Adultsmart Click Collect: A Great Success For Safe Shopping

With the latest Covid-19 pandemic affecting our daily lives, rough times have come and different changes have modified our lifestyle.  So, Adultsmart Click Collect provides an easy, safe and convenient way to ship.

Adultsmart Click Collect – What is it?

Click and collect is a thing that companies are doing to make life easier for us homebodies.  Basically, it lets you shop for what you need without ever leaving the house!

It’s like having a personal shopper who does all the legwork for you.  All you have to do is click and then collect your purchases.  How easy is that?

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How Does Click and Collect work?

Using the Click and Collect feature of a retail store like Kogarah Adult Lifestyle Centers online store Adultsmart, you can easily pick out and pick up your goods securely and swiftly.

Here are the steps on how the Click and Collect works.

Pick What you Want

Customers get to click and select the items that they need and want on the retail or online store.

Select Click and Collect.

This is where you are going to choose the delivery and payment option.


You will receive an SMS message or e-mail that will inform you about the status of your order and if it is ready for collection.


Taking the printed receipt or SMS and proof of identification.  You can now go and pick up your items within the time specified by the retail or online store.

Adultsmart Click Collect is Quick and Easy

This is why many cities are now using this alternate solution to secure the safety and convenience of their community and people.  The company Adultsmart is successfully using and still uses the Click and Collect as mandated by the NSW Government Covid Restrictions Policies.

Adultsmart Click Collect Success

Adultsmart is one of the leading distributors of items that take care of your sexual health and lifestyle essential needs.

It is an adult store catering to the sexual needs of people from all sexual orientations.  With its wide variety of different items and lessons for those who seek education for sexual health.

This is the place and store for you.

adultsmart click collect

Benefits of Using the Adultsmart Click Collect Option


Some people are not confident in going into such stores and ask for the items that they want.  By using Click and Collect, you can now have the privacy that you want in buying what you desire.


Some staff in such stores can give you the most judgmental and awkward looks whenever you go inside their store to buy some stuff.  With the help of this new feature, you can now avoid the intimidating looks of staff of the store.

Though this is a problem in other sex stores, you can guarantee professionalism and a judgment-free environment in Adultsmart stores.

Perfect Items

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of pleasure toys and items out there that can enhance your lifestyle.  These exotic and life-changing products are not only high-quality but also affordable.


With just a few clicks you can now have the items that you want and order them online.  With a personal shopper, you don’t need to go to the store to choose the item that you want.

You can pick up your item after the shopping period and during the time allotted by the store. the online presence of the Adult Lifestyle Stores.

Give people the pleasure and education that they need for a better sexual experience and lifestyle. They want to end the stigma that sex is “dirty” and shouldn’t be a big deal.

By having the Click and Collect option, Adultsmart can give excellent service to every people who need it.

Pandemic and diseases should not be a hindrance in having positivity in life and maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle.  This is why people are coming up with the best ideas and solutions to stay alive and happy.

For more questions, queries, and to order via Click and Collect, visit to place your orders or get further details.

Proudly servicing the greater Sydney with a Click and Collect option during the current CoVid Restrictions.

adultsmart click collect
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Adult Store Shopping Tips

Having a satisfying sex life is a major goal in any relationship, and it’s totally achievable. It might take some time, but it’s worth working towards.

Luckily, there are plenty of adult toys available that can really spice things up in the bedroom. And if you’re feeling like you’re not measuring up, there are plenty of products out there that can help you increase your size.

So don’t worry, you can get whatever you’re looking for as long as you know where to shop!

adultsmart click collect
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Size Matters

One of the most important things you should bear in mind when buying adult products is the size.  It might be a basic dildo, penis plug or a bondage gear.

Size matters and if you get it wrong, you have failed.  In fact, using some adult toys of the wrong size can lead to serious heath complications. You must understand the size of your body organ first to get the right-size product-it is simple.

Also, you should ask the seller for a variety of sizes of products especially if you have never bought them before and find out what size best suits your needs.

But if you are a frequent traveler, you obviously need something that will fit into your bag easily and is not weighty as well.

Size Definitely Matters for Penis Enlargement Products

The size of adult products is especially more important when shopping for the many penis enlargement products that are all over the web.  It will determine the level of growth you will realize and also determine the safety of its usage.

If it is too small, you risk hurting yourself when using because of increased pressure.  Also very large ones might not exert enough pressure to realize penile growth.

Colour Matters As Well

Some people still assume that men are color blind and therefore, color doesn’t matter.  Come on, other than black and white, men know that there are many colors in the world.  So, they will always look forward to a color that appeals to them most.

If you head out to an adult shop for adult toys, don’t just consider the maker, brand and size, look at the color.

Does the color suit your personal preferences?

What colour does your partner like? Curvy people can always look great in black and white with a mix of other colors to bring out the curves and shape.

Steer clear of very bright colors because they are likely to divert the attention to the toy and not yourself.

This is of great importance if you are shopping for bondage gear, among others.

adultsmart click collect

Simplicity is always works so go for something simple.

If you are constantly traveling and you need a sex toy with you, go for the ones with rechargeable batteries.  They might be less powerful than the electric-powered ones, but they are likely to be around you whenever you need them.

Different toys are priced differently, compare prices and settle for the best deal.

The choice of the right sex toys is determined by various factors.

If you rush into buying a product without thinking it through, there’s a chance it won’t meet your needs. So, before you make any purchase, always keep in mind what you want to achieve with it.

Don’t be swayed by flashy designs or catchy adverts. It’s easy to fall for those, but they might not be what you actually need.

For example of dildos, not all of them serve the same purpose.

While others are good at stimulating the clitoris plus other body parts, the same adult toys are not fit for deep vaginal penetration.

If you are gay, you should consider products that have specifically been designed to suit you.


There is no harm in asking the right questions. Feel free to consult the seller, read the product descriptions and get the right device for your intended purpose.

Size Again

The second most important consideration when searching for the right sex toys is the size.  A vagina is elastic doesn’t mean that almost any size of a toy and penis can fit in.

This is especially important for products designed to enlarge the male penis because the wrong size of the toy will by a large margin determine the outcome.  Some steel sex toys are adjustable and therefore easy to use to fit any organ.

Understanding the size of your penis prior to making a purchase is therefore a crucial factor to consider.

How are the Sex Toys Powered?

While some adult toys don’t require a power source to operate, most of them require some form of energy to run.  Electric-powered toys are usually considered more powerful compared to those that only rely on rechargeable battery cells.

But their main disadvantage is that they are not ideal for travelers as they can never be used in areas without electric power.  And movement when using them is also limited because it has to be plugged in all the time.

You might want to try the sex toys powered by rechargeable batteries.

Material of the Sex Toy

Closely consider the material used to make the sex toy.

If you are after a long lasting toy, then steel sex toys are highly recommended for that specific purpose.  Every material used serves a specific purpose and is highly recommended.

There are some material that react with lubricants and therefore might not be ideal for use.  Find out from your supplier and maybe avoid those.

Finally, compare different prices because different sellers offer various products at different prices.  If you are shopping online, browse through more than five websites and online stores

Read reviews before you make your purchase.

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