Male Chastity Story Unveiled: Locked Desires

My Male Chastity Story – I’d like to share my experience with using a male chastity device and educate you on the potential pleasures it can bring. Unfortunately, many online self-proclaimed experts on male chastity are dishonest. It’s surprising how few men are interested in having their genitalia locked up by their partner indefinitely. I’ll discuss what I’ve learned about male chastity devices – in the hope it helps you!

My Male Chastity Story

A few days prior to my wedding, I bought a CB3000, a popular chastity device. I gave it to my wife as a surprise gift before our wedding, as a joke. She had expressed doubts about my faithfulness after marriage. II wanted to gauge how seriously she took it because of her past experiences with unfaithful partners.

She actually started experimenting with it. Although the first time she insisted we try it and put the device on me it came as a bit of a shock. Although silently and subconsciously I was pleased. We experimented and found out ways that the use of the chastity device actually enhanced our pleasure. She liked it so much – and I guess the thought of being in control – she would keep me bound in my device for weeks at a stretch.

This eventually increased to months at a time.


Male Chastity Story
Male Chastity Torture Ring


The trouble was that I could not masturbate and I started missing this greatly. It became so much of an issue that I begged her to release me so that I could at least relieve myself occasionally.  She refused and seemed to take great pleasure in punishing me – not allowing me to have any sensory pleasure with my manhood.

In saying that she was no longer worried about me cheating on her anymore – knowing that my cock was locked up and she was the one and only keyholder.  One evening I overheard her telling a friend that she should lock her husband up as well.  She told her that she would never have to worry about him cheating on her ever again.

My Complaints Turned Around To Me Being A Fan

Erotic denial is a fact when wearing male chastity devices.  Initially as I mentioned I complained and complained, but soon realised that I actually enjoyed it.  Changing from whingeing to being a chastity fetish fan. It sickly turned me on the more my wife dominated me. And when she gave me release on the odd occasion I took advantage of every moment.

I was curious about my fetish for male chastity devices and decided to seek the advice of a urologist. I wanted to ensure that using these devices did not pose any health risks. The urologist informed me that there is no official medical resource that provides information on this particular topic. Undeterred, I conducted my own research and eventually had a male chastity device customized to my specifications that would allow sufficient compression on my cock so it would hurt when I got an erection.

No longer being a newbie at this game I wore it for short periods under her control and supervision.  Just to make sure it did not effect me adversely health wise.
Buy Male Chastity Device

After a lot of searching, I finally found the perfect male chastity device for me. The names of the devices themselves are quite stimulating and include Torture Puzzle, Tigers Cage, Hell’s Dungeon, Grinder, and Exoskeleton, among others. These are sold by reputable vendors like the one above and are much safer than other options. The silicone cock cage I purchased is made of flexible material and is partly adjustable, making it comfortable for extended wear. And, of course, it can only be removed with the help of a key.

What Was The Chastity Device I Chose?

I chose a pricey chastity device after discussing it with my doctor and obtaining my wife’s approval. This device lacked rings that cause tissue compression and did not include cock rings. My doctor informed me that erections are a natural process and night time erections can aid in blood flow, and maintain the health of erectile and vascular tissues. This will keep the cock healthy and prevent atrophy due to a lack of usage, just like any other muscle.

So I am very alert as I hope to have many more healthy erections.

Regardless what the doctor said it was not going to stop me,  or my wife, from locking my cock in chastity restraints.  So just to find out the best and safest way I went online.

Man In Chastity
Royalty Free Pexels – Kamaji Ogino

Male Chastity Devices are a Type of BDSM Foreplay

I discovered that, like other sex toys, the chastity device I purchased is a popular bondage item. However, it is not regulated or certified by the FDA or other governing bodies. Surprisingly, there have been few to no complaints of impotence caused by wearing these restraints.

In fact, many people enjoy the tightness and restrictive pleasure they provide. I consulted with my doctor and a urological trauma specialist, who confirmed that there are very few reports of injuries caused by male chastity restraints, even with overuse.

I was able to get hold of a blogger named Metal who Incidentally told me that he was also a renowned keyholder for cocks. Many of his ‘client’ had been locking up their cocks together for years. Bondage and Discipline coupled with Sadism and Masochistic leanings were Metal’s areas of expertise. He reassured me that he had locked up cocks, and none had difficulty in getting an erection when their devices were removed.

The pain of the erection in the beginning always turns into pleasure.

Metal advised me that play with my custom chastity device is a kind of foreplay, which is really, really long. It prolongs the pleasure to give a kind of tantric euphoria which passes on to transcendence. But there are rules that need to be followed.

These rules need to be made by the Keyholder and could include;

  • Being spanked immediately after you are released and cum
  • Getting chained to the bedposts when you are first released
  • The longer you stay in chastity – the longer you are released

Rules can be anything, just us a little imagination – tailor it to your desires.

I have realized that using a male chastity device can improve my marriage, and I would suggest to my acquaintances to try it out as well. However, if they prefer a more traditional, boring sex life, that is also an option.

Chastity Device Rules

In a cuckold relationship, the cuckold’s role is to support his partner and prioritize their needs above his own. Once this dynamic is established, it is recommended to introduce a male chastity device to prevent the cuckold from wasting time on his own sexual pleasure. This will ensure he remains focused on servicing his partner.

Implement the chastity device even before marriage or during dating to establish boundaries early on. Ultimately, this approach can help maintain a healthy and fulfilling cuckold relationship. Especially when it comes to masturbation or sex.

As the key holder in my relationship I will not allow my cuckolded man to ejaculate at any time without my permission. This includes when I choose to take the chastity device off too. There is nothing more empowering to have his penis enclosed for a long period, and then after release still deny him his release. It will only make the moment you do allow him to to be all the more exciting and rewarding.

BDSM Sex Toys
View BDSM Products

My Husband Begs Me For Sex But I Am In Control

My husband begs me for sex that I permit him to have about once a month. To see how excited he gets when the time approached is in some way pathetic, but in other ways a real turn on. Knowing that whenever I want it, his cock will be erect, and ready to service m. This empowers me and in most cases denies him.

Chastity can be an important part of teasing and denial play. Teasing and denial is a form of Discipline where the wife takes pleasure in purposely teasing her cuckold both physically, verbally and even mentally. I love a cuckolded lifestyle and my husband does too!

Before getting married, I communicated to my partner that I was open to having consensual affairs, but I would never cheat on him behind his back. Whenever I engaged in such affairs, I made sure to explain the situation to my partners and even brought them home for my husband to watch.

Sometimes I Bring A Bull Home Who May Find Him Attractive

This made him feel desired by other men (bulls), while still being chosen by me. Recently, my husband kept asking me to put him in chastity. Since I did not like the look or design of the plastic belt he had from before we were married, I decided to get him a steel cock cage.

I had a condition for him to stay in it for six weeks at a time and he could only come out when I allowed him to. He accepted my condition, but the first time he was only in it for a month. He pleads with me to let him out constantly.

I love the look of it on him. The way steel chastity cock cage contains and looks on my man’s big dick. He has mentioned to me that he loves the feeling of the cold steel around his cock and balls.

Learn how to measure your cock for a male chastity device.

I Love The Way My Husbands Cock Looks In A Chastity Device

I don’t get why men like to have that part locked up, but I certainly love it when he wants me with his whole being. It is great to be the key holder and in charge and certainly he is more receptive and kind to me. I also make his hands cuffed to our bed and legs shackled to the bed once or twice a week, while I tease and shave his dick hair.

This way there is no chance of escape of the chastity and I further enforce my dominance.

He only gets to have 10 sexual encounters with me per year. He is usually let out for 1 day for each encounter. Last night, because he was really good, I had him serve dinner to me and my 3 girlfriends. We were in sexy short skirts, high heel sandals and he was stripped naked with only the cage on. And of course out of his g-string, that he always wears for me.

We all grabbed his cage and his butt while he served us dinner.

After we were done and he cleaned up we decided to only shackle his legs, free his dick out of the cage and he had to have sex with each one of us. He pleased each of us, and to keep him horny we pleased each other too. He got drained good, and when we were done he got locked back up in the cage for the next fun encounter.

My man loves being locked up in his male chastity device. It is great to know when he is to see someone else, it is at my command and will.

I love keeping my man in chastity and he loves it too.



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  1. Im a boy in chastity. And love it. I told my wife to be. About it. And yes i said you may cuckold me. Well she came my wife/mistress. Its been 20years now. In chastity mostly all time. Im out of it long enough to shave and clean. When out i may have a hard-on. But no touching. My love is out on a date. When she comes home i will be asked to go down on her. ( if ) she in the mode to tease she lets me put my useless boy toy in her as she ask if its in. Last time in she told me if in go faster. I did as i said im going cum . she toke her hand and hit my balls time after time. I went soft. I pulled out of what i was in. She said. As she graded my nuts hard as the cum came out slowly. As i was told clean it up. And get him in his holder. I thank her. As she went to bed. I love her so much. In the morning.her coffee was made. I ask her if she would whip my ass .this morning for crying about nuts full in only 63 days. She said if you wish. I said i wish my mistress. She hit my ass 20 time. I asked for more. And she gave me harder ones. 50 on each side and one right one the balls. Then i toke her shopping. And when we stopped to seat. I had a sweet remember of the start of the morning. I have the best wife.

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