Butt Fuck Your Husband – What are You Waiting for?

Butt Fuck your Husband – you might love it!  Past the beginning stages of sex exploration I said to myself, “Holy Shit this is magnificent. How do I get better?”

Butt Fuck Your Husband – You Might Love it! 

At first I gave butt plugs a miss.  I was happy to use basic bondage implements. We used vibrators with out any issues.  To me role playing was second nature and we didn’t make it that kinky.

Butt plugs appeared to be more of an oddity than a regular sexual toy.   I like receiving anal sex yet the principle reason I like it so much is a direct result of the entire mood that occurs during it.

His loud growling noises as he is doing anal, the feeling of being full and additionally the inclination of his dick entering my tight hole.

When I had amazing anal sex I found butt plugs to be completely pointless.   To top that off I don’t have a prostate, so why would I need one there?

On the other hand I was wary and anxious about using a butt plug or pegging a man. 

Butt Fuck
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Ways to Get Started if You Want to Butt Fuck Your Husband

I knew it was commonplace and that my partner desired it.  But I was worried that either it would be a disappointment to him or that I might hurt him.

We discussed using butt plugs first.  He let me know that he would love the opportunity for me to use them on him. He wanted to know what it felt like to be completely full in his butt – the way I had described it to him.

My head was loaded with pictures of him lying on the bed, exposed with his ass up on the bed, putting something into his exposed butt.

My fantasies continued and I imagined him sitting at our office PC with some anal beads inserted whilst he jerked his hard cock to a raging climax.

Fantasies in my head made me want to make his desire a reality.

Butt Fuck
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Making Fantasy a Reality

Without letting him know I went to an Adult Lifestyle Outlet and purchased a butt plug and a strap on and that evening lay them on our bed.

When it came time to retire he said, “Are you going to use that on me?”  pointing at the butt plug.  Putting on the sort of face that let him know I was apprehensive.  But willing to give some straight anal sex a go.

I said, “Nope.”  I put it on the seat, “You’re going to do all yourself.”

Watching as he lubed up his ass and then the anal plug.  Then his face took on a look of focus and he straddled the plug and tried to slide it in.   He grimaced slightly, and I was kind of glad that I wasn’t the one guiding it in.

It was entirely up to him.  He knew his body and he was feeling it.  He put some more lubricant onto the toy and tried again.  As he sat down gradually onto the wooden seat, his face showed an expression of torment and pleasure.

He said, “I’m not quite sure I like this.  It feels okay.  Let me relax for a minute.”  “How do you feel?” I asked.   “A little uncomfortable, especially with you staring,” he said.

“Touch yourself,”  I said.

He grabbed his dick and began sliding his hand all over.  Trembling with a blend or apprehension and arousal.   I could see the strain in his neck, and the tight exertion in his thighs.  He attempted not to resist with an excess of weight on his butt.

He didn’t need it in too far straight away, just gradually.  Rubbing harder, he loosened up a bit more so getting the butt plug somewhat deeper into him.

“How does it feel?” I said.   “Still a little uncomfortable.”

I sat on the edge of the couch getting hot at the sight of him.  It was his face, generally.  Flashes of contentment as he stroked himself was arousing and I could see by the lengths of his strokes that he was finally getting into it.

I had not seen him like this since when I’d ‘accidentally’ spied on him watching porn online.

Never before had I needed him more.

Walking over to him, I pulled my panties aside.  He gazed toward me and stared at my bare pussy.  I smiled and felt happy, joyful and more turned on and thrilled by this seriously new situation.

It was a real turn-on that he was so tense from the butt plug but also so full of carnal desire as his hard cock showed.  I straddled his legs, wrapped my arms around his neck, and brought down myself onto his erect penis.

Tenderly, for the initial couple of strokes, I slid here and there.  My cunt getting wetter and more sweltering at the resonances of his moans.

“If it’s not too much trouble,” he said.  “Not too much trouble what?” I said.  “If its not too much trouble… go harder, ” he said.  “Fuck you harder?” I said.  “Yes,” he said.

“You need to feel me fuck you harder so this plug is pushed deeper into your ass?” I said.   “I… yes,” he said,  “Tell me again like you need it.” I said.


Butt Fuck
You want me to fuck you harder?

“Fuck me harder.  I need to feel it inside me.  Deep inside me… Oh God. Fuck.  That is so inside me,” he yelled.

I fucked him harder, much harder.

Riding his dick in a quick, jolting mood.  Crushing his arse into the seat and the butt plug deeper inside him so he could feel it pushing within him from all sides.

I grasped the seat and pulled on his hair as he shouted out.  Feeling the strain in him each time I pummeled down to the base of his cock.  Robust, hard strokes that drummed the base of the butt plug against the seat and into my lover.

This was the first experience I had with butt plugs

Starting here on, the fundamental thing I do with them and the reason I generally keep a few sorts in my sex toy drawer isn’t the play itself.   I love seeing the amount of pleasure on his face.

Looks of desire blended with instability and a substantial touch of need.  It’s dirty on the grounds that he enjoys it.  There’s nothing wrong at all it seemed from some straight anal sex.

At last before my thighs could even consider hurting from being on top, he gave a snort, jerked his head into the crook of my neck and he came.   One last snort of fulfillment and anguish and desire, and his dick jerked hard inside me.

He covered his face in my stomach and offered a shy thank you.  This was our introduction to our femdom anal play and we have since used the strap on to peg him.

He is now my Butt Fuck anal boy and I do with him what I will.

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Anal Sex! Desensitize Before Or Not?

I have mixed feelings about desensitizing lubricants and sprays.  And I want to clarify that by saying desensitizing lubrication isn’t characteristically bad.

It achieves its purpose of tuning down the body sensors in order to make anal sex easier and potentially more enjoyable. Prevents the body from letting you know when something is going where it doesn’t normally go.  Which may cause issues when you numb your anus.

If you can’t hear or feel what your body is letting you know, this could prompt an excruciatingly painful and even unsafe result when the desensitizing lube wears off.  Especially if you’re engaging in rough play or in toys or dicks that are beyond your normal capability.

The Joy of Anal Sex

Anal sex and foreplay may be the giver of joy for some ladies who enjoy it or are susceptible to blended orgasms.  Or for males with their unique prostate organ (otherwise known as the male g-spot).


Butt Fuck
Naked male statues

Will Anal Sex Hurt?

For some it is unpleasant and sometimes even hurtful.  Anal sex is not for everyone.

It is certainly an enjoyable experience for those that can relax and just go with it.

This is because the anal passage comprises of slender,  nervy tissues that are extremely sensitive.   The anus does not self lubricate so unless ample lubricant is applied this passage is susceptible to tearing.

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Sex is supposed to be pleasurable for both parties who will explore each other to find out what turns each one on the most.

Anal sex, in contrast to what is seen in porn movies, is enjoyed by a smaller percentage of men and women.  It is a good idea when you are with that special someone and completely trusting and relaxed with them to give it a go!

If it is not for you then do not do it.   BUT if you do enjoy it the orgasms are intense, deep and full.

Getting the Right Lubricant 

The key to anal sex is getting the right lubricant.  Your anus absorbs so as opposed to that recommended with sex toys, water-based lubricant is not advisable.

  • A really good silicone lubricant is the go.

Do not use it sparingly, especially if it your first time.  Less may be more in some cases but with your virgin but more is better.

Many people when first starting out use a lubricant or gel that is infused with a numbing agent in order to allow initial penetration without any discomfort.

  • Silicone lubricants will also offer a coating that will stop absorption by the penis or anus.  It wil help protect against infections especially if a condom is not being worn.

RELAX and spend plenty of time with foreplay to make sure that it is monumental success that will be repeated.  Rather than a catastrophic failure that will have you running every time someone goes near that precious rose-bud.

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Butt Fuck with Anal Sex Toys

Use some anal sex toys or insert some kegel balls relaxing and tensing your sphincter.  Getting used to having something of size up there.

Once you are successful in being penetrated in your anus, if it was pleasurable you will find that your sphincter will completely relax.  This will allow your partner to begin to pump you.

The Debate About Numbing Cream

This is where the debate about anal numbing cream should or should not be used arises.

As a newbie you will not know what your body will tolerate.  Because you have applied a numbing agent, your body will not tell you when it is time to slow down or stop.

Whilst your partner is in anal sex heaven, you could be heading for a catastrophic disaster down there.

My belief is that numbing agents should not be used, as I feel that if you are enjoying it they are not needed.   If they are being used to mask the pain, you are doing it for the wrong reasons.

Explain it to your partner that it does not work for you and find some other way to have erotic pleasures and push the boundaries.

Before You Begin Your Butt Fuck Fest 

  • What else may be influencing your capacity to relax?
  • Are you attempting anal sex for the right reasons?
  • Is your lover doing it for you or trying too hard?
  • Make the right choices to have anal sex that will be pleasurable for both of you?
  • Choose the position that you are most comfortable with and agree that you are in control.
  • Use a douche or enema to ensure you passage is squeaky clean before hand.

By turning off your pain receptors with desensitizing lube, you’re likewise turning off your pleasure sensors.

What’s sex without delight?  So, there you have all the tips you need when you numb your anus.


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