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BMS Factory the creators of luxury adult toy line include a nature themed vibrator line called Leaf.  The Leaf range is inspired by nature, leaves and trees capturing these beautiful aspects of life and setting the design as a sex toy.

Everything in the Leaf range is coloured a magnificent bright green that captures the life of out doors especially the colour of a freshly made leaf. Due to this colour hard-wired into our brain, it bring’s upon feeling of freshness and relaxation.

When I look at this sex toy, it brings me back to the memories of looking up into a blue sky. Eagerly feeling the warmth on your face, and there is that favourite tree you walk past as it says with the breeze.

Eco Friendly Vibrators Made By BMS Factory 

These vibrators are claimed to be eco-friendly and ergonomically designed which is equally good for the environment as well as for you sexual needs. Leaf Touch is shaped in a way to be a clitoral stimulator with pin point accuracy.

It comes in a large box that is healthy living inspired in a plain but simple design. There is a picture of the toy on the box which is sealed by a magnetic latch. Inside the box you find the vibrator, charger and instruction manual plus a storage or travel bag which is of a canvas material.

Vibrator is approximately 12cm in length.  Also resembles a leaf shape as it is curved with pointed tips.  End with the vibrator motor is slightly thicker than the other and also has the AC port.  A slight extra thickness help hold and control the toy.

It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Leaf Touch is covered with a matter silicone body safe material and inside the vibrator is quit firm. There is very little flex in the toy.

BMS Factory
Leaf Touch Vibrator Massager

Charging the Leaf Touch

  • I put the Touch on charge and it takes 3 hours to fully charge.
  • Once charged it give about 2 hours of continuous use before requiring another charge.
  • I like the fact that I am able to use it at least three times before I need to recharge it.
  • There is a travel lock mode on the sex toy that is activated or deactivated by pressing the on button quickly three times.
  • To turn the toy on simply keep the button pressed down for about three seconds and it turns on. This means you can travel with it, without worrying that it will turn on.

Simple Controls

There is only one control button on the touch. They have kept it very simple. Once on when you wish to increase speed you keep the button pressed down. To turn the vibrator off you simply push the button quickly a couple of times.

This is the main fault I find with the Leaf range.  In that if you go past your desired vibration speed you have to switch the toy off and start again. There is no way you can go down the vibration speeds. Although a lot of vibrators actuallly have this feature, so hopefully one day they will program it differently to make it more user friendly.

Cleaning the sex toy is easy.

All you need to do is wipe it down with a toy cleaner or wet wipe. You can also wash it in luke warm water with a little bit of soap. And it will feel like brand new again.


I found that the Leaf Touch was a great clitoral simulator

And it felt so good. It was the perfect size for me, it fit in my hand and the stimulation was heating all the right areas.  Can also be inserted to hit my G-Spot vibe if you so desired. But it is not the strongest vibrator I have ever used and the non-ability to go down in vibration speed annoyed me.

In review, I believe this toy would be a superb fit but for me I would prefer my trusted Lelo Vibrators. Plus, if you left one of these sex toy’s on your table or on your bed, I believe there are very few people who would realize what it even is.

You could say that it even resembles something you’d buy from a shop to put on display in your house.

Vlog Interview with Gordon Bannister BMS Factory

BMS factory is a leading sex toy manufacturer that has created some amazing brands.  A Canadian based company that have opened a factory in China that produces adult toys.

Steve Bannister the founder and CEO of the company has moved to China to oversee operations. And ensure that the highest standards or quality are maintained to ensure that the great reputation of this company will continue.

Adultsmart Vlog was lucky enough to catch up with his son at the recent AdultEx 2017.

List of brands that the BMS factory produces are quite amazing and include the Swan Serie.

Hip and chic Wonderlust Collection

Also the PalmPowers that are bodywand with an amazingly strong vibrating motor.  Ane eco friendly Leaf Line of Pleasure Objects.


They are the creators of the Powerbullet

An iconic vibrating bullet that is used by many of the major sex toy manufacturers.  There are thousands upon thousands of vibrators in the world today. Only a select few are powered by the incredible technology behind PowerBullet® vibrations.

If you’re looking for deep, rumbling sensations with a name trusted for its power and quality, look for the PowerBullet® logo on the box.

bms factory
BMS Factory Travel Locks

Travel Lock Dilemma

BMS Factory is a well-known sex toy manufacturer that has produced many bestselling brands. These include The Swan Series, Palm Power, PowerBullet and Wonderlust to name a few.

Having been involved in the adult industry for many years I rate these toys as both being aesthetically pleasing.  As well as being top notch pleasuring devices.  They are easy to use and generally trouble free except for the ‘Travel Lock Dilemma’.

What is the Travel Lock Dilemma

Having now been an online retailer for a decade or so I have noticed that there are many reports of ‘DOA’ or ‘Item Not Working’ from the BMS Factory Range.

This puzzled me for a while as in brick and mortar stores we never had any such complaints.  In fact many customers returned to say how great the products were.

So it just showed that as all sex toys sold to our clients are tested (using hygienic surgical gloves of course) to ensure.

  1. That they are working.
  2. The customer is happy with the toy.
  3. To let the customer know of all it’s functions and modes.
The Travel Lock Dilemma
Customer Satisfaction

Why Are BMS Products Coming Back DOA?

So why would so many reports and returns for BMS products occur online when no such issue exists in-store.   Answer to that question is the travel lock.  BMS manufacturing plant charge and test all their products before they leave the factory and once checked the travel lock is put on.

Most people that have owned a sex toy would know that to turn it there are a few options between brands.

  1. Simply hold the power button down for three seconds.
  2. On/off switch that is automatic and.
  3. A control that is either a wheel or slider that both turns the vibe on and will also increase or decrease the vibrations or rotations.

Products Work But Are Set On Travel Lock At The Factory

These functions also work with BMS pleasure products BUT not when you first receive it because of the sex toys travel lock dilemma.  And to top all that off the travel lock is controlled differently between their brands.  Let us take one of my favorite brands of sex toys – The Swan Series.

When you excitedly receive your Swan and open it ready to have some fun.

Swan Range & Wonderlust Ranges (Excluding the Mini Swan)

When you Swan vibrator arrives it should be full charged but travel locked.  In order to turn the travel lock off hold both buttons down for 5 seconds.  The toy will then vibrate to indicate that the travel lock is now turned off.

To switch the lock back on again hold both buttons down for 5 seconds and the short vibration indicates it is back on.

Mini Swan Wand and PalmPower Range

All Swan products come factory locked. To unlock the Mini Swan and PalmPower Range, quickly press the button three times.  You will feel a short vibration to indicate the lock has been turned off.  To lock again, quickly press the button three times, it will vibrate and the lock will switch on again.

With the Palmpower range there are additional instructions given should one find it difficult to unlock them.

‘If you are having trouble unlocking your PalmPower Recharge, charging it for at least 5 seconds will also deactivate the travel lock.”

 Award winning PowerBullet range from BMS Factory is exceptional.  Delivering a massively powerful vibrator that is used in some of the premium sex toys across the globe.  Many luxury sex toys employ the PowerBullet to be the motor of their innovative designs.

bms factory
Luxury Sex Toys

The PowerBullet also has a travel lock but it is Instructions delivered are.

‘There may be certain times when you want to turn your product off in a hurry. We thought about this and our “Press and Hold” feature allows “one touch off” per button. Travel lock allows you to travel safely without concern that the product might come on and cause embarrassment with security issues or run down the charge. ‘an instant one.

Now do not get me wrong, I still love the BMS Factory Ranges and they are in the top 10 in the world, certainly in my opinion. But I can also understand why some people that have purchased these exquisite toys have contacted us to say that their item is dead on arrival.

Here is to hoping that this article may clear up the ‘Travel Lock Dilemma’ associated with these products. But in doing so not shy you away from trying them.

Can You Believe A Swan Turned Me On?

Are you a powerful queen?

Would you love to experience the best G-sport stimulation?

Do like huge sex toys?

Would you love to experience the power of an external caress-er?

I will highly advise you to get turned on by a Swan Wand that was developed by BMS Factory. Swan Wand is a sex toy that has been highly rated by many women. It is also considered to be the most powerful model from the company.

Considered as the best toy for soothing muscles and for intense masturbation in women. I have used the Swan Wand for quiet sometime.   And can assure you that the experience was very awesome and unique when compared with other sex toys manufactured by other companies.

This sex toy is my own powerhouse that cannot be substituted with other sex toys. I love The Swan Wand and that is why am not ashamed to talk to you about it. This sex toy has been used for every masturbation session that I have had.

It has also been used with my girlfriend she really liked it too.

bms factory
The Love Swan

Swan Wand Sex Toy

A seamless that has a 100% silicone finish. This means that the Swan Wand is very hypo-allergic, non-porous, phthalate-free, and body-safe. It also has a powdered smoothness. But it is also advisable to use lubricators because is very draggy.

Swan Wand sex toy was originally named The Palm Power Exchange. It is considered to be a very powerful sex toy from the Swan Line sex toys. It does not only produce powerful vibrations but it also has two sides that are insert-able.

One side is larger than the other side.  Thinner side has a ‘nJoy Eleven’ shape. It is because of these combinations that I am very happy to tell you that if you like vibrant, powerful, and deep vibrations you should purchase the Swan Wand sex toy.

There Are Two Vibrating Motors For Extra Power

These vibrations are produced by a set of two motors that are installed in the Swan.

Each vibration has its own button that is very easy to control. I also observed that the toy produces about seven different vibrations-four different patterns and three different continual vibration intensities-that are controlled by the simple buttons. The good thing about this toy is that, it is very easy to turn on and off and the same time very hard to turn on by accident.

bms factory
Swan Sex Toy

The manufacturer of this amazing product designed it in a special way so that it would be elegant which I would not hesitate to support. Swan Wand toy has a very beautiful pink color that is very appealing. When you purchase this product, you will also get a sturdy box –that is also meant to improve the elegance stance of the sex toy.

The Swan also comes with its own storage bag that has Swan logo on the front side. This bag helps in keeping the Swan from breaking. I heard one of my friends say that, if her Swan Wand would break she would mourn and probably organize a funeral service for it.

Swan Wand is also rechargeable via a USB cable.

A USB cable is in the toy package has a Swan tag. This has hardly the problems that are related to recharging the sex toys. I have had trouble when recharging other sex toys and that is why I appreciate the effort by the BMS factory to tag all the sex toys and their chargers.

Every woman who has used this product will support me when I say that this company has done its best to ensure that we acquire our sex pleasures without much difficulty.

The Swan Wand has a one-year warranty and ten-year limited guarantee. This will help you get a new Swan in case you find that your toy does not perform well. You will only be required to register your Swan Wand to take advantage of these great safety packages.

The Swan can be purchased from online sex-toy shops. I would therefore recommend all powerful queens and size queens to try using this product and am sure you will not be disappointed.

My Eternal Swan!

Strap-on sex is a sensual approach to share with your lover as it is a couple sex toy. As much as I appreciate it, the straps have a tendency to drive me up the wall.

I adore the feeling of my eternal swan, skin to skin contact and wearing a restrictive harness frequently ruins that perspective of my love making. The Swan Eternal answers all those problems as it is a strapless strap-ons that is becoming more and more popular with sex toy users.

The Eternal Swan is different to some other strapless strap’s available because it’s a strap-on dong as well as a vibrator. With two effective motors one that’s inserted in both the person wearing it, and the person receiving it, it’s a sure thing for a fun ride for both of you.

Swan Eternal ls Insertable and Strap On

The insertable/wearing end is your common ball shape that, for a few users stays in by tightening it with your Pelvic Wall muscles. A few people find that this is tricky to do and like to use a strap-on outfit or an undies style harness.

For me, I generally can’t keep these sorts of toys in, previously I had to purchase a pair of ben wa ball weights so that i could gain the pelvic muscle strength for it. However, after a while I would just wear the strap on around and use that to tighten those muscles.

If you would like to use this sex toy I recommend doing some kegel exercises with ben wa balls or just using it as a strap on to pleasure your lover.

bms factory
Eternal Swan Sex Toy

It is Not A Phallic Sex Toy

The end that is used for inserting is not a phallic shaped cock but this configuration isn’t outwardly disappointing.  Its ideal for Prostate, P-spot manipulation if you enjoy pegging, and it’s also perfect for Lesbian strap on play as well.

Etched with the smooth and silky outline that you expect from any Swan sex toy, the shaft is delicately tapered with a bulb at the end perfect for P-spot delight.  The base is the widest point with the shaft decreasing in size until reaching the bulbous tip/

There are dual motors that are extremely effective each controlled independently which gives options that you can control your own or your lovers vibration speed and modes.

The controls are situated in the  middle so are easy to reach whilst in the throes of passion, just press and hold and the intensities will climb, click to change modes. This makes sex play so easy.

 Sex Toy Comes With A Travel Lock

There is a handy travel lock on the Eternal Swan so that it will not cause embarrassment should it accidentally turn on or off at an inopportune time.  Each Swan is checked prior to leaving the factory that it works and will have some charge when it arrives.

This toy is a great deal more than a strapless strap on as it can be used for Prostate play, vaginal insertion, clitoral stimulation and it is so easily adaptable, tempting all the right spots.

Made with 100% body safe silicone  and hypo-allergenic it has a delicate silky feel.  Being waterproof it can be used complete submersible in the bath or shower and when fully charged can give up to 7 hours or non-stop pleasure.

Before choosing if the Eternal Swan is a good fit for you, there’s a couple of things to be looked at as first especially for the more voluptuous in figure as the shaft is not that long.

Anyhow don’t be turned off by that, the Eternal Swan will be enjoyable.


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