Pin Point Stimulation With NU Sensuelle Point!

Nu Sensuelle point range by Novel Creations is my go to sex toys for anyone who wants a product that is mid-range quality and price. When I get their sex toys out to show customers they are never disappointed. It might not be exactly what they are looking for. But I can honestly say I have never had a customer say they didn’t think they were good.

I am going to review the NU Sensuelle Point today

Must say it is a sex toy I often overlook.  I think it’s because I love the We-Vibe Tango so much.  We-Vibe Tango is the sex toy I can’t wait to demonstrate to the customers.

But today I got them both out to show a customer.  So, it was We Vibe Tango vs Nu Sensuelle Point.  I was amazed by how similar they actually are.

I always say it. But I am a sucker for packaging and I love the quality of the sturdy boxes Novel Creations sell their toys in.  It isn’t a gift box.  The product is clearly on show under moulded plastic.  It looks a bit clinical in black and white, but I like that.

Makes it look clean and safe in the way that those toys with a picture of a half naked lady with big hair make the products look a bit grubby.

NU Sensuelle Point is a slightly bigger bullet

than the We-Vibe Tango and measures almost 4 inches long. It has, as the name suggests, a pointed end making it perfect for those that like pinpoint clitoral stimulation and masturbation. It sits in the box with the small docking unit it stands in and a USB cord and an instruction booklet.

Like all Nu toys, it also has a handy white satin drawstring bag to keep everything in. It is small enough to be inserted into other toys like Tantus dildos, or Fuze butt plugs.

Could be inserted on its own but it doesn’t have a flared base so you do that at your own risk. This is a vibe for clitoral stimulation.

NU Sensuelle Point in Teal Sex Toy Photo
Nu Sensuelle in Teal


  • NU Sensuelle Point has a magnetic charge base which is plugged into a USB cable.
  • Bullet itself is waterproof.
  • It comes in lots of lovely colours, green pink, purple, black and silver.
  • Covered in a silky smooth silicone that attracts zero dust.
  • Silver colour is the exception and is made of plastic, giving the customer a choice of sensations.
  • It comes with some charge in it but it is always best to charge a new toy up fully when you first get it. You don’t want it to run out halfway through. It takes about 4 hours to charge and you get a good hour of play on top power for that. Charging base flashes when the toy is properly aligned in it and turns green when it is ready.
  • Personally, while I appreciate knowing when the toy is done charging I don’t like sex toys that stand up flashing like the Eiffel Tower at new year. But that’s just me.
sensuelle point
Clit Stimulation for Women

Control Features 

NU Sensuelle Point takes lubricant really well but doesn’t really need it.

It has 20, yes, 20 settings, so there is definitely going to be one for everyone.

  • 3 are steady vibrations at varying intensities.
  • Other 17 are patterns.
  • It is extremely easy to use.  There is only one button on the base and each time you press it you get the next pattern.
  • Simple press down and hold for a couple of seconds to turn off.  Button is a bit stiff, but I have noticed on the store tester it does loosen up with use.
  • Choice of patterns is great but it doesn’t have a memory function. So if like me you like number 15 in the sequence it is a bit annoying and a complete buzz kill if you want to use it spontaneously while you are on the job. I can forgive all this easily though.
  • Vibrations are so unbelievably good.

This along with most toys that Nu make is a little powerhouse of a vibrator.

It really is impressive and remarkably quiet too. I love it. It is cheaper than the We-Vibe Tango.  And I can’t think of any other bullet at the same price point that can even come close to this one.

I do prefer the We-Vibe Tango if the price were not a factor. But that is also to do with the shape of the head of the sex toy too.  We-Vibe Tango has a flat side like a lipstick.  For the price of the NU Sensuelle Point, I would argue you won’t get a better bullet this size and shape anywhere.

sensuelle point
Sensuelle Bullet NU

Hot NU Sensuelle Remote Control Is Off The Charts

I undertook this review with a bit of resilience.  As my experiences with Novel Creations sex toys in the past have not been that fantastic. Not in any shape or form because of their power, shape or feel but because of their longevity.

My experiences in the past is that I actually loved them – with such a variety of speeds and it probably packs the biggest punch of any vibrators on the market especially when considering their size.

But the first three that I got lasted little over a month before they packed up and died. Having done a quick search on AOL, I found numerous articles stating similar issues as to the ones i had developed.

In all honesty though there was not an issue with getting a replacement

But three times out of four was not a good success rate and I gave up on these toys a couple of years ago.  I was contacted by Adultsmart recently to tell me that there was an improved version of these toys. And that the manufacturers had sourced a vibrating motor from a more reputable manufacturer. So there should be very rare issues with the toys.

So the Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet arrived

In a white colored cardboard container that has a small clear plastic film that allows you to see the size shape and style of toy contained within. Information about the product is also written on the box but presented tastefully.

But if you are giving it as a gift to someone you will need to ensure discretion as it is quite obvious that there is a sex toy in the box.

sensuelle point
Sensuelle Bullet

What’s in the Box??

After taking the toy out you will find that there is an instruction manual underneath the plastic tray.  Also a pouch to house your toy in when not in use. There is also a usb adapter and wall plug socket.  Sunsuelle Point 20 Bullet comes in three colors pink, black and purple and I received the purple one.

As soon as I saw the bullet it reminds me of the we-vibe salsa and like the we-vibe is fully rechargeable.  I plugged in the Bullet to charge and read the instructions and the box. Instructions are pretty basic. But one thing that stood out on the box were the words ‘Don’t settle for anything less powerful’.

I was hoping that the same power would be in this new version.  As that is the reason I fell in love with the Sensuelle Bullet in the first place.

What is it Made of? 

It is made of a soft silicone material that feels fantastic.  Manufacturer says that it is twice dipped in silicone – I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing but the feel of the toy was exquisite.

After the mandatory two hour charge I get ready to test this baby out.

Time to Test this Baby Out

I pressed the power butting and breathed a sigh of relief as the powerful vibration started up.  It had not lost any of its power.

Vibrations are not like the deep throbby ones of Lelo or Fun Factory but rather a higher pitched but quicker one. It is not a quiet vibration so you cannot discretely use this with others around.

I then went up the 20 functions

Yes you read that right – 20 functions and to be honest here – I LOVE strong vibrators. But the strongest vibration speed is just too much for me.

For those that struggle to orgasm or suffer from anorgasmia, then as it is a higher pitched/faster vibration it just becomes too much for me to handle and I think would be for most people. But that is a good thing.

Previous Novel Creation sex toys I had owned also had a tendency to get really hot to hold.  I figure that is because of how quick/fast the intensity is that it creates more friction to the vibrator.  Maybe that is the reason for the 2nd coating of silicone. But this bullet did not become too hot to handle. This I would suggest is the strongest bullet on the market.  ‘

Certainly shows that good things can come in small packages.

I waited two months before writing this review and am happy to announce that I have had no issues with the improved sex toy bullet so trust that the manufacturer vibration issues have been resolved.

Bearing in mind that if this is true then I would highly recommend this sex toy that will literally blow you away.

By Jessica From Tumby Umby

sensuelle point
Xbiz Winning Vibrator

Feel NU & Sensuelle With The Award Winning Impulse Sensor!

My boyfriend gave me the Nu Sensuelle Impulse Sensor about 5 months ago.

In fact, he used it on me the first time, the way they showed another similar sex toy being used in one of those Japanese YouTube uploads.  It was unbelievable and ever since that day, I have been using it as frequently as I can.

I did have a few problems earlier in reaching orgasm.  Especially after we had sex continuously for a couple of weeks. We always needed a break of a week or two before resuming our sex lives. Because I had problems in getting sufficiently aroused.

That is what prompted my boyfriend to bring this sex toy for me.

What I like about the Sensuelle Impulse Sensor

It is easy to hold. Most vibrators require you to grip them. But in this vibrator, the designer has given a hook that lets me push it in as much as I want.  And pull it out as fast as I want from vagina.  Thrust it in again many times sometimes slowly sometimes fast. That is the way I like it.

Other vibrators have the buttons on surface, so I cannot really do that, especially because my wide grip prevents the deeper penetration. Therefore, other vibrators leave me unsatisfied.

External appearance of Novel Creations generation’s Sensuelle Impulse Sensor also resembles a penis, a long one at that.  It is smooth but not hard plastic.  It’s plastic is soft contrary to how it appears. A smooth appearance, however, helps it to glide in and out more easily than some of the other vibrators I have known.

Not only do they seem artificial, the realization completely stops the excitement achieved that far.

Grooves on Sensuelle Impulse Sensor’s surface

Actually increase the excitement as it moves into my vagina. It is almost as if I am having the kind of penetration I want without compromising on any need. Grooves on the long body of this vibrator ensure that wherever they touch my internals, they vibrate it.

It is real bliss as this toy does that.

sensuelle point
Sensuelle Impulse Vibrator

Sensuelle Impulse Sensor is rechargeable,

My only grouse with this toy is it takes fairly long to get recharged.  But once it is charged, I am in for an exciting time.  I use it when I am watching television as well.

Switch of this sex toy is so easy to operate. I can start this vibrator with a single touch.  Seven different types of vibrations are possible with this. Effectively, I never run out of choices.  I can alternate such vibrations too, to get more variety and change the intensity.  Toy’s motor allows that.

But if you want a new way to enjoy sex, let the toy take charge with its touch sensor.  It will know exactly where you need that stimulation. And try all options till you start moaning. Your boyfriend could not have asked for more. If he likes a quick one a couple of times and forceful one too.

You would be all ready for him really quick

The way I am for my boyfriend. An impulse sensor mode in this device starts vibrating the moment it touches the skin. Making it feel like a real penis. I like to play with it at the entrance of vagina.

My boyfriend does not have much patience for such foreplay.  He usually approaches me when he is ready and needs to enter fast.  Can remain in there for fairly long, but once he is spent, he moves over and needs recharging.

But this toy lets me suck it in with my vagina muscles, slowly at the pace in which I feel excited.  And while I do so, it increases the intensity of vibrations. It keeps me excited and lets me experience orgasm again and again before and after sex with my boyfriend.

My boyfriend is happy too because he gets exactly what he needs in time.

sensuelle point

I will recommend using the Sensuelle Impulse 

Because it gives you multiple orgasms, which you know burn calories too. Our sex life has undergone a sea change since last few months. My boyfriend can’t seem to keep himself away from me.

What more can a woman ask for? Marriage? It will have to wait. For now, sex is too good to set aside. We have too many more sex toys to try like the Nu Sensuelle Curve that targets my G-Spot.


The Nu-Sensuelle Impulse won the award in the category ‘powered sex toy of the year’ at the Xbiz 2014 Show!  It also was the winner of product of the year at the 2014 ANME StorErotica awards.

Description from Xbiz

With its hook at the base and speed and vibration controls on the top of the hook, the Sensuelle Impulse is an easy toy to grab and get off with.

But it’s not like other vibes… it has three touch sensors on the shaft that start automatically on contact. And the seven vibrations can sense your pleasure escalating and increase the strength of the vibrations as you squeeze around it further and further into your snatch.

Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds. If you want to use it like a regular vibe, just touch a button on the hook handle and voila! Now you have a different toy! The shaft is not too long and the waves in it feel great.

Once you get the hang of how it responds, you’ll never want to leave the house.

sensuelle point
Sex Toy Fight

NU Sensuelle Curve Vs Precious Metal Slims!

Tonight I had a look at two similarly priced hard g spot vibes to see how they compared.

Both sell well and seem to be pretty effective going off the number of repeat buyers. They’re also handily sized to fit in even a small handbag so great for getting your sex play out of your bedroom. Or for taking to your date’s place and also quite discreet because of that small size.

So here we go friends, the Sensuelle Curve and the Precious Metal Slims.

I will start out with the Sensuelle Curve which is a G-Spot sex toy made by Novel Creations.

A G-Spot orgasm is most commonly involved with female ejaculation.  So whether you are a regular squirter or have never squirted but would like to, this could be the toy for you.

I am reviewing this sex toy first, simply because it was the first one I picked up and looked at.

Silicone is high quality, luxurious, body-safe and feels silky smooth to the touch. The little number that comes in two different colours which are pink and purple.  These two colours are surprisingly the most bought colours at Adultsmart and Adult Lifestyle Centres.

Sensuelle Curve is on the bigger size measuring measures 13.5 cm x 3 cm. Which I enjoy so the width can cover a bigger surface in my vagina. It also has 20 different functions. So you are completely covered to find a multitude of powerful vibrations that will suit any type of orgasmic experience you would enjoy.

You can achieve pin point stimulation

Of the tip of the Sensuelle Curve so you can use it for clitoral stimulation too.  To recharge place it in it’s rechargeable docking station which will also keep it safe from falling over.

Since it is rechargable, this vibrator is on the quiet side unlike anything which is battery operated.  This Sensuelle Curve has one operating button placed on the very base of the toy so it’s quite simple to use.

Press the button once to turn it on, press it again to scroll through the different functions.  Each press will change it to the next function. You can turn it off without having to scroll through all the functions too. Which is always a good thing I think.  Just hold the button down for a couple of seconds in a long press and the vibrator will turn off.

Strong Vibrations

Now once you have turned the vibe on you will immediately notice how strong the vibrations are. This is characteristic of all the Novel Creations Sensuelle range of vibrating sex toys.  And is one of the main reasons they are so popular.

Motors are so strong in fact that many people find their highest settings too strong to handle. But they also always seem to feature a good range of speeds and vibration patterns so there is a strength to suit almost everyone.

Sensuelle Curve is no exception.  Also comes with 12 month warranty.

sensuelle point
Curve Vibrator

Precious Metal Slims

Much more slimmer than the Sensuelle Curve.  It is also much harder and the finish is not velvety. Instead it’s the smooth plastic kind of feel. It comes in several pretty and eye-catching metallic shades. So if you’re a disco diva this could be the toy for you!

This is also a battery powered sex toy although it uses 2 x AAA batteries.  Since it is powered by batteries, the vibration sound will be quite louder. You will also have to replace the batteries when they run out. There is just one function button also so again simple use. But unfortunately with this sex toy you do have to scroll through all the functions before turning it off. Boo 🙁

There are 10 functions to scroll through when all you want to do is lie there in post orgasmic bliss and exhaustion. But hey, you can’t have everything, right? At least those 10 functions won’t leave you wanting for variety.

Precious Metal Slims vibrations on this sex toy are not as strong

As the Sensuelle Curve. If you like them really strong this may not be the one for you.  But if instead you are more sensitive and only prefer or need a lighter touch then this will be a plus for you.

After all, there is not ‘one vibe fits all’ and variety is a good thing.  Precious Metal Slims Vibe is also very reasonably priced so gets a tick from me in that department.

sensuelle point
Precious Metal Vibe


Both these vibrators are waterproof

You can take your play to the bath or shower.

Now it’s hard for me to choose which is the better because they both have some great features.  So I would say that the main point to consider in choosing which is the right toy for you is the motor strength.

  • If you want power or luxury, I would say go with Sensuelle Curve and you will be a happy camper.
  • Or if you love a slightly more gentle vibration and shiney treat yourself to some Precious Metal.

Either way you should have loads of G-Spot fun with these sex toys.  Don’t forget you can use a separate clitoral toy at the same time for a super orgasmic experience, so enjoy babes xx

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