them starts to cum hard, his warm cum splashing everywhere. All over my face and all over the other boy’s cock too, this seems to also trigger the other boy, who starts to explode his cum all over my hands, arms and face. I point both of their cumming dicks onto each other, rubbing their heads together and watching as their cums mix and land on my waiting tongue. I slurp as much of their cum as I can, and swallow it down. Their bodies are still twitching as I release them and they sit down. It does not take me very long to cum again from the boy who’s eating my pussy and clit.


I wipe as much of their cum off my face as I can with my fingers and lick them clean. Their cum tastes very sweet and youthful. I see that Mando has sat down as well. I gently move the boy who is still eating my pussy away from my groin. His face is completely drenched with my juices, and he has a very big grin on his face.


He also sits back. I reach for my phone from my bag, and pick it up. I wrap a towel around my body and gather everyone together for a selfie.


Later, when I see that picture at home after my vacation, I can clearly still see everyone’s cum in my hair. And that is enough to bring the memory back and turn me on for a night of naughty behaviour.


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