Men Are Merely Mortal Too!

The other day a son of my friend approached me and said that his parents were after him to start a family. Be like a man and do it,  they were telling him. Yes.  Be a man. Poor guy was not aware of how hard it is sometimes to be a man.

Is it a man’s world? You got to be kidding.

 In whatever way you define a gender, a  clear line separates men from women.  Most people believe this line actually exists. Then how do we define a man?  To me, he is that section of the society who has testosterone. This gives him the urge for coitus which helps the unending process of continuing the human species.

That is the only difference. Estrogen and Testosterone. The physical separation between the legs and chest. But on a characteristic level?  I wouldn’t separate out these humans into genders.

It is quite possible for a man to have a man’s physical appearance but at the same time have more feminine characteristics from within, and yes, a woman could act like a man in precarious position.  It indeed is, therefore, cruelty to be restricted in a framework of behaviour and countenance, by this traditional definition.

So are you a man?

Then act Manly although deep inside, you do not want to. A lot of people would not go by my definition of gender and hence their idea would be:

  1. Men should not like Pink (even though his wife’s name is Pinky).
  2. Men should like blue (in spite of he is suffering from Monday blues).
  3. Men don’t cry (even though he has tear producing ducts in his eyes).
  4. They must hold back emotions. (refer number 3 above).
  5. Men are drunkards. (They never drink tap water).
  6. Man must propose a woman in a relationship, with a rose in hand, bent down on his knees (even though he recently underwent knee replacement surgery).
  7. Men always chase women. (They don’t have jobs).
  8. Men are possible rapists. (They are unaware of criminal procedure code for rapists).
  9. Men only have to lift heavy bags after shopping. (So they can develop their biceps without weight training).
  10. He is all mechanics. He has to repair a broken car, change a light bulb, fix a leakage, pay the bills, buy a cell phone for their better half, and fix a TV. (As if women are dumb in these areas).
  11. It is a man who has to earn the bread as per the social norm. ( I can show many women entrepreneurs and CEOs and women workforce).
  12. Look closely at the Display Profile of a cell phone of a woman. You will hardly find her with her husband, except on his birthday.  Now, look at the cell phone of a man.  In a majority of cases, he invariably has his wife alongside him. (This is true).

People (read women) always assume that because men have a pair of testicles, life must be much easier for them. Is it? No. Most painful part  is man has to literally show that his  penis is  becoming big  from the flaccid state and becomes erect and show his orgasm by way of spilling semen,  whereas all a woman has to do is spread her legs, put some saliva (which is readily available) and fake orgasm, if she so thinks. Bingo! This is total injustice from Mother Nature. So what is the big deal? Truth is, men are made of the same organic matter as women. They feel the same thing and have the same emotions. If testicles would not have developed, it would have been Labia Majora of a  woman.

Men also cry. “I like walking in the rains so nobody can see my tears “Charlie Chaplin had said.  They cry silently because they don’t want others to perceive them as weak.

Loneliness is also more present among men because men receive less attention than women. A woman perhaps likes a man; she might never talk to him. She might even act cold because she feels intimidated. When a man talks to a girl, she starts feeling uncomfortable, as though the man has sex in his head. He is expected to be at your toes and go out of his way to help the fairer sex because he believes in chivalry, even when it’s not required, or worse when she is taking absolute advantage of him.  Most men don’t know  how to read  subtle signs and women think that the man is an idiot.  Thus men end up suffering from loneliness and depression because they don’t get attention from others. And yes, men need a lot of attention too. Depression and loneliness are real and extremely common among men.

Male depression

Everyone should understand that men –

  • need support. They become elated when she tells him she will be there no matter how long it takes.
  • love it if they can make you laugh.
  • still, want to know that you choose them every day over every other.
  • like women, want to be made to feel wanted.
  • also, worry about rejection.
  • do want to know that they can’t be easily replaced.

Men are not inhuman and are also able to reciprocate love and affection. They just want to make sure you’re there for them, on sunny days and on rainy days as well.

They need you from the cradle to the grave, from the womb to the tomb, from the sperm to the worm, and from erection to resurrection.

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