Review: b-Vibe Novice

b-Vibe Novice Sex Toy Photo

I was very excited to receive some new sex toys from b-Vibe in our Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres this week. I reviewed their Rimming Butt Plug when it came in a few weeks ago and was mightily impressed. Their marketing is really sex positive and couple friendly. The company was founded by a lady called Alicia Sinclair who is a sexologist with many years of experience in the field, so she really knows what she is doing. I thought I would review the b-Vibe Novice which is a remote control butt plug. My interest is piqued for several reasons. The remote on the b-Vibe was excellent both in range and connectivity and I wanted to see if this followed through with all their products. I picked up the tester and it was the smoothest silkiest silicone, I ended up just stroking it like a cat. It is also the exact size and shape of a butt plug I often seek out for couples trying anal play for the first time, so I really want this to be good.

The plug which comes in turquoise, cerise, or black is housed in a sturdy cardboard box which could be used for storage. There is a picture of the novice on it, so it isn’t discreet but it is cool stylish, approachable and unashamed about what it is. I quite like this, it reflects what the company seems to be all about. If you don’t want the world and his wife to know you like stuff up your bum, then you are catered for too. Inside the box you will find that the sex toy has its own plastic storage case which looks like one of those corrugated ones spies hand over money in. It is a perfect travel case to house the plug, the remote, the charger and the instruction booklet. There is also enough room to put some water based lubricant and adult toy cleaner inside, should you wish.

The plug itself is 3.5 x 1 inch, small and rounded at the tip. It is gently tapered to the small indented neck and it has a 2 inch flange which as we all know is completely necessary in any anal toy as the human bottom sucks things up just as easily and efficiently as it expels. As I mentioned before the silkiness of the silicone make me almost believe the plug could be used without lube but that is never a good idea when it comes to anal play. This, together with the unintimidating shape and size really do make this a great choice for first timers. Some couples get put off by all the interesting curves and bumps on lots of anal sex toys but this one appeals to newcomer and more experienced people alike.


b-Vibe Novice Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: b-Vibe Novice – Review


The b-Vibe Novice is 100% body safe, phthalate free, easy to clean and it doesn’t seem to attract dust at all. Unfortunately it is only splash proof and not waterproof, this disappoints me a little. Other similar anal sex toys in this category and price range have managed to get round this problem. It charges via a USB cord and for a 2 hour charge you get 1.5 hours of play.

The Novice is small enough to wear around and about if you wanted. The base is small enough that you could probably sit down comfortably without the need for a cushion. This opens up all sorts of fun avenues for couples to make the most of the remote control.

I must admit I had a bit of trouble using the plug the first time. I am apt to dive straight in ignoring the manual. My default press and hold routine didn’t work though and I discovered the sex toy had a travel lock. It is a great feature but not so great for those of us selling the toys. Once it is turned on the fun really begins. The range, power and rumbly quality of the vibrations is very impressive! This is especially true for a toy this small and unassuming. The vibrations spread all through the toy evenly from the motor which is often not the case with toys. You need the remote to increase and decrease the intensity but the 15 patterns can be accessed either remotely or directly from the base of the toy by pressing the button. The remote was just as good to use as the one which came with the Rimming plug. It is one of the best remotes I have ever tested. It worked to a distance of 30 feet. It easily worked through flesh and clothing to. A big round of applause for b-Vibe on that score. I am not a patterns person but with 15 to choose from there is definitely one for everyone. The vibrations, size and shape of this toy mean that you don’t have to limit it to anal play, it is also perfect for clitoral stimulation. Just don’t forget to clean in between chopping and changing orifices.

The b-Vibe Novice definitely gets a big thumbs up from me. I can’t really think of any down sides. If b-Vibe are listening, I say to you as I do to others, in the future maybe put some lights on the remote to indicate what intensity the butt plug is at. The plug is so narrow, there could be a danger of it slipping out if worn during vaginal sex but conversely, its small size means that other toys can be used vaginally at the same time without the discomfort that is sometimes experienced when doing that. So yes b-Vibe have done it again! I eagerly anticipate what else they have to offer.


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Review: Tantus Pack ‘n Play No.2

Tantus Banner Image

If there is anyone who knows everything about dildos, it’s the adult lifestyle company Tantus. They just get it. Their dildo range are amongst the highest quality and design that I have ever seen. That’s not just because I have a lingering yearning for soft and squishy dildos. As you can imagine, Tantus now make it damn near impossible for me to allow anything else that’s less than their quality come close to my vagina. They provide the expectation of nothing but earth shattering orgasms for all, because yes, they really are that good. With that being said, I will be reviewing the Tantus’ Pack ‘n’ Play No.2.

Sex toys like the Tantus Mark 02 which Tantus Pack ‘n Play No.2 was modelled off, are created with a firm core which is otherwise known as ‘dual-density’. This is great for concentrated g-spot stimulation or strap on play. Unlike many of the other adult toys in the Tantus collection, the Pack ‘n Play No.2 was created utilising their own unique formula of Tantus Ultra-Premium Silicone, it also has no inner core which does not have dual-density. Because of this, No.2 is most often used as a packing dildo underneath clothing and as your ‘reach for’ strap-on dildo. The pliability of the No.2 makes it the perfect dildo for comfortable thrusting and high intensity strap-on sex. The No.2 is a realistic size with a circumference of 1.6″ at its widest and an insertable length of 6.25″.

The No.2 is delightfully squishy. When you squeeze the dildo in your hand, you can feel a considerable amount of give which instantly gives me the warm and fuzzies. The tip of the dildo is made from glossy silicone. The shaft is made with a matte finish which provides the walls of the vagina something to recognise while thrusting, without that intense “ouch, that just scraped my vagina wall” feeling. Due to the finish, I would definitely recommend using a good quality water based lubricant like Pjur’s Woman Nude or a sex toy safe lubricant like Superslyde.

Tantus Banner Image
Image: Tantus Sex Toys- Review Tantus Pack ‘n Play No.2


In use, the Tantus Pack ‘n Play No.2 is a trusty strap-on dildo. It is suited to those who prefer a softer and a more realistic feeling dildo. Sometimes dildos that are used during intense strap-on play that are heavily textured with veins, or that have a prominent coronal ridge, can be super uncomfortable. You know? No.2 does have a small amount of realistic texture, however, if you’re a texture loving fanatic, this may not be the dildo for you. But they do have other textured dildos in their collection including the Tantus Flurry, Tantus Throb, Tantus Purr and Tantus Tsunami just to name a few.

As a packer, I love this dildo. It’s firm enough to be ready when you want it but soft enough that it easily bends in half on itself to touch the base to the tip, allowing for easy packing. Some folks may find this dildo TOO firm to pack with even though it is extremely plush, as if it isn’t sitting right you do get a considerably large bulge.

The matte silicone of this dildo is a bit of a dust magnet, meaning that you should always be sure to wash it before using it. But don’t fret, Tantus has your back because as per their usual, the No.2 is hypoallergenic. It is BOILABLE, BLEACHABLE and DISHWASHER SAFE. I personally wouldn’t clean it through the dishwasher method but you do you!

I would HIGHLY recommend the Pack ‘n’ Play No.2 to those who:

  • Enjoy erect dildos that has a super soft give.
  • Want a realistic and phallic looking dildo.
  • Wish to try packing but want the ability to have sex with the same dildo.
  • Would like to purchase a dildo made from the highest grade, 100% body safe, phthalate free, non-porous, velvety smooth and eco-friendly silicone.
  • Are after a hygienic toy which can be boiled, bleached or washed is the dishwasher for ultimate cleanliness.
  • A beginner in strap-on play.
  • Would like a sex toy that is compatible with a harness.
  • Would like a sex toy which can be used for anal or vaginal stimulation.
  • Would like prostate or g-spot stimulation.
  • Would like a feeling of fullness.
  • Tantus Silicone products have a lifetime warranty, Tantus will replace any toy that has a manufacturing defect.

Tantus offer a range of sex toys that are fun, worthwhile and enjoyable. All their toys are handmade, hand poured and are artistic in nature. This means all sex toys are made perfectly in a controlled environment to deliver you the highest quality products worldwide. You should definitely add Tantus to your sex toy bucket list!



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Review: Romant Couple

Romant Couple Vibrator Photo

We have recently had a huge delivery of Romant Vibrators to the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and I have been so excited to check them all out. I now have a naughty secret to share with you all, I hope you are ready for it. I have just recently discovered the Couple by Romant and it is scarily similar to one of my favourite couple sex toys. I’ll let you all figure that out for yourselves when you see the Romant Couple. The best thing is it’s available for a fraction of the price online at Adultsmart and in our Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres!

The Romant Couple comes in a simple white box with a picture of the vibrator on the front, it also provides descriptions of the sex toy. It is not a hard box so unless you are overly sentimental about it, it is not great for vibrator storage. The contents of the box includes a white USB charger, a user manual and of course the vibrator itself!

The Romant Couple is covered in silky soft medical grade silicone and has an ABS core. It loses some points in my opinion due to the fact that it’s not 100% Silicone as ABS is a porous material. However, I think I can excuse this as it’s covered in a layer of silicone. The vibrator measures approximately 6” in length and features a girthier ended dildo with an almost complete bendy ring at the slimmer end which has been made to place an erect penis into for hands-free penetration. The description can be confusing, I think it’s best to check out the picture to get a better idea.

Romant Couple Vibrator Photo
Sex Toy: Romant Couple – Review

Now you have a visual of the Romant Couple, I can now get straight into telling you the amazing things this toy is capable of. It can be used in the following ways:

  • Vibrating Vaginal or Anal Dildo: The Couple is a perfect size and shape to be used as a vibrating dildo for vaginal or anal penetration. It features textured ridges along the shaft and is slightly curved making it excellent for g-spot stimulation. The vibrations are very powerful and pleasurable however I can tell the difference between them and the more expensive version. They are slightly ticklish as opposed to rumbly. The softness of the silicone means it’s very comfortable and pleasurable to insert in and out of the vagina. The only downfall for using it as a dildo is that the ring is a little bit tricky to use as a handle when using it solo masturbation and the fact that it vibrates strongly in the ring means your hand will be buzzing when using it. You never know, this may appeal to some people, you can think of it as a hand massage!!
  • Thruster Vibrator: When you first see the Couple, the ring appears to be too rigid to fit a penis in however the ends of the ring are bendy enough to accommodate penises of most sizes. Use it with a good quality lubricant like Superslyde, the motion of moving the vibrating ring up and down on you or your partners’ penis will feel exquisite.
  • Double Penetrator: I have grown accustomed to a look of shock and embarrassment from customers in the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres when I mention this toy is capable of making double penetration happen so I understand it’s not for everyone. But for those who enjoy this sex act, this toy will be a welcome addition to your collection. The penis is placed in the ring with the shaft of the vibrator down the bottom. The penis can then thrust into the vagina while The Couple enter either the woman’s bottom or vagina. Now in all honesty, I haven’t ventured into the double penetration territory with The Couple yet however I see that it is definitely possible and worth a try!
  • Blow Job Chin Rest: You can use it as a blow job chin rest by holding the dildo end, rest your chin on the vibrating ring and away you go. The subtle vibrations can be felt when performing oral on your man which is a very welcome sensation!

Despite some minor differences to the more expensive version which is a direct correlation to the price tag, the Romant Couple is a guaranteed crowd pleaser for couples who would love to spice up their sexual lifestyle with something exciting and adventurous. For those on a budget looking for a multi-purpose vibrator to share with their partner, this toy is for you. I give it my thumbs up!!

About the author: Sophie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave






Exclusive Interview with Elsa Viegas a Co-founder of Bijoux Indiscrets

Elsa Viegas Photo

Bijoux Indiscrets is an intimate adult lifestyle company who design a large range of fashionable products that are absolutely beautiful, stunning and immaculate. Their product’s are delicately designed with the connection of romance and eroticism in mind. Their brand names include:

  • Maze: Vegan friendly BDSM accessories made in the colours black and light brown.
  • Magnifique: Delicate body chains made in silver and gold colours that can be paired with lingerie or worn on bare skin.
  • Desir Matallique: A collection of chains and metallic mesh accessories made in silver and gold colours which can be turned into bondage wear.
  • Pleasure Toys: The world’s first diamond shaped vibrator named “Twenty One Vibrating Diamond”.

They also have a wide selection of classic adult lifestyle products including massage candles, oils, perfume, strapless masks, body paint, boudoir essential, mix les petits bonbons, nipple cover pasties and oral play.  This is an Exclusive Interview with Elsa Viegas a Co-founder of Bijoux Indiscrets with the Adultsmart Blog.

Tell me about yourself?

I’m the designer and co-founder of Bijoux Indiscrets. My name is Elsa Viegas and I was born in Portugal, where I graduated in Graphic Design. Two years later, I  moved to Barcelona to complete my studies with a Master’s Degree in Advertising Communication. After a couple of years working in advertising for accounts including Audi and Montblanc, I co-founded Bijoux Indiscrets in 2006. Bijoux Indiscrets has now really established itself as a pioneering brand in erotic chic. I currently devote all my time to the company and to my English Bull Terrier, Missy, my other passion. I also love to cook, I can not live without music, I devour movies and I love to relax doing DIY tasks.

What is your favourite accomplishment?

Founding Bijoux Indiscrets. I never thought about working for myself and now I have this amazing team of 18 people with whom I love to work and share my time.

What are your favourite quote/s that inspire you?

I grew up with my dad telling me that:

“My freedom ends where others’ begins.”

This is very important, we could achieve a great amount of harmony if we live and let live. Another important thing in my life is that I believe in karma, so my advice?

“Be kind. Be nice. Be your best you. It will get back to you.”

Elsa Viegas Quote
Quote: Be Kind, Be Nice. Be your best you. It will get back to you by Elsa Viegas

What is the story behind the inspiration, creation and development of your company and product range?

I met Marta when we worked together in an advertising agency. We co-founded Bijoux Indiscrets in 2006 after witnessing the lack of pleasure products created by women for women. Too many products in the industry are created for women, but designed and marketed by men.

Your brand was primarily established by inspirational, confident, sex-positive and motivational women. Have you found this to be your driving force of your brand?

From our products, to events, to side-projects, our whole brand is centred around celebrating women and female sexuality. Through  history, female pleasure has been treated almost as if it doesn’t exist. Women have been denied the right to feel pleasure on our own terms, yet our bodies are designed for it. We want to reclaim our power!

Your recent BDSM accessory inspired collection MAZE is absolutely sexy, environmentally conscious and 100% vegan friendly. How did you manage to combine all these aspects into an adult lifestyle range?

I guess when you run a company you have a huge responsibility with whom and what surrounds you, after all you affect people’s lives. It is impossible to separate my own beliefs and my philosophy from my work. It affects the way I do things. I love being a woman, I love feeling sexy and I’m also a vegan and I do my best to take care of the planet. So every time I develop a collection those values affect the final result.

What do you love most about your brand compared to other companies?

We are committed to women, celebrating female pleasure and sexuality, animal welfare, and the environment, amongst other things. None of this is a gimmick: we carry out all our actions because mean them and they are necessary – not because they are in trend!

Tell me about your product range?

Bijoux Indiscrets is focused on products that enhance sensuality and sexual empowerment. We develop sensual accessories, erotic cosmetics and we have one of the most iconic (and discreet) sex toys in the industry: the vibrating diamond Twenty One!

Bijoux Indiscrets Vibrating Diamond Sex Toy
Sex Toy: Twenty One Vibrating Diamond

How many adult lifestyle products have you sold?

I guess it is not how many products we have sold but how many people’s lives we have touched. If only a small percentage of the passion we put into every product we make is translated to and felt by a consumer that has bought only one of our products, well, this is more important than units sold!

What locations around the world do you sell them?

We are currently present in over 50 countries around the world throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States.

What are your best sellers?

Our current bestsellers are the Tassel Choker and H-Harness from our MAZE Collection. They are really versatile accessories and the perfect blend of fashion and fetish, so they appeal to many different people. It’s amazing how many ways people have styled the whole collection!

Maze H-Harness Photo
Photo: Maze H-Harness

If you could pick just two pieces from your product range, what would you choose and why?

I would pick the X harness. It feels like a pair of suspenders with superpowers. I really feel good wearing it. It looks and feels good. It is like an instantaneous empowering suit. And because MAZE is our latest collection and I’m so proud of it, I would also choose a choker (wide or thin) – it really adds a great amount sexiness to your look!

What are the most memorable quotes that you have heard about your product range?

As you can imagine, working in this industry gives people freedom to tell you things and ask you the most interesting questions, but one of the best moments I had was launching the vibrating diamond and having such great feedback from adult women of all ages. No one felt attacked or offended, and it was an icebreaker in so many moments that would lead to great conversation, experiencing change, or simple talking about intimacy with people that never dared to before.

What have you learnt from creating the Fiction vs Reality Project online gallery for orgasm sounds? 

Since we launch our first sex toy, the vibrating diamond, we found out that there was a big gap between our industry and women – knowledge. There are still so many fears, shame, taboos, lack of information about how our body works and how female pleasure works. So we made this sex study called Fiction vs Reality  to discover how much the porn industry and the romantic movies (fiction) was affecting our love lives (reality). Are we really feeling or are we more concerned about how we should behave and sound during sex? Is there a standard way? A standard sound? Why is there a need to fake our pleasure? The results of our study showed us that there still exists shame surrounding female pleasure and masturbation, that there are still stereotypes from the movies, that no two women are the same, and that the sound of pleasure is as plural as us women. To make the whole study more tangible, engaging, and participatory, we developed the Orgasm Library, where women can upload their real sounds, their orgasms, 100% anonymous and 100% plural.









Things You Need To Prepare Before Swinging For The First Time!

Swingers Drinking Event Photo

Do you have dreams about having sex with two pretty girls at once? Do you feel ready to experience the exciting lifestyle of sexual swinging? Do you secretly crave to see your girlfriend having a steamy sexual encounter with another hot woman or being banged by a group of men? Or maybe you want to see her being possessed by another man while you join in?

If you really want to transform all these exciting dreams into reality, you first need to prepare both your partner and yourself to ensure the swinging lifestyle is for you.  If you do not prepare you risk ruining your relationship for these dreams. Ask yourself if your relationship is solid enough and will accept the lifestyle? After this carnal experiment of sexual swinging, even long-term relationships have failed. This tends to happen because couples did not prepare themselves first before entering this adult lifestyle choice.

These days, swinging (otherwise known as wife swapping or “the lifestyle”) has become more socially acceptable. However, due to fears of instability or jealousy, there are many singles or couples who have yet to try it out or in fact choose never to. In fact, the reality is that swinging is actually the easy part. What can really get tricky is dealing with the issues that can arise afterwards.   This is why preparation and understanding are paramount to ensure that it an enjoyable experience that will not conflict with your long-term relationship.

You can be certain that swinging is no light matter and it will definitely change your relationship for good. In these circumstances, it is clear enough that this is not the kind of decision you can make lightly. There are some vital aspects to consider before entering the swinging lifestyle. If you already have made your mind and finally choose to go with it, we will discuss here several things to prepare before starting in order to experience a successful swinging lifestyle.

‘You may compare swinging with losing your virginity’

Before jumping into the swinging lifestyle, you need to be aware of the fact that this is a pretty heavy and lifestyle changing decision. You may compare swinging with losing your virginity. For both, once you experience them there is no way to go back. However, swinging is even a more serious matter because, while most of us go through losing our virginity at one point or another, swinging is reserved for a very exclusive community. Choosing this lifestyle is most likely to have some unforeseen consequences and unknown ramifications. But, at the same time, the benefits are so tempting and can be rewarding. There are certain clear advantages to it, of course.

Do not fall for the propaganda of the church going, most conservative types who want to convince you that it’s all bad news. If you try to talk to any swinging couple with experience in the lifestyle you will see how happy they can be. They are usually always touching and holding hands. If you take a look back at those church going, conservative couples, you will see that they are barely noticing each other. However, jumping into the swinging lifestyle comes with no certain positive results. You can greatly enhance your relationship and your sex life or you can destroy it. There is no in-between with swinging and things tend to go to the extreme within this lifestyle. Knowing ahead of time how to deal with potential issues can make the transition a lot easier for you. This can possibly make all the difference between breaking and strengthening your relationship. There is usually no middle ground with swinging. This lifestyle can either help a relationship or ruin it. You can find swinging to be all you have been dreaming about and searching for or you can obliterate and decimate your happy relationship. As always, the choice stays with you and your lover.

‘Discuss the limits you are both comfortable with.’


Become good at interpersonal communication before starting swinging. For any couple involved in a swinging relationship, being able to communicate well is a must. You need to be able to openly express fears, thoughts, emotions and feelings, before and after involving in any sexual swinging activities. Sexual swinging, once it has happened, there is no way for going back. For this reason, the ability of planning ahead is of vital importance. Well before taking that first step, you should express both your ideas, dreams, needs, fears, thoughts etc.  Rather than just trying to talk about it at the spur of the moment, you are better off being prepared. Your intentions need to be clear well in advance. Are you both fine with experiencing sexual swinging? Are you both looking to take your sexual life to a whole new level? You should discuss first things like the limits that you are both comfortable with. After making the limits clear you should with them and respect them. For instance, are you ready to experience a “full swap”, in other words to “play” with different partners separate from each other? In case that you are a couple and you want to involve in a swinging experience with a single female, would you be also comfortable getting involved with a single male? You must first try to imagine every possible swinging scenario in the lifestyle, talk about and get prepared for it. As a couple, the future of your relationship is one of the key aspects you need to talk with each other.

‘The swinging lifestyle is not a patch aid for an unstable relationship.’


You need to figure out what are the reasons that make you want to swing. This is also connected with the previous aspect of communication. Once you make it clear for yourself why you dream about this exciting lifestyle, the next step is to open up and share your kinky desires with your partner. Both partners should openly communicate their feelings first when a couple decided to try the swinging lifestyle. This will help create trust, intimacy and a more comfortable atmosphere that will make the transition easier. The reasons for jumping into a swinging lifestyle are various. You both may want to spice up your sex life with new exciting adventures or you may simple want to experience the novelty and pleasure of an open and shared relationship. However, if you’re main reason to enter the swinging lifestyle is the fact that you’re looking for ways to mend the flaws in your intimate life and relationship, then you may be left disappointed. This lifestyle is not a patch aid for an unstable relationships, but rather designed only for the most stable and healthy couples that are looking for sheer pleasure.

‘To experience some of your kinky fantasies and dreams.’


You also need to figure out how you want to swing. Exploring swinging lifestyle comes with plenty of options. You can start by joining an online swinging community, try luxury swinging cruises or just begin with a locally organized swinger party. The choice is totally up to you and it mostly depends on your kink preferences, your budget, and the degree of excitement you’re looking for. You may be looking forward to experience some of your kinky fantasies and dreams that you never had the chance to explore before. However, no matter how you decide to experience swinging, it is recommended to set some realistic expectations. Never go to a swingers club with unrealistic expectations even if you agree with your partner to go for a “full swap”. Nobody can guarantee you an orgy. You have to be aware of the fact that sometimes you may not find any couples you like. Also, don’t get bored and leave early, because all that hot action may start much later in the evening. If you both have decided you are ready to start a swinging lifestyle and your couple is secure enough to try it, there is one last challenge to overcome. Especially at the beginning, most couples have fears of being “discovered” by friends, family or coworkers. For this reason, they try to stay more discreet. However, this can make it difficult for a new swinging couple to find other people. It is not recommended to try sites like Craigslist, because they are not a safe and appropriate place to meet people. Also, it might be a good idea to stay away from swingers dating sites because you’ll mostly meet on them some paid “actors” with fake profiles. It might be better to try a swinger’s social network that has real people. You can also look out for swinger events in your area and attend a club or a party.

‘You must not pressure anyone into doing something they do not like.’


When you are ready to have your first swinging experience, it is always better to let your woman lead the way. As a man, you have already won big if your woman is even considering getting involved in a sexual activity that lets you have sex with another woman. This having been said, it’s always wise to not over push the issue. You must not pressure your lady by any means into getting involved in something she doesn’t like or doing anything she doesn’t want to do. Just let her decide what are the limits, as well as what you will get to do.  Discuss this before entering your swinging venue.  Also, it might be a good idea to let her make all and any introductions. The ones who give the green light in the swinging world are the women, so allow her to call the shots and just be patient. She might be afraid of running into someone she knows and avoid attending a swinger club or party. If your woman is timid about going to a swinger party, you may propose her to attend an “off premise” party. On these occasions sexual exploits are not allowed on site and they must be taken somewhere else. The atmosphere at an “off premise” party will be somewhat similar to a nightclub, but just with much more sexual tension in the air. Again, let your woman decide what happens “after” the party. The build up to an event is very exciting and you will likely have butterflies in your stomach. The emotion can get almost as intense as an orgasm. Of course, besides being in agreement with your woman you should also speak with the other couple beforehand in order to check their boundaries and limits as well. Then, you can proceed to the hot encounter, but it’s always better to start small. Maybe at first you can start with just some touching and kissing.

‘Declaring your love for each other that you end up in each other’s arms.’


Swingers Photo
Photo: Swingers


It is a good idea to make it a rule that you and your partner always have sex afterwards, by yourselves. If you will, this can be seen as a kind of a closing ceremony and declaring your love for each other that you end up in each other’s arms. Also make a rule that the next day you talk about it. For the couple new to the swinging lifestyle, this can be a more in depth conversation. Once you get accustomed with swinging and become familiar with this exciting lifestyle it will become just a common place. But it will still be fun sometimes to talk about some special moment that you liked both.

‘It is not appropriate to tell your husband about how “big” the other man is.’


Be aware of the fact that is not the best idea to talk up the other person/s you have had sex about, especially in case your partner is self-conscious. For instance, obviously it is not appropriate to tell your husband about how “big” the other man was or your wife how tight the other woman was. Even if you and your partner are not the jealous type, always coat the truth a bit and affirm how much you love them and how glad you are to be with them.

‘People prefer to pick or approach others who have a confident look.’


When it comes to being self-conscious, it is recommended to work on building up your confidence. If you really want to become a part of this exciting lifestyle, you must start working on your personality. As you may already know, people prefer to pick or approach others who have a confident look and exhibit a great personality. In order to attract the most people, ensure you display the best of your persona, whether you’re looking for a swinging partner at a club or online. In the swinging world it is perfectly acceptable to use fake names as an identity, so if you feel timid and self-conscious, you better realize quickly that it will not work in the swinging lifestyle.

‘Try being selfless and think more about your partner.’


Even if you and your partner are apart, the swinging experience should be something you do together. It’s recommended to learn some new tricks to show each other. Your rules will loosen up over time when you’ll get more comfortable with various things. You may realize then that you are both okay with the swinging activities and encourage each other. However, try being selfless and think more about your partner rather than yourself. Forget the thoughts like I cannot please my partner or he liked her better. Instead think more constructively. For instance, think that you need to learn how to please your partner that way or think that they liked your partner so much because he is so good looking. This way to see things will help you, make you more confident and feel better about yourself. You must prepare before swinging and realize that in the moment it is a pretty erotic and intense setting. Your partner may become much more excited than ever before. Don’t become jealous and take this as something against yourself, but rather understand the fact that is the experience.

‘Both people must be on the same page with what’s allowed and what is not.’


Before involving yourself in swinging activities for the first time, set some ground rules. In case you are just new to the swinging lifestyle, it is vital to set some rules for each other. For instance, before indulging in sexual swinging activities, agree about what is going to happen if you are both at a swinging event and one of you wants to leave early. It may be perfectly fine for the other person to stay behind, or you may beforehand decide that kind of situation is not allowed. Other rules may include your partner being intimate with the same sex. Make sure to talk up front about all these things. Also ensure that you are both on the same page with what’s allowed and what is not. Would be kind of awkward to attend a swinger club or party and have a fight about getting oral sex from a stranger or leaving the party early. Set your rules in advance, but make them flexible enough and know that they can still change. As you evolve into the swinging lifestyle and accumulate more experience you may become more tolerant to various situations that made you feel uncomfortable at first.

‘Become familiar with the lingo.’


Learn the language of the swinging lifestyle. Before your first swinging activity it might be wise to prepare in advance and become familiar with the lingo. It would be embarrassing, after all, if you get confused once on the site. For instance, when you hear the words “full swap” or “hard swap”, you need to know with certainty what they mean. These are the terms used in the swinging lifestyle to make it clear that a certain couple is ready for full-on sex with another couple. Other useful terms to learn would be “soft swap”, meaning couples who won’t “go all the way”, and “the unicorn”, a woman who attends swingers events alone.

So there you have it.  Some simple preparation’s for you to go through and discuss before you go to your first swinger’s party or event. Swinging is not for everyone but there are many millions of people worldwide that practice it and actually enhances their relationship or marriage.









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