How I Became a Sex Slave

There are many different roles in the kink scene and every person identifies to a particular role. Some people in the BDSM community identify with more roles than one. However, not everyone who is a sub behaves in the same way. In fact, every sub is different, every masochist is different and every slave is different and so on.

A Submissive is a person, male or female, who enjoys submitting to a dominant partner. A Submissive has personal rights and limits that the dominant partner must follow. They are allowed to voice their opinions in a respectful manner, they have safe words and limits as to what they will and will not do. Submissive people can be owned or free according to what they want. If they are owned they still have choices.

A Masochist is a person, male or female, who enjoys receiving pain. A little bit more like a free player, but can also be Submissive. They can also voice opinions, hard limits and rules. They also have safe words. They can be with a permanent play partner or play with different partners whenever they like, but they can also be owned if that’s what they want. Again they also have choices.

A Slave is a person, male or female, who once commits to their Master or Mistress, gives up all rights to that person. They have no say in anything and no safe words unless their owner allows them to use one. Depending on what they have previously discussed, every move requires permission. A slave has no rights and must obey his/her Master/Mistress.

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When I started in the kink scene I identified as a Submissive. When I first began, I found being a submissive very challenging. It made me feel different, empowered and excited. I still felt quite restless as a Submissive though. I always looked for something that I felt was missing but I wasn’t sure what it was.  As time went by and I began to push my boundaries, I found that I needed more. When I stepped into this other identity, I realised just how much I enjoyed the world of masochism!  It was a completely different experience. There was a rush, it was dangerous, I was scared and I enjoyed a level of pain. All these emotions linked with masochism were elevated and I grew in many different ways.

I enjoyed my journey, but still, there was something missing. I wanted to hand over everything completely which is a scary thought and not a decision to be taken lightly! I wanted to be completely Submissive, I wanted to be a Slave. Anything goes during this type of play and you have no way to stop it once you are on that path. I thought about it for a while. It takes a lot of strength to essentially trust your Master with your body and life, everything is in their hands but it was all or nothing for me!

After investing a lot of time in searching for the right Master, I found one! This took lots of back and forth conversations between myself and other people. Lots of extensive trials and a lot of devotion. I decided I was ready to do this. I was going to become a Slave. It was a mutual decision between the master and the Slave. One that was not rushed and one that was discussed in great detail beforehand. Everything had to be very clear for both our sakes and for the sakes of our families.

I was very fortunate in finding an amazing Master. A Master that actually cares and spends time assessing every situation. A Master who spends hours thinking of what his slave needs and finding ways to deliver that in a nurturing and respectful manner. I finally felt complete and whole. It’s a very different feeling to being a Submissive or a Masochist. It’s an elevated state of mind which is hard to describe. It’s all about discipline. Accepting what the Master has said without doubting or questioning everything and anything your Master decides for you. It’s about improving oneself with the right guidance. The Master must support and advise you at all times.

Being a Slave is about pleasing him and making him proud. This is what makes me happy. In the Master/Slave lifestyle, the experience has been one of the strongest I have experienced so far. Probably because of the level of intensity and trust required. The levels seem to be much deeper and gratifying. I think that I have finally found my peace at last.


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