10 Strange Things Put In Vaginas – It’s A Girl Thing

10 strange things put in vaginas by women – Every now and then, I am reading the news and find a story that grabs my attention.  Recently about the sexual health of women and the weird things they do sometimes.

This story makes me wince in horror and pain. My body reacts as if what were happening in the news was happening to me.  After the initial shock has passed through my system and the small amount of adrenaline has worn off, I begin to laugh.

From Stolen Goods To Pistols – Why Though??

Recently, what has caught my interest are stories about women who have all been putting exceptionally abnormal things inside their vaginas. Things that I have found that women have placed inside their vaginas include stolen merchandise and weapons! I mean come on girl, you put what in your vagina???

When it comes to storing things in your private areas, it seems that the sky is the limit with the type of objects they can store there.

But at the end of the day, it is not safe to store just anything up there!

At the end of the day, it is not safe to use the vagina as a storage space for anything. Many people end up in the hospital due to such vaginal storage attempts.

While there are different types of vaginas, it is not designed to be a stockpiling locker. It is not advisable to store blades and guns in the vagina.

Here is a list of some of the strange things women have inserted into their vaginas.

Obviously, don’t attempt any of these at home or anywhere else!

10 Strange Things
Gun In A Vagina

Things Put in Vaginas

1. Credit Card And Drivers License

In Florida, a woman was caught by the police for going on a shopping spree with a stolen Mastercard.  Police found her with expensive power tools in shopping bags in the back seat of her car.  Upon being questioned, she admitted to having a stolen Mastercard and driver’s permit hidden in her vagina.

2.  Weapons

A woman in Florida was arrested after a dispute with another lady over cigarettes. Upon searching her, authorities discovered two weapons hidden inside her vagina.  A long blade knife covered in towels and a short blade.

Fortunately, the towels prevented any harm to her. While the situation could have been worse, she was lucky to have come out unscathed.

3.  Mobile Phone

A Romanian woman was caught after stealing a mobile phone from a restaurant and “tamponing” it. She put the mobile phone in a condom and placed it inside her vagina.

How did the police know where the products was?

Those cunning law authorities called the missing telephone and the lady’s vagina began ringing lucky for her or unlucky for her, it wasn’t on vibrate.  No, I’m not making this up. As anyone might expect, the victim of the theft did not ask to get the telephone back but if they did, it still would have worked.

4.  Handgun And Drugs

Police officers discovered a wooden and metal object protruding from the vaginal area of a woman in Oklahoma during a standard body search after arresting her for drug possession.

Upon further inspection, it was revealed to be a gun that she was attempting to hide.  Although the woman had several packs of methamphetamine in her backside, it paled in comparison to the powerful weapon she was carrying up front.

things put in vaginas
Donny Osmond Poster

5.  Donny Osmond Poster

A British network show called Bizarre ER recently featured a story of a female in an emergency room whining of agony “down there.”.

What was the problem?

A large poster of musical performer Donny Osmond stuffed inside her vagina. I know your brain is presumably dashing with a million inquiries like “How big was the Poster?”… “Who’s Donny Osmond?”… and, maybe in particular,

“Why? Whyyyy!!??”.

6. Glass Bottle

When a bottle is inserted into a rectum, it can cause suction, and it won’t come out easily, says Darria Gillespie, M.D. An assistant professor in the department of emergency medicine at Emory University School of Medicine. Unfortunately, one of Gillespie’s patients learned this the hard way. What makes it even worse, is that it may even break!!!

things put in vaginas

7. Remote Control

Another woman had a TV remote control lodged in her vagina, says Gillespie. No word on whether she was able to change the channels though.

8.  Barbie Doll

A woman was taken to ER with a Barbie Doll that was stuffed up her vagina.


9.  Dumbbell

A Kentucky woman was found to have a 3 pound dumbbell inside her vagina. When asked why, the lady said she was using it to strengthen her pelvic muscles after giving child-birth. For goodness sake, invest in some kegel balls.

10. An Apple

A lady had put on a show for her husband in Mississippi putting carrots and cucumbers inside her vagina. Finally, she put an apple inside her but could not get it out. This led to a trip to the Choctaw County Hospital.

It’s not clear why some women choose to insert objects into their vaginas, but at least it provides some humorous reading material.

Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence for people to insert things into their bodies. Emergency rooms worldwide are tasked with the responsibility of removing these objects.

things put in vaginas
Designer Vagina

Rising Trend of Designer Vagina’s

In a world where one can easily take a holiday to an exotic country to get their medical procedures done, it’s no shock that cosmetic surgery is on the rise.

But it’s not Botox or boob jobs that are the latest trend, it’s “Designer Vaginas”.

What is A Designer Vagina?

A Designer Vagina is when a woman has her labia surgically altered to her specification, which is otherwise known as Labiaplasty.  A recent study shows that 80% of vaginal surgeries are to reduce or reshape the labia.

Some women will need to have Labiaplasty surgery for medical reasons, such as labia so large. This causes extreme chaffing and pain during every day activities. Though it is completely normal for a women to have folds around the vaginal opening and usually nothing to worry about.

More women are getting Labiaplasty surgery as they are displeased with the appearance or presentation of their labia.  Even though their ‘junk’ is medically seen as perfectly normal.

There are Some Horror Stories Though

This was shown recently in a controversial and rather horrifying story where a mother has sent her 15 year old daughter to a specialist to get a Designer Vagina.  Just because she thought her daughter’s genitals were “abnormal”. The mother is causing a huge scene worldwide after fighting against doctors professional opinions, exclaiming that:

“Normal women are neater”

And that her daughter

 “Will never be able to have sex looking like that”.

This is literally the craziest story I’ve ever read…


My mum has seen me naked on lots of occasions, but never right up and personal. She was definitely not close enough to make a comment on the aesthetic of my labia, that’s for sure!


Those early teen years are full of enough insecurities and social anxieties without your OWN MOTHER unnecessarily saying you’re abnormal.  And that no one is every going to want to have sex with you.

What a horrible thing to say to your child!

things put in vaginas
Vagina Types Painting

What Makes us Have These Insecurities About our Vaginas? 

Statistics are saying that whilst many people think insecurities come about by pornography.  Truth is many women say they’ve seen their friends, family members and other people undressing in change rooms.  And they “just didn’t look the same”.

Fair enough, though no excuse to publicly humiliate your daughter for the way her labia looks.   Trouble is, there is no measurable way to tell what is ‘normal’.

With regards to labia and their size/appearance. Cultures play a massive part in determining the ‘normal’ size of a labia and what is desired.  For example, it is well known that in Japanese cultures, larger labia are more desired and thought to be more appealing.

In Western culture a smaller and ‘neater’ labia is more sought after.

What are the risks associated with Labiaplasty Surgery?

  • Loss of sensitivity.
  • Over cutting.
  • Under cutting.
  • Patient not happy with the result.
  • You cannot wear tampons, have sex or work out for 6 weeks (sometimes longer) after the surgery.
  • Risks of infection.
  • Sitting down and walking is uncomfortable for a few weeks.
  • Time off of work is necessary.

Even after taking into consideration all of the above risks, the law does not allow surgery to be done to a minor (a child under the age of 18) for just ‘aesthetics’.  Her mother is still fighting to get her daughter a “designer vagina”.

Surgery Remains Controversial

And definitely not for everyone.  It would be unfair to rule out ALL reasons for getting Designer Vaginas.  One must understand the extreme distress the surgery may relieve to some women.

Each Vagina Is Unique and Part of Us – Are Designer Vaginas Too Much?

Our vagina’s are equally as unique as any other thing that is on our body whether its our body types, our face shape, hair or eye colours. There is absolutely no normal type of way a vagina or labia should look.  Over time our bodies do change due to hormones, age or changes in lifestyles.

You may even find due to your weight your vagina may get bigger or thinner. Or even depending how much your body naturally lubricates may effect its texture.

Maybe there is a place for Designer Vagina’s. After all we can do is what make’s us feel better about ourselves to improve our self esteem..

things put in vaginas
Painful Sex

What is Vaginismus?

Some individuals surmise that a little vagina opening is a sexual gift.  Since this implies that the lady has a tight vagina and will provide her lover more pleasure as a result of being small.

What these individuals may not know about having a tight vagina is that this can mean that the lady will endure some pain each time she has sex.  Especially if she is not experienced with a lot of serious foreplay or if she is not in a relaxing environment.

Besides feeling pain amid intercourse, a lady with a small vagina opening may also have personal issues with self-confidence.  This may prompt other mental issues that come from her emotions and feelings of deficiency. She may feeling like she does not have the natural capacity to appreciate sex or not having the capacity to oblige her accomplice sexually without her encountering sexual agony.

When a woman has a little vagina opening and experiences excruciating intercourse due to it, this is called Vaginismus.

What Causes Vaginismus?

What causes a woman to experience the ill effects of Vaginismus? Are there any tips to make a vagina opening bigger in size?

things put in vaginas
Head in Hands

Vaginismus is normally a mental issue that causes a lady’s vagina to tighten up, making it painful to have sex.  Although Vaginismus can be caused because of the side effects of medication it is normally achieved by pressure, nervousness, and apprehension.

Greater part of the ladies who experience the ill effects of this issue may recognize that they can undoubtedly put a tampon in their vagina during their periods due to extra lubrication.  But sometimes if the vagina is that tight, they may experience a lot of pain in doing so.

Pain During Sex

But the vaginal gap appears to tighten up before or amid intercourse which often causes pain.

Once her body experiences pain in a repetitive fashion, this may make it even harder for her to experience good sex.  As her body will naturally react by tensing up.  Causing the experience to be painful simply because of past experience.  This cycle will forge a negative sexual experience and she may not ending up enjoying sex all together.

things put in vaginas
Pain in Sex for Women

Ways to Loosen Up Before Sex

A most effective method for a women to loosen up before having penetrative sex is to masturbate or be involved in foreplay.  Masturbation or foreplay can go on for  as long as needed.

Your lover will need to be made aware that you will need to be sexually turned on which will cause a natural lubrication and relaxation.  When you are feeling like you really want to have sex, your body and vagina will loosen.

Your lover must put in the extra effort to make this happen.  This means pleasing the woman as much as possible until you are both read to have sex.

Aside from foreplay, use more lubrication.

You may not be using enough lubrication, which means she will be to dry of penetrative sex.  Dry sex will cause to much friction, you have to stop making love, if you notice this happening to her.

Attempt to use some water-based lubricant or silicone lube. Keep it in a easy to reach distance when you may participate in intercourse.

It is normal for a lady to get worried over her vaginal size.

Endless numbers of ladies believe that their vagina is excessively little, particularly virgin woman.  A vagina is flexible.  Otherwise women would never be able to give birth to child. It can extend extraordinarily amid labor or amid intercourse.

Usually the front side of the vagina is thin and measures around 1 or 1/2 inches. The inward size gets larger in measurement as we go deeper. However the extent of the vagina sizing after labor, and amid sex is because of the flexibility of the vaginal muscle.

You may feel that 1 inch or 2 inch is little for the insertion of the male genital organ. But it can fit most male penis sizings because of the lubrications your body produces from the vagina amid sex.  Due the flexible nature of the vagina, it can extend massively.

If you are concerned about vaginismus, do seek professional help with a gynecologist or see your general practitioner.


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