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Of all the things your partner wears……. or um…. doesn’t wear, the sexiest look is the one that’s the most natural and raw: straight out of the shower, with wet hair and a towel (at most). When you think of the shower, it’s easy to see why it’s an ideal steamy place to get it on, the humidity, the pressure of the water flowing down, the ability to get super hot or surprise with cold, and of course two naked, wet bodies doesn’t sound bad either.  But the reality of having shower sex is that it can be a little awkward, and a little difficult to get right at times. Between the danger of slipping in the shower and the tight quarters that mean you’ll need to get creative with your position and movement, shower sex can be hot but only if done in a way that makes you both comfortable.

Before you start creating and soapy suds its good idea to set the mood. A few candles, incense sticks and maybe even a few rose petals on the counter, that is if you’re feeling a bit extravagant This is a great way to introduce a bit of romance and create a more intimate scene, it will subtly let your know what’s on your mind as well as making them more comfortable in this romantic ambiance.  Great foreplay will always lead to great sex and getting’ it on in the shower is no exception. In fact, it can be a time when you actually delay getting everything started so you can enjoy all the new sensations of your two naked, wet bodies together. You’re both fresh and clean, so the shower is a perfect place to take advantage of that and add some oral action. Take turns dropping to your knees to orally stimulate your partner.

If you want to get the most out of the short time you’re in the sex, channel your inner athlete because you’ll mostly be standing up. Facing each other  with your partner leaning against the shower wall while holding one of your partners legs up in the air is an amazing position to try, not only is it highly intimate with the locked eye contact but its little easier to preform and doesn’t require too much practice, mainly just high stamina and good upper body strength. It also has the added benefit of building trust as well.  Another popular and much safer position is the classic doggy style, it’s not as erotic and romantic as the position said before but it’s simple and safer than others out there. Have your partner face the wall with both hands planted so that their bum is pushed against you, this will give you added penetration control.

Lube!! It’s very important and even more important what type of lube you need. You might be thinking “why the hell would I need lube in the shower?”, well its actually even more vital. All the running water washes away a lot of the natural lubrication the female body creates and replaces it with just water which when combined with heat and constant movement creates a lot of friction which can be very painful and awkward for females. So even though you might have been able to get away with not using lube for sex generally it’s still highly recommended for shower sex. Now out of the lubes out there you can use any that are water based because it will just wash away and be a waste of money, so go with silicone but you need something that doesn’t stick and won’t wash off in the shower. The best lube for shower sex is SuperSlyde. It will make sex in the shower so much easier and it will feel incredible better as well. Just words of warning though, don’t use too much lube, if you use too much it will spill on the floor tiles and so will you when you slip and fall over.

Believe it or not there are a range of products out there that make sex in the shower better and safer for both.  ‘Sex in the Shower’ is a brand of products that are specialized to help having sex in the shower more fun, less dangerous and also give the ability to try different positions that would’ve been too awkward or hard. The most obvious product that comes to mind for shower sex is the suction cup handles, they allow you to perform positions that without it the handle would be impossible and incredible dangerous. Not only does it add safety but it can take a lot of strain off maintaining a hard to achieve position and with use of the suction step it only gets easier and more comfortable.

Sportsheets Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle
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Now if you wanted to add a little vibration into the mix, then you can also grab your hands on a waterproof cock ring and bullet (you can use one from the brand or branch out for something of higher quality). The addition of some vibration in shower sex is incredible, your body is already super relaxed and steamy so adding vibrations to your already sensitive areas will just make the experience better.  Or if you wanted something for a bit of extra oomph to foreplay you could look into a ribbed masturbation sleeve to make an ordinary hand job into something super sensational. Just remember to use some Superslyde on the inside of the sleeve so that the friction doesn’t cause any burns on your ‘johnson’.

Double penetration (with toys) is also possible in the shower, you can grab yourself a dong with a strong suction cup and stick to the wall, this is not an easy task though and you are definitely limited to what positions you can do but it’s a neat idea to know and can be done during foreplay or even for when you want some alone shower action. If some BDSM and fetish play in the shower is your thing then you are in luck ‘sec in the shower’ do have a neck collar and wrist restraints that have suction cups on them, they are great for a bit of extra naughty fun but also add extra safety……..not that slipping with a collar strangling you is safe but it sure beats the alternative. So it’s not as hard or complicated as some make it out to be, there are products and toys out there to make it a lot safer and more exciting but I think that just the act of sex in the shower is very exciting on its own.

Shower sex can be the best type of sex. Nothing gets dirty, you don’t really need to clean up and the temperature changes can really stimulate your body in all the right ways. Now the only down fall when it comes to shower sex, is the fact that things can get really slippery and that’s when freak accidents happen. So how do you make the most out of shower sex with out ending up in the emergency room? It’s simple. The Sex In The Shower brand have created a various amount of products that will help you efficiently make love to your partner in the shower. Now lets start first with the shower itself, be sure to clear the floor of any loose objects such as small shampoo bottles, sponges, shavers ext, this will reduce the possibility of slipping. Also if you are in the financial position and find it comfortable in general, there are these great wooden mats that can go down in the shower and this will allow you to have better grip on the floor instead of slipping on the tiles, it also provides your bathroom with a more modern look.

Okay now that the possibility of slipping as been reduced, lets start adding some products into the mix to really enjoy your sexual shower experience. So firstly, it is very erotic  Sex While Wet when your partner is standing there rubbing and caressing your body with a soapy sponge, taking care of you and cleaning you, it provides a very romantic feel. Sponges are very soft also plus with a vibrating twist they can be feel amazing if you rub the right spots. The sponge is a great idea also for the bath too, and in also for solo play in the shower.

Sex in the shower can be really hard especially when it comes to positions and finding rhythm in your thrusting. The best product that i found that came from the Sex In The Shower range is the 3 different hand grips and foot holds. These can provide great support and stability while also allowing you to play with a whole lot of different positions. Be sure to get these 3 different handles to allow for more controlled movements!
  • Single Locking Suction Handle
  • Dual Locking Suction Handle
  • Single Locking Suction Foot Rest
 Now there is one product that I will say is a must for every single shower and bath in the world and that is the Bodywand Aqua. The Bodywand Aqua is completely rechargeable and allows you to take a the wand into the shower and bath tub with you adding so much more extra fun. This wand is great for enhancing pleasure due to the lack of positions available in the shower, the wand will provide that extra wow factor that sex in the shower truly needs.

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