VIP Interview With Abra Lee Founder And CEO Of SuperSlyde

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Abra Lee is the founder and CEO of SuperSlyde, a company that developed a perfect silicone lubricant. Abra was unable to find the perfect personal lubricant himself, so he made it his aim to develop an affordable personal lubricant which would be readily available to purchase in adult lifestyle centres and online adult shops without having to seek it out in niche stores.

He researched what people thought about silicone lubricant and he had found that most of the people he had come across had not tried it and did not know how silicone lubricant could positively affect their sexual lifestyle. With this in mind, he founded the company AARI (Abra Advanced Research International Pte Ltd) alongside his partner Dr. Stuart Koe, Pharm.D who is also the founder of Fridae one of the world’s largest online LGBTQIA+ communities in Asia. Through hard work and determination they developed SuperSlyde which they now sell worldwide.

SuperSlyde is available in 10ml, 100ml, 250ml and 400ml, so people are able to buy it in an amount which suits their sexual lifestyle. Using just a little amount of SuperSlyde goes a long way, so you will find you won’t need to reapply as much as other lubricants. SuperSlyde has been designed to feel like it is barely there, it is tasteless and scentless. This is a VIP interview with Abra Lee the founder and CEO of SuperSlyde.

Tell me about yourself?

Really thanks for inviting me to do this interview. My name is Abra, born and raised in Hong Kong from a humble family. I was a part time and full time swimming coach for 11 years in Hong Kong before I moved to Singapore and started SuperSlyde. When I was 16, I was a studdent and a gay activist; Now, I will say I am a businessman but deep down there is the blood of an activist still running through my veins.

Swimming coach
Image: Swimming Coach Abra Lee

What are your favourite accomplishments of all time working for SuperSlyde?

There are a few, the first must be winning the 2013 Eros Shine Award for Best Lotion & Potion in Australia. I got selected as one of Singapore’s top 65 local brands and received 2 adult industry best lubricant award nominations this year for the 2018 XBIZ Award and the 2018 AVN ‘O’ Award.

Award winning personal lubricant
Image: Eros Shine Trophy

What are your favourite quote’s that inspire you?

“Sutesare in a day success” is a book title of Yanai Tadashi, founder of Japanese clothing brand, UNIQLO. Basically, it means you should only satisfy with your success for today and stay hungry for tomorrow.

How did you develop the perfect silicone lubricant SuperSlyde? How long did it take? What was the process like?

People always thought it would be I was f**king around and collecting data, the answer is far more boring than that… hahaha. We studied all the competitors’ formulas in the laboratory then imported the raw material silicone from Holland and developed a few rounds of formulas in the in-house laboratory of ICM Pharma. We then hired focus groups, who reviewed the formulas which went back and foward for a few rounds, to select our flagship formula.

I am so glad we did the focus groups, at first I personally loved formula A, and the focus group’s results ended up rating formula B as the best and A as the lowest, I almost launched the formula the market doesn’t like.

It took us 18 months to develop the formula that we are satisfied with.

Silicone personal lubricant
Buy Now | Bestselling silicone lubricant SuperSlyde

How did you find Dr. Stuart Koe? How did working with the founder of Fridae impact SuperSlyde?

We met in a Xmas circuit party in Hong Kong, and he found my profile on Fridae, so cliché isn’t it?

When I met him, I was already a level 2 certified swimming coach, less than 3 people in Hong Kong have that at my age. I planned to be a coach for rest of my life, until I met him and it changed my life.

I must admit that it’s an upper hand to launch SuperSlyde after Stuart’s achievement of Fridae, he has connections and a reputation with a great business sense. He is also has a Phr D in HIV medicine. That definitely made things easier.

Silicone lubricant designers
Image: Dr. Stuart Koe & Abra Lee

What are the benefits of SuperSlyde being manufactured in Singapore by ICM Pharma?

First of all, I am proud of it being a made in Singapore product, when almost everything is made in China nowadays. We are aiming for quality, and made in Singapore does send out a positive impression to customers.

And ICM Pharma is one of the biggest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Singapore which provides products to hospitals and army force; SuperSlyde is proud to claim that we follow the pharmaceutical GMP standard, customers can rely on our product’s quality. At the end, it is a product people use on their genitals, better choose something made with a better quality, isn’t it?

How would you describe what SuperSlyde feels like?

SuperSlyde’s personality is daring, sexy, fun, yet competent; we chose colourful packaging because we believe sex is not something that can hide in the dark.

Texture wise, SuperSlyde is specially formulated to be extra long lasting and slippery, enhancing the sensibility to achieve another level of intimacy.

What does your company value the most?

Customers! Always make sure customers come first and cum first! 😀

What are your favourite memories from working with SuperSlyde?

Reading the Google map of SuperSlyde retailers on the world map scale, always made my day, especially after we launched in North America and this year we are starting in Europe, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and more. Seeing People can purchase SuperSlyde from Alaska to Cape of Good Hope, New York to Sydney, is really satisfying. (For today, stay hungry tomorrow)

There are few more though, last year SuperSlyde sponsored 2 events in USA. SuperSlyde sponsored Washington DC Pride at their biggest gay club town, we did a video backdrop that rotated which linked LGBTI history with the brand, East & West. This was my favorite piece of marketing material SuperSlyde did so far.

LGBTQIA+ gay pride awareness
Image: Abra Lee at the Washington DC Pride
SuperSlyder sponsored a charity event
Image: Video Backdrop

At the Miami White Party, we were the official lube sponsor. All the revenue of the party was donated to HIV NGO Care Resources. I am very proud of my brand as we did something for the LGBTI community.

SuperSlyde supporting charity
Image: SuperSlyde at the Miami White Party

Also in Hong Kong, we did a charity fundraising edition of SuperSlyde for Big Love Alliance to raise funds for sexuality equal rights that made me proud as well.

Are there any other hidden uses of SuperSlyde that other people have discovered?

There are a few actually. It can be used as a sun barrier, lip balm and as hair conditioner. It can also be applied on the nipples and genitals for cross country running and competitive cycling.

Since SuperSlyde is made with silicone, we find that our customers can also use it for various other purposes. For example, you can safely use it as a makeup primer before you apply foundation. Some people also use it to tame flyways in their hair.

Can SuperSlyde be used safely with different sex toy materials and other adult lifestyle products without impacting the material?

SuperSlyde is safe to use with sex toys, condoms and all, but not with silicone made sex toys. That’s because all silicone lubes contain a solvent that will melt silicone made products, not only SuperSlyde, all silicone lube are the same.

Can we look forward to new products from SuperSlyde?

SuperSlyde is always trying to satisfy all different customer’s needs. So we are planning to launch a formula specific for women, and also a cleaner for people who love to be clean and tidy as much as they love sex.

I have heard SuperSlyde supports charity programs. What charities does SuperSlyde support?

On the other hand, there are a few charity programs under development: A long-term fundraiser for Hong Kong Big Love Alliance for LGBTI community, Shelter for LGBTI youth in Singapore, sponsoring physical challenge/handicapped community NGO in Taiwan and Hong Kong and many more are coming. It is really a big thanks for all those who support our brand SuperSlyde, we can keep our good will to serve back the others in needs.

Silicone Superslyde Lubricant by the Illustrated Reviewer

Silicone Personal Lubricant

Some say it is the best lubricant in the world but it is certainly recognized as Singapore’s number 1 silicone lubricant. Starting with a cult following it is not being sold in many countries and has been used not just as a personal lubricant but to ease eczema, dry skin, burns and many other ailments and injuries. Chosen 9 out of 10 times between luxury lubes in a blind test. Try it now to see why.



Anal Sex! Desensitize Before Or Not?

The Back of Statues

I have mixed feelings about desensitizing lubricants and sprays. And i want to clarify that by saying desensitizing lubrication isn’t characteristically bad. It achieves its purpose of tuning down the body sensors in order to make anal sex easier and potentially more enjoyable. It prevents the body from letting you know when something is going where it doesn’t normally go, which may cause issues when you numb your anus.  If you can’t hear or feel what your body is letting you know, this could prompt an excruciatingly painful and even unsafe result when the desensitizing lube wears off – especially if you’re engaging in rough play or in toys or dicks that are beyond your normal capability.

Anal sex and foreplay may be the giver of joy for some ladies who enjoy it or are susceptible to blended orgasms or for males with their unique prostate organ (otherwise known as the male g-spot).   But for some it is unpleasant and sometimes even hurtful. Anal sex is not for everyone, however it is certainly an enjoyable experience for those that can relax and just go with it. This is because the anal passage comprise of slender,  nervy tissues that are extremely sensitive.  the anus does not self lubricate so unless ample lubricant is applied this passage is susceptible to tearing.

Lace Lingerie See Through
Prostate Sex

Sex is supposed to be pleasurable for both parties who will explore each other to find out what turns each one on the most.  Anal sex, in contrast to what is seen in porn movies, is enjoyed by a smaller percentage of men and women – however it is a good idea when you are with that special someone and completely trusting and relaxed with them to give it a go!  If it is not for you then do not do it – but if you do enjoy it the orgasms are intense, deep and full.

The key to anal sex is getting the right lubricant.  The anus absorbs so as opposed to that recommended with sex toys, water-based lubricant is not advisable.  A really good silicone lubricant is the go and do not use it sparingly, especially if it your first time.  Less may be more in some cases but with your virgin but more is better.  Many people when first starting out use a lubricant or gel that is infused with a numbing agent in order to allow initial penetration without any discomfort.

Silicone lubricants will also offer a coating that will stop absorption by the penis or anus and will help protect against infections – especially if a condom is not being worn.  The main thing is to relax and spend plenty of time with foreplay to make sure that it is monumental success that will be repeated rather than a catastrophic failure that will have you running every time someone goes near that precious rose-bud.  Use some anal sex toys or insert some kegel ball relaxing and tensing your sphincter, getting used to having something of size up there.

Once you are successful in being penetrated in your anus, if it was pleasurable you will find that your sphincter will completely relax allowing your partner to begin to pump you.  This is where the debate about anal numbing cream should or should not be used arises.  As a newbie you will not know what your body will tolerate and because you have applied a numbing agent your body will not tell you when it is time to slow down or stop.  So whilst your partner is in anal sex heaven you could be heading for a asstrophic disaster down there.

My belief is that numbing agents should not be used, as I feel that if you are enjoying it they are not needed.  If they are being used to mask the pain, you are doing it for the wrong reasons.  Explain it to your partner that it does not work for you and find some other way to have erotic pleasures and push the boundaries.


Before You Begin Your Anal fest –

  • What else may be influencing your capacity to relax?  Are you attempting anal sex for the right reasons?


  • Is your lover doing it for you?


  • Is your lover trying to hard?


  • Make the right choices to have anal sex that will be pleasurable for both of you?  Choose the position that you are most comfortable with and agree that you are in control.


  • Use a douche or enema to ensure you passage is squeaky clean before hand.

The main thing is that by turning off your pain receptors with desensitizing lube, you’re likewise turning off your pleasure sensors, and what’s sex without delight?  So there you have all the tips you need when you  numb your anus.


SuperSlyde Customer Reviews

Award Winning Personal Lubricant SuperSlyde
We got this SuperSlyde from a stand at Sexpo yesterday. The lady was very nice explaining it all to us and where we could get it online. She asked if we could rate it online once we tried it. At the show they said it would be the best lubricant we ever used and my wife and I have to agree. It is silky smooth and lasts forever. One drop just keeps going on and on. At Sexpo they said it is good to treat eczema, chaffed lips, good on burns, a water barrier for long distance swimmers and more. I can’t vouch for all that but would believe it after trying it. Seriously if ever you were to believe a review – believe me try it and you will never use another again.Oh, there was a negative… it did stain the sheets however the lass did tell us that and said it will come out in a warm wash.
Review by Donald from Kemps Creek
 SuperSlyder Lubricant Eros Award Winner
I suffer from vaginal dryness because of which my which my libido was in a constant decline. There was hardly any pleasure during sexual intercourse. Last night I got this sample at the Sydney Sexpo (Friday). It is the best lubricant I have ever used which is what the staff at the booth tried to tell me. Thanks to this lubricant for bringing back for the first time in a long time the same amount of joy into my sex life that I have had in a long time. It has really revived my sex life – last night and hopefully now for many more nights!  The reason why I will give this lubricant 5 stars is that it started working immediately after application on the clitoris and vagina. I used it just prior to intercourse. To my surprise , I have experienced the difference between other lubricants I used in the very first encounter. Now, hopefully each time I indulge in lovemaking it will work just as good. I made it a point to apply it all over my vagina. The best thing about this lubricant is that it is silicone and had no side effects at all and lasted forever. I even forgot about my usual problem of dryness as it just did not give up.
Like me, if you also want to enjoy your sex life to its fullest but suffer from dryness to the vagina, then you should get hold of this lubricant. If your sex life has turned monotonous and your relationship is on the verge of breaking up then try this lubricant – it really is that good and has opened up an area of my life that I thought was long gone.
It will change your life as I believe it has changed mine. Dryness of the vagina is a common problem. Most females come across this problem every now and then and others like me the problem is acute. There are many factors which are responsible for vaginal dryness like stress, hormonal disorders or side effects of medicines. If you have suffered from this problem, your mental agony and shattered self-confidence are comprehensible. Try this lubricant to bid-adieu to the vaginal dryness problems you had. I had been to doctors, specialists, counsellors and none had rectified the problem for me previously.
Though there are other lubricants available around and I had used many of them. But, to tell you frankly, no other lubricant had satisfied me more than this one. The price of admission to the Sydney Sexpo was well worth it and the girls from the Superslyde booth deserve my heartfelt gratitude for providing me such a wonderful lubricant. This is indeed the best lubricant I have ever used.
Look, I cannot say I would be leaving this review had the ladies at the booth insist I do if I found the lubricant to be the best I had found and I trust that this review is worth the free sample bottle that they gave me. Anyone out there that uses lubricants to aid with their sex try this – if you get a chance go to the SuperSlyde Booth at Sexpo and they will give you a sample for free.  My life often was miserable before because of vaginal dryness. My hubby used to complain and was indulging in self-pleasuring which really lowered my self esteem and caused resentment in my relationship. I owe a great thanks to this lubricant as I feel it may be the catalyst to completely change my life. My hubby is extremely satisfied now and for the first time in a long time we woke up spooning each other and actually laughed and talked over breakfast. Superslyde is the best lubricant ever a must buy for the victims of vaginal dryness that is ruining their sex-lives.
Review by Beth from Engadine


Superslyde Silicone Lubricant

I am quite fond of using lubricants and I am also quite keen on checking out and trying new products every time they are available online or in the market. I must admit that Superslyde is the best lubricant I have ever come around and used. I had the pleasure of getting a free sample at the 2014 Sydney Sexpo yesterday and true to say it lived up to its marketing expectations. The lubricant is silicone and extra smooth and very slick, long lasting, it doesn’t irritate the skin, hypoallergenic, safe for use with latex and it is also very simple to clean off. I am gay so it is important that a silicone lubricant is used as water-based lubricants are not good for anal sex as they as absorbed in the anus whilst the silicone is not.
Review By Steven from Erskenville
It is very different from any other ordinary lubricant and also on top of the already mentioned characteristics it is a product that assures safety and high quality. It is manufactured in Singapore and adheres strictly to conditions and the ladies told me it is the number one selling silicone lubricant in that Country.
I was actually amazed at the price being silicone and all and a small amount goes a long was, it actually is unlike some of the other lubes that are extremely overpriced and still give nothing close to what they promise. It is suitable for those with sensitive kinds of skin as well.
I was impressed by the fact that it does not leave you itching at all and it is easy to wash or wipe off. Most lubricants I have used previously are really thick and sticky and they leave your skin feeling clogged. I love the fact that whoever made the lube, Abra Lee, is also someone who had been in the same dilemma before of not finding the right lube and obviously from what the girls at the booth told me he was after something that was suited to both the GLTB and hetero communities. So he made Superslyde with his own experiences in mind and sure did the right job.
It doesn’t contain water and so it doesn’t dry off quickly or get absorbed. I even used it in the bath and it did not break up. Many lubricants that are water based are the complete opposite and they will only disappoint you. It is suitable for you if you prefer to have sex in a swimming pool, sauna, spa or shower,
It is suitable for gay couples, single people who prefer using sex toys and even those straight couples who prefer using lubricants from time to time. Good lubrication is essential in boosting sexual chemistry though many people often tend to overlook this factor. A good lubricant like Superslyde will only enhance and amplify your sexual experiences just like it did for me. I didn’t even have to use a lot of it since a little amount can carry you through and that was good value for my money. It is also suitable for massaging and it keeps the skin moisturized. It truly is sensual and unique in every possible way.
Its packaging is great and you can easily use it with one hand. I totally enjoyed the whole discovery process and the experience of using Superslyde and it definitely is a lube I would recommend far and wide and will use in the future. It is the perfect lube for those who value their sexual quality and satisfaction just like I do. Some things should just not be compromised no matter what!
Review By Anonymous from Sydney Expo

Singapores Best

I’ve been suffering from vaginal dryness problem due to which my libido was constantly declining. Sexual intercourse meant hardly any pleasure and it had become monotonous due to which my relationship was having major problems with intimacy. Vaginal dryness is a commonly faced problem in females and for others like me it is an acute and persistent problem. It is caused due to multiple factors like hormonal disorders, stress or may be the side effects of some medication. I had consulted many doctors, counselors and specialists so far but none had been able to rectify the problem until Superslyde Lubricant Australia.

A friend of mine got a Superslyde sample at Sexpo Sydney couple of weeks ago and told me about it. Subsequent I purchased a bottle from this site and things have been pleasantly different since then. I firmly believe that Superslyde is the best lubricant that i’ve ever used. I feel this has completely revived my sex life over the past few weeks as it helped to bring back the joy in my sex life that was missing since long. I would certainly rate this lubricant as a 5 star product because it starts its effect almost instantaneously. I applied it on the clitoris and vagina just prior to the intercourse and could immediately feel it to be pleasantly different from the other lubricants used by me in the past. The best feature of this lubricant is its longevity as it did not give up at all and i forgot about my usual dryness problem as well. Made up of silicone, this has no side effects whatsoever.

I would highly recommend you to use this lubricant to revive your sex life if you have also been trying to find an effective way to resolve the dryness problem in vagina. Superslyde is an exceptionally good lubricant that has rejuvenated an area of my life which was perceived to be long gone by me. My life had almost tuned miserable due to vaginal dryness as my hubby started to complain and indulge in self pleasuring which did affected my self-esteem and caused bitterness in my relationship. I am greatly thankful to this lubricant as I believe this may be the means to overhaul my life positively. My hubby is very happy now and after a long time we spend quality time together both in bed and out.

If you have been using lubricants to aid your sex life then you must get Superslyde It may change your life for the better as I believe it has changed mine and you should use Superslyde lubricant to say good bye to the vaginal dryness problems and all the mental agony associated with it. Although I had used some of the other lubricants in the past, but to tell you frankly, I had never been more satisfied than with this Superslyde lubricant. I am grateful to my friend that advised me to try Superslyde and giving me such a fantastic lubricant which is a game changer for me. I have told my doctor and counsellor about it an d they have told me they are going to begin recommending it to clients that experience similar problems.

Review by Trish from Kyle Bay



I’ll Let You In On Some Secrets!

Wet Stuff Secrets

Wet Stuff Secrets Lubricant

is already a revolution in the intimate world. It is made specifically for special and natural personal lubrication to allow one to fully enjoy sexual relationships. Thanks to its light texture and its silicone base  it comes into play not only during contact with each other sexually but also makes a great massage or water-barrier. It is a long lasting option for everyone seeking for extraordinary fun times! It really will surprise you with how good it is for the price plus it just contains low molecular grade and medical grade silicon.

Silicone does not get absorbed by the body and diluted by water so you can use it for anal purposes, too.  Not to mention, it is has not taste or color. You will be blown away by this innovative lubricant. Enjoy its mild and pleasant warmth when massaging it on your lovers body as part of your foreplay. It is perfect for every encounter.  Be fully prepared to apply on the body, intimate areas like nipples, anal areas, lips, clit, etc there are so many places it suits.

wetstuff silicone lubricantHeat Up Your Relationship

Are you tired of your relationships since they are always the same and want to heat them up? If you want to break monotony and are seeking for something new, then this is for you- yes! You’re in luck. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover a genuine lubricant. A new way to ignite the flame of passion is at your disposal. This is perfect for improving your sex or using sex toys, you should use it with your partner. You can always use this quality lubricant to give a gentle massage. Good news is, this product is dermatologically tested and it is compatible with latex condoms.

Silicone based lubricant are extraordinary in that their structure is not water based, which, for all intents and purposes, implies the lube doesn’t dissipate or go away amid use (as all water based ones do). When they were presented they were a vital other option to oil based, which don’t go away,  however do wreck condoms. This silicone lube is condom perfect.  Actually silicone was a material used by condom makers to allow lubricant to be attached to them.   In the mid-1990s lube manufacturers started making silicons personal lubricants due to their resistance to water and longevity without drying up.  From that point forward there has been a huge innovation into the quality of it and the quantity available on the market. Be ready to apply on the body, intimate areas like lips, nipples, clit.

This silicon based lube has been properly developed to use with condoms. Thus, if you like delicate and silky wetness, you will simply love it.

Some benefits of using silicone lubrication include:

  • Since these lubes contain no water they last a long time, so they’ll stay smooth for quite a while.
  • Silicone is incredible for individuals with delicate skin.
  • They can also be used for full body rubs, and they’ll leave your skin delicate, smooth and soft.
  • They are great for sex in the shower of hot tub.
  • Texture is silky smooth

Below I have listed some main reasons why people use silicone lubrication during sex:

  • If you simply need to improve things. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t think you require lube, it merits experimenting with a superb universally handy assortment.
  • “Lube just improves sex,” says Notte.

  • It doesnt dry out and moisturizes the skin creating a protective barrier.
  • Great for delicate skin
  • Ideal to use during that ‘time of the month’ as it will ensure that any leaks will not dry out and cause friction
  • Will not alter the ph or other levels of the vagina
  • Will act as a protective barrier on the penis reducing the chance of STIs
  • Increases the stimulation with the silky smooth wetness
  • Can be used in both foreplay and sex


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