Sex Toys For The Impaired! We All Do It.

The Impaired And Sex Toys

Sex Toys For The Impaired are used for the same reasons as any others: for erotic delight, sensual mixture, sexual experimentation, enhanced sex and the rundown goes on. At the same time some mobility impaired people use them to help with sexual challenges of physical, mental or erectile dysfunction.

There is more to disability and sex and most Adult Shops do not cater for the disabled or mobility impaired.  Sex isn’t straight forward for anybody, and it is unquestionably dissimilar to how it is portrayed in the movies and on TV.

At the same time sex can be mind blowing with the right support and tools. I’m talking sex toys – dildos, vibrators, butt fittings, love eggs, strap ons… and the list goes on.

The Impaired
Wounded Warriors

Challenges For The Impaired

People that are challenged through debilitating issues often incorporate sex toys into their daily live.  They take an important facet in their emotional and physical well-being.  Imagine for a moment, if you are an able-bodied person reading this being, bedridden and all movement assisted by helpers or machines.  It is a scary thought but there are many people out there that this is their reality.

Now imagine further that, regardless if you are sexually active with a partner you are unable to masturbate in private and relieve your sexual tensions that allow you to feel better.  For many people the opportunity to do this is limited both in physical capacity and/or opportunity for privacy.

Restricitons Of The Impaired

Many people due to their incapacity are restricted, even denied the right of sexual relief and/or intimacy.  It is a fact that all humans crave intimacy and most delight in sex in whatever form.  Just because one has physical or mental impairments does not mean that this denial remain the status quo.

Finally the penny has dropped ,and there are many ‘helpers’ out there that will assist those that have impairments with obtaining sex toys,  and giving them the opportunity to use them.

There are now also brothels and escort services that cater for the handicapped and special needs.  Organizations like Touching Base recognize this need and compile a list of preferred services.  Adult Shops like Adult Lifestyle Centre, Kogarah that have mobility ramps and extra-wide aisle for wheelchair shoppers.

Sex toy companies like Liberator and and Sportsheets designing products specifically to assist those with impairments. All are starting to break away the sexual barrier that had previously been put up.

Incorporating Sex Toys For The Impaired

An example of incorporating a sex toy that will allow physical intimacy could be a man that cannot achieve an erection.  How is he to have sex?  Well incorporate a penis pump to force his penis to become erect, then place a cock ring around the shaft of the erect penis to stop the blood from flowing backwards.

An escort could now straddle this man and have sex with him not only providing him with physical intimacy but allowing his to experience actual sex.  Imagine how this would improve his sexual and mental well-being?

Another may be for a woman that does not have use of her arms or perhaps does not have any.  She cannot reach down there, so how can she self-pleasure herself.  Now incorporate a BodyWand, turn it on and place it down there and within minutes achieve orgasms.

Other women that have experience severe spinal injuries will find that they no longer self-lubricate from the vagina.  The use of personal lubricants solves this issue and they are able to play with sex toys or have intercourse.  Wearing vibrating panties, attaching a vibrating butterfly will allow a impaired woman to achieve orgasm easily.

More Ways Sex Toys Assist The Impaired

Most men that suffer from spina bifida will be unable to orgasm or achieve an erection (unassisted) but they are able to achieve what is called a Prostate Orgasm.  Using a prostate stimulator on the P-Spot will allow them to milk the prostate that feels very similar to a regular orgasm.

Visually impaired people may wish to consume some porn as a means to accentuate their solo play but obviously cannot watch a dvd.  Erotic stories are now available in audio to assist.

For those that experience extreme pain with movement like joint inflammation or chronic arthritis – sex swings can be used that will allow their partner to be on top without pressure thereby alleviating any pain but still allowing intercourse.  Angled wedges and cushions that will allow an impaired person to secure the perfect position for intimacy.

A male with erectile dysfunction that does not wish to use a penis pump may choose to wear a strap-on to satisfy his partner.  There are so many ways in which sex toys can be added to the lives of those with impairments improving their well-being dramatically.

Sex And The Impaired
Disabled Sex

What About Those With Mental Impairments

Those with mental impairments may find the challenges of finding a sexual partner too much and giving them the opportunity of having a masturbator or a stroker will enhance their sexual satisfaction making their lives more enjoyable.

Most of these adult toys can be used unassisted but for those with extreme impairments a caring helper can give a helping hand.  For example by placing an automated stroker on the penis of their charge or a vibrator on the clitoral region.  Then leave them until they are done.

This will build the confidence of the person in care and allow them to express what different toy they would like to try.  This also demonstrates that there are numerous approaches that are available for the impaired to appreciate sex and climaxes, regardless of that incapacitation.

Issues With Sex Toys And Those Impaired

However there are issues with some sex toys. Some sex toys just are not suitable for those with impairments like toys secured by wearing tight clothing – or those that require a great deal of physical intervention to turn them on or control them.

Think about this: a gentleman is living in a private home with a hard on or a lady who wakes up horny. They can’t simply ring someone or go out in the middle or the night and expect someone to assist them to sexually service themselves. They simply need to lie there, having lustful feeling but not being able to satisfy themselves. This may occur regularly and having this denied is terrible for their emotional and sexual wellness.

The Stigma of Sex And The Impaired

The stigma attached to the sex industry 30 and 40 years ago was that it was seedy, dirty and run by the Mafia, and in many cases this was true.  The adult stores were dirty, shabby, smelly and there was a back room where dirty old men would wank off.

The sex toys were mainly made in China and there was no regulations or guidelines so often they would contain phthalate and other body unsafe material that made them unsafe to the body.  However as sex became big business professional organization became involved and the benchmarks for the quality of products increased consistently year after year.

Sexual Expos

The industry became so big that Sexual Expos began appearing across the glove where manufacturers would display their wears.  Adult Trade Fairs like the Hanover Fair, AMNE, Frankfurt Fair, Shanghai Lifestyle Expo and so many more sprang up.

Sex toys were receiving awards like the RedDot and being registered with the FDA, or becoming vegan friendly.  Sexual wellness became a common place term and that filtered through to adult shops.  Projects such as the Wounded Warrior came to life allowing injured returned service-men to enjoy a sexual lifestyle too.

Sex Toy Manufacturers

Manufacturers such as Lelo, FunFactory, Innovative Concepts, JimmyJane started delivering superb sex toys that were body safe, ergonomically shaped with guarantees and warranties that ensured you knew the product was safe and robust.

As the development of the sex toy industry had a good manufacturers code, organizations started to make sex toys that suited to those with special needs. Sex Chairs, Love Swings, Harnesses With Strap-Ons, Finger Vibes even Tongue Vibes that can without to much of a stretch of the imagination be used by mobility impaired and those with disabilities.

Explore Your Own Bodies

No longer is it a case that the best a man bound to a bed or wheelchair could expect was a quick hand-job.  Now those with impairments can explore their own bodies and sexually experiment what fits for them with the incorporation of sex toys (although sometimes a carer may have to assist).

Privacy and spontaneity are things that are now offered rather than able-bodied people thinking that sex for those with impairments was a ‘dirty’ or ‘unnecessary’ thing.

Adult Shops Catering For The Impaired

Adult shops started that may have been unpleasant and perceived to be overrun with men overcoats changed their outlook and started down the course of teaching their clients of which sex toys were best and for what.

These Stores experienced face-lifts making them accessible for the mobility impaired and making them cater more for couples and those with special needs. Stores like Adult Lifestyle Centre, Kogarah or Adult Lifestyle Center in Fyshwick ACT are at the forefront of the new concept in Adult Product Retail.

For Those With Special Needs. Sex toys for Special Needs People available now! We need to change this with the goal that everybody can experience sex toys including disability and sex.

Sex Toys For The Impaired

Here are a few examples of the sex toys available now that are suitable for individuals with different special needs:

  • The Fleshlight (With Suction Pad)
  • Strap on Butterfly Vibrators
  • The Sybian
  • Body Wands
  • Vibrating Panties
  • Strap On Dildos with Harnesses
  • Sex Stools
  • Sex Swings
  • Auto Strokers



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