Morning Glory: What’s the Story?

With a groan, he rolled over and draped his arm over her shoulder. It was enough to wake her, coupled with the faint dawn light sneaking through the curtains. She could tell from his breathing that he was still asleep except for his morning glory.

His cock jutted through his thin pajamas, pressing against her back.  She found this far more distracting than the incoming streams of light and the early commuters driving past.

After all, it was some time since they’d managed to find to fuck.  Far too long in her opinion.

At first she hadn’t even realised she was gently squirming against him.

She clasped his arm, holding him close, giving her something better to grind against.  As she rocked up and down, she felt him sliding between her cheeks.

She took his limp hand to her cheek, stroked it against her.  It seemed like a lifetime since she’d felt that added tenderness, instead of just jumping straight into their familiar routine.

Even if she had to use his hand to give it to herself.

morning glory
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Morning Glory: What’s The Story?

His breathing changed, and she paused, listening. He was still asleep, but his breath was certainly getting quicker. And his cock was still hard.

She shimmied out from under his arm, lowering herself down the bed, kicking off her panties along the way.  He still didn’t wake up as she pulled his pajama shorts off.

The sheet was light on her back as she took hold of his erection.

Her lips parted, teasing his throbbing head with her tongue.

She eased him further into her mouth, gently sucking and licking the smooth flesh.

How had she forgotten how much she loved to suck him off when she was given the time to savour him?   And not simply doing it to get him hard enough for penetration.

With her free hand, she finally made contact with herself.  Her folds were already damp lenty enough for some natural lube before moving her fingers to her clit.

morning glory
Photo by Molly Champion: close-up-photo-of-woman-lying-on-bed

Instantly she felt the charge surging through her

Enough to let a moan seep out of her mouth, humming along the sides of his shaft.  Finally, she felt his hips shift beneath her, his groan audible even beneath the sheet.

Yet for once, he let her do her thing.  No hands on her head, no lifting the sheet to watch her.  He too was simply savouring the sensations.

She slipped into a rhythm

Two fingers rubbing each side of her clitoris, to a similar pace to her mouth around the head of his cock.

Without so much of him inside her, she was able to use more of her tongue, from which his writhing body and ever increasing volume revealed his pleasure.

Hearing this only spurred her on further.  Quickening her pace both on herself and on him. Then she felt the sheet lift slightly.  And she braced for the inevitable hand on the back of her head, driving her further down his shaft.

She was surprised when instead his fingers lightly stroked her cheek.

It was something altogether new for her.  And she loved it.

She lingered there, not bobbing her head, just rolling her tongue around his tip.  Her fingers pushing deeper against her clit, faster, harder.

She felt herself nearing orgasm, her whole body rapidly rising to ecstatic peaks.

Now she could no longer work her tongue on his cock, but left him inside her mouth anyway.  She didn’t realise just how much he was enjoying her heavy breathing around his wet dick regardless.

At last she let go, giving herself over completely

Allowing every electric current to surge through her.  Her knees wobbled and she rocked back and forth, lost to the moment.

Listening to her come kept him rock hard with just his tip in her mouth, feeling her whole body tremble. Still basking in her glow, she resumed giving him a sloppy blowjob.

As her saliva dripped down his shaft, his balls.  She collected it in her fingertips, already wet with drool, and went exploring.

Felt him flinch as her finger entered his ass

Something they’d only tried once or twice before.  She let the liquids keep flowing from her mouth, dribbling past his sack, gathering it in her hand for extra lube.

When she felt there was enough there, and that he was more open and receptive, she eased a second finger into his ass.

He moaned loudly, mostly from pleasure, but with a tinge of pain.

morning glory
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She didn’t move her fingers for a while

Just let him get used to the fullness as she gently wrapped her mouth a little further down his shaft. After a few minutes, he started pushing himself against her fingers, and she knew he was ready for more.

She could feel his prostate beneath her fingertips.

And she increased pressure against this spot, all the while feeling his body react beneath her, and listening for his audio cues.

She barely needed to bob her head on his cock.

Instead just holding him in place, warm and wet, in her mouth.  It was her fingers doing all the work this time.

And by the sound of it, she knew she was doing a bang up job with it.

While a straight up prostate milking can take a long time, with just that little extra sensation on his cock, and he was peaking within five minutes.

She felt his ass tighten around her fingers

As the first drop of hot cum hit her throat, she eased her fingers out drawing an even louder orgasm from her partner.

Swallowing down the last of his morning glory, she crawled back up the bed.  He wrapped his arms firmly around her and kissed her like it was their first time.

She loved his hand holding the back of her head, his fine chest hairs running through her fingers.

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