Sex Toys For The Disabled – The Ultimate Guide!

Many of us take the relationship between sex and our bodies for granted, but wat about sex for the disabled?

For the most part, your bodies do what you want them to do and you get the sexual gratification that you seek. In this multi-part series we will explore the discrepancies between sex and bodies.  There are different sex aids for those with disabilities that can help overcome an obstacle to sexual gratification, intimacy and a happy and active sex life.

If you have restricted movement of the hands through arthritis, nerve damage, amputation or something else, the use of sexual aides can quickly become a sexual endeavor feared. With delicate and fiddly movements, and that’s just to turn the vibrator on!

Adult Lifestyle Centres – We’re For the Disabled Too!

Below you’ll find a small selection of sexual aids which, dependent on your form of disability, can bring some joy and cheeky fun back to the bedroom.

Please remember that this is only a very small selection of sex toys.  For more detailed information tailored towards your physical capabilities don’t hesitate to head in store to the Adult Lifestyle Centre in Kogarah or Fyshwick.

The stores are on the ground floor, and mobility impaired friendly outlets.

For The Disabled
Liberator Sex Furniture
  • Liberator Sex Furniture

Using liberator sex furniture will heighten the sexual encounter by using product’s which will feel luxurious.  Wedges will elevate your lover to the level they need to be so that you can both have sex with ease.

  • Odeco Touch Vibrator

This funky vibrator is a rechargeable unit with a large bulbous handle for easy holding. It only has two easy to access buttons and is primarily controlled whilst inside the body.  Features two modes, a manual mode and an ‘automatic’ mode.

Automatic’ mode when activated and inserted into the body senses pressure along the shaft and vibrates accordingly. Different amounts of pressure on different parts of the shaft of the vibrator will cause it to respond differently. If you’re able to hold the toy in, clenching the vaginal/anal walls will cause the vibrator to react!

  • Evolved Roulettes

This evolved roulettes style sex toy is fantastic if finger mobility is difficult. A little wheel at the base of the toy turns it on, and adjusts the strength of the vibration. This wheel can be rolled against skin, the edge of a table or whatever is near to you.

Once it’s on, the length of this toy makes it easy to reach those delicate areas as well as a thick handle making it easier to hang on to.  Only problematic part of the evolved would be changing the batteries. If this is of a concern to you, perhaps you should consider the bodywand.

Bodywand is also another great (and extraordinarily powerful) version of this style of vibrator which come in a rechargeable or wall powered variety.

  • Lelo Insignia Range

The lelo insignia range are delightfully in tune with any females body. They’re angled at just the right points for maximum pleasure.  It’s little wonder to discover that these vibrators are designed by and for women.

A great part of the insignia range is the handle at the base for easier holding.  Further the length of these vibrators are designed so you don’t necessarily have to contort your body in order to reach the deeper parts. Lastly, these vibrators are both shower and spa proof as well as rechargeable.

This means that if you have greater movement in warm water, then these vibrators will happily and playfully tag along.

for the disabled
Types of Mens Sex Toys
  • Hot Octopuss Pulse 2

If you are after an exceptional guybrator that is designed with for mobility and physically impaired people the Hot Octopus Pulse 2 is a Popular Choice.  As both a male masturbator and couples sex toy.

Almost literally you just have to put the guybrator on you penis and let it do the work for you.  Hot Octopus is a very progressive manufacturer that is thinking outside the square and designing sex aids with the disabled in mind.

These vibrators and sexual aides represent an incredibly small selection of toys that can be used if you suffer from reduced hand movement. There’s a variety of other toys that will happily suit a multitude of varying hand movements.

Check in store for further information.

Student Learning

Important Things To Know About Disabled Sex

Disabled Sex

Touching Base is an organization that assists with Disabled Sex and promotes equality, human rights for people impaired.  It encourages, organizes and promotes sexual awareness and expression for people with disabilities.

Patrons of this organization put forward their views of the current status quo and what they hope to achieve in founding and administering this Australian Organisation.

They wish to encourage and make easier sex for the disabled.

“If you deny sexual expression to human beings, cut them off from that aspect of their personalities and of their happiness, then you end up with a lot of very frustrated and very unhappy people. I applaud the work of Touching Base in facing up to reality, challenging the hypocrisy in society and its laws and recognising the needs of people to have opportunities for sexual expression, including people with disability.” 

The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG, Feb 2014

Disabled Sex Is Not Taboo

That ever lingering assumption that disabled sex is taboo or that the disabled are asexual or do not have sexual needs or desires should no longer be tolerated in todays society.

Organisations such as Touching Base encourage the disabled to explore their sexuality and need for intimate human contact in many ways.

“The work of Touching Base is important because it recognises the serious skills of sex workers and the full human needs of their clients with disabilities.Touching Base has been positive force in breaking down ill-informed stereotypes about sex workers and the range of people who seek their services.

Eva Cox AO, Feb 2014

for the disabled
working man in wheelchair

Fundamental Human Rights

It is the fundamental right of every human being to be able to enjoy and express themselves in any legal manner they choose.  But often due to privacy, mobility or incapacitation many disabled are denied this right.

Touching Base encourages everyone to be more aware and active in the pursuit to ensure our disabled are able to express themselves intimately for their spiritual, emotional and physiological well-being.

“Access to intimate physical contact is a fundamental human right, but often not available to many people with disabilities due to a range of societal barriers and personal prejudices.  I fully support adults making an informed choice to seek sexual intimacy – and if that is intimacy is provided by a skilled and empathetic professional who practices safe sex, all the better.”  

Professor Basil Donovan, Feb 2014

Touching Base is a Great Resource

Regardless of gender, genre or taste Touching Base is the starting point for information and resources into this sometimes difficult topic.

They can put those wanting further information or assistance to organisations or resources that will give answers.  Or solutions to difficult and sometimes sensitive issues.

Over the years I’ve seen Touching Base demonstrates a remarkable capacity to make progress with issues that many people in the community have difficulty coming to terms with. Touching Base serves as a role model to other organisations that need to improve the way they support the sexual rights of people with disabilities, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.”

Assoc Prof Helen Meekosha, Feb 2014

Disabled Access to the Adult Industry

Often it is found that Local Councils discriminate or make difficult for the disabled in their draconian restrictions or decisions relating to the adult industry.

This make access to the disabled difficult if not impossible to adult shops or brothels.  Most Councils impose restrictions on adult shops or brothels that they may only operate on the first floor of commercial buildings.  Meaning mobility impaired people cannot gain access.

Luckily in New South Wales one adult store managed to get Development Approval to open a Ground Floor Adult shop.

Adultsmart in Kogarah

Located at 12 Production Avenue, Kogarah it caters for mobility impaired and disabled persons and encourages visitation from disabled with their trained staff ready to assist.

In the Australian Capital Territory our store Hello Sexy at 127 Wollongong St, Fyshwick also caters for the mobility impaired and disabled.

“It is time we saw all politicians, in all spheres of government catching up with the rest of the progressive world and recognise the rights of all its citizens. Having now retired after many years of public service I urge support for the principles of Touching Base to be embraced by all elected representatives committed to a fair-go in the true Australian tradition.” 

Peter Woods OAM, Feb 2014

So be aware that sex for the disabled is an important issue

It must be addressed in a positive and encouraging manner.  And visit us for any of your intimate needs!

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