My Supernatural Affair at the Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest Singapore

I sat in my chair trying my best to concentrate since end of semester exams at the Singapore University were around the corner and my grade the previous semester was not all that good. Reading and my concentration had been somewhat difficult for quite some time, anytime I picked my algebra text book to study, twice in a span of two weeks I woke up the following day having been overcome by sleep in the middle of studying. Other units were even worse. As soon as I pick any book to read, many ideas came to my mind, and everything culminated in stress. But after we were given a motivational talk four days ago, I was more determined to turn things for the better. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I had all the determination, or so I thought. In Singapore, I developed a liking of hobby a walk in The Cloud Forest, and for this particular day, I looked through the window and noticed two lovers passionately holding hands as they entered into the forest. What a lovely experience.

The emotions were so strong that I couldn’t help wondering how I could have felt so good holding hands with a lovely girl in such an adventurous place like the Cloud Forest. There was this beautiful girl-going by the name Jane-I once fell in love with but could not just master enough courage to tell her. I would practice telling her before a mirror. That would not happen, though, since anytime I came close to her, my mind would completely format and would always end up appearing like a mad person.  Eventually Jane got bored with my unbecoming behavior and scolded me. That was three or so years back. It took a toll on me, and three years down the line, I can again start to think about love. I remembered and shook my head. I even remembered one time when my classmate complimented me for being smartly dressed. The compliment reminded me of Jane, and so I became so depressed and withdrawn for the better part of the day.

I now started imagining how if I had behaved well before Jane she would now be talking a walk with in The Cloud Forest, Singapore as I hold her very soft hand. Would she allow me to kiss her? Would she hold my public area as I hold hers? What would happen if I try running my fingers through her long hair while looking straight at her beautiful eyes? I was now standing, dribbling and sweating as I looked through the window. I then left my hostel and walked down the road towards Cloud Forest following the path that the love birds followed.

Inside the forest I almost thrust myself to within a radius of five meters from where the love birds stopped. The lady stood against a leaning as the man held her waist while was standing in front her both facing each other. I stopped to see what would unfold next. The man pressed against he further, and I could only imagine how she was now breathing heavily. Was he whispering to her how much he loves her? They must be feeling very nice, I reminded myself. The lady then started caressing her, he thin hands running up to her shoulders and back. He remained motionless for a moment then started kissing her while holding he head from the back. I felt a sharp urge to cough but resisted knowing how such an action would spoil the Singaporean Erotic story set right Inside the Cloud Forest.

The lady took a red lollipop licked it and then dipped it in the man’s mouth. He licked passionately, stopping from time to time to kiss her now red lips. The leaves swerved and I looked up to behold the sight of gorgeous Cloud Forest, sway from side to side following the tune set by the whistling birds. It was now approaching nightfall and food would have been served in the student mess for more than 30 minutes. There was nothing much to be worried of, really since I wasn’t hungry at all. The sight before me was too captivating to abandon. I stood there trying my best not to make any noise that would scare them away till a time I would not clearly see what they were doing.

I hurriedly left for the hostel, and was shocked to learn that I had left my laptop on and every other electronic device connected to the power. What a pity.

The following day, and for several other days I kept on going back to Cloud Forest and to the leaning tree and standing against it, Surprisingly, I would experience an inner feel of love and contentment. This would go on and on until at some point I would wake up from a nap after unknowingly falling asleep while leaning on the tree.

One day, during my usual trip to the Cloud Forest, to lean against my favorite tree, a strange feeling came over me. I could have sworn that I felt a lady’s body press against mine. Right in front of me was this gorgeous lady who was breathing warm breath and was wearing a pleasantly smelling perfume. Coming from a strong religious background, any superstition was such a farfetched idea. But I was certain a lovely lady in a red dress was responsible for my nice feelings.  Careful not to spoil another golden chance like I did with Jane, I sneezed and the lady looked away for a short while, then looked at me and smiled. I frisked myself to confirm that I was not dreaming. I wasn’t.

“Sorry”, I said.

“Oooooh, you are so lovely”, she uttered in a beautifully shrill soprano voice and I can see you are not experienced with the ladies.

A thousand ideas ran through my mind. So, the gent who was kissed and hugged her lovely lady actually got her here. The story I read in my basic education level was a true story after all. I didn’t have to worry over Jane all that long; all I needed was come over here and whoa! A stunning lady is given unto me. She went ahead to tell me that she had always watched me come to the Cloud Forest and lean on the same tree day in day out. She further informed me that her Name is Raya and that she really loved me from the first day she set my eyes on me, and was hoping that when she finally gathers enough courage to approach me, I wouldn’t turn her down. In my mind, I didn’t what to say. I feared anything I uttered would reveal my desperation for a girl in my life. On the other side, I was determined to do things right this time round. She opened her mouth to speak them, let out the feeling being overwhelmed. I sighed. Then I held her right hand tightly and assured her that everything was going to be Okay.

Raya then pulled me hard, with the strength that borders that of a man. My inhalation increased tenfold. Is she going to undress me? What if she does and I fail to rise to the occasion, considering I have never had sex before? Will she run away?

“Hold me tightly darling”, She said as her hands run up and down my body.


Beautiful Garden Woman
Anime: Dragon Golden Woman


I was experiencing a certain feel that only comes to me in a dream. She started gently kissing my neck, jaws and all over my face. Still, my hands are folded back like a scarecrow. Her aggression was increasing as time goes by, and before in knew she was unbuttoning my shirt. I felt an urge to stop her, but my resolve not to disappoint stopped me. Once she was done, she held my waist with her both hands, and whispered “Kissed me now”.

A strange strength and courage took over me. I started kissing her, first in the foe head, before slowly descending down. Just before I came to her lips, I got scared. I had for long believed that when I will eventually first kiss the lips of any lady, let alone a beautiful lady like Angel, I would faint. On noting my reluctance, she held my cheeks with her soft hands and began to pull my mouth towards hers.

“Sorry”, I told her. “I have never done this before”

“Stop your cowardice. I want it now”.

Unexpectedly, I felt my lips wet and I knew I was kissing her lips. Determined to hide my now firmly standing dragon, I sat down on a trunk and pulled her over to sit on my right thigh. This was the feeling I have for long longed for. Everything was right before me, and was free to do what pleases me.

Meanwhile, Angel is busy grabbing things and rubbing her tender hands against my bare top. With the emotions running high with time, I wished such a moment lasted forever. I then decided to explore more by kissing in her neck downwards. Eventually, my hands were trying to widen the space between her dress and her shoulders so as to kiss her downwards, but Whoa! She suddenly pulled back, held the fore finger of my left hand and said, “I have to go. My time is up”.

My mind was spinning. Have I done anything wrong to her? Why did I spoil yet another chance? She seemed to read my mind and quipped, “Not because you have done anything wrong. You are so good, huh?” Phew! I was now sweating profusely from my forehead.

“Thanks Ray!”

“Raya,” she corrected me.

“Sorry, Raya! Thanks a lot. I enjoyed your company.”

“Never mind. I enjoyed if far more than you did. Thanks for not turning me down”, she said as she disappeared into the brush inside cloud forest.

When I looked at my watch, it was a quarter past 4pm. It occurred to me that I had been in Cloud Forest for a whopping four hours! That evening I studied with utmost concentration the entire evening. I even realized the Exam that I performed dismally was actually wholly out of my note book. Angel should just meet me every day in Black Forest for a nice chill and I would beat all the bright students in my class. I am not foolish, after all.

The following day I went back to Cloud Forest at exactly 11am, the exact time I went the previous day. I forced a nap but it wasn’t forthcoming. I decided to close my eyes, just in case Raya would feel shy approaching while my eyes are open. Two hours later, I opened my eyes, and Raya was nowhere to be seen. Tired and hungry, I sat down on the Cloud Forest’s green grass and lied down.

“When she comes she will wake me up”, I told myself. “After all she enjoyed my company more than I enjoyed hers.”

After what looked like a whole day, Raya finally appeared to me. She apologized for what she was going to tell me next and then informed me that she was actually more than human.

I said, ‘What do you mean!  You are of exquisite beauty but more than human?’

She pulled my right hand gently, and placed it on her chest before asking, “Do you love me?”

“Raya stop it! Of course I love you,” I answered.  ‘I have been waiting for you my whole life’.

She said, ‘I know, but do you really love me?  Even though I have told you I am more than human?’

I said, ‘Of course, totally.’

She said, “Good.  Then come with me”

She led me deep into Cloud Forest. I followed her to an old abandoned room, and said, “What I am going to do to you will make you remember me forever. Please, understand that we will never meet again after today. So make sure you enjoy this time we have together physically – because after this we will never be apart but also never able to touch each other again”.

She took off her little red dress exposing her smooth hairless pussy and sat on a table at the middle of the room and beckoned me to go over. I obeyed.

As she pressed my head in between her legs and told me; “Don’t fear we are alone here. Do what you will with me”.

Determined not to disappoint, I licked her like I was an expert. She began groaning louder and louder. She then came on top of me and unzipped my trousers and started sucking my penis. After a short while, she signaled for me to lie on the table and then came of top. She pushed and pushed, reminding me that I should help her. I moved my waist to and fro and she groaned even louder. As I was about to come she started shouting in what sounded like multiple voices and my vision became hazy.  She looked like dragon wings were silhouetted against her body and then a mist swirled around her as finally my loins exploded from 23 years of cum, she disappeared totally and abruptly, a fine mist entered my body as I inhaled.

I lay there gagging as what felt like a warm slimy substance entered my throat and I felt if move down to the pit of my stomach where I felt it and it remained.  I coughed and hacked but I could not shift it as I slowly made my way back to my campus room.

It is now three weeks down the line, and I have sat for two exams now that I got straight A’s in and I did not even have to study.  I am more aware of my surrounding and have become a very popular man with the ladies now.  My whole outlook on life has changed and I see things now that I couldn’t.  I now know that I a possessed by the Hantu Raya – but I tell you something – I like it.

Read on to Part two of Raya Possessed Me!


My Erotic Encounter at Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin Wide Lake

When I was a child, I had accustomed myself to the smell of orchids. It was a fresh and earthy scent, tainted by the smell of salt coming from the seashore. Now, as I lie in bed, I can no longer smell orchids but a strong peppermint perfume – a silent reminder of a young blue-eyed boy I met in the summer of 1990. My father was the first orchid farmer to settle in Pulau Ubin.

So it was no surprise that I was named Jim Kie, after the famous Springwater orchid. He built a modest house out of wood and planted orchids on the eastern side of the land. All my three sisters who married before the age of 19, and left the family home. I never did. It was not that I did not have any suitors. Growing up, many in our kampong (village) knew me as the most beautiful of all four sisters. In fact, my father had almost succeeded in marrying me off twice. But I had never felt for any man the same love that I felt for Pulau Ubin, it’s blue ocean, and our small orchid farm. In time, I had grown to accept my fate and stopped accepting suitors. Slowly, the men from our village stopped walking me home. They no longer offered to carry my basket or sing me sweet songs as I passed through the market every morning. I lived alone, in our old family house, tending to my father’s orchids. This didn’t bother me, though. I liked living by myself and found no need to be with a man.

It was a few days after my 40th birthday when Ziqian, my neighbor, invited me to go to the beach to sell orchids. Apparently, a number of American college students would be spending a few weeks in the island. The constant flock of foreigners were nothing new to us, what with Pulau Ubin becoming one of the most visited islands in Singapore. It was a sunny Wednesday morning when Ziqian and I, wearing nothing but our sarong dresses and slippers, carried our baskets to the seashore to await the arrival of the tourists. The sea was calm and the clouds hovered above, providing temporary shade from the sun. The boat arrived, carrying about 10 American boys. I called them boys, because they seemed far from the men of our village who were aged and overworked by island life.

As they got off the boat in their surf shorts and flimsy shirts, they walked over to our fruit and flower stall right on the seashore. Most of them gawked over Ziqian’s durian fruit, calling it “funny” and “weird”. It was no surprise that none of them showed an interest in what I was selling. However, when most of them ran over to the edge of the shore, one of the Americans approached me. He was a young boy in his early twenties. Like the rest of the group, he had pale skin that was showing traces of sunburn. He was wearing a sleeveless white shirt, showing off muscular arms slightly dripping with sweat. His silver blonde hair reached down to the length of his chin. He bent down to the level of where I was seated on the sand, and slightly touched the petals of the orchids in the basket.

“What are these flowers?” He asked. His voice was low but clean, a sweet relief from the rough tone of Singaporean men that I was used to. For a moment, I had forgotten to speak. English was not my native tongue, but I had tried to communicate the best I could.

“These are Springwater Orchids. Would you like to buy some, sir?” I looked up and saw his eyes – blue, like the ocean. I had never seen such blue eyes.

“I’ll buy the whole basket if you show me around the island.” He answered, and smiled.

I couldn’t speak. I could only nod my head in approval. His smile grew wider as he ran off to his friends, apparently to tell them that a local woman was to show him around Pulau Ubin. I stood up as he returned and dusted the sand off my skirt, only to catch him distinctly looking at my legs. He didn’t seem the least bit ashamed that I caught him staring, and only laughed when our eyes met. “Are all Singaporean girls this modest?” He asked, as we walked towards the village.

“The girls are not, but women like myself are, sir–”

“It’s Ryan. Just call me Ryan. And while you may be a woman, you have the beauty and innocence of a young girl. I can see it in your brown eyes.” He smiled again.

I could not respond. I did not know how. My suitors, the men of the village, were never this straightforward when talking to women. He asked me for my name. I answered: ‘Jim Kie, like the orchid.’

“I’ll call you Kie then. It suits you. Beautiful, like your orchids.” Ryan said.

We walked around the village. I brought him to the marketplace, where I would sell my flowers. I showed him the northern part of the seashore where the abandoned mine quarries were. I took him to the cliff near the old German shrine, were the corral reefs were located. He listened as I told him about the place, while occasionally taking photos with his huge camera. As I stood beside him, I noticed that there was a at least a foot between us. He was a huge boy, tall for his age. My head barely even reached his shoulders.

Pulau Ubin is a wonderful place. But I’d like to see where you grow your flowers.” Ryan asked, his blue eyes looking into mine.

The longer we talked, the more I found myself longing to be closer to him. He smelled of some foreign scent that was not familiar to me. As we walked to my farm, he told me about life in America. How he had just graduated from college and was studying to become a lawyer, like his father. He was smart, and not once did he criticize me about staying unmarried all these years.

“You’ve never been with a man then, Miss Kie? Such a shame. You are a beautiful woman. Any man would be lucky to be with you.” Ryan said so sincerely, as he stared at me. This time, he didn’t look away.


Singapore Farm
Photo: Singapore Women


I knew that I was old enough to be his mother, but as I stood next to this American boy, I felt like a young girl again. So when Ryan asked to be invited inside my house, I obliged without question. I served him mangosteen tea and a few local pastries.

As I stood up to serve him tea, he stared shamelessly at me and said: “You have a beautiful body, Miss Kie.”

I was in shock. I did not know how to respond to this huge boy in my kitchen, staring as though he was about to devour me whole. He stood up and looked down on me, but just when I thought he would touch me, he brushed his hair over his eyes and headed toward the door. He said he would return to the beach and politely thanked me for my hospitality, then left. As I closed the door, I had never felt so empty. I lingered in the kitchen, smelling that foreign scent that Ryan carried with him. I realized later on that it was peppermint perfume. I needed to smell it again. I went back to the shore that afternoon, hoping to see him. But Ziqian told me that the American boys had gone into the village to find a local hotel. I returned home, frustrated that I had not stopped him from leaving the house that morning. I should have asked him – forced him – to stay.

That night, I was restless as I lay in bed. I couldn’t understand how a foreigner, a mere boy, could make me feel so powerless. I had lost control over myself. I wanted nothing more than to see him. The sea breeze brought in the smell of orchids from outside my bedroom window, and I held my breath as I thought I detected a faint scent of peppermint. Almost as suddenly as the scent came through air, there was a knock on the door. It was around midnight. I hesitated and took a look in the mirror. It was a hot summer night, and I was wearing only a thin house dress, with nothing underneath. I decided not to think and opened the door.

Ryan looked taller than I remembered, as he towered over the door frame. He walked inside and looked at me, his blue eyes shining against the lamp in my hand.

“Close the door,” he said, emotionless. I obliged.

Right as the door slammed shut, he dragged me to the bed with such forcefulness and hunger that I didn’t have the strength nor the will to resist. Ryan wasted no time. He wore only shorts, but I already saw his huge bulge as soon as I opened the door for him. He took them off immediately as he reached the bed. I had heard stories from village girls who had been with foreigners, but I was not prepared to see Ryan like this. I was still in shock as my eyes adjusted to his nakedness, when he pressed his lips against mine, and flicked his tongue between my teeth. I was in an icy sweat. He pulled away and looked at me, observing me, with an expression I could not understand. I felt so weak. My knees trembled as his eyes were on me.

“Take off your dress,” he said. It was more of a command. And I could do nothing else but obey.

I was a woman of 28 years, but I admit that days of tending in the farm have preserved the firmness of my body, which I realized , as I let my dress fall to the wooden floor, that I had reserved my virginity only for someone like Ryan. He lifted me by my waist and laid me down on the bed, with a forcefulness that comes only with youth. Ryan rolled on top of me, pushing his body against mine, as I felt his rigid manhood force itself between my legs. I had never felt so scared as I did that night, but I welcomed his hardness with such familiarity as though I had known this boy for years. I could feel Ryan’s breath grow faster. He looked at me then, with those blue eyes, and arched his back slowly thrusting himself into me. I cried out, the pain was not easy to bear. He pressed his lips on mine, and held my hand as he thrust himself deeper into me. I cried out again, this time against his lips.

“You are so tiny, like my own little orchid. So beautiful,” Ryan whispered into my ear.

He seemed to notice my discomfort, and pulled out, as I whimpered against his chest. The bed was wet, and the room was filled with the irony scent of blood. I felt a bit self-conscious then, almost ashamed. But Ryan looked at me and said, “I want to be inside you. Please.” Almost begging.

I nodded. I couldn’t speak. He got on top me again, this time with more force than before. He thrust himself all the way inside me, despite my cries. I felt his body shiver as he hit climax, almost the same time I did. Ecstatic and shuddering, I came. The world was in bright flashes, and I knew from that moment, I wanted nothing else in the world but to be with Ryan.

The next few days were the happiest I spent on the island. Ryan and I would walk the seashore together in the mornings, ending with lunch in the village, despite the judging eyes of the residents of Pulau Udin. In the afternoons, he would help me tend to the orchids and cook dinner. At night, we would make love, under the covers listening to the sound of the waves from the shore. It became so natural to us, that we would talk as though we had known each other for years, and the age gap between us slowly melted. I woke up everyday to the smell of his perfume – the smell of peppermint.

After two weeks of passionate sex, the boat arrived to take Ryan and his friends back to the mainland. We made love the night before, with a new kind of passion. We lay in silence after we were done. He looked at me and asked me the question I was waiting to hear: “Come back with me, Kie. Come with me to America. I will make a good life for us there,” He said with pleading blue eyes.

I couldn’t answer. I thought about my father’s orchid farm. My sisters. My life in Pulau Ubin, and the sea that I had loved all my life.

“I will wait for you at the seashore tomorrow. When the boat arrives, I hope you will be there with me,” Ryan said.

I slept that night, resting my head on his chest. He left early in the morning. Neither of us said goodbye. I wept from my bedroom window as I heard the boat leave later that morning. I tried desperately to smell the orchids and the sea, but all that’s left is the strong scent of peppermint.

20 or more years have passed and the orchids still cannot mask the smell of peppermint, though it is fainter now than the day I watched the boat leave for the mainland. While I never saw Ryan again, my love for the island grows stronger each day as I watch son who has now turned into a man ten the orchids, his blue eyes glistening under the hot Singaporean sun.


Heterosexuality Privilege

Heterosexual Self Acceptance

Being heterosexual contains a constant social privilege called the Heterosexuality Privilege. As you traverse through life, it is assumed that you are straight, for the most part everything is set up with that assumption in mind. When in a social or work situation, you do not need to announce your heterosexuality because it has already been assumed for you. For those that identify as heterosexual it is often difficult for them to understand the constant pressures that others face, simply because they exist within a privileged bubble. Social privilege exists within a social context of what is considered to be normal. More often than not, privilege is extended to the dominant group of that section of society, and it is that ‘group’ which proclaims itself as the majority and therefore is considered the standard of normalcy.

Deciding to come out as bisexual, asexual, homosexual, pansexual or any form of sexuality is not a one off event. Consider the last time you spoke to someone about your partner, or consider the last time you spoke to someone about your relationship or whom you were dating. Within a heterosexual context that is not an issue, however for someone of a diverse sexuality they must decide whether or not to announce the gender of their partner. They must, essentially, ‘come out’ on a daily basis. I must therefore decide on a constant basis whether or not to ‘come out’. I must decide in the aisles of Woolworths to ask my partner whether or not we need juice at OUR home, i must decide when walking on the street in the Sydney CBD whether or not to offer my jacket to my clearly cold partner, or whether or not to hold his hand when crossing the street, or whether or not to gently guide him out of harms way with a hand on his back when we are in JB HI FI with their impossibly thin aisles.

I decide this on a daily basis based on fear. Based on the idea that someone will notice and someone will comment, or in extreme situations whether or not the group of straight boys slightly intoxicated on their way home on the train whom didn’t manage to score a girl will become violent. The truth being that they might not be, they might be supportive, they might not even care but the fact is – they might. We have experienced that ‘violence’ at school, during our teenage years. And so, for a few minutes, i make my sexuality invisible. A process which very few straight identifying people can relate to. Homophobia does not exist to counter homosexuality, the point of homophobia is not necessarily to stamp out homosexuality at all, rather that its purpose is to make it invisible. For when it is invisible it therefore does not exist. The visible presence of homosexuality is the very reason homophobia exists. We can understand this point when we examine the causes of homophobia in regards to males which isn’t necessarily a precise fear of homosexuality, rather, it is a fear of other men and specifically a fear of being shamed as being inadequately masculine. The rise of metrosexuality has slightly eased this pressure, especially in the western world, however it is still an issue in more conservative parts of the world.


Man Hygiene Routine
Photo: Heterosexuality Privilege – Man Using Toner


Which brings me to the second pressure faced by individuals with a myriad of different sexual identities; internalized homophobia with flow on effects from race, gender performance, and sexual roles. In the book ‘Why are Faggots so afraid of faggots: Flaming Challenges to masculinity, objectification, and the desire to conform’ one of the contributors mentions the difficulties that were faced because he identified as having a Muslim heritage as well as identifying as a queer advocate. He quotes that he felt pressured to either identify as Muslim or as an LGTBQ advocate, but he could not be both:

‘I was asked how I could be proud of my heritage and simultaneously ‘identify with the politics of the LGBTQ community’

This argument is also common with individuals who identify as both being of a diverse sexuality and religious. Yet, curiously, this argument almost never applies to heterosexual support of the queer community. We are happy to argue among ourselves despite overwhelmingly having similar issues and concerns, yet we rarely present the argument that a heterosexual member could not holistically be supportive of Queer Rights because they simply do not understand as they have not experienced the disadvantages of privilege. An argument we often see in the equality between genders and against male privilege. And this is just a snippet of the complexities of the internalised homophobia we see from our own community without commenting on the prevalence of racism and of the performance of gender in terms of femmes and queens. Being gay has a daily struggle, and whilst we who experience it don’t often pause to self reflect, it is still a daily occurrence on what we experience not just on the day we come out, but every day before and every day after that point.


Written by Stephen Smith consultant at Adult Lifestyle Centre, Caringbah.


Orlando Mass Shooting

Gay Nightclub Shooting World Reacts
Yesterday, was a sad day. We are mourning from one of the worst mass shootings in the United States which saw at least 49 people killed with 53 people injured. The Orlando Mass Shooting. We could make this a political argument which argues for gun control and for public safety. We could argue to tighten the laws in respect to weapon control. We could argue about the Islamic State and terrorism. We could argue about the inadequacies of the FBI and Police Force. We could even examine the speeches made by various people, politicians and religious leaders today, but what some speeches are ignoring is the absolute tragedy that has occurred against the queer community.
Our own Australian Prime Minister did not even initially acknowledge the target of the attacks. The target was a gay nightclub in Orlando, The Pulse, a place meant for solidarity and empowerment for queer people. Gay nightclubs in the history of LGBTIQ have always been seen as havens and safe places. A place where we can forget about society pressures, be among our own and simply enjoy the night away without having to worry about anything or anyone else. Instead, we see the queer community affected by one of the worst mass shootings the United States has ever seen. Regardless of the political agenda here, it serves to highlight the adversity faced by Queer People that is still continuing in society. News reports indicate the outrage that the shooter felt when he witnessed two men kissing in Miami. Although the shooters ex-wife states that she doesn’t believe his religion played a part in the motivation of this attack, it is clear that the Gay Nightclub was specifically targeted for the Orlando Mass Shooting, it is small consolation that the attacks were condemned by various religious groups including the Vatican, Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
Gay Nightclub Shooting World Reacts
Photo: Orlando Mass Shooting – Rainbow Landmark, the Eiffel Tower in Paris
We will all sit differently on Orlando Mass Shooting, some will argue for greater gun control, others will reference the queer community and others will make this an issue about religion, race, and other social issues. Whilst this has been touted as a terrorist attack, despite the shooters links to ISIS and other groups, there has so far been no direct link that the attack was directed by Terrorist groups and that it was merely a Pro-Isis supporter working on his own. Over the coming days we will most likely see attacks on the Queer community, we will most likely see religious based attacks, and in all probability we will most likely forget the strength and unity that we need in order to move forward again. All the arguing may take away from the fact it was a Gay Mass Shooting and the pain it has brought the gay community.
During times of such tragedy, the names of heroes emerge forth from Orlando. Some who had a callous disregard for their own personal safety as they tried to save others in the nightclub. We might forget or barely mention heroes such as Edward Sotomayor who tragically passed away from sustaining a bullet wound in his back whilst desperately trying to save his boyfriend. Most will not pause to think if their partner would do the same for them. Or of Stanley Almodovar who was reported to be pushing people out of harms way and whom never made it home that night. Most will not consider the anguish that Edwards partner would be feeling at this point in time, not only having to deal with such an event, but also that his partner is no longer with him and isn’t there to help him through this tough time.

The Orlando Mass Shooting is a tragedy, a needless waste of life for a reason that should not exist. The people affected by this all had lives, had histories and boyfriends, girlfriends, family, partners with them or waiting at home. Lives tragically cut short. I ask that you consider a moments reflection on the tragedy that we face in the aftermath of this event, and consider the lives lost and in particular the faces and friends of the LGBTIQ community that are no longer with us today. We have seen the whole world come together in mourning by lighting up their famous monuments in rainbows in memory of the people who have been loss.

About the Author: Stephen is a sales consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre, Caringbah

Why I Read Singapore Erotic Stories

Singapore Water View

Erotic stories are a kind of compulsion, really, a sweet fixation and of course I am not speaking about your regular Mills & Boon type of romance stories. You can get stimulated without depending on anyone. What’s more, you can appreciate it at your own time and at your place. For yourself, as well as for your lover, Erotic stories can be extraordinary. Getting energized is necessary to have an awesome time in bed with your lover and these stories can get you physically ready as well as giving you inspiration for new ways of making love. These stories have ended up being guardian angels to numerous relationships that are very nearly separation. Attempt it yourself. You may simply experience passionate feelings whilst reading them and are more accommodating and accepting of your special other!

Getting hold of a decent Erotic story Set at HarborFront Singapore is a not as easy as it is in many other places of the world. It is said that a lot of anything is unsafe and it is significant all the more so with these erotic stories. There are such a large number of websites concentrating on these suggestive stories that it is anything but difficult to get lost in the quagmire of erotic stories and other bogus sites. Surfing through websites is often tedious and many stories are read before you find the right one for you. Because of this I approach getting a decent Erotic story by searching for the printed version itself at books stores. You can visit a most book shops around the world and find a section devoted to romance/erotica or even get assistance from the store assistants. They can direct you to the book that is precisely what you are searching for. Printed versions may likewise be a decent alternative to looking at a story online and then having to stop halfway through because you need to do something and when returning have to troll for many minutes before you can find that elusive site again.

I next, choose the level of your erotica I am after. What I mean is, some may incline toward stories with full hardcore detail of the interest of the sexual experiences while others may leave something left to the creative energy of the reader. Also, numerous need allegories and roundabout discussions of sex, and others give unfiltered descriptions of the sex. Before obtaining a story or book, attempt to read the summary, readers reviews or read the book survey of the one you are interested in.  Settle on the sort of erotic sex story that turns you on. Would you like to pass by sexual orientation same sex, hetero, swinger, orgy sex thus on are a portion of the components that you might need to consider before choosing which suggestive stories will suit you best. If you are not certain what works for you, you can get a book that has all the parts of the above and once you are more aware of exactly what you are after limit it down to what you need after you have encountered every one of them.

There are likewise a ton of topics accessible to you. For instance,if you are into Bondage or S&M, you will think that its all you are after. However different topics are the riddle, sentiment, thriller, even repulsiveness, or science fiction. This implies you don’t need to surrender your adoration for these subjects to concentrate on erotica! Truth be told, regardless of the possibility that you need undeniable sensual stories, you can even now get your story in an assortment of subjects with the goal that you will stay intrigued by erotica.

Erotic Stories
Photo: Singapore’s HarborFront


Why Do I Read Erotic Stories?

Some of us have been lucky enough to have a room of our own away from the  bed-room and dangerous-to-the-ear sounds that our parents’ room emit. If it doesn’t bother you to imagine your parents doing the deed – well, I do. Some of you may have been curious what has been happening when your parents are making those funny noises enough to even have a peed. Not to spy on your folks, of course! But admit it, once in your libido-driven days, you gave in to the opportunity of peeking what those strange noises were in the middle of the night. Wise people say: “curiosity kills the cat.” Well, we don’t want to get killed nor we are cats! As young adults, we have the propensity to compare our romancing skills with colleagues, associates, and peers. At your legal age, the ethical professional person that you are, it would be a shame to be caught and known as a peeping Tom.

Reading online erotic stories are just the solution. You may end up wondering if what you have read is true but nevertheless, it eliminates the danger of you being caught peeping in your room mate’s night time activities. We cannot also discount the fact that we discover things that are possible to do and well, expect that the next time you had the opportunity, you will eventually try to do the same as described in those erotic words, right? By reading these type of stories, our brain is stimulated to develop neurons. It enhances our imagination and triggers our dopamine receptors. Ok…That’s a technical term. Dopamine is brain chemicals that give you that good feeling. Yes. The same feeling you felt when you released all that pent-up heat that you have collected that week. It is also the same feeling that is evoked when you light up that first cigarette in the morning or drink that freshly brewed coffee. Reading erotic stories are like reading porn magazines without actually buying them. Isn’t that a good thing? You save up on your money and still get sexually energized from the story you have read.

You also get new ideas that can make your night-time or romancing activities bloom, or let’s just say, be productive! What an exciting way to get your hormones raging! By simply reading one story, you may want to have the love of your life besides you and that adds spice to the relationship. Your mate will always be wondering where you get your bedroom skills, especially when you have projected to be the busy, serious type of person that you are.

A Healthy Expression of Female Sexuality

Most women expect that their partner will have some sort of interest in pornography whether this is in the form of films or magazines. It just seems to be accepted that men like to engage with the erotic material. Yet with erotic stories for women, it seems to be almost frowned upon and as such has become something of a quiet and secretive practice. Erotic stories for women and sales of erotic fiction have continued to grow year-on-year. While there is a notion that women are not as sexual as men, this is just not the case. They simply have use a different medium!

Erotic stories for women are for the most part, less graphic and explicit, however, they are nonetheless stimulating for the women who enjoy them. The reason for this is that women and men are inherently different when it comes to the things that turn them on. Generally, men are visually stimulated. This means they are more turned on by images. Men are also more primitive or animalistic when it comes to sex. On a contrary, women are audibly stimulated. This means they are more turned on by what they hear. For women, sex is a more emotional experience. In essence, reading erotic stories for women that often present a romanticized view of sex are as much of a turn on for women as graphic pornography is for men.

So why, if reading erotic fiction is just a healthy expression of female sexuality, is it kept such a secret for so many women?

It would seem there is something of a double standard in terms of what women expect and accept as ‘boys being boys’ and what men are prepared to accept from their wives and girlfriends in terms of reading erotic fiction. Many women feel that if their partner were to discover their choice of reading material includes erotic fiction, it would be an absolute disaster for the relationship. This is largely due to the fact that men do not tend to react well to their partners reading about the sexual prowess of other men, even if they are just fictional characters! They feel somehow inadequate and threatened. In an attempt to avoid this reaction or denting their man’s fragile ego, most women hide their erotic fiction from their partner rather than incorporating it into their sex life.

However, this could be about to change with the development of personalized erotic stories for women that depict the experiences and fantasies of individual couples. A small number of professional writers have spotted a gap in the market for custom written erotic stories that enable women to involve their partners without the risk of them feeling threatened. Women who have bought these custom written erotic stories report that they have found that rather than their partner having their ego dented, it inflates their ego and makes them feel desired. Many men have been so excited, they have purchased custom written stories for their women as erotic gifts. One man who purchased a story for his wife said “I get extremely turned on by the idea that my wife is reading sex stories about the things we do. Seeing her so turned on by revisiting our sexual experiences makes me feel great”.

This development in the world of erotica has enabled women to open up to their partner and share their sexuality in a healthy way. For women who enjoy erotic fiction and no longer wish for it to be their private secret, involving your partner in a custom written the personal story is guaranteed to spice up your sex life and make him feel wanted!

Now back to where I started in my views on erotic stories.  Whilst waiting for my boat to take me to one of the Singaporean Islands I wished to purchase an erotic book at the HarborSide.  I was astonished to find that no bookstore there has these books and the most erotic stores were those like the Mills and Boon I described in the first paragraph being romance and not erotica.  I asked the sales clerks why they did not stock this bestselling category in store and was amazed to find that in Singapore these books are looked at like pornography by the authorities.  These books were only available at the few ‘sex shops’ that are scattered on the Island City which the Singapore Police turn a blind eye for.  Unfortunately I found it very difficult to find erotic story books in Singapore.


Jelqing & Clamping Guide

Penis Stretching Clamp

Before you can start Penis clamping you need to practice Jelqing. According to majority of the forums I visited no great cock gains came to be without jelqing. Jelqing is also required for 6-8 months to condition the penis into being ready for more advanced penis extension exercises such as Clamping. This Jelqing & Clamping Guide will help guide you through the steps.


Jelqing is a milking like motion of the penis, starting at the base and stroking downward towards the head and stopping at the glans several times a session. Jelqing creates micro-tears in the smooth muscle of the penis and as the body repairs itself it grows and that’s when you will begin to see an increase in size, just like lifting weights at the gym. Jelqing although it sounds like a very easy process there are some precautions have to be taken to avoid risk or injury. A basic session of jelqing should take you around 25 minutes and it breaks down to 5 minutes to warm up, 5 minutes of penis stretches, 10 minutes of basic jelqing and finally warm down. For a warm up/down a warm wrap or towel over the penis works or using a really good quality penis pump.

How to Jelq

  1. Lubricate. you can use a enlarging cream such as Mr Thick Dick or a simple lubricant such as super slide will be adequate. Lubricant is necessary to avoid chaffing from the friction.
  2. Bring your penis to a semi erection (50 -75% or about the softness of a peeled banana). A fully erect penis will restrict blood flow rendering the technique useless.
  3. Meet your index finger and thumb around the base of your penis in the scuba divers okay signal
  4. Move with a light pressure that is not painful but enough to move blood flow from the base to the head of your penis. Do not pass the glans.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 alternating hands and angles. You can direct it right, left up or down. If there is curvature directing it the opposite way from the curve can help to correct the curvature.Jelqing is like a gym routine and shouldn’t be overdone or underdone. Results will take time to become visible and can be permanent if the routine is maintained. Many forums and online article recommend that penis  clamping to maximize girth should only be done once a significant amount of time jelqing has been done to avoid strains and injuries to such a sensitive and vital body part. Clamping is an advanced penis enlargement technique and precautions should be taken. Clamping restricts the blood flow out of the penis whilst allowing a small amount into the penis. The pressure caused by the clamp engorges the muscle cells causing them to expand and stretch permanently.


Pink Black Adult Smart

adultsmart sex toy seller



Clamping does require some equipment to get started. Firstly, something soft to wrap around the base and cushion the clamp as the hard plastic can cause pain or bruising. A sock, strip of material, medical bandage or a strip of mouse pad have been popular in forum communities. Especially the mousepad’s rubber side can aid the clamp to stay in place and they can be washed in the machine. A clamp is also required you will need something thing that is adjustable and easy to remove if there are complications. The USA cable clamp is a perfect clamp available in 3 sizes from A timer as timing is crucial especially if you get distracted and over do it.

The process of clamping is lot easier than jelqing and there are less steps taken. Having said that clamping isn’t as hands on and there are warning signs to look out for when clamping such as pain, tingling, numbness or extreme discoloration. If you experience any of these things use a warm wrap to reduce stress.  The process of clamping requires you to start with an erection then you can wrap it at the base and add the clamp and adjusting it to fit snuggling with a light pressure that is not causing pain. The erection need to be maintained for 10 minutes. You will need to maintain an erection during the full clamping process.
Its recommended that beginners keep their routine to 3 x ten minute sets every second day until they feel confident to add stretches to their routines. Jelqing is complimentary to clamping to continue to see size and girth gains.

Why USA Cable Clamps?

The USA cable clamp is the perfect clamp for penis enlargement clamping as its easily accommodates most penis shapes with its 2 popular sizes medium and small. Its made of an easily cleaned ABS plastic material. Metal hose clamps can have sharp unpolished edges that can dig or cut if the wrapping procedure isn’t correct or cushioned enough but the cable clamp has rounded smooth edges. The adjustable arm of the USA clamp can be tightened or loosened to accommodate anyone’s girth. The release is easily accessible and can be quickly removed. A USA Cable Clamp is far safer and more proficient than a metal hose clamp or cable tie. Unsurprisingly, it is not that easy to find USA Cable Clamps – especially where I live in Australia.  However I work at an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre that Jelqing & Clamping Guide produc’s or you can buy it online at adultsmart.


Love Is Brewing At Tiong Bahru Singapore

Tiong Bahru Singapore Balcony View

Tiong Bahru will forever remain in my memories. Not because of its beauty, neither because of the beautiful people who come to this sophisticated shopping mall; but because of someone I met here. As I drove past the busy traffic evading the heavy traffic police deployed on all the major round-abouts, my heart was beating fast and I knew that I was headed for something good. Whatever it was, I had no idea.

As I parked my black Mercedes Benz near the shopping mall, the sun was heating up the whole area as people moved up and down like bees. Packed to capacity, it was literally too hard to penetrate through the heavy crowd at the entrance. More and more people kept rushing up and down in a systematic manner such that I couldn’t help noticing the strange movement. The sophisticated nature of Tiong Bahru was something that caught your attention any time you came to the place. But today something was strange. I no longer saw the beauty; all I saw was more and more people moving up and down. I stood for some time transfixed to the ground wondering what it was that I was missing. It was evident that something was not well with me. I had a deep conviction that something worth being happy for was going to happen.

As I came back to my senses, I started moving towards the shopping center. Suddenly, my Samsung Galaxy rang and as I stretched out my hand to fish it out of my pockets, the vibration was too strong that I could feel it affecting my skin. It was my sister asking me whether I could pick her up from the other side of Tiong Mahru.. After dropping the call, I decided to go have some buffet from the food court since I hadn’t eaten anything from morning. As I headed towards the food court, I noticed a lady looking outside the window. I couldn’t help but wonder why the whole place looked so strange on this particular Sunday. As I entered the food court, I almost knocked down some lady as she rushed out of the food court with food still in the mouth to pick up a call. Looking at her, my heart started beating fast. I knew that something strange about this lady was really turning me on. Was she all I was waiting for the whole time? I couldn’t help but wonder. Or maybe I wished that she was all I had been waiting for. The beauty of this lady convinced me that this lady must have been created while the creator was in no hurry. All the curvatures on her body made me think that she could have been a statue sculpted by the gods.

With every detail on her body well spelled out, I was certain that she wasn’t just any lady around. What is your name? I asked her as she finished talking. She looked at me as If I had been talking in some strange language. I repeated the question once more and to my surprise, she responded accordingly. She told me that her name was June and that she had come over with her boyfriend to have some nice time. I was shocked as sweat droplets ran down my face. Disappointment was clearly written on my face as I looked at her in disbelief. Did I get her right? I was asking myself as trains of thoughts ran up and down my mind like fire burning up dried grass. Amid all the confusion, I started laughing out as if like was a cosmic joke and I had just gotten the punch line.


Singapore woman looking out window
Photo: Woman looking out window


“What did you say?” I asked her as I tried hard to come to terms with the reality.

She made the clarification that she had come over to Tiong Bahru with her boyfriend in order to have some nice time. As we were talking, a well-built man passed by. From the way he was looking at us, I could sense that he had an issue. His long unkempt hair had made dreadlocks; not because he was a Rastafarian, but due to prolonged lack of acquaintance with a comb. Looking at his face, I couldn’t help noticing a large scar that ran from his forehead down to the lips. This scar made him look like one of those crooks in the movies.  His bloodshot eyes coupled with red lips made him look like some blood-sucking reptile. What was certain was the fact that this man was not one of the most handsome.

“That’s him”, she said in an uneasy tone that told me that she was not well.

It was crystal clear that unless the sky was not blue; such a man could not be her boyfriend on a level ground. From that instance, I sought to find out how the two had become a couple. To my surprise, she told me of how the man by the name James was a billionaire and how he had demanded that she becomes his girlfriend in order for him to foot her mother’s medical bills. I was shocked at such degree of barbarism considering the fact that the era for such incidences was long gone. As she told me the whole story, I couldn’t help sympathizing with her. It was clear that given an option she could not opt to be with the man. As we talked, she made it clear that she would have wished to be with someone else if she had the money to support her ailing mother.

From that point, it was clear that financial instability was her only mistake and destiny had decided to punish her harshly for it by having her sell her beauty out to such a person. Although I didn’t have too much money, I had enough money to take care of such a beauty. I sweet-talked her into having me for a boyfriend and as the man waited patiently for her to go collect the money, we instead walked out together to some unknown and uncertain future.

As we entered into my black Mercedes Benz, I could not help but thank Tiong Bahru for bringing such a beauty my way. As the darkness fast approached, we were somewhere in the car alone in some isolated place in Tiong Bahru estate in Singapore having a ‘nice talk’ that turned out to be a lasting relationship. That was the reason I could never forget Tiong Bahru. I had even forgotten to go pick my sister that day.


Shower Sex Products

Sportsheets Sex in the Shower Vibrating Sponge

Of all the things your partner wears……. or um…. doesn’t wear, the sexiest look is the one that’s the most natural and raw: straight out of the shower, with wet hair and a towel (at most). When you think of the shower, it’s easy to see why it’s an ideal steamy place to get it on, the humidity, the pressure of the water flowing down, the ability to get super hot or surprise with cold, and of course two naked, wet bodies doesn’t sound bad either.  But the reality of having shower sex is that it can be a little awkward, and a little difficult to get right at times. Between the danger of slipping in the shower and the tight quarters that mean you’ll need to get creative with your position and movement, shower sex can be hot but only if done in a way that makes you both comfortable.

Before you start creating and soapy suds its good idea to set the mood. A few candles, incense sticks and maybe even a few rose petals on the counter, that is if you’re feeling a bit extravagant This is a great way to introduce a bit of romance and create a more intimate scene, it will subtly let your know what’s on your mind as well as making them more comfortable in this romantic ambiance.  Great foreplay will always lead to great sex and getting’ it on in the shower is no exception. In fact, it can be a time when you actually delay getting everything started so you can enjoy all the new sensations of your two naked, wet bodies together. You’re both fresh and clean, so the shower is a perfect place to take advantage of that and add some oral action. Take turns dropping to your knees to orally stimulate your partner.

If you want to get the most out of the short time you’re in the sex, channel your inner athlete because you’ll mostly be standing up. Facing each other  with your partner leaning against the shower wall while holding one of your partners legs up in the air is an amazing position to try, not only is it highly intimate with the locked eye contact but its little easier to preform and doesn’t require too much practice, mainly just high stamina and good upper body strength. It also has the added benefit of building trust as well.  Another popular and much safer position is the classic doggy style, it’s not as erotic and romantic as the position said before but it’s simple and safer than others out there. Have your partner face the wall with both hands planted so that their bum is pushed against you, this will give you added penetration control.

Lube!! It’s very important and even more important what type of lube you need. You might be thinking “why the hell would I need lube in the shower?”, well its actually even more vital. All the running water washes away a lot of the natural lubrication the female body creates and replaces it with just water which when combined with heat and constant movement creates a lot of friction which can be very painful and awkward for females. So even though you might have been able to get away with not using lube for sex generally it’s still highly recommended for shower sex. Now out of the lubes out there you can use any that are water based because it will just wash away and be a waste of money, so go with silicone but you need something that doesn’t stick and won’t wash off in the shower and the best lube for that is Superslyde. It will make sex in the shower so much easier and it will feel incredible better as well. Just words of warning though, don’t use too much lube, if you use too much it will spill on the floor tiles and so will you when you slip and fall over.

Believe it or not there are a range of products out there that make sex in the shower better and safer for both.  ‘Sex in the Shower’ is a brand of products that are specialized to help having sex in the shower more fun, less dangerous and also give the ability to try different positions that would’ve been too awkward or hard. The most obvious product that comes to mind for shower sex is the suction cup handles, they allow you to perform positions that without it the handle would be impossible and incredible dangerous. Not only does it add safety but it can take a lot of strain off maintaining a hard to achieve position and with use of the suction step it only gets easier and more comfortable.

Sportsheets Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle
Sex Toy: Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle

Now if you wanted to add a little vibration into the mix, then you can also grab your hands on a waterproof cock ring and bullet (you can use one from the brand or branch out for something of higher quality). The addition of some vibration in shower sex is incredible, your body is already super relaxed and steamy so adding vibrations to your already sensitive areas will just make the experience better.  Or if you wanted something for a bit of extra oomph to foreplay you could look into a ribbed masturbation sleeve to make an ordinary hand job into something super sensational. Just remember to use some Superslyde on the inside of the sleeve so that the friction doesn’t cause any burns on your ‘johnson’.

Double penetration (with toys) is also possible in the shower, you can grab yourself a dong with a strong suction cup and stick to the wall, this is not an easy task though and you are definitely limited to what positions you can do but it’s a neat idea to know and can be done during foreplay or even for when you want some alone shower action. If some BDSM in the shower is your thing then you are in luck ‘sec in the shower’ do have a neck collar and wrist restraints that have suction cups on them, they are great for a bit of extra naughty fun but also add extra safety……..not that slipping with a collar strangling you is safe but it sure beats the alternative. So it’s not as hard or complicated as some make it out to be, there are products and toys out there to make it a lot safer and more exciting but I think that just the act of sex in the shower is very exciting on its own.

Shower sex can be the best type of sex. Nothing gets dirty, you don’t really need to clean up and the temperature changes can really stimulate your body in all the right ways. Now the only down fall when it comes to shower sex, is the fact that things can get really slippery and that’s when freak accidents happen. So how do you make the most out of shower sex with out ending up in the emergency room? It’s simple. The Sex In The Shower brand have created a various amount of products that will help you efficiently make love to your partner in the shower. Now lets start first with the shower itself, be sure to clear the floor of any loose objects such as small shampoo bottles, sponges, shavers ext, this will reduce the possibility of slipping. Also if you are in the financial position and find it comfortable in general, there are these great wooden mats that can go down in the shower and this will allow you to have better grip on the floor instead of slipping on the tiles, it also provides your bathroom with a more modern look.

Okay now that the possibility of slipping as been reduced, lets start adding some products into the mix to really enjoy your sexual shower experience. So firstly, it is very erotic  Sex While Wet when your partner is standing there rubbing and caressing your body with a soapy sponge, taking care of you and cleaning you, it provides a very romantic feel. Sponges are very soft also plus with a vibrating twist they can be feel amazing if you rub the right spots. The sponge is a great idea also for the bath too, and in also for solo play in the shower.

Sex in the shower can be really hard especially when it comes to positions and finding rhythm in your thrusting. The best product that i found that came from the Sex In The Shower range is the 3 different hand grips and foot holds. These can provide great support and stability while also allowing you to play with a whole lot of different positions. Be sure to get these 3 different handles to allow for more controlled movements!
  • Single Locking Suction Handle
  • Dual Locking Suction Handle
  • Single Locking Suction Foot Rest
 Now there is one product that I will say is a must for every single shower and bath in the world and that is the Bodywand Aqua. The Bodywand Aqua is completely rechargeable and allows you to take a the wand into the shower and bath tub with you adding so much more extra fun. This wand is great for enhancing pleasure due to the lack of positions available in the shower, the wand will provide that extra wow factor that sex in the shower truly needs.

Review: OhMiBod Original 3.0H

OhMiBod Music Vibrator

OhMiBody the adult toy manufacturer describes the unique sex toy as:

“OhMiBod is a sleek, sophisticated new generation of vibrator that combines elegance of design with the excitement of your favorite music. The audio enabled integrated microchip allows the OhMiBod ipod massager to vibrate to the beat and rhythm of your music while you listen. OhMiBod comes with a built-in multi-speed/pattern functionality for use without an iPod or music player. It really is 2 products in one! Our motor provides strong yet quiet, intense rhythmic vibrations. With polished chrome detail and pearl white body with a satin finish, this product is the ultimate iPod acsexsory!”

Whether you like Rap, Techno, Metal or even disgusting country music this OhMiBod Original 3.0H will not judge you or your music taste, it will groove along with you no matter the genre. So even if you don’t feel like listening to music or you end up not like the music functionality it also comes with 7 pre-set manual vibration patterns so it doesn’t have to be used alongside music. But if you’re the type of person like me that loves music you can simply hook your smartphone or mp3 player up to the OhMiBod Original 3.0H using their splitter cable that they provide. Play a song and the vibrations of the OhMiBod Original 3.0H will change to match whatever song you’re listening to. It is a lot of fun to test out the sex toy with any music choice to see how the vibrations change. It’s a great way to get a new favourite song. Who knows what your new favourite song will end up being. *Lays in dark room with Marvin Gaye playing*

Another feature it has which appear to be one of a kind is that you can even hook it up to your phone while on a phone call. The OhMiBod Original 3.0H will match the vibratations along to the voices that come through the phone! This will be a fun feature to use if your in a long distance relationship or enjoy phone sex.

OhMiBod Music Vibrator
Sex Toy: OhMiBod Original 3.0H


A disadvantage of the OhMiBod Original 3.0H that I can see about this product is the fact it runs off of 2 x AA batteries and is not rechargeable. Batteries always make sex toys louder as they jiggle around inside. It also adds additional costing to the use of the sex toy as you may regular need to replace the batteries. Although some people like batteries, I however do not but  it is completely up to your personal preference. Upon further investigation, it appears the sky is the limit with the OhMiBod Original 3.0H! When it comes to this sex toy, as long as the outlet has a 3.5mm jack you can connect this to any device, whether that be a guitar amp, iPod, iPhone, android or even your home stereo. You can really end up masturbating to any device that produces sound!

OhMiBod Original 3.0H has a width of 1 and 1/8″ Inches with an Insertable length of 5 and a 1/2 inches. So it can reach a long distance within your vaginal walls. You can also use it for pinpoint clitoral stimulation.

A massive advantage of the OhMiBod Original 3.0H is it’s only retailing reasonably cheaply which I think is dirt cheap for a awesome little sex toy like this. If you didn’t overly love it, it’s only a few dollars so worth the try.  It also comes with a 1 year warranty from the company directly so you have the peace of mind knowing if anything happens within that first year you’re completely covered. The great thing i like about the music integration system is the fact that you can listen to anything whether that be something that brings back good memories and it will vibrate along side the rhythm transporting you back to a better time or anywhere else in the world from the comfort of your own bedroom.

OhMiBod Original 3.0H is made from polished Chrome with a velvety Satin finish that looks really and luxurious. Hope you enjoyed this short sex toy review.

Why is the music component so important? Listening to your favorite sexy music and actually feeling the corresponding vibes quickly transports you to a place where music, mind and body truly “come” together. The range and intensity of the vibrations are endless, creating a dynamically sensational experience never felt before!’


Comforting Lady at Capella Singapore

Poolside Capella

At the sight of Capella Singapore, I couldn’t help but feel amazed at its beauty. I knew that this would mark a start of something new. As the cool air cut through my body while the moon shone bright such that I could clearly see every part of this sophisticated and luxurious hotel, I knew that something great was in store for me. What I couldn’t understand was what it was and how I could get it. I however decided to dismiss that feeling as I walked toward to my room. The beautiful receptionist waved as she called me to pick the keys to my room. Carried away in my thoughts, I had forgotten to pick the keys.

I walked to my room, dropped my luggage and walked out immediately. This urge to find something new was slowly growing inside. What was this something? How important would it be? How would it be of benefit to me? Of what importance would it be to me? These were some of the questions racing up and down my mind like an electric train.

As I walked towards the Knolls Italian Restaurant I suddenly lost appetite and decided to head toward the swimming pool. A few steps towards the swimming pool, my phone rang and it was Kate. She was asking me to create time for a weekend out. She was my two year girlfriend but the events that had happened over the last two weeks had created a drift between us. It was a drift I had a feeling that it would be near impossible to get filled. Something deep inside told me that it was over between me and her. Perhaps this was the reason I had decided to come to Capella Singapore alone without her company.

As I hang up, she was already yelling talking of how distant I had grown and how much she missed having some nice time with me. I was planning to make it known to her that I would not be keeping the relationship any longer. It was just a matter of time before I broke the bad news to her. But what worried me most was how I would manage to be all alone without anyone being by my side. Perhaps the thing I was feeling inside me was finding someone new. Or so I wished. After that call, I decided to walk towards the parking lot instead of the swimming pool.

As I looked at the sky, all I could see was the darkness of the night. My heart was filled with dark moments and I knew that I was not in my right condition. I wished that some light would shine and take away the darkness I was feeling inside. Then something strange happened. There was full moon on the sky. Strange as it was, the moon started shining so bright as if directed towards me. In the lonely path towards the parking lot, I started feeling like I had company. I started laughing as if life was just a cosmic joke and I had just gotten the punch line. My heart was filled with happiness I had never felt before and luckily no-one saw me or they would have thought me crazy. And in the middle of this lonely path, I knew that the thing I had been longing for had come.


Sad Woman
Photo: Woman Comforted


There seemed to be a communication between me and the moon. A closer look into the sky; I could see a giant star appearing closer to the moon. Was this significant? How come the moon shone suddenly and a bright star appeared next to it? These were questions lingering on my mind as I took a deep breathe to let go of the fear I felt inside. “Sorry madam”, I said as I staggered away from a lady I was almost knocking off the road. Carried in my thoughts and appearance of the moon, I had forgotten that in was walking.

The lady looked at me in shock. I was trying very hard to apologize but all she said was that everything was alright. As she walked past me towards the swimming pool, I was certain that this beautiful lady was what I needed.

I changed my mind and like an obsessed man ran toward my room, changed into my swimming costume and headed towards the swimming pool hoping that I would find her there. True to my wish, she was still at the swimming pool. What worried me was the fact that she wasn’t swimming. She was seated at the far end of the swimming pool looking disturbed. Not even the beautiful nature of this exotic setting could cheer her up. I knew something was wrong with her. The fact that she was not here with someone gave me a chance to talk to her. I walked towards the end where she was seated staring into the swimming pool. “Hi madam”, I said as I stretched my arm for a handshake.

True to my wishes, she stretched hers too and as our hands came to contact, blood was literally cuddling in my veins. I wished for us to stay with our hands in contact forever. Whether she felt the same way or not, I could not understand. I asked if we could sit and chat together and true to my expectations, she complied whole-heartedly. I knew from that moment that Kate and I were over for good. She made me feel things I had never felt before. As we talked throughout the night, she told me of how she had been hurt by James who happened to have been her previous boyfriend and how she had decided to come and try and get her head together, alone, like me at the Capella Singapore. I also poured out my heart to her; telling her of my history with Kate. What shocked me most was how I had suddenly gained my appetite and as we walked towards the well furnished Restaurant, I was certain that the feeling I had when I walked into this classy hotel had been fulfilled.

As we sat down to have our dinner together, I discovered that I hadn’t changed from my swimming costumes and I apologized for my attire but explained I had been captivated by our meeting and talking.  We talked for another few hours at the Restaurant and both began to feel comfortable with and about each other.  Finally, after the last glass of port was poured weariness finally overcame me having flown in from my home Country of Germany and I explained that however wonderful this night had been it was time for me finally to retire and could we meet again in the morning.

She surprised me by asking me if we could go to my room and continue or chat as she had never felt so understood and relaxed in the company of another man.  As we walked towards my room to have a ‘nice talk’, and that beautiful receptionist smiled at me once again, knowing that she had noticed the beauty in the lady I was walking with. “Forgive my manners, what’s your name?” I asked her as we entered my room. “Kate is my name”, she answered as we closed the door behind us and sunk into this romantically light room in Sentosa Island.