What REALLY Happens At Sexpo!

Sexpo sydney backstage

I worked at Sexpo over the weekend supporting Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Boutique Centres. I was quite excited to attend, and it was amazing fun working with colleagues and getting out there. I absolutely love events and festivals like this as it gives us an opportunity to promote a sex positive vibe to a lot of people that wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable walking into an adult store. These festivals and events are also important in making people comfortable with sex and sexuality, and opening the way for people to think about their bedrooms and relationships.

However, one of the things that I repeatedly noticed about the event, was simply the lack of information on sex, sex toys and alternative lifestyles that many people had. Our stand focused on steel and kink toys and to be fair, kink and fetish adult toys are often misunderstood – but there were some things that were said that were so far off the mark that it was a wonder that they made it through the door! So if you came to visit us, or if you passed by the stand at Sexpo and were a little confused, I have written an article that kind of summarises some of the things that repeatedly came up over the weekend.

Chastity is not about trust

One of Oh Zone’s exclusive fetish brands is Hell’s Couture, and they have a large amount of chastity and chastity play gear. Having only recently becoming involved in chastity myself, I’m not only very excited to talk about chastity (that damn honeymoon stage), but I’m also quick to point out corrections that need to be made. Sure, we might joke that chastity is about trust, and that’s perfectly okay, and for some there are elements of trust involved. Chastity however, at its core, is about power and control. By locking up the very thing that makes a male a man, his dick, and then preventing him from using that when he wants you are essentially controlling his masculinity, agency and him. Think about it, ever since he discovered that he could tug himself off and achieve orgasm with relative ease, he’s been doing that. Now, you lock him up and tell him that he can’t, add to that the idea that he has to please you and he might get released… and you’ll quickly find it’s a fun power play. We have numerous articles on chastity throughout this website, including how to measure up for a cock ring correctly. correctly. So if you popped on by over the weekend and aren’t sure how to measure up, check out that article.

Don’t yuck someone’s yum

Hell’s Couture has about a thousand different items within the range, at Sexpo we couldn’t take the entire range so we took an assortment of interesting things designed to not only spark up a conversation, but also to educate. Several times over the course of the weekend, people would come on over to our stand, pick something up and be like ‘What the &^%$ is this?” After telling them, they’d drop it like a hot potato and run for the hills screaming bloody murder. I get it, there’s many things in this world that I have hard limits on, but I don’t begrudge other people their kinks. As I was telling a lovely couple over the weekend just starting to explore their fetish and kink desires – you do you. For example, bondage and restraints can mean so many different things to different people. That’s why there are so many different bondage roleplaying ideas. For the couple over in the corner – they might feel that silk restraints, and a lace blindfold is heavy bondage for them. For another couple, silk and lace is just way too soft for them, and they require leather pieces, a ball gag, and some heavy duty rope. They’re still doing the same activity, bondage and restraints, but they’re just engaging it in different ways and that’s perfectly okay – you do you.

Don’t yuck someone’s yum #2

In addition to this we took a variety of medical fetish toys including sounding gear and speculums. Sounding toys aren’t for everyone, for many men the idea of sliding a steel rod down their cock hole is just way too much for them. I’ve tried it. I didn’t find pleasure in it, but would I do it to someone else if they enjoyed it? Absolutely.

Many things in fetish and kink, and indeed the Hell’s Couture range is primarily mind over matter. Steel is aesthetically hard core. It instantly creates a specific mindset, and a particular state of being that is essential to getting into the right scene. Consider the idea of a woman walking into a room in wearing black and red latex gear carrying a whip. That image instantly creates a particular feeling and scene. Now, if she were to come in wearing a pink plaid skirt and a white school shirt, carrying school books then the scene is completely different. In one, she’s clearly being more dominant, and in the other the idea of the school girl as being less dominant.

Sounding is not about pain. Out of the three tables of stock, we only took one item that primarily centred on pain – that being Kali’s Teeth. Sounding toys and gear is about stimulating an area of the body that’s not normally stimulated. It’s described as a reverse ejaculation, that feeling you get as the fluid rushes through the urethra, and that’s pretty much it. You insert the rod, you slide it down, and you either have sex or jerk off with it. It’s not about control, it’s not about trust, and it’s certainly not about pain.

Nothing replaces the human touch

One of our pride and joys that we took to the Sexpo show was one of our sex machines. We had this thrusting away the entire weekend and it not only received many compliments, but it received a lot of photographs and comments. One of the comments that struck out often enough though was the one that simply said ‘Well, you wouldn’t need me then, would you?”. A seemingly innocuous comment but one that certainly needs to be addressed, as myself and colleagues have heard this many times when working in the stores as well. Many people view sex toys as replacements to a sexual partner. They’re not. Sex toys are (mostly) used with the idea to supplement a couple’s pleasure, and to ensure that everyone is having fun. The exception being sex robots which are a completely new category and which we’ll discuss elsewhere. Sex toys work with partners, not against partners. It’s simply about providing a different sense of stimulation. You are still in control of the sex toy, and it’s merely an extension of you and not a replacement.

Respect and inclusivity

One of the most amazing things I saw over the weekend was just how inclusive the event was. There were people in diverse relationships, and numerous people with physical disabilities. What was amazing was this visibility and the idea that everyone can have sex and pleasure. Many times we neglect these groups because we don’t understand them, or we dismiss them as being non-sexual as is the case of what many people do with people with disabilities. Everyone has a need for sex, pleasure and intimacy and it was a truly amazing experience seeing this reflected in the crowd.


Education takes time – it’s really difficult to describe certain scenes, and BDSM toys in the space of 30 seconds, and that’s one of the most disappointing things about shows and festivals like this. You want to intimately describe some of the toys and items, but there’s simply not enough time. For this reason, it’s important, when it comes to kink and fetish, that you do your research. It’s also important to remember that no matter how much research that you do that it’s never going to be the equivalent of doing it. Like we mentioned earlier in this article, you do you and there are times when you may not even use a toy as it was intended, you might use it for completely different reasons which brings us to point 7. . .

Sex toy teamwork

Many of the toys that you may have seen on the kink and fetish table are not stand alone toys. Let’s take for example restraints. Cuffing someone to the bed can be hot. You can have your own way with them, they’re vulnerable and they’re helpless – which is part of the appeal. Now let’s add a blindfold to that. A blindfold is not as effective by itself, but when you team this up with the cuffs, all of a sudden you up the tempo. Not only are they cuffed, but they also can’t see either. Now let’s up the tempo even further with a pair of nipple clamps. Blindfolded, cuffed whilst the nipple are stimulated. You can even up the tempo even further with something like the Wartenberg wheel for some truly sensory fun! When it comes to kink and fetish toys – they work as a team rather than stand-alone items.

It’s clear that more education on sex, kink and fetish is needed. It’s a slow process. We’ve spent the past few decades learning that sex feels good and that we should be talking about not only our own pleasure, but our sexual partner’s pleasure as well. We are unpacking our learning of the idea that sex is for reproduction – and it’s a slow process. By putting sex and the idea of pleasure into the open, we are changing the way that people think and view sex and sexuality, one person at a time. If you had any questions about Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres being at Sexpo, or had any further questions about the products that we had on display – please don’t hesitate to drop into one of stores at Penrith, Caringbah or Kogarah (Kogarah is wheelchair accessible), or drop us a line on our online store. We had a great time at Sexpo and we really hope that you learnt something, as well as had a blast!

Author: Stephen is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Differences Between Chastity Device Materials


There are several sex toy materials to consider before selecting a male chastity device, and this is an important consideration to make. The choice of material will affect your comfort levels, your ability to remain clean, as well as the look and the style that you’re going for. Male chastity sex toys aren’t solely about the restriction of sexual satisfaction. Especially if you’re being taken to sex parties and BDSM events, then you or your partner might be trying to achieve a certain look for the occasion. Some chastity devices are incredibly ornate and aesthetically pleasing, but they may or may not be suitable for long term wearing. With that being said, you might find yourself constrained by one particular device for everyday use, and a second device for ‘showing’ off. Some materials and styles might accentuate your size, and others might restrict your size.

Chastity Device Material Types


Leather is an inexpensive material to use and is generally considered to be an entry level device into chastity toys. Indeed, leather is the material to use when you’re first exploring chastity play due to the slight ‘stretch’ that it has as well as it being relatively easy to take on and off. Owing to the nature of leather, it can be worn for extended periods of time, however the device does need to be taken off for showering and bathing. Leather cock rings may be all leather, or they may have a small metallic piece/tube at the end. Leather cock rings do not generally completely encase the penis, meaning that there’s still opportunities to touch yourself, though this does depend on the actual design.  Leather ensures a natural air flow, and in emergency situations the leather can be cut. So long as you’re looking after the material leather will last for a while, though not as long as steel chastity devices. Failure to look after the leather will result in a short lived toy.

Leather chastity pants
Image: Faux Leather Male Chastity Pants


Plastic Poly Carbonate devices are generally recommended for people on the move. They are exceptionally light weight and can be worn for extended periods of time so long as there is care given to cleaning and hygiene. Indeed, some people are able to wear their plastic cock cages for months at a time! There are numerous plastic chastity devices on the market, and some will completely enclose the penis, and others will have large open cages so there’s a good mix to select from to ensure your comfort levels. Plastic cock cages will generally come with a variety of cock rings to ensure a snug fit and the ability to customise. In emergency situations plastic devices, or the clip holding the device in place, can be cut with wire cutters, or side cutters.

Plastic chastity sex toy
Image: ExoBelt V1 Male Chastity Device


Most chastity devices are metal, and metal is sought after not only for its durability, but also its security. The downside to metal is the weight so this must be a consideration before purchasing one – though many people prefer the weight as it is a reminder that they are being held captive. A variety of metals are used in chastity devices and the best metal that you can get is Stainless steel and 316 Stainless steel – these types of steel are used by the medical profession and ultimately considered to be body safe and hygienic. Metal cock cages are very difficult to get out of without the key as they will require a bolt cutter to the padlock to get them off. Metal can also be worn for extended periods of time, so long as careful cleaning and maintenance routines are undertaken.

Surgical steel chastity devices
Image: Nugatory Cock Cage Surgical Steel


Silicone cock cages are a relatively new material to the market. Like plastic, they are incredibly light weight and are ideal for discreet everyday use. Silicone does not absorb bacteria, though it is important to note that the material is not breathable and will require cleaning and care on a regular basis. Silicone is also a stretchy material that you will find that it far more forgiving than something like metal.

Silicone chastity sex toy
Buy Now | Chastity devices and cock cages

When choosing the material of a chastity device, you should also consider personal hygiene, care & cleaning, whether you are circumcised or uncircumcised and if you have any genital piercings.

Personal Hygiene

You also need to take into consideration a device which allows for care and hygiene and which best fits your lifestyle and wear. Cages which have completely open ends are the best ones to consider as these offer continued air flow to the head of the penis, and are easy to clean. A reminder is given that they do allow easy access to the penis, and may not be suitable for all types of chastity. Open tubes and wide netted cages are also considered to be good be good options for the airflow and accessibility for cleaning, though care will need to be taken to ensure that any sweat build up is carefully cleaned at the end of each day if they have any solid pieces to them.

Cages that inhibit the flow of urine also need to have special care taken with them as small drops of urine can get caught on the device and ultimately pose issues. The last type of cage is a closed end cage which completely encompasses the penis and denies any form of touching to the penis whatsoever. These are only recommended for play sessions, or very short periods of time as they can quickly pose significant hygiene risks.

Care and Cleaning

There are two ways to clean your cock cage. A temporary clean, and a thorough clean. It is important to attend to both on a regular basis to ensure the cleanliness of both you and the device. A thorough clean involves the complete removal of the device. You will need to be unlocked and clean the device as per the material. Steel can be boiled to remove the buildup of any bacteria and it is important to check for any irregularities and damage whilst the device is off. Plastic can have a tendency to build up an odor when worn for extended periods of time, so regularly cleaning and submerging with a water and a body safe anti-bacterial soap is recommended.

A temporary clean involves cotton buds and a body safe anti-bacterial spray/soap. Using the cotton buds, carefully clean both the inside and the outside of the device and skin which you may not be able to access normally otherwise. This is especially useful when cleaning up bodily fluids and to ensure that there are no odors during use.

Circumcised or Uncircumcised

For the most part all cock cages will be suitable for either circumcised or uncircumcised cocks – but there are some that are more practical and comfortable than others. If you’re wearing a cock cage that is too tight or short, you may find that the foreskin is being pressed against the cage causing discomfort. Worse, that it’s pressing against the cage in such a way that urination is difficult and unruly. If you’re worried about the foreskin being pressed up against the cage in an uncomfortable way, measure the length of your penis when flaccid and select an appropriate length cage, or get an open top cage. Cages with ‘piss slits’ or a small slit at the top of the cage may also cause discomfort to the foreskin which could result in the foreskin becoming inflamed if aggravated for extended periods of time. If you’re uncircumcised its best advised that you carry a couple of cotton buds with you at all times so that you adjust the positioning of the shaft if necessary.

Your next step is to learn how to measure your chastity size.Save

My Experiences With Chastity & Cock Cages

Surgical Steel Cock Cage

Today I’m just going to talk about male and female chastity devices, they have been around for CENTURIES originally made so females were devout to their faith, and or to make sure ones wife was faithful when they went away for a war or mission during the Renaissance period they were rarely made for males (if ever back then) but this day and age they have come BOOMING back into the BDSM scene which is like what most people say “even if it’s not cool anymore it’ll come back around” just like when bell bottom jeans came back around for a brief 3 months ha ha.

The devices used today are generally made of a steel or hardened plastic type material and are used 99 percent for males and rarely for females except for some countries where rape is a serious daily event, which is abhorrent and even in some Asian countries so masseuses can’t engage in prostitution. I feel as though that is a tad sexist towards females but I’m not delving onto that subject.

These “cock cages” are generally worn for short to long period of times and some have extra attachments such as urethral tunnels so one can urinate through it.  It’s main use now a days is orgasm denial or being a submissive to whoever holds the key.  I wore one for two days as a test to see how they worked and let me tell you from first hand experience my partner has never tried harder to arouse me and it killed me slowly, so these cages do work, I wouldn’t use them long term because it’s like a dog with a muzzle.


Surgical Steel Cock Cage
Sex Toy: Instituted Cock Cage & Penis Plug Large

How the most popular cock cage works is by putting the balls through a ring followed by the penis, which in turn the ring sits around all the jiggly bits and then a cage goes over the head and shaft all the way down to the ring where it clips in and is padlocked together to make it nearly impossible to take off without the key (More than two days I would of gnawed through the cage) the testicles sit down between the ring and the cage that covers the shaft so you comfortably get blood flow but when you get an erection the cage suppresses the beast and the pain is like no other, you cannot orgasm or get off, the slightest bit of arousal and I was forced to think of chairs or any other object that isn’t sexual.

I recommend if you do buy this definitely have a long discussion with your partner to select the proper cage for yourself, the terms and conditions that go with wearing it if you’re planning on wearing it long or even short term, ground rules are important and please get one that you can urinate through! I cannot stress that enough, some are made with a bar across the front which makes urination impossible and I can only assume these are made for very very short term wear, it’s uncomfortable putting it on, once on it is easy to get used to, just don’t sleep on your stomach.

These cages are common in cuckold videos/lifestyles where the man shows complete submissiveness for the woman or “hot wife” where infidelity gets the husband off.  I’m sure we all know what a cuckold is.   As with any other fetish based item we stock, if I sell a few I’ll talk to the customers and eventually purchase it and try it myself to see if it is my cup of tea.  I recommend doing this with most if not all products we stock because it can unlock doors you didn’t know were there for yourself.

Female chastity belts are rare these days and so are full front covering male chastity belts, if you are quite a large fellow I’d suggest getting one made for your exact measurements which is not hard to do , there are a lot of companies that work only in this industry and the industry is somewhat booming. My own experience with it was it was good to get it off. But I understand why people wear them, I spent two days with my partner laughing at me and dressing provocatively and there was no way I could get it off, as I mentioned its like a muzzled dog ha ha. Definitely try it out though it was a lot more fun than I expected.

Author:  Nick is a sales consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



Chastity Restraints! Pain or Pleasiure?

woman controlled business man

Chastity role play can turn sexual frustration into the most powerful sexual experiences. Though they’re often associated with tortures, chastity restraints are one of the most popular devices today. That’s because they’re now used as sex toys for orgasm denial and control. Teasing your partner while he’s wearing a male chastity device enhances the psychological arousal by preventing his erections.

chastity age with ball clamp

What are chastity restraints?

A chastity device or restraint is a small device used for physical limitations during sex and foreplay. For some men and couples, chastity restraints are used every day. Some chastity restraints are meant for short term use, since they’re made of metal. Others are designed for cock and ball torture and are too intense to be worn for long time. The focus here, though, is on using male chastity restraints for short term fun, where the focus is on delaying pleasure and delaying ejaculation. The ideal chastity restraint is the one that prevents erections without causing pain. The most comfortable chastity restraints are the ones created for long-term wear, because they’re made of washable, skin safe materials.

In order to be both comfortable and effective, a male chastity restraint should fit perfectly when the cock is flaccid without leaving gaps. Both the cage length and the diameter of the cock ring need to be considered, so measure your cock to get the right fit. Some chastity cages come with a set of different size base rings. The base ring of a chastity restraint should have the same diameter as a cock ring that fits you well, so it supports the weight of the cage correctly and keeps it in a comfortable position. To measure your cock, wrap a string around your cock and balls and measure the length of the string. Then divide the result by 3.14 to get the cock ring diameter

It is easy to wear a chastity restraint. Wear a chastity restraint when your cock is soft. Put a little lubricant on the head and shaft of your cock and let the restraint slide on. Chastity restraints should be used only when they do not cut off circulation. Also clean your chastity restraints before and after each use with warm water and antibacterial soap. Men will find chastity restraints very fun during oral sex. Oral sex becomes an incredible tease and lap dances offer unique pleasure while a man wears a chastity restraint.

cock chastity cage spiked ring

Are chastity restraints painful?

Nearly everybody who wears this gadget will eventually become erect for some reason. For most people it may feel like your penis confined in a small space whilst your penis is being pushed up. The tip of my penis is held in the enclosure. It also feel very tight around the balls as they grow in shape or size to fill out the chastity device. If you enjoy these sensations it can feel quite overwhelming and you will love it. You will find that your chastity device will rise according to your erection and the development will make you feel the power of the device sexual control and security. In the case your wear a bared chastity device your  penis will remain inside the enclosure. The head and shaft swell and push against the bars, which visually will look like the tissue behind the base ring swells. There are many devices to choose from which will display your penis completely different to the next.  Most people with BDSM collections will collect a multitude of different products to have a new experience each time. It is also a lot of fun to switch the devices to get your heart fluttering just a little bit more with your lack of control due to your dominating sexual partner.

Most good online adult stores offer a large variety of chastity restraint devices.  Chastity restraints are being used every day by thousands of men. You never know, the guy walking next to you in the mall might be wearing a chastity restraint under his jeans right now.