Choosing The Right Butt Plug!

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Whilst I and a few of us have done reviews on excellent Butt Plugs on the market such as Nu’s Sensuelle or Fun Factory’s Boosty or LELO’s Hugo… what about those of us out there who are completely overwhelmed by the sheer size and power of some of these toys. Maybe you just don’t know where to start. Choosing the right Butt Plug for you can be a daunting task – especially if you’re just starting out in anal play.

So firstly, there is a few things you should know. No matter how big or small the Butt Plug is, they all tend to have a similar design: a tapered tip for easy insertion, a narrow neck for the body to grip around and a flared base to sit outside of the body to avoid any trips to the emergency room. For prostate stimulation, the plug will be specially designed with a curve in it to target the prostate gland, otherwise known as the P Spot. So if the Butt Plugs you’re looking at have these four things – you’re off to a mighty start.

In this review, I aim to:

  1. Enlighten you to a few products/manufacturers that you may have not heard of before, or maybe don’t know too much about.
  2. Give you the heads up you need to get started.
  3. Give you those little tips that make the whole process much, much easier.

While I don’t want to say there is any right or wrong way to have sex, it is critically important that you follow a few basic rules when engaging in anal play so that you’re shooting through the roof with pleasure and not pain.

What material is best?

If you’re just starting out in anal play, we highly recommend that you use a silicone or jelly toy – as they weigh less, are flexible and are soft. Another excellent plain and simple toy is BASIX Rubber works – Beginners butt plug by Pipedream which is still soft, but that little bit firmer, which makes for easier insertion. Again, both of these noticeably boasting the important features of the flared base, tapered tip and a slightly skinnier neck. Both of these plugs are simple with no frills attached. They’re both small in size and make near perfect for your first butt plug.


Vive Zesiro Anal Vibrator High End
Sex Toy: Vive Zesiro Anal Vibrator


So now that you’ve got your new toy… how do you go about using it?

First of all you’re going to want to get a good quality lubricant. At Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre Kogarah, we highly recommend Pjur‘s range of anal relaxant lubricants – Analyse me and Back Door. These lubricants are much thicker than your “standard” silicone lubricant, and offer more comfort and longer lasting use. You’re going to want to lubricate your new toy generously. With these kind of toys there is no need to go about it like a bull in a china shop. Take your time. Figure out whether you’re comfortable or not. Maybe sit there with the toy inserted for a few minutes before moving it at all. You’ll soon begin to discover what feels good, and what doesn’t. The best and only advice that I can give you at this point is to trust your body. Don’t push yourself if you’re uncomfortable, and just relax and take your time to explore.

How do you choose your next toy?

So when/if you have decided that you liked engaging in anal play, you might want to take a step up in the size department. This is where a set like A- Zone Max Passion Silicone Ring Plugs come in handy! This is a set of three plugs which vary in size and width. Perfect for beginner to intermediate users as there are three different step ups in size which you could use to gradually increase in size. They’re soft, but firm and are made with maximum comfort in mind. They’re made from 100% silicone and even have a ring on the end for easy removal.

Now that you’re 100% comfortable, your next step could be to move to glass or surgical steel butt plugs (which might I add are very pretttttty).

This step however, should not be taken until you’re completely comfortable with the sensation, as glass and steel plugs are typically much heavier and provide a completely different sensation again.

So what’s the overview?

  1. Start small. Think with your butt and not your eyes. Whilst those jeweled babies are extremely pretty, your body probably wont thank you for it if you jump straight in for the kill.
  2. Start with materials such as TPR Jelly or silicone, as its much softer and lighter.
  3. USE A GOOD QUALITY LUBRICANT. The anus can not produce natural lubricant like the vagina can so it is of utter importance that you use lubricant to save yourself from possible damage or being extremely uncomfortable.
  4. Only jump to bigger sized toys when you’re 100% comfortable and ready too.

Another important tip is to check all anal toys (especially glass and steel) for any ridges, seems or uneven surfaces. This could cause extreme and permanent damage to one of the most sensitive parts of your body, so it’s definitely worth that quick 5 second check when you first get the toy out of its packaging.

So with all of that in mind, I think you’re just about ready to embark on a new journey of self exploration. So enjoy! Love from the team at Oh Zone Kogarah and myself.


By Chloe a Consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre Kogarah

I Butt Fucked My Husband!

When I initially began getting into sex and I mean truly into sex, past the beginning stages of exploration I said to myself –

“I have no idea what I’m doing stage but oh my god, it feels so good stage”


“Holy shit this sex is magnificent how do I get better stage.”

At first I gave butt plugs a miss. I was happy to use basic bondage implements. I used vibrators with out any issues. To me role playing was second nature and we didn’t make it that kinky.  I found butt plugs appearing to be more of an oddity than a regular sexual toy.

I like receiving anal sex, yet the principle reason I like it so much is a direct result of the entire mood that occurs during it. His loud growling noises as he is doing anal, the feeling of being full and additionally the inclination of his dick entering my tight hole. When I had amazing anal sex I found butt plugs to be completely pointless. To top that off I don’t have a prostate, so why would I need one there?

On the other hand I was wary and anxious about using a butt plug or pegging a man.  I knew it was commonplace and that my partner desired it but was worried that either it would be a disappointment to him or that I might hurt him. We discussed using butt plugs first. He let me know that he would love the opportunity for me to use them on him. He wanted to know what it felt like to be completely full in his butt – the way I had described it to him.

My head was loaded with pictures of him lying on the bed, exposed with his ass up on the bed, putting something into his exposed butt.  My fantasies continued and I imagined him sitting at our office PC with some anal beads inserted whilst he jerked his hard cock to a raging climax.  The fantasies in my head made me want to make his desire a reality.

Jewelry Butt Plug
Things Men Put Up Their Butts

Without letting him know I went to an Adult Lifestyle Outlet and purchased a butt plug and a strap on and that evening lay them on our bed.  When it came time to retire he was them and said, “Are you going to use that on me?”  pointing at the butt plug.

I put on the sort of face that let him know I was apprehensive but willing to give some straight anal sex a go and said, “Nope.” I put it on the seat. “You’re going to do all yourself.”

I watched as he lubed up his ass and then the anal plug then his face took on a look of focus and he straddled the plug and tried to slide it in. He grimaced slightly, and I was kind of glad that I wasn’t the one guiding this. It was entirely up to him, he knew his body and he was feeling it. He put some more lubricant onto the toy and tried again. As he sat down gradually onto the wooden seat, his face showed an expression of torment and pleasure :

‘Im not quite sure I like this. It feels okay – let me relax for a minute.’ he said.

“How would you feel?” I asked.

“A little uncomfortable, especially with you staring,” He said,

“Touch yourself,”  I said.

He grabbed his dick and began sliding his hand all over. He jerked and kind of trembled with a blend or apprehension and arousal. I could see the strain in his neck, and the tight exertion in his thighs as he attempted not to resist with an excess of weight on his butt. He didn’t need it in too far straight away – he needed to take it gradually. He gulped, rubbed harder, loosened up a bit more. Getting the ass toy somewhat deeper into him.

“How does it feel?” I said.

“Still… ” he rubbed harder “… a little uncomfortable.”

I sat on the edge of the couch getting hot at the sight of him. It was his face, generally. The flashes of contentment as he stroked himself was arousing and I could see by the lengths of his strokes that he was finally getting into it – i’d not seen him like this since when I’d ‘accidentally’ spied on him watching porn online. I couldn’t accept there could be such a distinction between watching him wank and watching him wank like this: with a plug holding him in a spot where he was at odds about his satisfaction.

I had never before needed him more.

I walked over to him and pulled my panties aside. He gazed toward me and stared at my bare pussy. I smiled – i felt, happy, joyful and more turned on and thrilled by this seriously new situation.  It was a real turn-on that he was so tense from the butt plug but also so full of carnal desire as his hard cock showed.

I straddled his legs, wrapped my arms around his neck, and brought down myself onto his erect penis. Tenderly, for the initial couple of strokes, I slid here and there him – my cunt getting wetter and more sweltering at the resonances of his sad groans.

“If its not too much trouble,” He said.

“If its not too much trouble what?” I said.

“If its not too much trouble… go harder.” He said.

“Fuck you harder?” I said,

“Yes.” He Said,

“You need to feel me fuck you harder so this plug is pushed deeper into your ass?” I said.

“I… yes,” He said,

“Tell me again like you need it.” I said

“Fuck me harder. I need to feel it inside me. Deep inside me… Oh God. Fuck. That is so inside me.”  He yelled.

So I fucked him harder, much harder. I rode his dick in a quick, jolting mood, crushing his arse into the seat and the butt plug deeper inside him. I shook here and there and then here again so he could feel it pushing against within him from all edges. I grasped the seat and pulled on his hair as he shouted out. I felt the strain in him each time I pummeled down to the base of his cock – the robust, hard strokes that drummed the base of the fitting against the seat, and the tip of it into my lover.

This was the first experience I had with butt plugs. Starting here on, the fundamental thing I do with them and the reason I generally keep a few sorts in my sex toy drawer isn’t the play itself. I love seeing the amount of pleasure on his face. The looks of desire blended with instability and a substantial touch of need. It’s dirty on the grounds that he enjoys it. There’s nothing wrong at all it seemed from some straight anal sex.

At last before my thighs could even consider hurting from being on top, he gave a snort, jerked his head into the crook of my neck and he came. One last snort of fulfillment and anguish and desire, and his dick jerked hard inside me. He covered his face in my stomach and offered a shy thank you.

This was our introduction to our femdom anal play and we have since used the strap on to peg him.  He is now my anal boy and I do with him what I will.


How To Wear Butt Bling

Many of us wear gems in our every day lives without even batting an eye lid, yet it’s a fascinating when one considers where and when we first started to love them. The wearing of jewelry for the body can be dated back to over 75,000 years ago so humans have always wanted to enhance the way that they look to others.

How to peacock with anal jewelry

Now wearing anal jewelery is a little different but still a hell of a lot of fun. When wearing anal jewelry what first comes to my mind is the term “peacocking”. Peacocking is the social need which incorporates our sentimental associations to some degree. In the animal kingdom creatures have regular displays where they will ruffle plumage, or do mating dances in order to attract the opposite sex to mate. A standout amongst the most celebrated is the peacock with its astounding brilliant plumes that it will fan out like an enormous deck of cards. It might be that to the peacock his quill fan represents his own form of body jewelry. Due to it’s beauty, surely it will attract a mate just as surely a human that adorns itself with flattering jewelry will cause interest with the opposite sex. So competition is fierce both in the animal kingdom and the human dating scene so it goes without saying that people wanting to attract a lover should use all the attractive options availability to them. In other words, wearing anal jewelry can be seen as a seduction technique to attract a mate.

Jewelry can direct people’s eyes to your where you want them to look at – your best features.  For example, if you wear a piece of jewelry near your lower neck like a necklace, the jewelry will draw a persons gaze to that area and will accentuate bosoms or hairline.. Ear piercings guide the eyes to the erogenous area of the ears. Belly button piercings pull in the eye towards the waist, and for a female that may accentuate her womanhood. You can apply the same methodology to the bum! If you wear some butt bling, your sexual partners gaze will be directed to it.

Wearing adornments can also show people how well off your are economically. If you wear item’s which are hard to find or involve the expenditure of money it Tell’s people that you can afford a more then basic lifestyle. In this case, often this will indicate to others that you are of a higher social or wealth status. Wearing expensive jewelry will show your potential beaus that you are not cheap and will serve to drive off those that ‘cannot afford you or your lifestyle’.

The gorgeous anal bling we have is called “Butt bling”. The anal plug is adorned by a large gem attached to the metal but plug. It is intended to be inserted in the anus. It is similar to a standard butt plug except made of surgical steel which is used to insert into the ass for sexual pleasure. Butt plugs are available in various forms and different varieties for different types of enjoyment and methods for anal Fun.

Anal Jewelry Buy Online
Buy Now | Butt plugs and anal sex toys

Some of the requirements that should be present in a butt plug include that it should have a thinner region around the neck to facilitate the relaxation of circular muscle closing around the anus called the sphincter. Another feature that is must for an anal plug is that it needs to have a flared end to prevent it from getting into the rectum completely which may result in it getting stuck and require medical extraction.  They are generally bulbed so that once they are in they are not popped back out by the anal muscles contracting.

The basic structure of the product is a metal rod. It has a rounded head which is thinner. It gains dimension as you lower down and reaches a maximum after which it becomes considerably thin to make a place for anal sphincter and keeping it from getting stretched to an extreme level or once again popping out. The thin waist then becomes flared to keep the bling from inserting fully into the rectum. The surface of the bling is made very smooth o prohibit any damage that can be produced due to abrasion or friction.

Certain health concerns should be known before using such products. One of the most common concerns is that if the bling enters the anal passage past the flared base you may need immediate medical procedure for its extraction. Another concern that cannot be overlooked is that you need to have proper the thickness for you. If it is too thick it can damage the anal sphincter and other surrounding attachments. Butt Bling is a very popular product in the anal range. It is safe as well as sufficiently enjoyable. It comes with a various stoned flared end which may act as an extra arousal factor.

Why buy anal toys?

Discover the hidden delights of anal play with anal sex toys in all shapes and sizes. Take your first steps with beginners anal tools before moving on to advance play with anal beads, anal dildos and prostate toys. New to anal sex? Try anal sex toys and turn “eh?” into “aha!” for your personal anal adventure. Some butt plugs are made with massaging features to stimulate the prostate. Save