Anal Bleaching – What You Need To Know!

Anal bleaching is very popular now but did you know that it originated from Porn Stars? A celebrated female porn star turned TV actress, who might stay anonymous, had a full front-to wax one day.  After seeing her thoroughly exposed bum, inquired as to whether there was anything she could do to dispose of her butt’s dark ring. So, anal bleaching was created but it was truly just done by porn stars at first.

As Brazilian waxing gained in notoriety, more ladies started seeing that their rear-ends were darker than whatever remains of their skin.  Despite the fact that this is absolutely normal and typical.  A representative at one spa said, ‘We do a ton of Brazilian waxes.  Some of the time the customers are astounded to see darker skin underneath.  They wanted their skin to be the same color all over so we began experimenting with different types of bleaches for the skin.”

Anal Bleaching Popularity

Also, this turned out to be more universal in the use of anal bleaching.  Significantly more men and ladies were, very much, presenting lightened sphincters.  Giving some of them another thought of what a lovely bum ought to resemble.  Add that to the way that, as indicated by data from the Center for Disease Control, ass sex is on the ascent among ladies.  It’s nothing unexpected that females were all of a sudden worried with what they looked like from behind.

Now spas offering the anal bleaching say that because of such popular demand, they can scarcely keep the treatments on the racks. What’s more, a hefty portion of the experts insisted they’ve seen a distinct spike in bookings over the past couple of years.

anal bleaching
Pexels Royalty Free: Photo by Ivan Mudruk

Methods of Anal Bleaching

There are many different methods to lighten your anus.


Light laser based treatment is by a wide margin the most costly system for anus blanching.  But on the other hand is the simplest approach to see results immediately after treatment. Laser medicines may sting a little. But dependent upon the treatment, the pain may extend from being over and over slapped with an elastic band for a few minutes on end to stinging that will require pain killers for a few days. Additionally, laser treatment may cause aggravation, which may bring about blisters or peeling. This irritative impact is far more pronounced for darker individuals.


It may appear to be fitting that the same individuals who do your Brazilian waxing would likewise bring you anal bleaching. Some people do not want to do it themselves so booking into a spa whilst getting other treatments is a treat.

Anal Bleaching at a Spa

There are Three “P’s” that characterize the fundamental issues with completing your anal lightening treatment at the spa.

  • Privacy

This is an issue on the grounds that the anus region is presumably the most private of any region on your body. Looking at the situation objectively, ladies and men alike will discuss their other private regions in easygoing discussion with companions. How frequently does the butt region come into discussion? Almost Never.  As a result of this, numerous individuals are embarrassed from having another person work with this touchy area.

  • Price

This is another real issue with spa-based blanching medications. Spa-based anal bleaching compounds regularly cost more than $150 to apply per visit.  And it’s the standard to visit a spa 6 or 7 to get the desired effect.  Then also any “upkeep” compounds to keep that bum hole light later on.  A vast majority basically can’t bear to spend that kind of cash. And on the off chance that they would, they be able to may not think of it as justified.

  • Professionalism

This is the last real issue with spa-based anal blanching methods. With a specific end (pardon the pun) goal to deliver moment.  Effectively obvious results and to help their clients feel as though they’re getting value, spas may utilize amazingly impressive machines and lotions on their clients.

In many cases, spas will have creams that contain hydroquinone, a bleach that has been banned in the European Union on humans due to its connections to cancer, with no respect for the wellbeing of their clients. This is clearly an essential thought for those considering spa-based medications.

anal bleaching
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At-Home Skin Lightening

Anal bleaching at home can be safer, although less lavish in many cases to spas or laser treatment.  But it is also less difficult, and absolutely more private of any alternative system. You simply need to do your research of anal bleaching or anal lightening.  It is also cost wise and the complete treatment may cost you under $40 for the year.  As opposed to $150 a session at a spa that requires 6 treatments to get the desired results.

A most important thing to recall if picking the at-home treatment is that you have to pick a good cream, and that anal bleaching is not a process that happens instantly.

Why not useAnal Lightening Cream that has been used by porn stars for many years now.

Anal sex guide and anal bleaching

Anal Sex – My Guide For The Very First Time

Taboo and fear associated with anal sex for many will be enough for many never to try it.  That is unfortunate as when done correctly it can be both a rewarding and enjoyable new sexual experience. Both for you and your partner.

Look, don’t get me wrong it is not for everyone and that is fine. But as my father used to say, ‘You should try everything once.  If you don’t like it, at least you tried it’.  This adage I have lived by most of my life and for the most part it has been met with positive experiences.  So when my boyfriend from a long-standing relationship asked if I was willing to try anal sex I was more than willing to give it a go.

First thing I did was firstly research it.  Once I was familiar with the ins and outs, pardon the pun, the second was discuss it with him to ensure that he knew the ground rules and I knew what he desired.

This discussion was open and frank and we covered many areas.

There Will Be Heaps Of Foreplay

Very first time you are contemplating attempting anal sex ensure that the vibe is right.  Have some sensual music playing and candles burning.  Bring out your favorite sex toy and incorporate it with your foreplay.  Have passion with lots of cuddling and kissing.

You may wish to have vaginal intercourse first and orgasm that way to ensure that you are totally relaxed and ready.

Use Plenty Of Lubricant

There can never be enough anal lubrication when partaking in anal play as the anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina and the anus absorbs water.  So for easy insertion and to keep things flowing nicely always ensure that you have plenty of lube about.

Personally, I like a water-based lubricant as I incorporate silicone sex toys in our love making and silicone lubricant seems to destroy the material after a while.  I have never or will ever use desensitizing lubricant for two reasons.

Firstly, I want to experience all the erotic stimulations. Secondly, I fear that if something was to go wrong that it would dull my senses enough that I would continue on and possibly hurt myself.   No it is the real deal for me.

anal bleaching and toys
Anal Sex Toys

Try It Solo First With Sex Toys

It will be far better if you have experimented first with some anal penetration by yourself.  This way you will know what to expect and will not seize up when the real live action is happening.

Next time you are masturbating leave your clit stimulator and have a bit of an exploration around your bum.  Lube up and insert a finger or two slowly and gently.  Explore your sphincter and learn the way it clamps down and releases.

Get a soft silicone anal vibrator and gently insert it.  I was surprised that I had a blended orgasm the first time and can I say it is something I had never experienced before, but dearly look forward to now.

Play On The Anus

I spoke with my partner after experimenting with anal lubricants and exploring anal vibrators. And asked if when we were having regular sex if he would gently rim my bum with his finger.  And gently insert it so he too could get to know what I liked and what I did not.

Before I made sure that his fingers were clean and to do this I gave him a manicure that in itself was an erotic experience.  We did this for a few weeks and he got really good at it and had me having anal orgasms by doing this.

One of the best anal sex toy product ranges for women is designed by Alicia Sinclair who created B-Vibe.  You really can’t go past her products without checking them out especially if you are a beginner.  Each product is designed with a different experience level in mind and a wide range of pleasurable features.

anal bleaching
b-Vibe Novice Sex Toy Photo

You Will Be In Control

It was made very clear that the first time we were going to try anal sex I was to be in total control.  We would be in the spoon position with him to my rear and I would guide him into me at my own pace.  He would hold and not push in or thrust until I let him know to do so.

If at any stage I was uncomfortable or in pain we would stop.  We could try it again but if it was going to hurt the first time it would be a no go zone from then on.  He was more than fine with that. Especially since I would try it again as long as he stopped if I required him to.

Pick The Date

After a few weeks of anal foreplay we picked the date. This was going to be something special so we booked to see Sting at a show in the Hunter Valley with accommodation.  When we arrived there were flowers waiting for me in reception and the room was beautiful with a spa and all.

We watched the concert which was terrific at the Hope Estate and between us polished off a bottle of wine together.  We then got back to the room, he ran the spa and put in my favorite bath bomb.  There was a bottle of Champagne on chill from which he poured me a drink from a Crystal flute.  He put the TV onto a smooth music channel.

It was perfect, the night was perfect and he was perfect.

After relaxing in the bath for more than 20 minutes.  And chatting to each other deep and meaningful, I understood why I loved this man and how connected we were.

We got out of the spa, he towel dried me and took me to the bed.  He lay me down and delivered soft kisses from my neck to my toes.   Then he turned me around and did the same thing from my heels to my shoulders. Lingering along the way at my butt cheeks that he licked.  Sensations were amazing and the tingling sensation went to my core.

We then had some fun with the sex toys we had brought

After ten minutes or so had vaginal sex.  I orgasmed almost immediately after he entered me. He had me so worked up sexually but so relaxed body wise.  Then he played with my rosebud whilst I brought myself down the ecstatic heights that were reached.

I indicated to him that it was time. After liberally apply lube to him we assumed the spoon position – he was rock hard – I grabbed hold of his cock.  Slowly I brought it to my anus and in slow circling motions rimmed myself with it.

As agreed he did not push as I pushed back onto his cock.  It was larger than the anal vibrators I had used and did not go in as easy.  I continued to push and it was like a little pop went off and his head entered me.

Couples anal sex prep and anal bleaching
Image: Couple having anal sex

When his head entered me there was a slight bit of discomfort.  Nothing that I would say was painful.

But different to my sex toy play and his finger play.

I waited for a few seconds and this discomfort went away.  Again began to push against him until half of him was inside me.  Then gently I began to push him in and out of me.  Each time slowly, millimeter by millimeter I let him deeper inside of me.

Finally, the whole of him was deep inside me and I had a satisfying ‘filled up’ feeling as the slow strokes increased in vigor to deep thrusting.  I could hear him grunting and moaning behind me.  Soon he was blowing inside me.

I did not orgasm anally that first time but it did not hurt

Was very pleasurable and he was over the moon both intimately and relationship wise.  It is we treasure for special occasions and we had a few more of these erotic sessions before I anally orgasmed.

Again, anal sex is not for everyone. But if you do it right the first time, soon enough you will experience pleasure in a whole new way.

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