10 Pleasurable Sex Bucket List Ideas For 2018

A new job, more money, a healthier diet and a fitter body. I cringe a little inside when I hear of people with only these ambitions for the New Year. Sure, it is all well and good to have goals to achieve and I, like many others, sure could be eating more kale and goji berries! My cringing however comes from the fact that I see countless people getting so caught up with superficial aspirations, completely missing the things in life that truly make us feel real joy and pleasure.

Sex bucket list for 2018
Image: New years sex bucket list

With this in mind, I propose several intentions that will feature on my 2018 bucket list which I believe are worthy of my utmost dedication. As I said, it is great to have realistic goals regarding work, diet and money etc. but be sure to add a few of these to your list to really expand the authentic happiness and love in your life.

Continue to develop a more loving relationship with myself

I believe this one will remain on my list for the remainder of my life because I always feel there are so many areas in my life where I can be more accepting and compassionate to myself. I desire to support, respect and love myself as I go through all the experiences that this coming year has in store for me.

Spend more time with friends and loved ones

At the end of the day, love and connection are the most important things in my life so making time to nurture my relationships with friends and family is high on my list. With this I also welcome in new connections with amazing people.

Couple holding hands
Image: Loving relationships

Continue to grow and explore new ways of relating with my partner

I am grateful to be in an amazing relationship with my favourite person in the world and nurturing this is a high priority that requires a conscious commitment and dedication. I will continue to love, respect, honour and support my man as we enter into this new year together.

Do more Kegel exercises

We exercise our legs, glutes, arms and abs however when it comes to our vaginas, they are far too often neglected. This can lead to a whole host of health issues down the track including incontinence and vaginal prolapse. To avoid these, I intend to commit to regular Kegel exercises. As well as better health outcomes, regular Kegel exercises can result in more intense and pleasurable orgasms. For this alone, it seems insane not to do them!!

Be more creative

Sexual energy is a powerful creative energy with which we can use to manifest whatever we desire in our lives. In 2018, I intend to channel my sexual energy into manifesting things that bring happiness, whether that be in the work I create as a Sexologist or time and money to go travelling.

Naked woman covering her breasts
Image: Naked woman

Self-pleasure more consciously

Instead of using self-pleasuring as an unconscious release, stress reliever or boredom filler, I desire to take the time for myself to have a more mindful and sensual self-pleasuring practice. This requires a commitment to take time for myself often, which for self-pleasuring shouldn’t be too much of a struggle for me to do!

Wear my Dom hat

As well as an amazing outlet to live out fantasies and desires, sex is a powerful way to push edges. What we play out sexually also has a ripple effect to the rest of our lives and for this reason I would like to explore my dominant side. Being submissive is an easeful place for me to be in many areas of my life yet I know that there is so much pleasure to be felt in a more dominant role. Despite it terrifying me at times, I commit to stepping into my dominant self more often and seeing what changes in my life as a result… stay tuned!

Woman dressed in Domintrix gear
Image: Dominatrix

Try new things

Sexual exploration is an enormous playground with amazing things to try. Human beings have come up with such unique ways of expressing their sexuality, I am sure the list would be guaranteed to last you a lifetime! I desire to keep on stepping outside my comfort zone in 2018, hopefully to experience greater excitement, pleasure and joy through sexual experimentation.

Tie and be tied more often

My partner and I met because of our interest in Shibari, with rope bondage being one of my favourite things to do with him. Life can get hectic at times and these kinds of things get pushed to the side so for 2018, I desire to commit to more rope tying play with him (Instead of weekly “Date Night” it will be “Shibari Night”-Genius!!)

Buy a sex swing

Need I say more? Curiosity has me wondering how good hoisting up a sex swing on my back deck could be and quite simply, I cannot think of a reason why this shouldn’t be on my list…can you?!

Couple using a sex swing
Image: Couple using a sex swing

Author: Stephanie Curtis- BA Nursing

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