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I recently had a customer come into one of the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres asking for a good lubricant for anal play. She described feeling “excruciating pain” when attempting to have penetrative anal sex with her partner and was looking for a product so they could do so successfully. Although products exist that reduce sensitivity around your butt, they are not magic cures to make excruciating anal sex feel good. My heart broke a little when I heard her experience as I could relate to her painful attempts to try anal sex and have it become a traumatising event. My early efforts at anal sex were met with the worst pain I’d ever experienced followed by days of discomfort! I feel fortunate to now know that this certainly doesn’t need to be the case!!  I am so excited to share some wisdom I’ve encountered along the way so that your anal experiences can be memorable in the best possible way. I speak from a woman’s point of view however the majority of these tips are appropriate for people of any gender and sexual identity seeking to dive deeper into anal play.

  • Relax and breathe: This is so important. Stress and tension can prevent anal sex from being the incredible experience it is capable of being therefore ensuring you begin with a relaxed and excited head space free of expectations is key. Sex doesn’t need be taken so seriously, make sure you have fun with it!!
  • Anal training and foreplay: Prior to jumping straight into full blown anal penetration, I highly recommend putting time into anal training and foreplay. Rimming and fingering are some great ways to get warmed up to anal sex and having some quality butt toys can make the experience really exciting. The Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and Adultsmart have some amazing products perfect for getting your butt prepared for anal sex. Like the Fun Factory Bootie Set which includes 3 different sized butt plugs made from body safe silicone. These are great at gradually expanding your bottoms capacity, making anal sex possible, better and pleasurable.
  • What if he pulls his penis out and it’s dirty? Maybe this is too much information but I can tell you I’ve heard this fear voiced so many times by anal curious customers, so much so that I have come up with 2 answers to automatically rattle off.  #1 If someone wants to have sex with your butt, then this is a possibility they must be ok with. #2 Douche!! Cleaning your bottom out before partaking in bootie action will eradicate a lot of this fear however if you or your partner are far from ok with the possibility of mess then this will result in anxiety and tension (Remember the 1st point…not good!). This brings me to my next point…
  • A supportive partner: Whoever you choose to enjoy anal sex with, it is vital that there is a clear line of communication between you both. Being able to voice any discomforts, fears or worries before, during and after anal sex (and any sexual act for that matter) is key to an enjoyable, fulfilling and pleasurable experience. Anal sex can make you feel extremely vulnerable, often bringing up intense feelings and emotions which is why mutual trust and respect is vital.


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Image: Pjur Back Door Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide


  • Be prepared! A good quality lubricant is really important to ensure comfortable anal penetration. Pjur Back Door Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide is a popular choice, with silicone lubricants my favourites. Unlike water based lubricants that usually feel sticky, your body doesn’t absorb silicone meaning constant reapplication is not necessary. That means less fumbling around for you both and more emphasis put on making the experience enjoyable. Intimate Earth Anal Relaxing Serum is a product I would recommend to people if they need something to relax their bottoms. It includes natural ingredients and doesn’t have a numbing effect like other products on the market. I also recommend keeping a couple of towels handy just in case. Enough said.


Intimate Earth Anal Relaxing Serum Image
Image: Intimate Earth Anal Relaxing Serum


  • Clitoral stimulation: Clitoral stimulation can be a really great way of relaxing your body whilst having anal sex. It also means greater pleasure as having your butt stimulated amplifies your orgasms to astronomical heights. A sex toy in your vagina can also be extremely gratifying but it does mean that it’s going to feel a lot tighter which could potentially be uncomfortable. I recommend having a few toys handy in case the desire arises to mix it up.
  • Get to know your own butt through self-exploration: I am a huge advocate of women and men getting to know their own bodies before being intimate with another. It can be a really empowering thing to know what your body’s capabilities are so that the road to reaching greater experiences with another can be shown.
  • Anal sex is pleasurable: Last but most certainly not least, anal sex is a pleasurable experience, not a painful one!! I can’t stress this point enough as I have spoken with countless women who believe that to have anal sex means to feel pain. Pain is your body’s way of protecting you from harm and when these messages are ignored then the repercussions can be horrible. Anal fissures & tears, bleeding, difficulties when going to the toilet, and unnecessary discomfort are just some of the issues that can occur from ignoring your body’s pain signals. During anal play, there may be a tightness or fullness experienced in your bottom which is perfectly normal however if pain is felt and is not going away, then take some time to slow it down or stop all together. Your body will thank you for it.

The staff in the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres specialise in all things sex and pleasure so if reading this has you excited to try anal sex, come in and speak to staff about some of the products and sex toys that will make your experience as enjoyable as it should be.

Author: Stephanie Curtis- BA NursingSave


Anal Sex Guide For Male Lovers!

Cute Mens Bottom Exposed

Anal sex can be inconceivably hot yet it is regularly misunderstood! You see, enjoying anal sex doesn’t make somebody gay or strange. Having anal sex simply implies that a person likes having anal sex or maybe you also like your prostate being massaged. In our anus we have thousands of nerve endings ao it is not such a shock that it is sensitive and people can derive pleasure from it! If you have not tried it before anal sex can be scary especially if it’s going to be your first time as a bottom or a top. Remember however that anal sex is not for everybody. If have no craving to attempt anal sex, then don’t. Much the same as any other sexual deviation, you should never be doing something that you aren’t happy with.

While its ordinary to be somewhat anxious to begin with, there are a few tips that may help facilitate your introduction into a different type of male sex play and anal sex to reduce any uneasiness you may have.  REMEMBER

relaxation is the key

and to guide you on the best approach to having some staggeringly hot and sexy ass whopping sex. Also give me a chance to be real here, I love anal sex however I generally approach it with a level of fear becauset for me there is always a bit of pressure when I first start (note, I didn’t say pain is said pressure) that goes far, far away and changes into something totally glorious once that hard cock or dildo is solidly planted in my ass.

You will need to consider health aspects when you have gay anal sex. There is bacteria in the anus which should not be spread in the mouth or in a penis, so make sure you use a condom and that the bottom cleans his anus well prior gay ass sex. One of the first things people are anxious about is what happens if I have something left up that passage. What you may have seen in anal porn, spontaneous ass sex, is to a great extent a dream. On-screen characters and performers prep for butt scenes, and that prep may include douching, enemas or even foreplay with a dildo to ensure all is clean. Douching and enemas are pretty straightforward and for me the safest way. You can either purchase a throwaway douche or get yourself and enema kit that you can use for years. When using use some luke warm water as there is nothing so shocking and will make you not relaxed as putting cold water inside you.


Two Men Hugging
gay anal sex

Try adding some scented water or herbal water that will almost feel and give you a spa like encounter. You may need to do this a couple times until the removed liquid is clear. With that one worry off your psyche, and I know I’ve sufficiently changed diapers to know that the least stimulating thing for your lover or you is seeing and smelling crap, you may discover you’re now considerably more relaxed and excited to get going.

The membrane in the anus is really thin, so care should be taken at all times because it can get injured easily and bleed too. This is the main reason why STDs are spread this way. Always take precautions and go slowly. It is important that plenty of high quality lubricant should be used at all times. A great type of lubricant to use is silicone lubricant as it’s long lasting, perfect for Anal sex and doesn’t dry out. While the vagina self-lubricates, the butt does not, making lubricant flat out needed. Use a silicone lubricant for anal sex as your anus will soak up water based lubricants and will be dry very quickly. Break out the SuperSlyde lubricant. Forget that you’ve seen some porn star spitting on some porn star’s butt before smashing it home, for one, he may be pre-lubed and the spit is really is doing nothing, for two, he’s a sexual professional and you’re most likely not. I get off on porn yet I’d be more content if porn was introduced with a cautioning – warning these are experts and please do not try this at home.

Some thick, gels are also good and provide a cushioning on impact which makes them perfect for ass play. While you may know ipeople who try desensitizing creams for anal play, I don’t suggest it. Desensitizing your anus won’t help you relax and since these items numb the nerves, you won’t feel if it is going wrong so may be more susceptible to injury. Pain is your friend it tells you when something is going wrong and you should listen to your body. By desensitizing yourself, you can do yourself some serious harm and also – sometimes even more important desensitizing it will mean you will not experience the joys of anal sex fully.

I must also say that foreplay is very important for gay anal sex and also the use of lubrication through the whole process. It is best to bring him to an erection with some oral sex at first. This will help him relax and have endorphin’s released. Then use a finger and gently insert it in his anus. Take it slowly and do not try to rush him or go too fast. Be horny. It serves to be truly horny, so get prepared with huge amounts of foreplay. Whether you go down on one another, participate in some erotic rubbing or touching, it’s all great as long as it turns you on. Have a go at arousing the butt before making the plunge with fingers, toys or penises. The rear-end is apprehensive and if you rush it will force you back – remember relax and take your time.

Explore different avenues regarding butt plugs. Butt sex toys are an awesome approach to get ready for ass sex. Anal sex toys can be used by you or have your lover use them as foreplay. You can attempt different shapes and sizes and materials until you discover your ideal fit. Second, you may well observe that you like to wear your butt plug during the day only in light of the fact that it keeps you in an excited state. I wear a butt plug when I do Pilates and let me tell you it is an awesome turn on. Wearing it makes your anus more ready and willing when your lover comes knocking on your back door. No, you aren’t going to get a huge ass-hole; your muscles will loosen whilst the plug is in but will always go back to its natural state.

The next step is to slowly increase the size of insertion. At first you will want a thin, long sex toy or prostate massager. There are plenty of gay sex toys available, so just make sure it is designed for the purpose, preferably with a wide handle like base at the bottom so that you have control over it at all times. After this a larger butt plug should be used. Always make sure you have a pre assigned safety word just in case it is too much for him. Communication at all times is important. So respect your partner’s wishes and feelings.

Whenever some guy talks about gay anal sex, there seems to be the wrong perception as people start to go through their list of disadvantages. First of all they say that it is for the top man’s benefit (giver) and not for the receiver. This is not true if done correctly. Also others say that it is the type of sex that can spread easily STDs. This is true if you don’t take any precautions. Nothing is ever totally pain free, even normal sex if it’s done in a wrong way. However there are ways to make gay anal sex as pain free as possible. When men have a problem with anal sex it is usually either caused by an inconsiderate partner who does it wrong and hurts them in the process. Anal sex needs to be careful and slow, and at the pace of the Bottom. Also, it needs to be remembered that if the Bottom is not in the mood, it’s not going to be as enjoyable an experience as what it can be. The key is to not pressure your partner into it and take things at your own pace.

The final step for a great experience of gay anal sex is about entering him with your penis. Ideally you will want him on all fours, with something supporting his torso. Then cover your condom with a lot of lubrication and go slowly, moving at his pace. If you did everything correctly and he is really turned on, anal orgasms and hands free ejaculation is possible, but not everyone can manage it. This is the part where gay anal sex can be good for both of you.



9 Tips To A Better Anal Sex Experience!

How to Have Anal Sex

Anal stimulation can be a bit difficult when it concerns pleasure. There are many questions that can run through your mind after experiencing a disappointing anal sex experience like:

“Did I go to fast? Was I wet enough? Did he like it? Was it too slow?”

Top Anal Sex Tips
Achieve Anal Sex Orgasms

Anal sex can be intimidating, confusing and painful when not done correctly. Whether you’re man or a woman, if you can feel yourself reaching orgasm with anal masturbation and penetration but can’t quite exceed that point, I have some tips and tricks you can use to experience the best orgasms with anal sex toys. Here are tips on how to Use Anal Sex Toys

1  Go to the toilet and have a shower:

It is important first to be clean so go to the toilet before engaging into anal penetration.  Nothing will be more uncomfortable, than sex toy or a penis inside a unclean or full ass. (It is important not to use enemas, because they can damage your colon.)

2  Only Use Sex Toys Designed for Anal Penetration:

Make sure you’re using only sex toys that are designed for anal penetration. Sex toys that are made for anal penetration will have a flared end to stop them getting lost, and are made of non porous material so that they can be cleaned easily and minimize the risk of bacteria and STD infections.

3  Lubricate:

It is important to always use a lubricant. While your penis can make its own lubrication, your anal sex toys won’t do that. Don’t use saliva or water because it will dry and it may cause your anus to tear. Use a silicone lubricant or a water based lubricant for anal penetration.

4  Buy sex toys that offer different feelings:

Look for anal sex toys that offer a life like feeling. Temperature play can be a turn on for many people, but some may be turned off but variations of temperature. It is better for you to choose a sex toy made of silicone or Cyberskin.

5  Buy a butt plug:

Purchase yourself a butt plug. While the feeling of movement inside your ass can be a bit much for the first time causing distress or even pain, the gentle presence and stimulation of a butt plug can be the introduction or even the most important step to making you comfortable with anal penetration and anal intercourse in general.

6  Buy anal vibrators:

Both men and women will get turned on by using a vibrating anal toy, properly. Don’t think of anal toys and vibrators as something that only the more experienced players should try. The best step in making yourself getting used to anal penetration is by using anal sex toys and getting used of the feel.

7  Buy anal beads:

Unlike vibrators and other penetrating anal toys, anal beads are a sex toy that can offer a great fill up experience. They can be inserted slowly and can be pulled out, either slowly or quickly, just before reaching orgasm or while you’re cumin.

8  Hand Hygiene:

While your using your sex toys anally you might find yourself getting wild and using your own hands and fingers to massage the anus to! Your fingers will need to have very short nails and you need to make sure the nails are not sharp or seraded. Long, sharp nails can tear delicate tissue, regardless of the fact that you’re being extra cautious. On the off chance that you should keep your nails long, you can use latex gloves with cotton balls in the end of the finger’s to cushion your nails.

9  Anal Sex Positions:

When using sex toys it is best to do what comes naturally. Some people are used of anal sex positions which can help ease the penetration of the anus. You can use the same sexual positions when using sex toy’s because it should help you ease the penetration in the exact same way. A few people like being on their backs with their legs wide spread making their privates areas easily accessible. You can also be on your knees, doggie style if someone is helping use the sex toy. Finding a decent position, is truly an exceptionally individual thing. You ought to try different things with various positions to discover what you like best.

Visit a trusted online adult store and have a look at a variety of anal penetrative sex toys. Purchase yours now and start discovering the unique experience of anal sex.




Tips for First Time Gay Anal Sex

First Base Gay Men

Anal sex is often perceived as the ultimate type of gay love making, it’s even more important when you need Tips for First Time Gay Anal Sex. Everyone has to start from somewhere, but it’s the best if you have the knowledge before you progress into anal sex, so you know what is going to happen! Anal sex surprise can hurt at first, it will be a surprise to your organism, and might well be termed as something uncomfortable at the beginning. If you want to try it though, here are some tips on how to begin and how to experience it. You might think that if you’re not doing it correctly, or think negative thoughts like

“you are not normal”.

Even though many gay men have loving relationships and excellent sex life’s even if they don’t engage in anal sex. You will find yourself asking the questions:

“Is gay anal sex really for me?”

It is important for you to spend time on discovering your anus before having sex with others. Have a relaxing bath and stay naked. Go to your bedroom and put some lube on a finger, work it around the outer side of your anus, while relaxing, and start pushing it in. Sometimes watching a porn video, is the perfect sex education.

Male Diagram for Anal Sex
Photo: Male Diagram for Anal Sex – Tips for First Time Gay Anal Sex

Tips For Gay Anal Sex

The sensations at the start might already be quite intense but relax. If you want, use your other hand to masturbate and remind yourself some feelings which you’re familiar. Allow yourself to enjoy all the feelings. Relax and feel free to fantasize anything you want. Explore the new experience and get a sense of the muscle inside you. Make sure your fingernails are trimmed if you are using fingers and that all anal sex toys don’t have any sharp edges on them especially when using metal butt plugs or dildos. Then, when you’re comfortable, try inserting a second finger. Rest assured that your anus can certainly receive 2 fingers. When you withdraw your fingers you might feel uncomfortable and that you want to go to the toilet. This is normal as it is just a reflex reaction.

You might also want to experiment with something more life size. If so, use a proper dildo and not homemade products or a cucumber. You don’t want to scratch the thing membrane of your anus or have something nasty break off in there. When using the dildo, begin again with your fingers and use a lot of lube. Silicone based lubricants is the best for anal play as water based lubricants are absorbed into the body through the rectum so I advise not using them. As soon as you bring silicone anal toys into the equation you will have to stick with Superslyde as most silicone lubricant’s will deteriorate silicone toys due to chemical interaction.

Relaxation is key to anything anal, the fact that something going into an area that society says


can be a bit daunting but once you’re past that you will be fine and dandy, the stigma alone attached to anal play can be enough not to relax someone, but research and relaxation are the only things that will calm you down. You need to find a relaxed position and relax the muscles of your anus. Sitting with your ass to one side can work well. Try laying on your left side and bring your right knee up to your chest and keep your left leg straight it will make it a lot easier for a toy or penis or anything like that to slip into the anus. If you’re standing, make sure your legs remain relaxed. If they tense, the sphincter will tense too. Push it in slowly and let it slide.

Anal Sex Toy Pulsator Dildo
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Stronic Drei – Tips for First Time Gay Anal Sex

When you feel resistance, pause and relax. If you push your anus towards the dildo, as if you were pushing faces out, you might find you open more easily. Still, however gently you go, you can expect a discomfort. There might be a moment of pain. After this, the rest will probably slip in a lot more easily and everything will be better. The sensation from anal sex can feel intense, as if every part in your body and brain just started firing. Your instinct might be immediately to masturbate and cum in a way more exciting than you ever have before. Enjoy the experience of gay anal sex, it is a comforting and mature gay experience.

With anal toys I tend to lean towards more intermediate toys over beginners anal sex toys because unless they only pass stools like a rabbit they have the ability to easily take more than a small finger sized toy. Some people might disagree with my stance on going to intermediate rather than Beginner anal toys but my reasoning is solid, start with fingers, warm up to it then move onto bigger and better items. For instance, I  started on the Rocks Off  “Naughty Boy” 7 Speed prostate stimulator. I thought this was the bees knees when beginning and now I’m already up to our UR3 Straps and Hoodlums!

If you are using a dildo, move the dildo slowly and give yourself time to get used to it. It might be that’s enough for the moment, or it might be that you want to experience a faster pace and for as long as it would take you to cum. If it’s the second you want, be careful. The dildo can go as fast and as hard as you make it and experience no pain of its own. In other words, a dildo does not feel the same as a penis. Also, the loose skin around the shaft of a penis will lessen the friction on the anus. The feelings may become intense and surely unique. You might start groaning, moaning and change facial faces. There comes a point when it is as if there is a barrier to cross. The feeling of being about to explode might make you stop. Or you can cross that barrier to find a further degree of elation.

First Timer Anal Orgasm
Image: Euphoria – Tips for First Time Gay Anal Sex

Finally, there is the point where you finish out. It is as if a plateau has been attained and no further level is possible. You might want to stay there a little while, as it were to admire the view, then pause and prepare for the final excitement, which is when you withdraw. It is possible you might make a mess. In order not to feel anxious about this, have a towel down or do it over a toilet or an easily cleaned surface. Keep in mind thought that, after the high, there is a downside. After using a dildo, just as after having sex, your anus might take time to close. You might need to spend time sitting on the toilet relaxing and calming down. Also, the mess you might make risks leading to feelings of shame and humiliation. Mentally, you might feel unfocused and ‘spaced’ for hours to follow.

Especially when you first have anal sex be prepared to make further discovery. On the one hand, if you’re the bottom, you are showing something intimate about yourself. You are experiencing ecstatic sensations and making those noises and faces again with your partner watching you. And you have to want him to do that. On the other hand, you’ll be seeing someone else working his way towards orgasm differently from what you’ll have seen and shared when masturbating or giving and receiving head.

If you are going to have anal sex with a lover, there is a massive array or douches and enema kits available and you want to clean out as much fecal matter as you possibly can, not only does this make anal play feel a lot better it will clean you out and remove the fear of poo or anything like that coming out Be prepared for the feeling of passivity if you are having anal sex with a lover. If you resist being passive and wanting him to do it to you, perhaps thinking that makes you less of a man, then, no matter your preparation, you’ll be in for a bad time. But if you accept all the feelings involved in having gay anal sex, then it can be something unique.  Exploring each others body is a personal and very sensual thing and anal is fantastic when it comes to bringing that next level of intensity to a relationship, you will feel closer not only physically but emotionally. So choose the right toys, the right partner, the right time and anal will be a blast.

I hope you enjoyed this article series. Now you are ready to experience gay orgasms the way it’s meant to be.

About the author: Nick is a sales consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres





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