Review: Steel Jewel Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs Sex Toy Photo

Like many people, I love anything that is shiny, luxurious and sparkly. There’s nothing like putting on some gorgeous jewellery just because it makes you feel good. If you’re like me, I wonder if you’ve ever considered bringing your love of jewellery to the bedroom? For all you lovers of shiny and shimmering things I have just the thing for you – A beautiful, dazzling anal butt plug!! Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and Adultsmart have an incredible range of Steel Jewelled Butt Plugs with a variety of colours, shapes and sizes to suit anyone from anal beginners to the most advanced bootie play fanatics. It is important to buy from reputable sources to ensure you are buying a 100% non-magnate, surgical steel butt plug.

Steel but plugs are my favourite anal toys to recommend to customers for many reasons. Surgical steel is a body safe material that with the right tender loving care it will last a life time. The texture is hard, smooth and glides easily which equates to amazing anal pleasure.

Let’s be completely frank, any anal play has the potential to be unclean. Even with the right preparation, it is vital to be safe with anal play to avoid contact with nasty germs. For this reason, the surgical steel plugs are incredible as they are non-porous and can be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised. I recommend avoiding any anal sex toys that aren’t made from surgical steel, glass or medical grade silicone in order to have a toy that is body safe and that will stand the test of time.  For more information have a look at our blog posts on anal play preparation.

As surgical steel is a heavy material, it does require a bit of extra strength in your butt to hold it comfortably in place. For this reason, it is important that you pick the most appropriate sized butt plug for your body and experience level. For newbies, I recommend the small sized Bedazzled Metal Butt Plug. Not only is it small and light enough for beginners, the tapered end and smooth design means it’s easy to insert and remove. With greater use of small sized steel butt plugs, stepping up to the bigger sizes is a welcome delight!


Bedazzled Metal Butt Plug Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Bedazzled Metal Butt Plug – Steel Jewel Butt Plugs Review

Once you become more comfortable with using the tapered smooth butt plugs, mixing it up with a different size or texture can add variation to the sensations and pleasure experienced. A textured plug such as the Magic Mushie Anal Delight with Gem can feel amazing and is a great option to progress from a smooth butt plug.


Magic Mushie Anal Delight with Gem Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Magic Mushie Anal Delight with Gem – Steel Jewel Butt Plugs Review


The Bang Butt Plug is a quirky, curved design that features more length than some of the other jewelled plugs available. This means there is more to work with, the plug will be able to reach areas where others can’t go. It also has a rounded, bulbous end which is perfect for more vigorous stimulation.


Bang Butt Plug Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Bang Butt Plug – Steel Jewel Butt Plugs Review


When buying a Steel Jewel Butt Plug, it is important to ensure that the plug is intact with no deep scratches, sharp ends or otherwise broken parts. This is why buying from a reputable source is vital! Using a good quality silicone lubricant such as Pjur Back Door Silicone Anal Glide or water-based lubricant such as Aneros Sessions is also really important to ensure greater comfort and pleasure. Anal play requires a great level of comfortability with your body and with any partner you may be playing with. If you feel any tension, uncertainty or unease about it, it can result in an uncomfortable and even painful experience. There should not be any pain with anal play and if someone is experiencing pain, it needs to be communicated with your partner to avoid injury. With that said, anal play is an extremely pleasurable experience for many people and should not be avoided or associated with shame. With the right mindset, sex toys and preparation, anal play will have you reaching blissful states of pleasure that compares with nothing else!!

If you have never experienced using a Steel Jewel Butt Plug, I cannot stress enough how much you should get on the bandwagon! They not only look amazing and beautiful, they are also long lasting, body safe sex toys. If I haven’t convinced you yet, I would suggest coming into one of the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and checking them out for yourself. With 4 locations across Sydney, our friendly staff will be more than happy to show you our range. Before I finish, I need to share some products on my butt plug wish list because these shouldn’t go unseen. For those looking for a deluxe butt plug, you cannot go past The Rosebuds Luxe Hiboo & Rosebuds Luxe Daisy Clear as they are incredibly beautiful pieces of art!!

Rosebuds Luxe Daisy Clear and Hiboo Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Rosebuds Luxe Daisy Clear and Hiboo – Steel Jewel Butt Plugs Review


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Review: Hot Octopuss Pulse Range

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Sex Toy Photo

When we think of a popular couples vibrator that can be used during intercourse, foreplay or female masturbation we tend to recommend the We-Vibe Sync, 4 and 3 as our top choice, especially when a customer asks for something different to use in the bedroom. However, We-Vibe sex toys are more focused toward the female market for stimulation. The tables have turned by adult lifestyle company Hot Octopuss who created a similar product range in mind for men named Pulse. I saw the Pulse II Solo stocked on our shelves at our Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres so I wanted to take a closer look into what makes this toy that is both a male masturbator and stimulator the edge in the market for men.

This multi-award winning masturbator and stimulator hybrid uses oscillation technology known as the “PulsePlate”. PulsePlates move back and forth in a regular rhythm to stimulate the man’s frenulum, the connective tissue between the shaft and head of the penis. This motion adds a completely new dimension to stimulation than just a straight-forward masturbation unit. Oscillators have been around in the medical field for over 10 years to help men with spinal cord injuries have children. This technology has been adapted for the sex toy market and that’s what sets the Pulse range apart. The PulsePlate is teamed with outer form fitting wings that help to grip the shaft.


Pulse Cross Section Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Pulse Cross Section of Duo and Solo


All series in the range have a smooth matte silicone body giving Solo or Duo users ultimate comfort with or without lubricant for a variety of different experiences.  The Pulse range are claimed to be a “one size fits all” toy. It comes in the colours black and blue with a seal of approval crown on that heavenly ‘PulsePlate’ which will make you want to scream “God save the Queen!” when it hits the spot! Another added advantage of Pulse’s design is that the man does not need to have an erection to use it. On the one hand this allows the user to enjoy the sensation of being made hard but on the other, it offers amazing possibilities for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). In the case of the Pulse III Duo, the couple can come closer to the sensation of making love than ever before.

Hot Octopuss was established by two best friends in London who launched the original Pulse in 2013. Although it is a fairly new company, they have successfully released a revolution to male stimulation with the Pulse range.Since releasing Pulse, they now have Pulse II Solo, Pulse II Duo, Pulse III Solo and Pulse III Duo… say that five times fast! The Pulse II sex toys were the first in the range designed to be completely waterproof and made from body safe silicone. They also offer a mode button which allows the user to choose between 5 different modes compared to the single mode which the original Pulse offered.


Pulse Features Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Pulse Features


While the Pulse III has all of the above it also features the new high quality magnetic charge and 25% more power. Pulse III has an added “Turbo Function” too which can be used by pressing and holding the + button. It wil go straight to maximum power through the anti-stall sensor which drives extra power to the ‘PulsePlate’ when you need it. Let’s not forget that Pulse III Duo remote for even more power control and adjustment… That’s a lot of power and great for couples who like intensified foreplay and strong vibration.

While the Pulse Solo highlights its singular ‘PulsePlate’ as a fantastic masturbator for the lazy boy being a hands-free function, the Pulse III Duo is a revolutionary toy for couples. The extremely versatile, Pulse III Duo can be used during solo masturbation, as a massager and as a hands-free addition to foreplay. The Pulse III Duo features an added ‘Pulse Plate’ on the outer base and a remote for a partner to experience the pleasure too. The underneath of the toy vibrates and the partner is able to control these vibrations independently through a remote control. For one of multiple ways of use, the man can put the Pulse Duo on and lay on his back while the partner can lower down, place their form on the outer ‘PulsePlate’ and with their body weight holding it in place for completely hands-free foreplay.


Pulse In Use Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Pulse In Use


The Pulse sex toys are all quite compact in size, the Pulse Solo is 117 x 67 x 72mm and weighs 200 grams and the Pulse Duo is also 117 x 67 x 72mm and weighs 220 grams making them a great toy for those that are looking for something more discreetly sized. All models have a charge time of 3 hours for 1 hour of use. All Pulse products come with a standard one year manufacturer’s warranty on all Pulse products too!!

Pulse is hailed the next generation of male sex toys. The concept overall is amazing, the technology and design far exceeds and advances the normal masturbator and definitely gives it the upper hand. These products rated 10/10 on many different reviews I have read from straight/ gay men using Pulse products solo and of course couples!!



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Review: Tenga Iroha+

Tenga Iroha+ Sex Toy Photo

Let’s start with a little history and background on the company first. Tenga was established in 2005, it is a Tokyo based company headed by Koichi Matsumoto, who used to be an auto mechanic. The word “Tenga” means “righteously arranged and elegant” typically used to praise the beauty of a kimono or buyō which is a Japanese dance. This name was chosen to capture their mission to create high-quality products and counter the public image of adult goods.

Tenga product designs and advertising deliberately avoid erotic or sexualised imagery. This may have something to do with the Japanese censorship laws which were originally established in 1907 that do not allow the selling or distribution of media that contains genitals. Despite the fact that the laws have gone almost unchanged, they have an excessive amount of fetishes that make even the western world gasp!

However this doesn’t take the excitement out of the product but gives it an edge in the market. It also gives people who use their products the ultimate sense of privacy, knowing they are the only ones who can identify its intimate functionality and design. They are well known for their main focus on the development of mens masturbators and have now incorporated womens vibrators into their product range as well.

The original Iroha range for women was introduced by Tenga in 2012, Iroha+ soon became the upgraded and more innovative version. All toys in this range have different textures and shapes for different functions and desires. In total there are 3 different sex toys in this particular range which include:

  • Iroha+ Tori: A seductive red colour, shaped like a bird with a smooth tip for insertiable pleasure. Its dimensions are 102mm in length, 50mm in width, 40mm in height and weighs 86g.
  • Iroha+ Kushi: Delicate cream colour, adorned with multiple ribs for dynamic sensations. Its dimensions are 88mm in length, 61mm in width, 40mm in height and weighs 96g.
  • Iroha+ Yoru: A sophisticated charcoal colour, its open design can be used to tease and squeeze! Its dimensions are 98mm in length, 55mm in width, 40mm in height and weighs 106g. I had come across the Iroha+ Yoru when Lauren put it in my hand while I was training with her one night. This palm sized toy is so soft and spongy, very similar to a stress ball like texture though the silicone feels smooth. It has a mouth-like front and a small turned up tail at the end similar to the shape of a whale.
Tenga Iroha+ Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toys: Tenga Iroha+ Tori, Kushi and Yoru


Iroha+ sex toys have defined edges, so you can enjoy accentuated and stronger stimulation. You can use these toys on all areas of the body especially highly sensitive areas like the clitoris, nipples, neck and ear lobes! I would even go as far to use it in anal play and on the testicles as a great textural vibrator.

Keeping in theme of Iroha original soft-touch silicone, the Iroha+ range is covered with seamless silicone that is even softer and gentler on the skin. The range also features an anti-dust silicone coating which protects the toy from picking up lint allowing you to enjoy it with peace of mind. With its new waterproof design you can use it fully submerged under water for up to 50cm which means you can use it in the shower or bath and clean it easily.

The Iroha+ houses a stronger motor with 5 vibration strengths and 2 rhythm patterns to enjoy. With a simple two-button control it can be easily used which is an added bonus as there are so many other toys out there that can be fiddly, making it more of a headache than a fun little friend! Charging iroha+ is a breeze, by simply placing it in its case it can be easily stored and tucked away neatly to enjoy at any time without a fuss. Iroha+ products come with a warranty period of 1 year if any problems do occur that are not caused by general wear and tear.

In my opinion I see many toys that even though not claimed by the manufacturer can make very versatile products. With the Iroha+ I would highly recommend using it as a palm massager for masturbation, foreplay or as part of a massage routine. It is such a unique and odd looking toy that many people tend to overlook them due to its size and not knowing what the heck it is!

Hopefully I have given you a nice little insight to this little beauty, a delicate and logical Japanese masterpiece. So if you are a person who has tried everything or you are looking for a new or different product, have the Iroha+ in mind. It definitely does possess a sense of individuality and possibly an untapped experience. At Oh! Zone Penrith, we currently stock the Iroha+ Tori and Yoru.



About the Author: Bree is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres






Review: Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit

Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit Sex Toy Photo

My G-Spot and I are eternally grateful for receiving the Wild Rabbit by Nomi Tang to review. This classy looking vibrator sent me head over G-Spot this afternoon and I have to be 100% honest, I was shocked. Upon first receiving the vibrator, I questioned its worth. It has heavy grooves down the centre of the shaft, grooves on the clitoral shaft and I hate texture! It has an iTouch control pad which is like an iPhone screen, “What a gimmick!” I thought to myself. The box itself labels the toy as a “Designer” sex toy, I scoffed. But…. I WAS SO SO UNBELIEVABLY WRONG. I almost hate myself for my fast judgement of this beauty.

I have owned several rabbits in my time. The majority of them have been given the boot except my beloved MiSS Bi and Lady Bi by Fun Factory. Though never have I owned a rabbit that effortlessly made my G-Spot sing the way the Wild Rabbit did. The key characteristic of the Wild Rabbit is the bulbous and curved head which is similar to some of my favourite G-Spot dildos like the Key Comet Wand by Jopen.

The sweeeeet curve of the Wild Rabbit gave me heart emoji eyes approximately 3 seconds after insertion. When thrusting, that curve is so gloriously noticeable and those grooves just worked! My original thoughts on the grooves that I harshly shuddered at can only be compared to someone who drove a train on dirt for years before they finally drove the damn thing on tracks. I previously had an unrelated bad experience with texture. I find the harsh texture of a silicone or glass sex toys too much. It scrapes, it burns and it’s just not nice.

However, the grooves on the Wild Rabbit are parallel to each other, running from the very tip of the head to the glorious end of the shaft. Nomi Tang states that the “symmetrical grooves are designed to explore through sensitive friction” and I couldn’t have described it better myself. The shaft is flexible but not too flexible. It gives to the natural contours of your body but is still firm enough to give you enough force to stimulate your G-Spot.

The clitoral shaft of the Wild Rabbit also features that same genius groove. The groove is in the centre of the shaft so your clitoris is almost engulfed by the groove, providing stimulation on either side of your clitoris, as well as the usual direct stimulation provided by a rabbit. The flexibility of the clitoral arm meant that no matter what way I thrust, the sucker was always in direct contact with my clit. Swoooooon.

The Wild Rabbit has THREE motors. You read that right, three! One in the clitoral arm, and two in the shaft. The motors collectively produce nice, low and rumbly vibrations. The kind that we sex nerds love. The kind that penetrates much further into nerves for a greater and more intense orgasm.

Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit Bending
Sex Toy: Bendable Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit – Review


The toy has 10 different vibration patterns. For patterns, they were quite nice. Not too crazy. Some patterns distract me and instead of thinking about having an orgasm I’m thinking about the relentless bouncing pattern that’s jumping around in my vagina. But don’t fret, the patterns on the Wild Rabbit are quite pleasant.

The toy itself is made from medical grade silicone. You can feel the quality when you run your fingers up and down the toy. It is quite smooth for silicone, though I still would recommend using your favourite lubricant before use as silicone can produce a bit of ‘drag’ in the vagina.

The handle is ergonomically designed for easy grip during use, it is made with a finger loop similar to Fun Factory toys. The toy is turned on and off by a simple on/off button which doubles as the function button. The real fun though, is the intensity pad. I was sceptical about the functionality of the iTouch control pad but since using it, it was a nice change compared to holding down or ferociously pressing buttons to ramp the speed up. To increase the intensity, simply swipe upward on the gold section of the toy and swipe downward to decrease. I felt fancy as fuck swiping the gold pad of this toy during use. I do wonder what the lifespan of the control pad would be like though after using it many times, getting lubricant on it and washing it etc. We’ll see!

The Wild Rabbit was around a 3/10 for noise level. It wasn’t too loud at all. Definitely not “whisper quiet” but you absolutely would not hear it through any walls or doors. The toy is also USB rechargeable, the package includes a cord which you can plug it into any port that is USB compatible like a phone charging block, laptop, computer etc. Nomi Tang recommends that two hours will fully charge the Wild Rabbit and will provide you with 50 minutes of usage.

Initially after use, I sprayed the toy with my Pjur Toy Cleaner and put it straight under the running tap. I yelped a few seconds later and grabbed the box. How foolish I was to not check whether it was waterproof or not! Luckily, just as you’d expect from a high-end vibe, it is. Nomi Tang claims that the vibe is waterproof for up to 1 metre, meaning you can take the toy with you into the bath or pool, or any other body of water that tickles your fancy.

Honestly, I’d highly recommend the Wild Rabbit to anyone looking for a rechargeable, high-quality vibrator. This beauty is suitable for beginners and advanced toy users, so you should absolutely try and get your hands on one! Thanks again for the orgasm, Nomi Tang!

About the author: Chloe is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres







Her Private Invitation in Clementi, Singapore

Singaporean Woman with Parcel Photo

The invitation came in the way that she’d grown to expect them. At exactly 10:00am, a man in a dark suit knocked softly on the wall of Liya’s cubicle, a tiny space stuck in the middle of one of the Tower office blocks in the center of Clementi, Singapore. He slipped his hand into his pocket and wordlessly removed a small envelope. He handed it to her and she took it from him as her hands trembled.

“Thank you” she said softly. He said nothing, just nodded in acknowledgement and walked away.

Liya tried to force down the blush that had already crept up her neck. She glanced nervously around, but all of her nearby co-workers were busy at their computers, who had not paid any attention to her or the heated flush of desire that she wore like a scarlet letter. The envelope was not sealed. She opened it delicately to savour each second of exquisite anticipation. Inside, inked in his now-familiar hand were the words:

My place. 9pm. Dress to be provided.

She felt the arousal wash over her. She took a deep breath, then another as she tried not to think of the liquid heat that filled her every time she got one of those little envelopes. She put the card and the envelope back on her desk and walked down to the cooler to have a glass of water. That always seemed to help. Liya slowly walked back to her cubicle and tried not to smile or think of what would happen that evening.

The rest of the day went by in fits and starts, blurry hours of productivity, lazy minutes spent transfixed by the clock. She willed the time to be later. By 4:53pm she shut her computer down. At 4:58pm her purse was on her shoulder and at 5:00pm she was in her car. The drive home past Clementi’s famous steel truss railway bridge was uneventful, even though it was filled with the beauty of tropical scenery. She pulled into a parking spot and walked up to her apartment. The humidity sweltered around her, she barely noticed that her skin grew faintly damp on the brief journey from car to front door. Her preoccupied mind was focused on what she knew was inside. The key shook slightly as she unlocked the door.

It was the same apartment she’d left in the morning – same living room, same couch, same everything. But there was a large white cardboard box, four feet long by two feet wide, a foot high, that sat on the coffee table in her living room. She lifted the top off of the box. Inside, as expected, was a sheer, diaphanous black dress, cobweb-fine black lace panties and matching bra, silken thigh-high stockings and sumptuous black suede pumps.

She smiled as she looked at the clothes. Her fingers lightly brushed over them and her long lashes closed. She thought about how he him packed them, the delicacy with which he had folded them and how he arranged the tissue paper so that nothing would become wrinkled. She checked the clock, it was 6:34pm. It was easily two hours before she had to leave and the clock continued to crawl at what seemed like a snail’s pace. She ate some fruit and leftover satay as she watched some TV to distract her.

At 7:30pm Liya took a quick shower then left her chestnut hair to dry in long, loose waves as he liked it to be. Satisfied with her hair, she turned to her makeup, expertly highlighting her almond shaped eyes and flawless skin.

At 8:15pm Liya checked her reflection in the mirror for what seemed to be the millionth time. She began to pace, the dress flowed around her lithe frame, made of gossamer-fine silk that accentuated the sensual lines of her body. She forced herself to stop to drink a glass of water in an attempt to steady her nerves. She paced some more.

It was now 8:30pm. “Close enough” Liya thought as she walked out of her apartment, the heels clicked on the tiles of the entryway. She locked the door behind her, walked to her car in the sultry evening heat and drove to his place. She loved this drive; tonight was no exception. The lights of the city around her glowed brightly, it displayed the hustle and bustle of the busy hawker food stalls and wet markets busy with hungry patrons even in the sticky evening heat.

She pulled into his driveway, the tires of her car crunched on the gravel. She got out and walked to the front door, all thoughts of her everyday life disappeared with each step. It was open just a crack, she pushed it and the large, heavy oak door swung easily on its hinges. She walked into the large front hall and closed the door behind her quietly.


Business Man in Chair Photo
Photo: Business Man in Chair


“In here.”

Liya heard his deep voice from the direction of the living room. She felt her body instantaneously react to his voice. First every muscle in her body immediately tensed then with a soft sigh which released gentle relaxation that only intensified the sexual desire that pooled deep within her core. She steadied herself and walked towards the sound of his voice and entered the elegantly appointed living room. He sat in a large leather recliner, his suit jacket tossed on a nearby ottoman. His crisp white dress shirt was unbuttoned at the neck and his black silk tie was a slightly loose at the base of his throat. The cuffs of his shirt sleeves were rolled up his arms to just below his elbows. Liya felt another wave of unbridled need crash through her slender body at the sight of him. There was a tumbler next to him with scotch and a crystal bottle full of shimmering amber liquor sat next to the glass.

He smiled when he saw her and said “The dress looks good on you.” She felt her cheeks blush but she didn’t try to hide it. She closed her eyes once, slowly to savour the feel of his eyes which traced each accented curve of her body.

“Thank you,” she murmured demurely.

“Let me see all of you.” He commanded. He knew the request would not be refused. She walked in front of him and turned slowly to enjoy the silk which slid on her suddenly sensitive skin. She stopped to face him with her eyes lowered, a couple of feet from his chair. He let his eyes slide slowly over her to claim her without a single word or motion. He nodded once, a tiny gesture of approval then moved his index finger in a simple motion downwards. Liya knew already what it meant. As he took a long sip from his glass, she sank to her knees, the dress puddled around her. She slowly kissed his leg upwards from his knee, her lips slid over the fine wool of his suit pants. She reached his crotch and voiced a soft moan at the warm hardness she felt through the cloth. She looking upwards, she found that his eyes slightly clouded by the scotch, were locked on her as he watched everything. She loved this.

She kissed her way up the fly of his trousers then unbuckled his belt, never taking her eyes off him. She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants then reached in and slid his cock out of his boxers. It was already hard like silken skin over steel. She closed her eyes, licked her lips and slid the head into her mouth. She move her hands to his thighs. She took him into her mouth. Slowly she slid her mouth up and down. Quickly, droplets of his sweet precum mixed with her saliva to lubricate his cock.

She knew what would come next and craved it. She felt a wet heat run through her as it happened. His hands slid into her hair and tightened. He began to fuck her mouth with increased urgency. She relaxed and gave in to let him use her mouth for his pleasure. His cock pushed deeper with each thrust and he let out a guttural moan as his head pushed against the tight rim of her throat. One more push and she felt his orgasm pulsate in her mouth. She felt the thick ropes of his cum, squirt after squirt, slide down her throat and fill her mouth. She barely managed to keep it all in her mouth before he slid his shaft which throbbed from her reddened lips. His grip relaxed on her hair and he gave one more soft moan. She swallowed quickly and smiled up at him. He graced her with a smile that broke across his face like the sun.

“Lovely Liya” he said “Stand up.”

She stood gracefully, on legs made shaky by what was yet to come. He drained the rest of his scotch, stood and took her by the hand. His hands were large and strong but his skin was soft against hers. He led her down the hall to the master suite’s marble bathroom. She had used it before but never been in it with him. She looked up at him, confused by this new turn of events. He turned her around and kissed the back of her neck as he slid the zipper down on her dress, then slipped it off her shoulders. Her body trembled at the touch of his warm lips and the coolness of the silk dress sliding over her skin.

“Step out” he instructed.

Liya did so without hesitation and he draped the dress over a nearby towel rack. He went to the large, old-fashioned claw foot tub and turned on the faucets. It began to fill, steam rose off the water. He rolled his sleeves up a bit further, slowly and carefully, until they were above his elbows. He stood behind her, unclasped her bra and draped it over her dress. He slid her panties down her long legs and she stepped out of them. He knelt before her and gently placed his hands on her left calf. Taking the cue, she lifted her leg slightly and he slipped her foot out of her suede heel, her hand on his shoulder for balance. He did the same with the other heel then rolled her stockings off. She stood naked before him.

The claw foot tub filled quickly. He removed a blue glass bottle from the medicine cabinet and emptied it into the stream of running water. Bubbles formed rapidly and there was soon a thick layer of perfumed bubbles covering the warm water. He tested the water with his fingers then turned the water off.

“Is the temperature alright?” he asked quietly.

She bent down, her distracted mind barely registered the temperature and nodded silently. He gestured to the tub, and she got in. It felt wonderful. Her eyes closed in bliss as she sank into the mountains of jasmine scented bubbles. The heat from the water soaked into her skin, into her bones and she let out a deep sigh of relaxation.

“Enjoy,” he whispered. “I’ll be back in a little while for you.”

He turned off the light and closed the door. As the door shut, all of the light from the master suite was cut off and she was left in complete darkness. She slipped down in the bath a little, letting the warmth work into her muscles, it drained every ounce of tiredness and soreness from her body. She felt like she could barely lift a finger. The peaceful restfulness was so deep. She opened and closed her eyes to see if she could make out anything in the room, but the room was perfectly and completely dark. She let her eyes rest shut and allowed her other senses to wake up. Her hands found their way upwards over her skin, feeling the slight lubrication of the soap as her fingertips caressed the dips and curves of her frame. Liya breathed in, slowly and deeply, the exotic scent of jasmine flowers filled her nose. She let her mind and hands wander aimlessly, without any purpose other than to experience each sensation to its fullest.

Before long, the bathroom door was quietly opened, a faint light from the hallway spilled in. He was back. He turned on the lights with a dimmer to keep them low, courteously letting her eyes adjust from the darkness.

“Hello again” he said with a smile. “It’s time to get up. Stand, please.”

She stood without question. She moved slowly as her relaxed muscles regained their lost strength.

“Sit on the far edge of the tub, facing me.” He commanded.

She did as he asked. Beyond the edge of the tub there was an alcove which gave her a comfortable nook to sit in. He turned the lights up a little bit and opened a cabinet beside the double vanity sink. He removed a dark wood box and opened it to reveal an old-fashioned shaving kit, complete with a lather brush and a shiny, silver, single blade razor.

“I’d like to shave you.” He said, his voice little more than a whisper.
She looked down at her neatly-trimmed mound and her brow furrowed.

“You don’t like this?” She asked him.

“I do like it. But I want to shave you.”

She understood and nodded slowly in acquiescence. He removed a small tub and a bottle from the shaving kit. He poured a honey-coloured liquid from the bottle into his hands. He rubbed it into his hands and she could see them glisten in the warm, dusky light. He leaned forward and she closed her eyes at his touch. Liya felt his oiled hands slide over her. She exhaled a shaky breath as his fingers slid over her mound, her lips, her perineum, down even between her cheeks to rub the tiny puckered hole. The oil felt slick and warm. She wondered if he could tell how sexually aroused she was by just this simple erotic massage.

His hands left her skin and she opened her eyes to find him walking to the sink to wash the oil from his hands. He picked up the brush from the wooden box and returned to her, his eyes hungrily devoured her naked body. She watched him with languid eyes as he ran the brush under the hot water that flowed from the bath faucet, dipped it in the tub of lather cream and leaned forward.

“Spread your legs for me, Liya.”








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