The Machine That Sucks – Autoblow 2+

I mean this quite literally.  Having received the Autoblow 2+ for review it was quite exciting to give it a bit of a test run.   I had heard about this much publicized crowd funded sex toy for men, the machine that sucks, that has been touted as the world’s first robotic blow job machine.

Featured in that much media it is scary.

Indeigogo, Men’s Health, Buzz Feed, Playboy, VICE, Yahoo, Business Insider, Bravo and any and every YouTube channel out there.

Crowd source funded and the idea of lawyer Brian Sloan who, using the Jetsons robot Rosie as inspiration, wanted to create a robotic male sex toy that would offer realistic sexual sensations.

Autoblow 2+ – The Machine that Sucks

There have been many positive reviews written for the Autoblow 2.  But the new version, the 2+ internals are 33% tighter than its predecessor and has an over 30% increased stroking range.   2+ motor has also been upgraded to be more powerful and is made with an all metal industrial strength motor.

It is claimed to be more powerful. Knowing that it is designed by a man gives comfort that a man knows what a man wants in a stroker.

What is better than having a machine that can suck the fuck out of his cock day or night and give him a realistic blow job experience?

Once fitted to the penis it is supposed give 100% hands-free enjoyment with cyber-skin like sleeves to slip in.

the machine that sucks
Image: Autoblow 2+

Features of the Autoblow 2+

Three sleeve sizes and the Autoblow 2+ comes with size B which is for a penis size of 4-5.5” of girth.

Its stroker and sleeves are designed to accommodate all penis size lengths.  It is powered directly to a power point, does not use batteries and the industrial strength motor is rated to perform for over 500 hours of use.

That is a hell of a lot of head-jobs.

It’s box it came in was very nice and sturdy and it literally had all the information that would be required to operate it.   I opened the box and checked out the sex toy.

It was robust and I then attached the power cord to the machine, plugged it into the power point and switched it on.

WOW!  This thing was loud.

If anyone was in the next room – even in the house they would think that a power tool was being used.  This is a sex toy that you could not fit in a sneaky one during the night.  As you will have people pounding on your walls asking you to turn it down.

Diagram of a mechanical masturbator
Image: Autoblow 2+ Diagram

What The World’s First Robotic Blow Job Machine Feels Like

So bearing in mind the LOUDNESS it had me guessing how this thing must feel as surely it would be powerful along with being ear deafening.

I lubed the machine up (and me) and I got myself into a state of excitement and inserted my dick.  The feeling was awesome, it was tight, it stroked, I kept an erection but I couldn’t cum because of how loud this thing was.

Kept thinking someone is going to come home and I am going to be caught with my dick in a robots mouth.

Gave up after a while and made a mental note to try it again

When I was sure that no-one was going to come home and catch me with my dick in the honey jar.

An opportunity came about a fortnight later that everyone in the household was out for the entire evening.  So I had quite a few hours where I did not have to worry about noise or unforeseen surprises.

I warmed up with a couple of glasses of wine.  Had a bit of a surf on adult cam websites like Chaturbate, RedTube and Livejasmine getting pretty steamed up.


Men's masturbator that gives headjobs
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Time to give the Autoblow 2+ a go.

Lubed it up, turned it on and this time did not have a care in the world that the windows were rattling because of the decibels being emitted.

Guys, it truly felt awesome and gave a sucking sensation as well as being stroked.

Unlike a regular head job I could shove my cock fully into it without being told it was too deep or feeling a gag reflex.  It does not compare with hand masturbation.  I lasted maybe 12 minutes before my cock began ejaculating like crazy.

Autoblow 2+ kept me cumming with those rollers wave after wave

To be quite honest it probably would rate as one of the best head job experiences of my life.  Cleaning up the mess afterwards was a breeze.  I simply removed the sleeve that is very pliable, washed up with some soapy warm water and then rinsed it off leaving it to towel dry.

All in all the experience was more than pleasurable.

If you live alone it is the perfect mens sex toy for you.  But if you do not, the times that you can use it will be limited.  So I give it a 5 out of 5 for experience. But for me it is not a sex toy that I can enjoy often so will dampen that rating somewhat.

sexy woman with a gun in desert
sexy armed woman
Pink Sex Machine Medchanical Dildo
Sex Toy: Sex Machine Gun

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