9 Tips To A Better Anal Sex Experience!

Anal stimulation can be a bit difficult when it concerns pleasure. There are many questions that can run through your mind after experiencing a disappointing anal sex experience like:

“Did I go to fast? Was I wet enough? Did he like it? Was it too slow?”

Top Anal Sex Tips
Achieve Anal Sex Orgasms

Anal sex can be intimidating, confusing and painful when not done correctly. Whether you’re man or a woman, if you can feel yourself reaching orgasm with anal masturbation and penetration but can’t quite exceed that point, I have some tips and tricks you can use to experience the best orgasms with anal sex toys. Here are tips on how to Use Anal Sex Toys

1  Go to the toilet and have a shower:

It is important first to be clean so go to the toilet before engaging into anal penetration.  Nothing will be more uncomfortable, than sex toy or a penis inside a unclean or full ass. (It is important not to use enemas, because they can damage your colon.)

2  Only Use Sex Toys Designed for Anal Penetration:

Make sure you’re using only sex toys that are designed for anal penetration. Sex toys that are made for anal penetration will have a flared end to stop them getting lost, and are made of non porous material so that they can be cleaned easily and minimize the risk of bacteria and STD infections.

3  Lubricate:

It is important to always use a lubricant. While your penis can make its own lubrication, your anal sex toys won’t do that. Don’t use saliva or water because it will dry and it may cause your anus to tear. Use a silicone lubricant or a water based lubricant for anal penetration.

4  Buy sex toys that offer different feelings:

Look for anal sex toys that offer a life like feeling. Temperature play can be a turn on for many people, but some may be turned off but variations of temperature. It is better for you to choose a sex toy made of silicone or Cyberskin.

5  Buy a butt plug:

Purchase yourself a butt plug. While the feeling of movement inside your ass can be a bit much for the first time causing distress or even pain, the gentle presence and stimulation of a butt plug can be the introduction or even the most important step to making you comfortable with anal penetration and anal intercourse in general.

6  Buy anal vibrators:

Both men and women will get turned on by using a vibrating anal toy, properly. Don’t think of anal toys and vibrators as something that only the more experienced players should try. The best step in making yourself getting used to anal penetration is by using anal sex toys and getting used of the feel.

7  Buy anal beads:

Unlike vibrators and other penetrating anal toys, anal beads are a sex toy that can offer a great fill up experience. They can be inserted slowly and can be pulled out, either slowly or quickly, just before reaching orgasm or while you’re cumin.

8  Hand Hygiene:

While your using your sex toys anally you might find yourself getting wild and using your own hands and fingers to massage the anus to! Your fingers will need to have very short nails and you need to make sure the nails are not sharp or seraded. Long, sharp nails can tear delicate tissue, regardless of the fact that you’re being extra cautious. On the off chance that you should keep your nails long, you can use latex gloves with cotton balls in the end of the finger’s to cushion your nails.

9  Anal Sex Positions:

When using sex toys it is best to do what comes naturally. Some people are used of anal sex positions which can help ease the penetration of the anus. You can use the same sexual positions when using sex toy’s because it should help you ease the penetration in the exact same way. A few people like being on their backs with their legs wide spread making their privates areas easily accessible. You can also be on your knees, doggie style if someone is helping use the sex toy. Finding a decent position, is truly an exceptionally individual thing. You ought to try different things with various positions to discover what you like best.

Visit a trusted online adult store and have a look at a variety of anal penetrative sex toys. Purchase yours now and start discovering the unique experience of anal sex.




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