Keeping The Rabbit Company – The Ins and Outs!

In a world far far away lives the humble bunny. But here in the land of Adult Lifestyle Centres lives “The Rabbit Company.”  A machine of pure excellence that rivals all bunnies that have come before them.  True master piece of craftsmanship, not only in style, but in vibration power and sturdiness.

I welcome you to THE RABBIT COMPANY

Rabbit company hopped onto the market and made a BANG with its bold colours, amazing power, and incredible designs, reinventing the rabbit vibrator!

Those iconic ears of pleasure have brought a whole new meaning to the phrase fucking like a rabbit. The Rabbit Company wanted to bring you a concise collection of the best rabbit vibrators on the market.  And they have not disappointed.

They spent 2 years of research and development.  Testing vibrators on the market to bring you their goal of developing a range of vibrators that make your knees weak with every vibration, and movement.

Each model of this amazing range boasts outstanding quality, complete reliability, beautiful design.  And of course they pride themselves on the power they deliver.

Finding Your Perfect Rabbit

The models in their collection are so varied that there is no way you cannot find your perfect fit.  No one will miss out.  Not to mention every single rabbit comes with the following guarantee.


  • 5 year warranty.
  • Hypoallergenic, non-porous materials.
  • Hygienic, FDA-approved, food-grade silicone with a velvety-soft finish.
  • Flexible shafts to ensure a comfortable fit for women of all shapes and sizes.
  • Intense quality control process ensuring form, finish and function are all set to our high standards.
  • 2 powerful, independent vibrating motors in the shaft and rabbit.
  • Whisper quiet operation.
  • USB rechargeable battery with up to 8 hours of run time. Yes! you read that correctly a massive 8 hours of run time!

Rabbit Warranty

Another massive quality of this company is their warranty.  They really do back their product providing you with an incredible F I V E year warranty! In the unlikely event, they will replace your product with the same or similar if there is a defect in workmanship or materials, at their discretion.

But keep in mind in order for your warranty claims to be processed they need to be made within 5 years of original purchase.  And the product must be registered with the rabbit company with proof of purchase.

Rules do apply the warranty only covers manufacturing defects.  It does not cover normal wear and tear of parts.  Personal preferences, damage caused by misuse, loss, abuse, or negligent handling.

the rabbit company
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Your hare care guidelines

As rabbit company is a premium product they suggest your also use premium quality lubricant with their products as well.

ONLY WATER-BASED the reason for this is because silicone-based lubricants are not recommended.  They can cause damage to the product also never use hand creams or massage oils for your intimate areas.

When cleaning your new rabbit

It is suggested that you use a suitable cleanser such as the Rabbit company’s hare care cleansing spray.  If you don’t have this handy or you have run out, you are able the wash the silicone area of your rabbit with luke-warm water and antibacterial soap.

Do not use cleaners that contain alcohol, petrol or acetone as these chemicals can damage your rabbit. Another crucial tip is to avoid  leaving your rabbit in direct sunlight or exposing it to extreme heat.

The Rabbit Company Sex Toys
Rabbit Vibrators

Unfortunately your new rabbit is not waterproof so please do not submerge in water or use in the shower.

Rabbit Names 

  • Classic Rabbit.
  • The classic rabbit crystallised.
  • G-spot rabbit.
  • The G-spot rabbit crystallised.
  • Rotating rabbit.
  • Beaded rabbit.
  • Come hither rabbit.
  • Backdoor rabbit.
  • Beaded backdoor rabbit.
  • Realistic rabbit.
  • Rabbit wand.
  • Beaded DP rabbit.
  • Kissing rabbit.
  • Thrusting rabbit.
  • Pink ribbon rabbit.
  • Pocket rabbit.
  • The pocket rabbit crystallised.
  • Rabbit lay-on.
  • The rabbit ears.
  • Prostate rabbit.
  • Classic rabbit XL.
  • Beaded rabbit XL.
  • Realistic rabbit XL.
  • Come Hither rabbit XL.

Do those sound like they tickle all your desires?

Why stop at one, why not own the whole collection? How about a rabbit that kick starts the p spot? And the packs for that extra bit of wow factor to accompany your new delightfully delicious bunny.

  • Beaded Rabbit S&M Bondage Set.
  • G-Spot Rabbit Couples Play Time Set.
  • Come Hither Rabbit Couples Play Time Set.
  • Realistic Rabbit S & M Bondage Set.

the Rabbit company

Crazy Wild Rabbit La Reeve!

I was  sent the Pipedreams Products Le Reve Wild Rabbit 7 Function Clitoral Vibrator to review.  It arrived rapidly and in discreet packaging. I was so excited as this is the first sex toy I was sent to test by Adultsmart.

Packaging for this toy is so lovely. I truly needed to keep it  but since I keep every one of my toys in silk sacks in my huge adult storage box it didn’t appear to be the intelligent thing to do. Having another box taking up the space.

Here is the official description from the manufacturer

‘Awaken your senses with Le Reve wild wabbit, the adorable 7-function silicone rabbit vibe designed to fulfill your dreams and desires! Made from silky-smooth elite silicone and developed to excite, this cute little bunny is guaranteed to get pleasure hopping!

Choose a function on the one-touch controls and let the whisper-quiet vibrations whisk you away. The medical-grade elite silicone is smooth to the touch, nonporous, super-sleek, and ultra-satisfying!’

Features Of Le Reve Wild Rabbit

Ears on this rabbit shape vibrator flutter with the effective vibrations and feels incredible when used on the clitoris.  Seven diverse vibration modes including low to more powerful and pulsing modes. Rabbit’s nose can likewise be used for incitement or more targeted and exceptional vibrations.

It’s waterproof so you can utilize it in the shower or bath.  Silicone is medical grade.  Is the most loved material for sex toys because it is exceptionally hygienic and body safe while additionally being hard-wearing and lasting. I suggest that water based lube be used with this vibrator. Keep away from silicone lubes since they could react and damage silicone sex toys. Vibrator needs three AAA batteries to power up.


Vibrating Rabbit and the rabbit company
Rabbit Vibrator

What is My Rabbit Made of?

This Rabbit is made of the smoothest silicone and it feels amazing to touch and has no significant drag over the skin.  Waterproof and has 7 vibration speeds and modes.  It’s great if you like clit-centric stimulation or if you love the rabbit ears on your rabbit for external play and do not wish to have it penetrate. It’s ears are floppy and the nose is firm so it’s only a matter of deciding whether you need delicate or strong vibrations.

Getting Started with the Rabbit

To get started you easily turn the sex toy’s base after inserting the 3 AAA Batteries.  Then you’re good to go.  Controls are truly easy to work, the base switch is essentially the ‘on/off’ control and the top controls the 7 speeds and modes.

There are 2 power setting and 5 vibration modes so a lot of choices to go through.

It takes the absolute best part from the conventional bunny rabbit vibe, the clitoral bunny ear stimulator.  And places the bunny head and ears toward the wand’s end formed massager. It’s not difficult to position over your body.

Even gives you a chance to encounter those fluttering ears embedded vaginally to animate your G-spot.

Stimulation and Feeling From the Rabbit

Unique Elite Silicone is therapeutic grade and hypoallergenic. In addition non-permeable so it’s easy to keep it clean.  Particularly considering that it’s waterproof so it’s great to bring with you into the shower or bath, or even for a dunk in the pool.

Best of all, this great feeling material warms up while you play to rapidly correspond to your body temperature making it feel part of you.  Waterproof element makes it simple to put it in some icy.  Or high temp water for some temperature play, before you bring the bunny ears up against you.

Don’t Need the Shaft?

Love the stimulation you get from excellent bunny vibrators, yet can manage without the shaft?

You can get precisely what you need with the Le Reve Wild Rabbit. It’s an awe-inspiring shape with a smooth ABS plastic base.  That is lightweight and simple to grasp and move anyplace everywhere on your body. Not at all like a conventional rabbit vibe that basically stands out a way.

At the highest point of this vibe is a completely adjusted bunny head and long ears. Rabbit feels amazingly smooth and svelte. You can take those bunny ears and put them any place you need over your body to fulfill cravings, relief and enjoyment.

Simply put those ears on either side of regions like your areolas or clitoris and try pinching them together. This bunny and those long ears are effectively ready to reach and tickle your G-spot in a thrilling new manner.

Seven Pulsating Vibrations to Tickle Your Clit

Regardless of how you play with it, this vibe will excite you with its seven  elements of pulsating vibrations.  Worked with a simple to use set of controls; one to switch through the cycles.

For those that adore the tickling bunny ears against their clitoris when they play with a conventional rabbit vibrator.  And wish they could encounter them at more diverse angles and over different parts of their body, the Le Reve Wild Rabbit is the solution for their requests.

It takes the best piece of the rabbit vibe, the fluttering ears, and spots them on a round bunny head on a wand-molded vibe.  A lightweight base is framed to fit in your grasp and made of smooth ABS plastic, while the svelte bunny is made out of restorative grade silicone. This consistent and extravagant material is non-porous and won’t harbor microorganisms.  Easy to clean and feels so smooth and perfect against your body you’ll be astounded.

I simply love this sex toy

It’s a great change from a bullet vibrator when you favor something a bit more diverse, it’s charming and girly and easy to use.  Cannot wait until I can review my next sex toy from Adultsmart.

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