Reasons To Love Lingerie – It Improved My Marriage

There are just SO MANY reasons to love lingerie.  Wearing lingerie is not something that everyone thinks of naturally.  First and foremost, it instantly makes you feel more confident and sexy.

There’s just something about wearing beautiful lingerie that makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

But that’s not all.

Lingerie is also incredibly versatile.

With so many different styles and designs to choose from.  Whether you’re in the mood for something lacy and feminine or something more bold and daring, there’s a lingerie set out there that’s perfect for you.

Some people love it and others just don’t care for it or they just never think about it.  If you’re not naturally a lingerie person, then chances are high you’ve never thought about how it can help you and your marriage.

However, wearing lingerie spices up my marriage and I believe it can do the same for you if you give it the chance.

reasons to love lingerie

Reasons To Love Lingerie

Most women enjoy looking sexy.

The problem is that you might not always feel sexy.  Your man might tell you he thinks you’re hot and you don’t believe him. This is common for many women, especially in our society today where there are high expectations of what women should look like.

The thing that many women miss is that men don’t care so much about how sexy you actually look; they care about how sexy you feel. 

Believe it or not, once in a while ladies wearing attractive underwear under their regular garments can give themselves that help of certainty they have to get on with their day.

Dressing down for a night of lovemaking makes ladies feel exotic.

The possibility of your uncovering her gradually.  Even better, watching her dance around the room or move for you in her provocative clothing.  This will have both of you anticipating what’s going to happen once the ribbon and glossy silk fall off.

reasons to love lingerie
Blonde Women in Corset

When you feel hot and you radiate this confidence, that is far more sexy than just looks alone.

Reasons to Love Lingerie – It makes Many Women Feel Sexy

Men love it but more than that, it’s about how it can make the woman feel who is wearing it.

You just feel hotter in a nice piece of slinky lingerie over wearing your old flannel jammies.  Feeling more sensual when you have a slinky, silky piece of material next to your naked flesh.

When you feel sexier, your partner sees it and feels it as well.  Nothing is more attractive than a woman who feels sexy.

Most Men Love Lingerie

It’s silky, lacy and sexy.  It feels good to touch and it’s designed to accentuate the female figure.

Even if you never thought about how hot you could look in lingerie before, your man is guaranteed to love it.  While you are staring in the mirror at your cellulite or bulges in places you wish were smoother, your man is looking at your curves and your soft skin.

He’s not criticizing any inch of you.   He wants to see you in your sexy lingerie.

Wearing lingerie spices up my marriage because we have been together more than 15 years now.

We care for one another but the day to day grind sometimes takes its toll. Sometimes things get a little bland.  There are days that go by too quickly without us taking the time for one another like we did in the newlywed phase.

It’s not because we don’t love each other.  Just that life can get in the way of romance.

But Some Nice Lingerie can Bring Back “Sexy Time.”

It can make you forget about the bills, the kids, the responsibilities and jobs and you just focus on one another. You only think about the moment at hand.

Once in a while underwear can help you and him escape from the tricky dullness that is regular day to day existence.  She can put on an unusual latex number on and you two can play “Where is the Naughty Housewife?”

Reason to Love Lingerie – It’s Exotic

Something naughty like you used to do when your relationship was new.  There are many options out there when it comes to sexy lingerie.  The bottom line is to find something that makes you feel good about yourself.

Everybody loves to feel exceptional from time to time and when she purchases that provocative thing particularly for you, she’ll feel like a million bucks just because she needs to inspire you.

This is a private moment and just you’re welcome to the moment.

It can be tough for women to maintain a hot mom look every single day.

That’s where lingerie comes in, separating the ordinary from the extraordinary days. If you notice your partner wearing a fancy teddy, she definitely wants you to give her some extra attention.

Trust me, it worked wonders for my relationship.

How can you spice up your marriage?  Before we dive into why guys go crazy over thongs and other sexy lingerie, let’s first try to understand why women enjoy wearing these items in the first place.

Lingerie That You Will Want To Have Sex With!

Sexy clothing and adult apparel are one of the secondary needs in a sexual relationship.  In shopping malls or in other fashion houses across the globe we can see different trends of garments.

Some of them have been classic fashion trends from the 50’s or 60’s and not adopted by fashion stylists. I magine that these designs can be used only in such a way that if a person wears these garments, will turn on their partner and engage in sexual acts.

Most of these designs are being used every day by thousands of people. These clothes and apparel can be found in shops in store and online.

Feeling and Looking Hot?

 If things have chilled off between sheets between couple, it most likely has a ton to do with how provocative you feel. Figure out how to recover that magic, and your sex drive will join the party.

In case you’re feeling like an attractive diva when you’re doing the deed, you’re substantially more liable to have fun, expanding your potential for the Big “O.”

And we as a whole realize that is beneficial for us.  Climaxes lower circulatory strain, diminish stress, lead to better rest and a great deal more.

reasons to love lingerie
Blonde Woman Wearing G String

Dress Up to Feel Sexy – Reasons to Love Lingerie

You’ll want to go to your partner as you’ll feel like your in the correct frame of mind to get it on.  Now that you’re getting intimate on the regular, your immune system will kick into gear and become better at fighting off infections and bacteria.

Ladies, rejoice, because you finally have a better excuse to take those sick days.

When you get down and dirty, your body gets a good workout. This means more oxygen getting pumped to your skin, giving it a healthy glow. We all know what you’ve been up to and we’re totally jealous!

Once you feel this good, you’ll want to keep it going. And when you feel great, you’ll look great too!  Don’t ever let go of that amazing feeling.

Fetish Clothing and Lingerie

Think about a unique fetish or fashion trend that is all about expressing emotions through clothing.  This type of style is meant to be daring and provocative, and isn’t typically worn by most people on a daily basis.


BDSM reasons to love lingerie and fetish clothing
BUY NOW: Fetish Clothing and Lingerie

People wear it in certain places and at certain times, regardless of their background.

The origin of fetish fashion is unclear, and no specific time period can be pinpointed for when this trend began.

Some speculate that this type of clothing has been worn for over two thousand years.

Back in the day, only women who wanted to attract someone really intense wore these kinds of clothes.  They were like a secret weapon for those looking for casual sex.

In the 18th century, corsets and hobble skirts were all the rage and considered the first types of fetish wear.  But, families thought they were taboo.

And, guys couldn’t rock these outfits either.  Men weren’t allowed to wear them, especially not in a homosexual way.  That’s why you didn’t see too many dudes sporting these garments back then.

reasons to love lingerie
sexy woman holding a fan in stockings

Fetish Clothing in Recent Times

People’s views on fetish wear have changed recently with the times.  Nowadays, it’s not just women who wear these types of garments to look sexually attractive and get in the mood. 

Men also wear them to attract their partners. These clothes don’t serve much of a practical purpose and are worn by anyone who wants to look good. 

Many people buy these clothes to seduce or attract others, and there are reputable companies that supply quality fetish and bondage wear for both men and women.


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