Mens Lingerie – The How To Buy Guide!

Invite rebellion into your life with the aid of mens lingerie. For ages, sexy costumes for women have been in vogue and grabbed all the spotlight, but times have changed now. With gender equalization growing in leaps and bounds, men’s sexy lingerie have developed simultaneously too. Sexy exotic menswear does not only benefit the man.  But also his partner in more ways than one. Sexy costumes allow a man to feel confident, proud of his masculinity and unabashed to be himself.

Why Purchase Sexy Mens Lingerie For Him?

Sexy male costumes give you the freedom of representing yourself at your inhibited best.  Without having to conform to the binding rules and regulations of society. Sexy costumes can be worn both in and out of the bedroom.  Though you may have to think twice before adorning it before a conservative section of society.

In parties, gatherings, fancy dress competitions and on quirky occasions, you can do away with those regular pants and suits.  And dress in sexy costumes that is sure to make you the head-turner for the day. Sexy male costumes are designed in a way to lend maximum comfort to the wearer.  You can wear it for prolonged periods of time without fearing about getting sweaty or feeling uncomfortable.

Most of them are airy, loose and cover bare minimum of your body. They are easy to pull off and do not need additional makeup or accessories to add to their boldness.

mens lingerie
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Sexy Mens Lingerie Enhances Your Assets

Often sexy male outfits are fashioned to enhance certain parts of the male body. These costumes are created in the premise of package boosting style.

Some of them come with extra padding at the rear side to create the effect of fullness at the butt area.  While others are designed to create frontal enhancement. They come in a wide range of strategically placed slits and cuts.  Flaunt your body and masculinity in the most sexy and aesthetic manner possible.

Andrew Christian Pillow Fight Mens lingerie
Andrew Christian Pillow Fight

Reasons to Love Lingerie

There are so many reasons to love lingerie.

  • Spice up sex life

Exotic and sexy outfits for males are exactly what you may need to spice up your sex life. Created essentially by deriving inspiration from everyday and historic characters, these outfits allow you to assume roles and indulge in playfully enticing role play for the night.

Also since they offer tantalizing ways of highlighting your personality and package to your partner, and this serves to increase the intensity of intimate encounters. Simply your willingness to try out sexy costumes for the night can comes across as delightfully adorable and attractive to your partner.

  • Represents you at your best

Visually appealing designs and sexy cuts of exotic male costumes have a way in bringing out the best in you. Whether they hug your torso, enhance your masculinity or enwrap your rear.  They all make you incredibly attractive in the eyes of your partner.

Many different styles of male costumes are available and it is easy to choose a few that blend with your personality the most. While some are sexy in a subtle way, others are just plain outrageous. Male fetish wear cater to a huge diversity of likes, needs and interests.

mens lingerie and fetish wear
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  • A sexy touch to Halloween

What better way to rev up your Halloween party than by adorning sexy male costumes that ooze your sex appeal.  And also represent the evil character you would like to mimic.

Halloween is the time of the year, where you go wild in terms of dressing and choose from outfits that spell macabre, sexy and boldness. While the whole world is going gaga over morbid Halloween costumes. It is a not a bad idea to opt for sexy male costumes.

  • Versatile assortment of styles, fabrics & designs

Lingerie for him are available in versatile styles, fabrics and designs. Most preferred fabrics include leather, silk and satin. Leather gains extra points for its sexually alluring smell, sensuous texture and boisterous charm.  While silk is a fabric that is eye-catchy and feels wonderful against the skin.

Sexy male outfits of satin exude the effect of being mischievously sexy.

Lingerie for men is a unique collection of creatively designed sexy male attire.  Inspired from contemporary, medieval and ancient touches of History spanning the globe and that is bound to gear you up for all your fetish activities.

Blue Boxers mens lingerie And White Granny Panties Image

You Are What You Underwear!

Boxers/Granny Panties

If you’re the type of person who chose to put this atrocious piece of fabric over your most intimate bits, you my friend are asking for cuddles from your pillow.

Your choice of undergarment is a clear indication of how you’ve given up on yourself as a sexual being.  You don’t see yourself as sexy.  Nor do you want to be seen as sexy by anyone else.  Please think of the paramedic or hospital staff that have to cut your pants away if you are (Heaven Forbid) in an accident of some kind.

They deserve some eye candy on their 12- 14-hour shift. Forget the skinny jeans, no chance of squishing all that fabric into them. If you are wearing boxers or granny panties it is a good idea to read up on how body image and self esteem impacts mental health.


Coolflex Tagless mens lingerie
Image: Coolflex Tagless Brief

To be blunt, you’re a bad ass with clear intentions. You’ve put on this pair of underwear that so perfectly draws attention to your smooth curve line body. You want eyes on you as you undress.

You’re not ready to meet someone’s parents.  But you are ready to let someone get to know you, for a brief period! If this is your everyday underwear, you’re most likely the leader of your group.  Confident and sure, always ready for a good time. (Men’s Thongs- DONT DO IT! It’s just wrong unless you’re modelling for a fitness competition.)

Boxer Briefs

Andrew Christian BLOW! Boxer Image mens lingerie
Andrew Christian Mens Designer Underwear

You are a true blue loyal kind of person.  One all your friends turn to for help or advice. You never let anyone down and you live a carefree yet very responsible life.

Forget the little things.  You’re in control. Forget dating games and the “Chase” you want meaning and depth. None of this 3 am booty call or the back room of some dive bar for you. Always a lover, not a fighter. But just because your choice of underwear is relaxed doesn’t mean the sex will be.

Watch out, when this relaxed underwear comes off the wild tamed beast is unleashed!


Envy Micro LowRise Logo Elastic Trunk Black mens lingerie
Image: Envy Micro LowRise Logo Elastic Trunk Black

You sit between style and comfort. Most likely you work a solid 9-5 every day and want to be comfortable but ready for after work drinks that just might lead elsewhere.

Your job is not your dream.  You’re always dreaming of being elsewhere. It’s not that you’re a lazy person, it’s that you have bigger aspirations than the mundane life you are accustomed to. You’ll probably never quite your 9-5 job and move to that tropical dreamland, you’re just too comfortable.

Change is unsettling, but you won’t stop dreaming or bigger and better things.

Tighty Whities/Boy Shorts

Tighty Whities And Grey Boy Shorts mens lingerie
Image: Tighty Whities And Boy Shorts

​Taking it back to a simpler time, when very few people saw your undergarments. You’re still living in your childhood and you’ve never left that high school gym class. Afraid to step outside of your shell and be the person you want to be.

You think because a very very small group of people think this underwear is sexy that it’s perfect for you.  And you think it says you’re above caring what others might think of you.  But it just screams of a child trapped in an adults body to afraid to develop a sense of self.


Coolflex Arrow Jock And Fence Galoon Thong Image
Image: Coolflex Arrow Jock And Fence Galoon Thong

​Wearing these it’s very clear you enjoy the company of men. They can also help to raise your body image and self-esteem. You have moved past the wanting to look sexy for others. Everything in your life is hyper sexual and it’s empowering.

You know how sexy you are and want to dress for you.  Enjoy the sexy feeling in your skimpiest underwear. This is not just your “special occasion” underwear. You’re more than proud wearing this to the grocery store. You exude confidence and are the life of every event. You’ll try anything twice and never back down from a dare.

Not because you have something to prove, but because why not?


Painting Of Man And Woman With No Underwear
Image: Painting Of Man And Woman With No Underwear

If you regularly go commando, you’re the person who thinks because you read in Cosmo or Maxim magazine in the 00’s that it’s healthy for your bits to get some air.

You’ve thrown hygiene out the window.  If we went into your house I’d bet the smell of last Friday night still lingers.  Your fridge has a potentially out dated milk and a few condiment bottles. Your supplement and vitamin game are probably strong because you think that’s the key to a healthy life. I can only hope you’re doing this because your house caught fire?

Maybe going to or from the gym? Even then, no! Unless your intention is to show off that VPL (If you have a P)? If so please show away!

Whatever your underwear choice is, wear it with pride.

You’ll never be judged for your choice with us. Check out the amazing collections we carry at an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres nearest to you or at a trusted online sex toy store.  We have all your favourite brands in all styles. And we might even have something you’ve never tried so give it a chance!

About the author: KrizPatrick BA(Hon) Psychology- Human Sexuality

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