Sex On the Beach – A Seaside Adventure

My name is Frikki Aya.  I am an erotic author who is going to be posting some of my writings here on adultsmart. We’re going to take a seaside adventure.

I’m a submissive girl from Fla. I’ve worn my Mistress’ collar since December of 2009, her name is Artic (Michelle) Hamer, and I love her to bits. The following is a true roleplay that I had with my friend Mando. He gave me his permission to turn it into a story to share with you. Enjoy.

Been Working Too Hard – A Seaside Adventure is just what I need

I’d planned this visit to this swanky beach resort a year in advance. While everyone is freezing their asses off back home this winter I am in Central America at an upscale surfing resort.

I leave my hotel room and walk towards the beach.

It’s full today and it’s almost noon and the sun is perfect for me to work on my tan. I find a good spot to put my towel down next to a small table where I place my bag with my phone, keys, tanning oil and brush.

There is a steady stream of people walking in the narrow sandy corridor of beach between me and the next line of sunbathers.

After them there is nothing but beach until you reach the water, which is gently lapping up and the down the dark-sand beach.

My bikini feels a little tight. It’s a string bikini with very little fabric covering my breasts and my pussy.  After all, I want to get a good tan and avoid those ugly tan-lines.

I sit on my towel and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin while I adjust the top of my bikini so that it’s a little looser and doesn’t bother me anymore.  Reaching for the suntan lotion I start to pour it generously over my legs.

My oily legs shimmer in the intense sunlight.

While I apply lotion to my ass cheeks I notice a handsome guy wearing reflective-mirrored aviator Raybans.  He’s very handsome and sitting on the next row of towels behind me.

I can’t be sure if he’s looking at me or not because of his glasses, though.

So, I decide to find out. While applying lotion to my ass, I part the cheeks wide and slide my hand down deep between my crack.

With my fingers I slide the string of my bikini to the side slightly while my fingertips slide up and down my asshole quickly.  Then I adjust the bikini again to cover up my exposed starfish.

My eyes glued to his crotch to see if there is any reaction.

a seaside adventure

I see his cock jump up to attention

A nervous smile on his lips which confirms that he IS looking at me.  I smile to myself because he really is very handsome.  It excites me to see that I was able to get such a raw, and instant reaction from him.

I continue to apply lotion on my body, and turn around to give him a good look at my body.  My hands caress my abdomen applying lotion all over my tummy and down into my bikini bottom.

I move the string bikini to the side quickly to give him a good look at my wet pussy lips

Part my lips for him, then quickly cover up so that nobody else sees me.  I can see his bulge start to grow and throb, and I lick my lips.  He crosses his arms, which I like because his forearms are very sexy and strong.

And he looks very handsome in that pose, especially with a thick and hard bulge in his swimsuit.  Getting harder because of me.

Continuing to apply lotion on my breasts I make sure to move the bikini top enough to let one of my nipples peek out.

I leave it out and pretend to not notice

So that he gets a good look at my pink, puffy nipple.  I keep looking at his face and lick my lips seductively trying to get a reaction from his face.  Already I know his body reacts well to me, I wonder if his face will too.

He rises, from his towel awkwardly because of his very stiff manhood stretching his swimsuit

And starts to make his way across the sand towards me.  My heart jumps and I feel a warmth wash over my body from the excitement of meeting somebody for the first time. Especially a sexy man like this.

His first words to me are

“I think you missed a spot, can I help you?” in a deep voice with a thick British accent that made my legs weak.

I smiled as best I could and replied, “Well, there are some very hard to reach places”.  Handing him the bottle of lotion, I say, “I appreciate the offer to help,” and turn my back to him waiting for his hands to start touching me.

The anticipation of his touch sending tingles all along my back. Places one knee on the ground behind me and he begins applying lotion on my back.

His hand is warm and very secure in its movements.

He works his way expertly around my shoulders, sending little sparks of electricity down my spine with his strong grip and his fingers caressing my skin.

His fingers make their way underneath my bikini strings as he says in his deep manly voice, “this will make a sexy tan line.”

Hands work the lotion all over my back and start to work down to my lower back and hips.  Fingers sneakily make their way underneath my bikini bottom and stretch it out while he applies lotion on my hips and ass cheeks.

I look back at him, raising an eyebrow

And notice that his eyes are indeed pointed down towards my bare, pale ass.

Before I can say anything, he quickly ads, “You know, if you’re not a fan of tan lines, there’s a more isolated part of the resort I could invite you to.  Where you can sunbathe privately  without tan-lines.”

As he finishes massaging my lower back I spin around quickly to be face to face and smile.

“Tell me more about this private place you have here,” I say in a soft voice.

I see my nervous, blue eyes reflected in his glasses

And also notice that my nipple is still exposed.  I blush and try to look around to make sure that nobody else is looking at me.  But of course a lot of our neighbors are staring right at my exposed nipple.

I feel my face start to get warm from my blushing.

Continuing to look around, I notice that a few of the peeping toms around us have erections starting to show in their shorts.

Which only makes me more excited and wet.

It also somehow triggers my exhibitionist tendencies Which give me the determination to not cover up and keep exposing that nipple to the world.

Looking again at my new friend, I smile when I see my red nervous cheeks reflected on his glasses.  He seems to be enjoying my awkwardness.

Standing slowly he says, “It’s not far from here, just around the beach.  It is so private that you can sunbathe in your birthday suit if you wish.”  He winks with a naughty smile that gives me butterflies in my stomach.

Stretches out his hand to help me up from my towel.

I see my exposed nipple reflected on his glasses.  Holding his hand I get up and begin gathering my things.

I bend over to pick up my towel from the sand, because he is standing very close to my towel I decide to move my ass back a little so that while I am picking up the towel.  His struggling bulge is parked right between my ass cheeks.

I can feel him get harder and start to poke my ass with his hardness.

Then I stand up with all my things and smile.

“I think I got everything, how about you?”, I ask in a cheery voice.

“I’m always ready, I travel light,” he says with a delightful laugh.

As I stand in facing him, I ask, “What can I call you, Mr. Handsome?”

“Mando,” he says, smiling, “and you?”

“I’m Frikki”, I smile sheepishly, “in name and in behavior.” I run my hand over his firm butt as I say the word behavior.

“Allow me,” he says, holding my hand and guiding me through the maze of sunbathers.

We walk for a bit exchanging small talk, his hand playfully releasing mine and moving towards my waist.

He pulls me closer at one point, to fit through a tight spot of sunbathers.  But decides to not release me once we’ve gone through the tight spot.

I don’t complain.  His cologne is perfect and his body feels just right next to mine.  We reach a tall stone wall separating the beach. Part of it is man-made, but most of it is natural volcanic rock formations.

It truly separates the beach well into the water. We reach the man-made part of the wall, where there’s an iron gate and a card reader.

Mando produces a hotel card from his pocket.

He places it atop the reader, immediately after a loud metallic clunk, the gate opens for us.  We make our way though, and the door locks behind us with another satisfying clunk.

As we emerge from the doorway, we are greeted with a spectacular view of an unmolested beach.  The pristine sand is a smooth surface without all the footsteps that  brand the beach we were just previously on.

There is nobody here and the only sound in this part of the resort is that of nature.

“This place is amazing, how did you find this?” I ask.

“Membership has its benefits,” he replies and winks.

We walk across the private beach to the center where he lays my towel down and declares, “Your beach now, enjoy.” and proceeds to sit and lean on his elbows looking at me.

“Thank you, Mando.” I say and quickly scan the whole beach suddenly feeling a little bit worried that this beach may have peeping toms.

I sit on the towel Mando has set up. “How long have you  been at the resort?” I notice that Mando is pretty relaxed, which relaxes me too. He noticed my nervous scan of the beach because he says,

“Don’t worry, no one comes here. That wall goes back a mile in the jungle. It’s pretty tough to enter this beach without a passkey.”

He takes off his sunglasses and places them between us.

“I consider myself as local. I bought a cabin here. I’ve been here since last August.” He gazes out into the ocean, “I’m working on my first novel.”

“A novel?” I ask as I take a look at his eyes for the first time, now finally revealed to me. He has happy eyes, with a glint of trouble. I think he has a mischievous look, which is very attractive in a man like him.

“What kind of novel is it?” I put my things down and take the lotion out again, my hands working behind my back to undo my bikini top and release my breasts to the natural salty air of the beach.

I hand the bottle of lotion to Mando and whisper… “you missed a spot.”

a seaside adventure
Secluded sex beach

“A science fiction novel,” He says as he takes the bottle of lotion from my hands. Puzzled he asks, “Which spot did I miss?”

I turn around, “You already did my back, remember? You never did my front.”

Mando Chuckles, “Sorry, my bad.” He puts lotion on his hands and proceeds to gently spread the oily mess all around my breasts and nipples in slow hypnotizing circles.

“So, soft,” he whispers feeling the skin of my natural breasts as he kneads them around and around ending at the tip of my nipples then working his way back around to the base.

I let out a soft moan as I feel his warm hands caressing my breasts so delightfully.

His squeeze is just right and makes me feel sparks all the way down to my pussy.

I feel my crotch start to heat up in expectation of his hands there.  Slowly I start untying the strings that are holding my bikini bottom together.

Very slowly I expose the top of my mound for Mando, “You also missed a spot down here.”

He tugs on my nipple playfully, making me gasp for air and lets my nipples slip between his fingers.  As his hands start to make their way down my waist to my hips.  He seems lost in concentration on my body and what his hands are doing.

I moan and take deep breaths, arching my back a little I lean back slowly and finally lay flat on the towel.

His hands pull on my bikini strings and finish tugging it out from between my legs so that my lips are exposed.  I help him by opening my legs and allowing his hands easy access to my mound.

He glides his fingers up and down my clean shaven outer lips. The lotion making his fingers glide with ease between them and right onto my inner lips. I gasp for air as his fingers find my clit and glide over it and around it.

Close my eyes and feel a drop of my wetness escape my pussy lips and move slowly down onto my asshole, tickling me as is trickles all the way down..

“Don’t move,” Mando says

I feel his fingers exploring my pussy’s entrance and slowly peeking inside it. He slides the tips of two fingers inside of me, and I feel a bigger drop of moisture escape my pussy and glide down the now wet path to my ass.

His fingers stretch my pussy as they continue their slow and deliberate motion deeper into me.  I start to moan and tighten my muscles around his fingers, gripping at them and trying to pull them deeper and deeper inside me.

My hips move up and down trying to guide his fingers onto my g spot and onto the base of my pussy.  Then my hands find their way onto my tits, caressing them and caressing my now slippery nipples, oily from the lotion.

My oily body makes me even hornier.

Seaside Adventure Part Two….

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  1. Where do I meet this Friki? What a turn on! Would love to meet up and have a steamy session with her right now. Seems so hot.

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