Magic For My Sex Life – The Lelo Smart Wand!

I was looking for magic for my sex life and among our various ranges of wands in our Adult Lifestyle Centres, I’d say the Lelo SmartWand is the best looking one!  It’s shape, beautiful materials and colours make LELO the best wand designer if you ask me.  Especially since they have won awards from ETO and AVN.

It comes in a classic yet elegant white packaging with an image that shows the different positions to use the LELO sex toy as a body massager but not as an intimate massager.  Of course, as soon as you see this toy, you know that this is a wand which can be used in a sexual way.

I guess that they didn’t want to be too explicit to keep it classy.

What Do You find in The Box?

  • In the box, you’ll also find a satin pouch.
  • Charger.
  • User guide.
  • Anice gold brooch (which is useless by the way but it is still nice though).
  • Available in 3 colours: black, white and purple. I tested the black one (A classic colour but was the only one left).

Size and Materials

Black (and gold) Lelo smart wand is 30 cm long with a head diameter of about 6 cm.

It’s made of silicone and ABS Plastic and its silicone is frankly exceptional. Indeed, it’s very soft and once you touch it, you’ll know immediately that it’s a superior quality.  I am not surprised after all, we are talking about Lelo!

The silicone is perfectly adjusted, the toy has a great design, the finishes are excellent (glossy/matte), moreover, it doesn’t attract much dust.

magic for my sex life
Guide to Buying a New Sex Toy

Weight and Vibrations

Rechargeable smart wand is not the lightest wand I’ve ever held.  It weighs 395g but it doesn’t matter, even more, its better. Why? For the wands, the bigger they are, the more effective they can be! (Especially when used as a body massager).

I mean, obviously… if it’s bigger you can cover more parts of your body. Moreover, the vibrations are more powerful than the lighter ones.

But for ones that worry too much about the weight/seize, Lelo resolved this issue a long time ago. They offer 2 different sizes (medium and large). I didn’t have the possibility to try the other sizes but could have been happy with the medium size.

magic for my sex life
Lelo Smart Wand Photo

Magic for My Sex Life

Once, the cordless wand was charged enough, I finally tested it on my shoulders first.  It’s honestly amazing.

As a massage lover, this toy gives me amazing sensations and I realize how good it is to have the wand made of silicone. A plastic or similar head could have been painful after using it for a while.  Plus, it makes the smart wand 100% waterproof!


Make sure to charge the toy as indicated (2 hours charging for 2 hours user time) because once you start using it, you won’t stop… Oh and don’t worry about the fact that the charger doesn’t go all the way in to the charging port. At first you might think that the charger or port is broken but it’s not.

That’s the only little thing I could complain about.


  • 3 button interface and 8 vibration modes to play with.
  • Rising and falling vibrations, rumbling vibrations and slow and fast vibrations.
  • It also features Sense Touch technology which, once the vibrator is switched on, stops it when there is no pressure on its head. Restarts it as soon as the head is pressed on a part of the body.
  • It is possible to configure it in travel mode to prevent it from operating when not expected. Happened to me once with a vibrator but was lucky it happened around my friends, otherwise you can imagine the embarrassment!
  • Interface is simple. There is a ‘+’ button, a ‘-‘ button and a ‘()’ button. The ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons are used to adjust the vibration intensities. ‘()’ button allows you to change the vibration modes.
  • Buttons are easily accessible and put in the best place they could have been.
  • Surprisingly, when you start the Smart Wand, it’s immediately on the most powerful intensity when you touch the skin.  Thanks to the Sense Touch).  So you must decrease the power with the ‘-‘ button.
  • I love the different vibrations and the intensity can be powerful or weak if wanted.

Intimate Massager Use

When it comes to use it as an intimate massager, it can only be used as an external massager because of its shape.

I don’t doubt a minute that this wand would give me the best clitoral orgasms if used!  Nevertheless, I wonder how I could use the large wand at the same time as being with my partner or using a vaginal toy.  This size might be a big issue and you should maybe reconsider downsizing if you are into a double stimulation.

Other than that, the sound is great. It’s not completely quiet but I have had noisier wands than this one.

When it comes to the cleaning, it can’t become easier since the Smart Wand is 100% waterproof. Just pass it under warm water with a mild soap and make sure it’s completely dry before charging again.

I’d recommend without hesitation the smart wand

As I really appreciated this toy. It is not only one of the best-looking toys I’ve seen. But also, a powerful one and made of great materials. This smart wand comes with the usual year warranty and ten years guarantee offered by LELO.

magic for my sex life
Couples sex toy winner

LELO Noa Vs We-Vibe 4 Plus

I received the LELO Noa from Adultsmart to review in discrete packaging.

LELO have designed bestselling sex toys and Lelo bests so I was extremely excited! On opening the package, I saw that the LELO Noa came in it’s beautifully presented standard LELO box which had a picture of the vibrator on the box with basic info.

When opening the box I found the LELO Noa nicely packaged in a molded base that would prevent it from being damaged. Also included in the box was a satin storage pouch to keep it separate and safe from your other sex toys.

There is also a instruction manual, charger and a warranty card that had to be filled out. There was also a link to the LELO site for further instructions if required.

LELO Noa is a completely rechargeable sex toy

Operates rather quietly.  To charge it you have to unscrew the toy at the middle to review the charging point. I have never seen this before but it does not impact either negatively or positively.  It is just a different way of recharging a sex toy.

So I plugged the Lelo Noa on charge and waited the mandatory 2 hours for it to power up. Once fully charged you should get upwards of 90 minutes of continuous use, which is enough for a wonderful, powered, sex session. The cable for the charger plugs into any USB charge or electronic device with USB plug like a computer.

Whilst charging a pink light will be displayed, when the sex toy is fully charged, the light turns to white. When the light flashes it means it requires a charge.

magic for my sex life
Image: Lelo Noa

What is Lelo Noa Made of? 

LELO Noa is made of a velvety silicone that feels ultra smooth to touch and is 100% body safe.

In the middle is a metallic finished band that has the LELO insignia inscribed on it. Although LELO claim the Noa is waterproof I would prefer to say it is water-resistant.  Which makes cleaning it a breeze.  Simply wash it under lukewarm water and some mild detergent or use a sex toy cleaner.

Only reason why I say this is because you are able to unscrew the device to charge it up which may mean if it’s not closed properly, it can possibly leak water inside.

magic for your sex life
The Best Sex Toys

Noa is a couples sex toywith a similar method or use as the famous we-vibe.

It is meant to slide into the vagina whilst the penis can be inserted underneath. Also a great solo toy and can find the G-Spot with little difficult or give pin-point accuracy for a bit of clit stimulation.

To turn the Noa on you must touch the power button twice it will light up and begin vibrating. I was disappointed to find that there is only one vibration power but 6 different modes. In order the modes are constant vibration (when you first switch it on, pulse, fast pulse, roller coaster, longer roller coaster and finally low and high pulse.

To turn it off again hold the power button down for about 5 seconds.

LELO Noa is compatible with Sensemotion remote

I read in the instructions that the LELO Noa is compatible with Sensemotion remote. But one is not included in the package.  I have not found anywhere that sells the Sensemotion control on its own.  So I guess you would have to purchase another LELO product that has Sensemotion to use this function.

Personally they should either include it or sell the remote separately and it is a bit annoying.  Similar to purchasing a fun factory toy with click n charge technology to find that you have to buy the charger separately.

Whereas the We-Vibe has an application you can download to create your own modes to control the We-Vibe Plus.

magic for my sex life

Although not the most powerful vibrator in the world it is whisper silent.

When inserted you really cannot hear it at all so will not distract you whilst love making or having some private play.

It is anatomically correct.  More so than the We-Vibe yet pliable enough also to suit those of us that are a little different in shape.  I have an inverted uterus and found it perfect.

So if you want a couples sex toy with a bit more power go the We Vibe. If you want a couples sex toy that fits most people, go the LELO Noa. Both couple’s sex toys are really great products to add to your treasure trove and you won’t be disappointed with either of them.

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