I Was Raped & Forced Into Prostitution

My Horror Date it happened only five years ago when I was 17 measured 1.58 and my statistics were 95-60-89. I have blue eyes, brown skin black hair, now I’m 22; I am tall at 1.75 meters. My mother told me to get up early as my two cousins Andrés and Roberta were coming to visit me and take me on a date. I felt reassured after I learned that my mother was also in touch with them. I got into a loose mini dress which was light semi-transparent and lemon yellow color and which reached me a little above thighs which were white and juicy. Being a hot day I did not wear a bra.

When they came I offered them some drinks and when I turned to leave I found Andrés staring at my ass so hard I thought I had exposed it or something. Andrés told me I had a cute bum and he wanted me to remove my panties and become nude as he wanted to take me from behind. I laughed at the situation innocently as I thought because they were my cousins it was all a prank. Andrés told me he would like me to wear a thong and this was an amusement for all of us it seems as we all laughed.

I tell him “You are crazy.”

Andrés told Roberta: “She has a hell of an ass”.

Roberto replied: “She has a hard ass that is just hot as hell to look at, I wonder what it feels like?”

Rape Fiction
Rape Story


I became so nervous I did not know if I should say yes or no to everything, to run or stay. I did not know if my mother was selling me or doing me a favor.

Andrés told me “Look baby if you obey all will be well otherwise, I will give you an injection to remove the nerves, perhaps your mother warned you that this day would come”.

I did not get time to react when he placed me on a sort of gynecological chair. They strapped me down and forced my legs wide open. Then he told me about Mr. Tommy who wanted to marry me though at his age he could not maintain erections and how he would pay me lots of money to break my hymen while he watched. Andrés gave me injection into my arm. I didn’t know what it was but Roberta asked me if I have lost track of everything as there was nothing to worry about. I felt like my body was floating and I could not really feel anything, guilt, fear everything had just disappeared. It was like I was watching everything through a movie camera – nothing seemed real.

Then two huge black men came into the room with a headphone like gadget connected with wires after which a third black man with his head covered like an executioner began to attach the gadget into the electric socket and turned the power on. He then started to connect headphones like device to my temples and wires to my nipples with clamps and onto my labia. He then turned the switch on the gadget and I felt a surge of electricity – the numbness I have been feeling disappeared and I lost consciousness.

When I awoke I saw Roberto standing over me in my horror date. My pussy and labia had been shaved.  It made me feel exposed and vulnerable. I looked down to my vagina and saw a trickle of blood and knew that Tommy must have broken my hymen whilst I was unconscious. Both the other black men then unbuckled me from the gynecology chair and grabbed my arms and tied me with ropes to a wooden trestle that was beside the wall. These two grabbed me by the arms, and placed me naked in front of Tommy who I noticed wore a medical type apron and in that instant he saw the fear in my eyes, he bulged and his mouth was drooling – he had received what he wanted.  I wondered how much my cousins had been paid for this.

I was now kneeling with my hands tied against the trestle and two black men removed their pants and I saw that they now had hard erections. The drug they had given me made everything feel cloud and warm and seeing these men’s cocks stand in appreciation of my nakedness and vulnerability was actually turning me on. The first man then entered me his throbbing black rod went in and out, with all the force, until he gave me the final push, shoving it in the depths of my now pulsating cunt and poured in all the frothing cum into me.

I lowered my eyes and saw that both the other black men and my cousins were naked and thoroughly aroused with stiff cocks and were staring at my sweating body and creampie dripping cunt. The truth is I began to wonder how far this would go. Immobilized as I was the thick fingers of the first black man pinched my tits and twisted them so that it made me scream and beg for release. Whilst he was doing this the second black man entered me an had his way with me until I felt sizzling hot semen fill my insides.

“Scream for a caress” Tommy said.

He was now sitting in a chair beside me. I said nothing.

Tommy said, “That deserves more punishment.”

During all this excitement Tommy was stroking his soft cock and he watched me fascinated as the first black man whipped my cunt. This as the whip stung my clitoris I began to feel warm inside and he started whipping me faster and faster. It was then that I started to cum and knew that any visions of having a normal sex life were now removed.

The black man gestured to my cousins who opened my legs with a kick to each foot, and each got a whip, and opened my legs wide. They started whipping me in the middle of my sex with a small whips. I bit my lips to keep from screaming in pleasurable pain but I could not hold it in and screamed. This seemed to greatly excite the two black men.

Tommy who said, “This is all perfect”.

The drugs were beginning to wear of but I was now guiltily enjoying the pain.  I noticed that especially the first black man became very excited a second time and he ordered my cousins to put leather wrist and ankle cuffs held together by chains that were then attached to an O Ring and lifted via a pulley. This left me hanging naked in the air. They spread my ankles with a steel spreader bar which made my legs wide open exposing my already raw, bloody, creampie and wet cunt. I was hung in the air, Roberta had left the room now, whilst the black men were massaging their enormous cocks. Tommy was still sitting in his chair stroking his placid penis. Finally, Roberta came back with a very long whip. I just heard a whistle of the whip and felt my ass was on fire.

I did not know then that there were two other customers who were waiting to fuck me after Tommy and the black men had finished with me – but there were and they did. Tommy had been paid a lot of money to break my hymen – more than you imagine. Everyone applauded the black man for having shoved his huge cock into my virgin cunt and my cousins promised me an award afterwards. Tommy commented that he had enjoyed my performance and he promised to take care of me as a future wife. I passed out and remember little more of that first night.

I woke up in my bed bandaged the next morning, and before me Roberta was stroking my face gently. I had apparently feinted from the pain and shock was now locked in my bedroom. Roberta explained to me that my mother was a prostitute and had arranged my initiation into the oldest profession on my 17th birthday. Although Tommy wanted to marry me I refused the offer.

Now I go missing for days, and fuck so many people. I have not forgotten my horror date from hell. Now Roberta looks at me in a very special way, different from the other girls that he pimps for. I smile and thank both my cousins as I now understand that both Andrés and Roberta are pimps who also sell my mother into the sometimes painful profession which she, like me, has come to crave for.


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