A Seaside Adventure Part Two!!

Read Part One Of A Seaside Adventure before the sexy climax in a seaside adventure 2.

Sexy Climax in a Seaside Adventure 2

I turn my head and notice the big and dripping head of Mando’s cock peeking out of the leg of his shorts as he has knelt beside me to caress me.

Reaching for it with one hand, my oily fingertips caressing the tip and the base of the head.  And I watch a big dollop of precum escape the tip.  I catch the moisture with my fingertips and spread it around the smooth head.

Gently I stroke the head with my fingertips from the tip to the base watching as more and more precum escapes the tip.

Mando slides his fingers out of my pussy to take his shorts off

His cock comically springs up to attention and he has a thick, manly cock and his pubic hair is well trimmed and groomed.  He lays down next to me and kisses me.

His tongue hungrily searching for mine in my mouth.  He places one of his hands on my oily breast and the other glides over the entrance of my pussy and over my clit.

My hand wanders onto the tip of his penis

Fingers lightly caressing it, feeling its warmth and it hotness almost like steam coming off of it.  My fingers lightly travel from the tip of his penis head to the base.  Then back to to the head, not really stroking it.

Just barely caressing it, feeling how his balls suddenly get hard and tight at my touch. Mando kneels, and takes his dick into his own hands stroking it.

He says, “Would you like to taste it?”

“Yes,” I reply, “but only if you will eat my pussy too”.

I kneel and straddle Mando pushing him down onto the towel.  Parting my legs and place my knees on either side of his head, lowering my dripping pussy onto his mouth.

I lower myself onto Mando’s cock, teasing it with my tongue.  Taking quick licks at the drops of precum that form on the tip.

a seaside adventure 2

Mando sucks my pussys lips into his mouth.

His tongue parting them and entering my hole expertly.  Nose pressed into my wet ass, makes me crazy with lust.  I open my mouth and greedily suck Mando’s cock in as far as it will go.

My tongue swirling around it.

His slippery, tasty precum sticking to my tongue.  I stroke his shaft quickly with my hands while noisily slurping up and down his cock.  Mando’s nose pressed hard into my ass as his tongue slides in and out of my pussy is too much for me.

I start to tremble.

Hearing Mando moan loudly as an explosion of warm wetness splashes around my mouth.  I swallow quickly and just in time for the second explosion to splash around in my mouth.

My legs go weak as I feel my own orgasm washing over me.  His tongue flat on my clit as my hips grind into his face.  I try to concentrate on swallowing his cum and licking his cock clean.

When once again, his cock tightens up and another burst of warm stickiness fills my mouth.

I feel my orgasm finally take control of my body

Pulling my hips away from Mando’s mouth to protect from the sensitivity, my knees shake and his mouth finds me again.  I moan loudly as my orgasm takes control of me.

Can’t concentrate enough to swallow the last explosion of Mando’s cock.  I let it dribble out of my mouth and onto Mandos’ cock, down his shaft and onto his manicured public hair.

Mando must have felt my orgasm

For he too has stopped licking and is just kissing my inner thighs and mound. Still shaking I try to adjust my stance and feel my trembling arm give way to my weight.

Landing my cheek on the puddle of Mando’s sticky cum on his pubes.

I turn around laughing with a wad of Mando’s white cum on my face and hear him break into laughter too.  Bending down to kiss Mando’s cock lovingly and lick it clean, continuing to suck it lightly.

a seaside adventure 2
Achieving an Orgasm

He says to me, “Wanna swim?”

Still feeling my legs weak from the my orgasm I smile.  I think that maybe wading in the water will give my legs a chance to wobble around and start to feel normal again.

“Sure, Mando,” I say and give his now flacid penis one last suck to clean the last drop of cum from the tip of it.

Mando starts to get up, and instead of waiting for me to get off of him, his strong arms pick me up and carry me like a baby.  “You don’t seem ready to walk just yet,” he says.

He carries me all the way into the water, where he wades in and slowly lowers me in.

“Such a gentleman, thank you,” I say and feel the cool water wash up around my naked body.

Water forms beads around my breasts from the oil.  My nipples are very hard from the water on my skin.  I follow Mando deeper into water.  We wade in until we can no longer touch the sand with our feet, we then wade around in the shallow waves for a bit, hugging and kissing.

After a short time of swimming Mando says, “I’ll race you to the beach”.  And starts swimming toward the beach again.

I swim after him, the salty water splashing on my face.

We reach the sand, the warm sun quickly warming my body.  His wet, naked body looks great with his long dick dripping with the salt water.  I wonder to myself if his dick will be salty from the water.

He notices my eyes looking directly at his dick, and he smiles. “I have a surprise for you, follow me.”

We make our way through a densely vegetated path and onto a beautiful garden.  A natural waterfall splashes down onto a lagoon that merges with an estuary.

a seaside adventure 2
Beautiful waterfall

There are large rocks that the resort has fitted into the pond making it easy to walk toward the waterfall.  Mando wades into the lagoon and I follow, the water barely covers our hips.

We make it to the cool waterfall.

The cool water catches me unprepared and I take a deep breath and hug Mando.  He hugs me and we kiss under the cool water.

I feel his cock getting hard again against my legs and I grip it between my inner thighs to trap it there.  Mando’s pre-cum lubricates my inner thighs and I squeeze his cock to make it slip and slide between my legs.  Making it get harder and start to throb.

Mando kisses my mouth, neck and chest.

He makes his way to my nipples and begins to lick and suckle on them. His warm tongue is a great contrast from the coldness of the waterfall washing the salt water away from our bodies.

Mando kisses my mouth passionately, then says, “Come, let’s get more comfortable.”

I don’t say a word.  But follow my new lover closely out from under the waterfall and onto a shady path that leads to beautiful wooden bed with white curtains that are tied all around the long bedposts.

There is a white linen sheet extended above the bed that has a few leaves that have fallen from the trees that surround the bed.

Trees make the area cool and shady, and the sea breeze makes the leaves rustle in a magical way.

Mando guides me onto the bed, where I lay on my back.  He immediately joins me, kissing me and mounting me.  His wet dick rubbing up and down my wet slit.

Our juices mixing together.  My pussy itches for his cock to enter me, and I guide my hips upwards to help him find the entrance quicker. The tip of his cock nestles my entrance and he pushes in.  It feels heavenly.

His thick dick stretching out my pussy feels amazing. I gasp.

He moans, “You are so tight, it’s driving me crazy.”

I move my hips instinctively up and down guiding his cock onto all my favorite spots.  Mando begins to pound into me.  His balls slapping onto my taint. The sounds of our lovemaking filling the air.  He leans down and kisses me.

I whisper, “let me get on top.”

He stops and smiles, and says in his rough voice, “As you wish.”

I mount him, and feel his hard cock slide deeper inside me.

Starting to rock back and forth I guide his cock to all my favorite places inside me.  I watch the expression on his face change when he realizes he has very little control over what I’m doing to him.

Slapping my ass up and down on him loudly, fucking him; hard, deep, and fast.  After a moment of this I go back to rocking back and forth quickly.  My body warming up to a big orgasm.

I arch my back, close my eyes and feel the orgasm wash over me like a wave from the ocean.

Squirting my juice all over his chest as I continue to shake from the powerful force.

Then I slump down next to him, hugging him with a big grin on my face.

I kiss Mando and then lie next to him relaxing in the warmth of my afterglow, when I notice a group of young men hidden through the jungle vegetation.

They’re smiling and putting their phones down.  I think they have filmed us in our passion. Quickly I turn face-down on the bed, and look at Mando. “Oh my god, what do we do?”

Mando quickly gets up from the bed, and walks towards the group of boys.

As my heart is pounding in my chest I hear mando conversing and arguing with the young men.  After a long and what seems like a frustrating conversation in Spanish, Mando returns to the bed and hold my hand.

He says, “I convinced them to erase the video, but they want something in exchange.”  His face turns somber as he says the next words, “they want to see your pussy up close, it’s ok if you say no.

But I can’t be sure of what will happen if I come back with a negative answer.”

At first I feel shocked and I can feel my face grow warm with indignation

But before I can speak I give myself a few deep breaths and start to think.  These guys have probably already seen me naked fucking Mando.  So watching me naked is not something they have not already seen.

But if we give them time to copy or send that video, then the whole world will see me naked. I turn around, covering my body with my towel, and sit.

Nodding I say, “Ok, but give Mando the phone right now, or no deal.”  I whisper to Mando, “Please erase the video as soon as you get the phone and make sure they haven’t sent it.”

Mando translates what I said to the boys

They speak amongst themselves for a few seconds, quickly coming to an agreement.  And showing their phones to Mando and saying something to him. He translates, “They say that you need to start and they will hand their phones one at a time to me once you are naked.”

I can feel my face getting red, and my heart racing.

Feeling a little bit of shame and nervousness, but as I start to unwrap the towel I realize that I also feel arousal.  My nipples are hardening, and my pussy is getting moist with expectation.

I kneel down and unwrap the towel and let it drop to the floor.

My body naked now in front of complete strangers.

Hearing them say encouraging comments and compliments on my body, but I don’t listen.  I don’t raise my eyes, but I can tell that all of them are starting to get erections.  Including Mando.

Mando is still naked so his hardening dick is obvious.

He tries to cover it with his hand, but it’s so big he just grabs it to the side.  With his other hand he is collecting the boys’ phones, one at a time, and working on them to erase the files.

They begin to direct me on what to do.

Mando transates, “they want you to open your legs!”, “they say to spread that pussy”, “they want you to touch your tits”.

I open my legs and my arousal must be visible, because I am very wet and my labia is swollen and open.  Covering with my hand, but that just stimulates my clitoris even more.

I start to move my fingers around and pull up my hood to show my rosy exposed clit to the boys.

Mando’s dick is fully erect now

He can no longer cover it all, and his head is starting to accumulate drops of precum.  Still holding it in his hand he has absentmindedly started stroking it.

The boys see this and figure it must be ok, because they start to drop their shorts, take their hard dicks into their hands and begin to stroke.

Each of them masturbating while watching me touch myself.

I am extremely horny now

My hands touching my pussy, caressing my folds, and swirling in endless ecstasy over and around my very hard clitoris.  I see so many hard, excited, pink dicks being stroked all around me.  Their heads bobbing up and down as everyone strokes them watching me.

In my mind they are nodding in approval of my actions.

One of my hands is caressing my pussy, the other is on my breasts, pinching my very hard nipples. Suddenly, a familiar delicious dick appears from the pack and moves closer to me.

It’s Mando.

I hungrily reach for it and lick the precum from the head giving the boys a good show.  Decide I wont suck it right away, but instead lick it so that it is very visible to all of them.

I lick all around it, giving it loving kisses and making sure that the boys can see what a man’s cock looks like.  He drips his delicious clear liquid all over my tongue and I let it cover my my lips and chin.

Mando holds my hair back with his hand guiding my head onto his dick just the way he likes it.

Soon, one of the braver boys stands closer to get a better look.

The smell of his cock is very arousing. Young men’s cocks smell very different. I reach for it and begin to stroke it with my hand while I slurp as much as I can of Mando’s cock into my mouth.

I am now sucking Mando’s cock greedily, harder, deeper down my throat.  While stroking the young man’s dick with my left hand and touching my pussy with my right hand.

Before I know it another of the boys has moved forward looking for my attention.

I stop masturbating and reach for his little dick and begin to caress it.

His is the smallest of the dicks in the group.  It’s very cute, and not circumcised. I caress his dick carefully and tenderly.  His dick responds by covering my hand in his clear precum.

I play with his foreskin pulling it back and exposing his very wet and purple head.

Mando’s cock is deep inside my throat

And I’m stroking two young men’s dicks with each hand. The remaining two boys kneel in front of me and touch me.  One massages and caresses my breasts clumsily, almost as if it’s his first time touching a woman’s tits.

The other boy’s cold, nervous hands touch my pussy and my ass.  He seems to know what he’s doing, because he is very caring and teasing.  Rubbing very light circles around my asshole, and very light circles around my clit.

My eyes try to find Mando’s eyes.

I moan with pleasure at being ravaged by all these men and lick the underside of Mando’s huge cock. Looking up I see Mando smile, and I think to, “Oh no Mando, you’re not cumming too early this time.”

I release his cock from my mouth and watch it jump up and down wanting my attention. Looking into his eyes, I begin to suck one of the other dicks.  My now free hand runs up and down Mando’s leg, being careful to not excite him much more.

I want him to relax a bit so that he can keep going.

The boy’s face is white.

I can tell he did not expect that I would suck his cock.  But he moves forward to make it easier for me to suck him.

Mando still has his hand in my hair.  I wonder if he’ll continue to guide my head when I am sucking this young man’s dick while looking at him.  Mando releases my hair and begins to slowly stroke his own cock while watching me.

In the meantime, the two boys touching me are now both sucking on my nipples.

Each one has one of my nipples in their mouth, they stroke themselves and touch my pussy, taking turns.

One’s rougher and puts two fingers inside my pussy

The other is more tender and caresses my outer lips and my clitoris.  I like both their approaches, and they’re going to make me cum soon.

a seaside adventure 2

The last remaining boy’s cock is rock hard.  His foreskin has now exposed his small penis’s head and he is dripping clear precum all over my arm.  I turn my head and switch hands and begin to lick and suck his small dick.

It’s very sweet, wet and slick.

His entire cock fits inside my mouth without going into my throat.

I take this opportunity to lick his dick all around inside my mouth.  He really does taste wonderful.  His hips begin to move in and out of my mouth.

I now hold Mando’s huge dick in my hand and stroke it very softly, caressing him.  Holding the other boy’s dick in my other hand, stroking him, and am devouring completely the smaller boy’s dick with my mouth.

I can feel his tension and release his dick just in time for him to cum onto my cheek.

His warm sticky cum runs down my cheek and onto my neck.

After many splashes of hot cum dumped on my face, he stands back.  One of the other boys releases my tit and stands up to take his place.  I immediately grab his dick and begin to stroke.

Turning to Mando I smile and begin to suck on his dick again.  His glorious enormous cock. “These boys are toys compared to you Mando,” I say to myself  and lock onto his eyes while I lick and suck him.

The boy on my left takes his dick into his own hand and starts to stroke faster aiming for my left cheek.

He splashes very long ropes of cum onto my hair, ear and neck.

It all drips and crawls down my face slowly.  He stands back for a few moments but then kneels behind me and leans his face into my ass to lick my asshole. It’s his warm tongue on my ass that triggers my orgasm.

My body trembles, and I breathe and moan loudly.  But I try to continue sucking on Mando’s dick.

I think Mando can tell that I’ve just cum.  Because he gets very excited and starts to thrust his hips pushing his cock quickly into and out of my mouth.

He moans loudly and his dick jerks up and down

While explosions of his warm cum fill my mouth, one right after the other, quickly.  He then grabs my hair and pulls my head back and says to me, “Show them the cum, then swallow.”

His stern tone sends amplifies my orgasm sending electricity down my spine, and I do as I’m told.

I release his cock and open my full mouth, a little bit of his cum starts to dribble out onto my chin.  But I slurp it back into my mouth, then I swallow his sticky, warm cum down my throat.

I open my mouth again to show you that I have swallowed it completely.

So, I begin to lean back onto the towel, grabbing and stroking the two remaining boys dicks in my hands.  I guide them around me while I reposition myself.

Laying down on the bed with my legs spread wide, the boy who made me cum by licking my asshole, starts to lick and explore my pussy with his fingers, sending shivers all over my body.

His friend with the small dick kneels down beside him to get a better look and to touch my breasts.

The other two boys are kneeling with their dicks in front of my face.

I pull them closer to suck on their cocks greedily at the same time.

group sex

They are a little bit ashamed to touch their dicks together close to my mouth. But I pull them close so that I can lick them both at the same time.  I rub both of their very wet and slippery cock heads together while I kiss and lick the bottom of their shafts.

And I try to put both of their dicks inside my mouth at the same time. They are almost thin enough to fit.

I take turns sucking one into my mouth

Then the other, all the time making sure that they touch and that they can feel each others penises.  I see in their facial expressions that they did not expect this and are very much turned on by the intimate, almost bisexual experience.

First one of them starts to cum hard, his warm cum splashing everywhere.

All over my face and all over the other boy’s cock too.  This seems to also trigger the other boy, who starts to explode his cum all over my hands, arms and face.

I point both of their cumming dicks onto each other, rubbing their heads together

Watching as their cums mix and land on my waiting tongue.  I slurp as much of their cum as I can, and swallow it down.  Their bodies are still twitching as I release them and they sit down.

It does not take me very long to cum again from the boy who’s eating my pussy and clit.

I wipe as much of their cum off my face as I can with my fingers and lick them clean.

Their cum tastes very sweet and youthful.

I see that Mando has sat down as well.  Gently I move the boy who is still eating my pussy away from my groin.  His face is completely drenched with my juices, and he has a very big grin on his face.

He also sits back. I reach for my phone from my bag, and pick it up. I wrap a towel around my body and gather everyone together for a selfie.

Later, when I see that picture at home after my vacation, I can clearly still see everyone’s cum in my hair.  And that is enough to bring the memory back and turn me on for a night of naughty behaviour.

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