The Shower Interlude

I was also painfully aware of how much I must have sweated when we met earlier on the dance floor.  So, I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy him eating my pussy as much while I would be feeling too self conscious. So despite it not being my house, I suggested the shower interlude and some shower sex.

Jason lifted his head just before he had made contact, and the struggle was real seeing him between my thighs like that.

We were well into our session play when Jason started sliding his body down mine.

His beard was a smooth precursor to his tongue, tracing its way along my curves.  He sure knew what to do, and when he parted my legs, I wanted nothing more than to grab him by the back of the head and force him to feast upon me.

Instead he grinned and stepped backwards off the bed.

He grabbed onto my ankles and pulled me to greet him, helping me up.  His arms wrapped around me, his cock was hard and hungry, and as it pressed against my stomach I craved to fall to my knees and engulf him.

But that would have to wait.

The shower interlude sex toys
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The Shower Interlude

We fumbled into the shower to have sex, so eager for one another that we were under the stream before it was even warm.  The shock of  the chill water unleashed something within me

Somehow I managed to withdraw my tongue from his mouth and turned him around, thrusting him up against the tiles.

Jason braced himself with his arms, and tellingly left his legs somewhat spread open.

The Shower interlude
Photo by cottonbro studio: A couple in the shower

The water gave a sheen to his back, his ass, and I couldn’t keep my hands away any longer.

With soap in my hands, I reached around his body and took hold of his girth. This drew an audible appreciation from his lips, but not even close to the groan he gave me when I slid my other hand between his legs.

Water and soap made for some nice glide.  As my fingers reached for his balls, I made sure to let them pass between his cheeks, teasing briefly his ass and his taint.

My teeth closed around the nape of his neck

Jason tilted his head back, offering me even more.  I indulged myself, gnawing on his neck like a ravenous dog with a bone.  Not that I was going to use my teeth on his bone.

But definitely my mouth. Soon enough.

I continued jerking his cock, stroking his balls, teasing his hole.  He wiggled himself against me, water squishing between his back and my breasts.

Finally he broke free of my grasp, and turned his sudded body to face me.

Our bodies squirmed together, arms caressing, mouths embracing.

My legs shuttered when I felt his soapy hand press into my vulva, barely more than cupping me.

‘You took my by the heart when you took me by the cunt…’

When I’d suggested this shower, I had actually meant it.  For us to get clean, not dirtier.  But Jason was ravenous for me.  As his fingers plunged through my folds, his intensity raised, in both how he kissed me and how he handled me.

Lucky I’d found my animalistic side, or it may have been a little much to stand.

Literally.  Cliterally.

Somehow, through the filth running through my mind, I knew I was at least getting clean.

I began thinking about that magic tongue of his back where we left off.


Didn’t even get that far.  Jason dropped to his knees, and hoisted one of my legs up and over his shoulder.  My attempts at suggesting he wait were weak.  I really did want him to eat me.

The additional layer of water flowing between his tongue and made pussy was definitely a new sensation.

For a moment, while looking down at his face buried within my mound, I wondered if I should offer him a snorkel as the water streamed down his face, forcing his eyes shut.

But he’s a trooper, and just kept on keeping on.

When he slid a finger inside me, somehow finding my g spot quicker than I can, I was sure that would be the end of me.  But cuming while standing is not the easiest thing in the world.

So with my hands clasped against his ears, I raised him up to my face.

‘Take me to bed.’

The shower, which had never seemed to actually get warm, ended abruptly and Jason swooped me up in his arms and carried me back to his bed.

Towels weren’t necessary.  I was dripping wet from within, and the cardio that we were about to indulge in would surely dry us before covering us in gleaming sweat.

Nala works as a consultant at the adult lifestyle centers.

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