LELO SmartWand Review: Experience Ultimate Relaxation And Massage

I didn’t know high quality body wands by LELO existed until I came to work in Adultsmart and that’s when I came across the Lelo Smartwand.

Quite frankly at first the look of most of them puts me off.  They seem to either look like cheap kids toys or else they are intimidatingly large or clinical.

There is no denying that aside from investing in a sex machine, if it is the power you are after, then these are the go.

Lelo SmartWand

If I was to buy a Smart Wand, it would definitely be the Lelo SmartWand in Large. It manages to combine size and elegance more successfully than any other I have come across.

What got me thinking about using the Lelo Smart Wand was a review I found over at “Miss Ruby Reviews” stating:

“This wand can be really fun to use. The rumbly speeds make your whole vulva vibrate, which makes for a great warm up. It’s luxurious,  feels lovely to touch, and I can take it in the shower.  The charge also seems very respectable – it hasn’t unexpectedly died on me yet. I’ve found that using this toy for a few minutes very quickly gets me turned on and ready for orgasm.”


It is packaged in a sturdy presentation box.  Interestingly Lelo uses the same white ‘health product’ marketing that they use for the kegel balls.  Graphics on the outer cardboard sleeve of the box show a woman in a spa robe massaging her back.

Hmm… I haven’t sold many of these for health reasons.  But I guess a woman with her legs spread wide like an eagle, thrusting this huge 13-inch wand towards her clit, might be deemed a tad confrontational for Lelo.

Although they are currently getting a lot of stick for choosing Charlie Sheen as the poster boy for their new “Hex” condom.

So they sometimes do court controversy.

Features of Lelo SmartWand

It comes with a quality reversible neoprene storage bag too, which I haven’t seen before.  Lelo Smart Wand is rechargeable and the recharging cord with an attached plug is included in the bag.

There is an instructions brochure and a warranty card.  Lelo always offers a 1 year warranty with their sex toys. After the year Lelo charges half price for the warranty after that.  I don’t think that includes the condoms!

Now, it is only a small thing that probably wouldn’t bother most people probably wouldn’t mind, but I hate it.

It is a horrible charger.

White for a start and the wand I am reviewing is black, and it looks like the huge cheap thing you get with your Christmas tree lights.  It only looks so bad because the rest looks quite good.

I only mind because it is quite an expensive toy.

Lelo smartwand
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Features and Designs

The wand itself comes in black and ivory.  It is slightly curved with a flexible neck and that is what sets it aside from all the other body wands.

I can’t really understand why all body wands aren’t curved.  It makes sense for solo use.  Especially if you ever do want to use it to massage your back.

The other aspect of the design that I love is that the silicone covers the whole neck of the toy.

Far Easier to Clean

Easy to clean and far more suitable for intimate play.   Silicone is silky smooth apart from the decorative gold plastic strip running down the handle in the same style as some of their other products. 

When toys use painted gold plastic instead of metal when making luxury toys I feel a bit cheated.  I am not sure how long it would be until it peeled either.

Its specifications are 304 x 80 x 60.   Pretty big and comparable to the classic body wand.

Great Vibrations

Most importantly, the vibrations are great, really powerful and rumbly.  It retains that power even though it is rechargeable for  2 whole hours.

Has the usual 8 Lelo patterns too so it is not just power up and down like most wands.

But aside from this, it also has its unique selling feature, it’s patented sense touch technology.  This means when you push the toy against your skin instead of dampening the vibrations as would usually happen they are increased.

Using This Function

To use this function you just need to press the centre button down for 3 seconds.  It is often the case that because wands are so powerful the vibrations can carry distractingly down your arm when you hold them.

Not so with the smart wand.

I think it has to do with the curve.  If you hold it at its narrowest point, the vibrations are comparatively mild.

lelo smartwand sex toy
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Travel Lock and Waterproof

As if all this wasn’t enough there are other features, it travel locks, and is waterproof.  Now I am dubious about that because of the huge charge porthole.  But LELO insists it is like their other toys and this means they are happy for you to submerge it.

Other wands I have looked at to compare it with, which are specifically sold as water toys, on closer inspection use words like water resistant.  Implying that they are for shower use.

Being able to use this in the bath is a huge plus as far as I am concerned.

Memory Function

The smart wand also has a  handy memory function, so it remembers the setting you were last using and starts on that.

I initially thought that was a great idea as I use the same settings on toys all the time.  But it wouldn’t be so great if you like to finish off on a different setting to the one you start on.

It’s head also conveniently fits the attachments from other toys like the ‘Hitachi wand”.  I am not sure why Lelo doesn’t make their own.

This wand is a bit pricey, but it is the best of the wands in my opinion.

I thought it might be all looks and no substance.  But as you can see it actually isn’t at all.  In fact, the sex toys produced by LELO have won awards from Eros and so many other organisations!

lelo smartward
Winking Girl

Sleek & Discreet Lelo Mia 2!

All though I would check out Lelo’s bullet, the Mia 2.

I am forever extolling the virtues of the amazing we-vibe tango, as THE bullet of choice for its unparalleled rumbles and powerful vibrations.

My go to bullet for less money would always be the Nu sensuelle, not so rumbly, but pretty darn powerful.

What are Lelo bringing to the table?

Their price point is similar to the Tango, so I am hoping for good things.

Firstly I love the box.  It’s all black and discreet and it looks very much like there is something expensive and exciting inside.  Perfect for storage, but when you open the box it comes with a little satin bag anyway.

The bag contains the manual and the USB charger cord and a tiny sachet of Lelo ‘personal moisturiser’.

Lelo Mia is presented on a little velvet platform and I would be very happy to receive this couples sex toy as a gift.

It’s a Bullet Vibrator

That’s about 4.5 inches long and is in the lipstick style, except it looks exactly like my mascara.  It is sleek and discreet and can easily disguise itself as a convincing innocent member of your purse contents.

Looks quite refined it is lightweight and easy to hold.  One end is gently rounded at the tip and holds most of the vibration. The other end is pointed and angled and has slightly less vibration.

It opens up like a lipstick and you plug it directly into the charger.

I Was Amazed

I know I am probably the only one on the planet who thinks this.  But I was amazed.   I hadn’t seen a toy do that and I thought it was so cool.

So much better than the Tango, floundering about on your nightstand propped precariously up against something.   Desperately trying to stay attached to its charger (I hate magnet chargers).

Anyway, I digress, back to the main event.

Made of 100% body safe ABS plastic

I would probably prefer silicone because plastic gets so slippery with lube.  It looks so classy though, so I can forgive that.  Easy to use the controls are a simple plus and minus button.  The plus, intuitively, turns Mia 2 up while the minus turns it down.

Once you’re at the highest vibration, you can hold the plus button to access the 5 vibration patterns.

Scroll through them.  Press the minus button to get back to the steady vibrations,  then press again to turn Mia 2 off.

Has a Travel Lock

It travels locks too by pressing both buttons at once, which we like.  6 different speeds, but I couldn’t really notice the difference.  It works better if you use it intuitively.

As for the vibration quality, I think it is perfect.

It is very rumbly and it isn’t as powerful as the Tango but it is more than enough for me.  I didn’t expect it to be as good as it this.

Have held off reviewing Lelo toys so far as I think they are a bit overpriced and I can often find a similar if not better equivalent toy in another brand for a better price.

100% waterproof and has a battery life of 1.5 hours.  It is also unbelievably quiet.  This wasn’t going to be a comparison piece but since I mentioned those other two bullets I will finish off on this.

If the price didn’t come into it I would pick the Mia 2.

I like the way it looks and feels and vibrates (and charges).  Nice one Lelo.

Read a satisfied customer Review

‘I love my little Lelo Mia 2 clitoral vibrator. It’s reasonably small, so it is convenient to carry in your handbag or pocket if you wished. It came with a small instruction booklet, a little material pouch to store it in, a box and sample lube.  Material is very easy to clean. The top part twists off to reveal the USB port to charge it at your computer.

This is a hundred times better than buying batteries all the time. It sort of looks like a USB stick. The lower settings are very mild, but press the plus button and you get more moderate vibrations. As the vibrator is on the smaller size, it can be a little hard to press the plus and minus buttons to change settings when you are mid way through a session.

I wish you tell when it’s about to run out of power so you can recharge it before it does. Overall, though, the size and convenience makes this an excellent quality clitoral vibrator for someone who likes low to moderate vibrations.’

Lelo smartwand
Lelo Mia 2 Bullet Vibrator

Generation Y is also not only the travel generation but also the sex toy generation.

With stigma’s about adult stores and the use of adult toys slowly fading away.  And more people becoming sexually aware of their body and what they can use to pleasure themselves.  It is not surprising that people are starting to take their sex toys on holidays with them.

However, there are places in this world that forbid both sexual materials including sex toys.  Here are some of the countries.

  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • India
  • Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
  • The Maldives
  • Generally countries around the Persian  Gulf

What Can I do if I Want to Travel With my Sex Toy?

So what do you do when you can’t take a vibrator into a country that you are traveling to?

Don’t have sex for the duration of you’re stay?  In fact, stop having sex all together?  Just quit it?  Cold turkey?

Just kidding.

Fortunately enough there is a beautiful company in Sweden that create both innovative and beautifully designed toys, and go by the name Lelo.   Yes, that is right.

LELO Saves the Holiday

They have provided the world with some of the most well designed vibrators, winning numerous awards for creativity and design in their product field (adult).

Lelo Mia 2 is the answer to you’re traveling restriction problems.  It is designed like no other vibrator, and can easily fly under the radar.  Talk about living the 007 life.

Are you ready for you’re the first assignment?

Ok, lets go.

17:00 Hours – Dubai International Airport – United Arab Emirates

Assignment: Transport Mia 2 undetected through Dubai customs undetected.

You’re in Dubai for a quick fly in, fly out business meeting.  You have an Australian friend Sarah that lives in Dubai that you promised you will bring her a cheeky clitoris vibrator from home.

You’ve done you’re research and found that not only does the Mia 2 have 6 thrilling functions with a 1.5 hour continuous battery.  But it also comes with a 1 year warranty and 10 year guarantee.  Meaning that it will defiantly do well on a long mission.

You’re walking through the customs screening area

Tension is high yet you’re a trained professional knowing that you’re package is completely undetectable.  You look eyes with a Dubai customs officer and you say you are traveling alone, and only have a duffle bag with you.

He gets suspicious.

You get the international hand gesture for “come here”.  As you head over to him he begins to let you know that he will be searching your bag.  And it is just a random bag check.

He asks if you have to declare anything or have any prohibited items.

Your reply is “no”.

Whilst searching through the bag he comes across a satin pouch which is containing the Mia 2 in it.   You had to ditch the box in Sydney because you knew it would be suspicious is you traveled with it.

He begins to inspect the Lelo Mia 2 and does not know what to make of this strange item.

You ask to hold it to show him something.

He hands it over and you take the cap off the end of it, which reveals a USB port.  The customs officer nods as you explain that it is you’re company USB stick.

Gestures you to move along and enjoy you’re stay.

Little did he know that the USB is actually used to charge the Mia 2.  You reach Sarah’s apartment where she is waiting for you with excitement.  After she greets you, you hand over her toy.

Confused at how you got it through customs, Sarah gives you a massive grin with the Mia 2 in her one hand.  Her other hand dragging you to the bedroom.

Mission Accomplished. Take care 0069.








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