Everything Butt Bling – It’s A Cheeky Topic!

Are you ready to dive into the world of “everything butt”?  Look no further than our comprehensive guide to everything butt bling.  From bedazzled butt plugs to sparkling anal beads, we’ve got you covered or rather, your posterior covered.

Trust us, your derriere will thank you.

Everything Butt Bling

Many of us wear gems in our every day lives without even batting an eye lid, yet it’s a fascinating when one considers where and when we first started to love them.

The wearing of jewelry for the body can be dated back to over 75,000 years ago so humans have always wanted to enhance the way that they look to others.

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How to Peacock with Anal Jewelry – Everything Butt

Now wearing anal jewelery is a little different but still a hell of a lot of fun. When wearing anal jewelry what first comes to my mind is the term “peacocking”.

Peacocking is the social need which incorporates our sentimental associations to some degree.  In the animal kingdom creatures have regular displays where they will ruffle plumage, or do mating dances in order to attract the opposite sex to mate.

A standout amongst the most celebrated is the peacock with its astounding brilliant plumes that it will fan out like an enormous deck of cards. It might be that to the peacock his quill fan represents his own form of body jewelry.

Due to it’s beauty, surely it will attract a mate just as surely a human that adorns itself with flattering jewelry will cause interest with the opposite sex.

So competition is fierce both in the animal kingdom and the human dating scene.  It goes without saying that people wanting to attract a lover should use all the attractive options availability to them.

In other words, wearing anal jewelry can be seen as a seduction technique to attract a mate.

Everything Butt – Why Wear Butt Jewelry?

Jewelry can direct people’s eyes to your where you want them to look at – your best features.

For example, if you wear a piece of jewelry near your lower neck like a necklace, the jewelry will draw a persons gaze to that area and will accentuate bosoms or hairline.. Ear piercings guide the eyes to the erogenous area of the ears.

Belly button piercings pull in the eye towards the waist, and for a female that may accentuate her womanhood.

You can apply the same methodology to the bum!

If you wear some butt bling, your sexual partners gaze will be directed to it.

Wearing adornments can also show people how well off your are economically. If you wear item’s which are hard to find or involve the expenditure of money it

Tell’s people that you can afford a more then basic lifestyle. In this case, often this will indicate to others that you are of a higher social or wealth status.

Wearing expensive jewelry will show your potential beaus that you are not cheap and will serve to drive off those that ‘cannot afford you or your lifestyle’.

The gorgeous anal bling we have is called “Butt bling”.

An anal plug is adorned by a large gem attached to the metal but plug. It is intended to be inserted in the anus.   It is similar to a standard butt plug except made of surgical steel which is used to insert into the ass for sexual pleasure.

Butt plugs are available in various forms and different varieties for different types of enjoyment and methods for anal Fun.

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What to Look for In a Butt Plug – Everything Butt

It should have a thinner region around the neck to help the relaxation of circular muscle closing around the anus called the sphincter.

Another feature that is must for an anal plug is that it needs to have a flared end to prevent it from getting into the rectum completely.  Which may result in it getting stuck and require medical extraction.

They are generally bulbed so that once they are in they are not popped back out by the anal muscles contracting.

The basic structure of the product is a metal rod. It has a rounded head which is thinner.

It gains dimension as you lower down and reaches a maximum.  After which it becomes considerably thin to make a place for anal sphincter.  And keeping it from getting stretched to an extreme level or once again popping out.

The thin waist then becomes flared to keep the bling from inserting fully into the rectum.  Surface of the bling is made very smooth to stop any damage that can be produced due to abrasion or friction.

Certain health concerns should be known before using such products.

One of the most common concerns is that if the bling enters the anal passage past the flared base you may need immediate medical procedure for its extraction.

Another concern is that you need to have proper the thickness for you.  If it is too thick it can damage the anal sphincter and other surrounding attachments.

Butt Bling is a very popular product in the anal range and it is safe as well as sufficiently enjoyable. It comes with a various stoned flared end which may act as an extra arousal factor.

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couple trying out everything butt and anal play
sexy couple

He stood to the side of his bed looking over at the woman strewn across it and was in disbelief that someone so gorgeous would be laying there on his bed, wearing just her matching black lingerie.  Was about to lift his shirt off, but hesitated.

‘What’s wrong?’ she asked.

He breathed deeply. ‘My dad bod,’ he replied meekly.

‘Oh my god, seriously?’ She was almost giggling. ‘Let me be the judge of that. Get it off.’

He paused for a moment, but then noticed the honesty in both her voice and her expression.  Felt every one of his forty years as he slipped his top over his head, intoxicated just enough to not bother sucking in his belly.  The beers and the years had taken their toll, but he wanted to start this with honesty.

She laughed. As she had done for all the hours preceding.

Honestly, whole heartedly.  Some would say maniacally like a witch, but he thought it was cute.  True emotions were rare these days, regardless of what they were.

‘That,’ she said when her laughter subsided, ‘that is not a dad bod. Come here.’

He followed her signalling fingers, crawled into her open arms.  Her body was hot, in both ways.  His arms wrapped around her waist, his lips to hers and her remarks were genuine, and she showed her appreciation with her hands and her mouth.

She wondered how she could get so lucky.

Funny, smart, devilishly good looking.  Somehow this George Clooney lookalike despised himself so much he had lowered himself to her level.

He couldn’t understand how an angel like her was so receptive to him.  Sure, he’d made her laugh, even managed to completely be himself.

When she introduced herself as Lana, he’d even made a joke about her name played out backwards, and she didn’t freak out.  In fact she laughed and high fived him. Crass humour is so hit or miss.

She felt his hands fumble and undo her bra, tossing it aside.

Her hands whipped up to cover herself.  She apologised for her deflated breasts.  He moved her hands aside and kissed them, savoured them, devoured them and she let herself indulge in the moment.

He couldn’t believe the night.  His mind disallowed the reality, the dream he was living.  One of her favourite songs had come on hours earlier and when she asked him to dance, he didn’t hesitate.

Not caring for the watching eyes or cameras, just to live in the moment.  For a change.  Twirling her, feeling her rhythm.  Just as he did now.

She pressed herself against him.

Longed to move forward, progress the evening to the next stage, while simultaneously wanting to linger in each and every moment.  Couldn’t help her arching back as his tongue travelled south of her breasts.

When he reached her stomach she stopped him. ‘I’m sorry,’ she whispered.

‘What for?’

‘My scars.’ They were hard words to put out in the open.  She knew how this played out; with judgement.  His eyes widened, as did his smile.

‘This?’ he said, tracing his finger along a small scar on her belly.

She tried to resist her stomach flinching in the spotlight.  ‘One of my babies didn’t want to come out the natural way.’ He looked up at her from her flat belly. ‘And that’s why there’s  no apology needed. For any reason, really,’ he added.

He saw the look on her face, she wasn’t buying it.

Regarding her for a moment and then propped himself up on his knees.  He pointed to the two deep scars just above his waist. ‘Bone grafts,’ he said before flexing his right leg forward. ‘But that’s nothing on this.’

She looked at his leg, the knobby scarred tissue consuming half his leg. She ran her fingers along the bumps and dimples. ‘What is this?’

‘I nearly died in a motor accident. This here is my thigh tissue.’

She regarded the skin even more thoroughly.  He couldn’t feel the touch; the nerve endings had never rebuilt themselves.

‘Your scars came from giving life,’ he said, ‘As mine saved my life.’ She kissed his scar, then pulled him close for a kiss on the lips.

From that moment, they moved on, indulging and engorging themselves upon one another.

Explorative and passionate, savouring each and every moment before the breaking dawn stole them from their reveries.

She didn’t know what he was doing with his fingers, beyond that if felt amazing, as he felt when she took him within her mouth.

As the morning sun crept through the curtains, dappled and broken, he wrapped his arms around her.  Their naked bodies pressed close, he still couldn’t believe this angel had shared his bed with him.

Which was when he heard her exhales, sleeping, snoring, dribbling slightly along his arm.

He pulled her closer, kissed her neck, and fell asleep wondering what angels dreamt of.


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