Why should Prostitution be legalized?

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Prostitution is the process of engaging in sexual activity with someone who is not your spouse for pay or in exchange of valuable items. Sex workers can be male, female or transgender. Prostitution forms an interesting chapter in the history of civilization. It is a rising problem in the history of current society. In most countries, sex work are activities associated with are criminal acts.  Sex work is criminalized not only through prohibitions on selling sexual services but also through laws that prohibit solicitation of sex work or brothel keeping. A number of developed countries have been in the run to offer solutions and none of them are satisfactory. The society often refers prostitution as the “oldest profession”. Prostitution has been in existence since Old Testament tales to todays red street lights. It has taken a number of stages from being praised, tolerated, and prosecuted to the current society which ignores the tales.

A number of developed countries have legalized prostitution. For instance, Netherlands legalized prostitution in 1997 and in the same year, two hundred and fifty brothels were listed in Amsterdam. In the recent years, residents of the city of Amsterdam have been protesting against sex abuse and violation. In this regard, laws have to be established and governments should lift the ban on brothels. This will then help in reflection of today’s society reality. In addition, it will legalize employment of women who are above the age of consent. Australia and Germany have joined Netherlands in legalizing prostitution. One in nine bordellos have been legitimized in Australia. As a result, prostitution in this country has led to an increased demand for sex. The number of underground brothels have increased as well. The people who run these places take advantage of innocent young women and force them into prostitution which would be avoided if sex workers were allowed to speak up.

Although there are many reasons that support anti-legalization of prostitution, there are advantages associated to legitimization as well. Advocates of legalization argue that it will reduce cases of child trafficking and prostitution because if adults can practice it legally, they will not necessarily drag teenagers in to it. They also state it will help curb women abuse and violence. This is because it will no longer be against their will and thus, will engage in the act voluntarily which can be a source of income.

Prostitution Facts
Sad but true facts about prostitution
  1. Decrease in the number of rape cases

Legalization of sex work will lead to decrease in rape cases especially in urban centers. Sex workers will enjoy safer and better working conditions which lessens exposure to harm. Also, it will be an opportunity to pass laws in this industry that will protect the rights of sex workers. This means that they can sue clients who harass them or try to take advantage of them in any way.

  1. Helps in reducing human violation and exploitation

Cases of human violation and sex exploitation can be reduced if the society acknowledges the existence of prostitution. This can be achieved by guaranteeing the existence of legal and social rights of prostitutes. Safety policies in the brothels should be at par such that they protect women from harm. Clients and brothel owners should not abuse sex workers. Also, minors will not be forced in to prostitution and can seek legal advice without prejudice.

  1. Helps guard against violence and abuse

Decriminalizing of prostitution will also make sex workers less vulnerable to their clients. Clients sometimes rob sex workers off their valuables. Several murder cases of sex workers have been reported in countries where prostitution is illegal and clients often get away with. Legalizing sex work will give opportunities to sex workers to form communities where they can share experiences about dangerous and abusive clients. This way, they can work together to stop this trend.

  1. Improves access to health services

Sex workers can have healthy sex lives because they can freely seek medication from health centers without the fear of discrimination. Decriminalizing prostitution will also give sex workers access to health insurance from their employers. This way, they can get treated for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and other infections.

  1. Helps in curbing human trafficking

Human trafficking is a form of violation where women and girls are coerced for sex exploitation. Sex workers can provide data that will aid in the fight against human trafficking by reporting persons who are victimized. In India, a sex worker regulatory body, the Durbar hila Samamwasya committee in songachi (Kolkata) were able to identify victims who had been kidnapped with the intention of exploiting them sexually. If prostitution is decriminalized, sex workers can collaborate with law enforcement.

  1. Helps in reduction of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Decriminalization will empower sex workers with the ability to negotiate use of protection e.g. condoms with their clients. Open negotiations rarely happen in countries where prostitution is illegal because sex workers are at a risk of being arrested thus hinders them from using protection. As a result, they can easily contract HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. Some countries have banned the use of condoms and if one is found with one, it is immediately assumed that he or she is a sex worker.

  1. Establishment of safe working conditions

Decriminalization helps in establishment of safe working conditions. New Zealand is a perfect example of countries that have included sex work in Health and safety Employment Act. This has led to development of career regulations that sex workers can use to voice their rights with employers and clients. The act creates a safer working condition. They can organize collectively and address risk factors hindering them.

  1. Reduction of police abuse and violence

Majority of the people who are abuse sex workers are police officers. Where commercial sex is prohibited, police officers often arrest and threaten sex workers. They also face public humiliation and physical abuse. In Cambodia, sex workers have been reported to being beaten and raped by police officers. In this context, police officers take advantage because sex workers fear being arrested and further being physically abused if they are reported. In as much as decriminalization of sex work may not completely phase out police impunity, it can however empower sex workers to file cases on officers who assault them.

  1. Respect of Human Rights And Personal Dignity

Some people venture in commercial sex for various reasons. A source of livelihood and additional revenue can be a major reason why they opt to prostitution. However, despite the nature of their source of income, all people deserve be treated with dignity. Sex work must be acknowledged like any other source of livelihood because these workers are able to comfortably support and fend for their families. Sex workers around the globe have united to fight for their rights but this cannot be achieved if sex work is termed as illegal in many countries.

  1. Decriminalization Challenges Stigma and Discrimination

Stigma that is associated with commercial sex lowers one’s self esteem. In United States, individuals who commit crimes relating to commercial sex are treated similarly with sex offenders. In addition, they must carry documents that identify them as sex offenders. This restricts them from getting equal access to housing and other social amenities. Further, they cannot find work that is not sex related. If prostitution is legalized, sex workers can be recognized as individuals who engage in sexual activities for money or other rewards but not as out casts in the society.

  1. Source of livelihood

Adults indulge in sex work so as a means of employment. For some, Sex work can be the only the source of income they can find. Others find sex work as better paying and with more flexible working hours. For some, it is a part time job. Governments should therefore legalize sex work as this can be a source of tax revenue. Benefits can be derived by both the government and sex workers.

In conclusion, prostitution should be legalized. There are strong arguments that attest to the above. Like other people, sex workers deserve to be treated with dignity. They ought to seek legal advice and health services without being discriminated or abused. Also, the income they get from these activities enables them to fend for their families which reduces poverty levels. Legalization of prostitution is undoubtedly the best strategy towards eradicating the issues that sex workers are currently.





Sex Work Should Be Decriminalized!

Various countries in the world have a strange relationship with sex and America is no different. Sex work is treated as a taboo both legally and socially, but completely saturates the media which begs the question: if we’re so obsessed with sex, why is prostitution illegal? Well, mostly for moral reasons. Prostitution was made illegal between 1910-1915. The Mann act was passed in 1910 banning the transportation of women across state borders for “immoral purposes” and states gradually made prostitution illegal up until 1915. While it may have seemed like a good idea at the time, the world has changed. The criminalization of prostitution serves no function anymore and here’s why:

1. Throwing escorts in jail doesn’t make them stop prostituting

In fact, throwing them in jail makes them more likely to return to prostitution. Having a criminal record limits the amount of opportunities one has. So if you’re convicted of prostitution and you can’t get a job anywhere else due to your criminal record, you’re going to go back to being an escort because that’s the only way you can survive.

It’s also incredibly common for pimps to target convicted escorts while they’re still in jail and groom them with money. Once she’s out, she begins working for the pimp in a pretty exploitative work relationship. So prison is literally a breeding ground for more prostitution. Not less.

Theoretically, prison is supposed to reform criminals and if people are forced to go back to doing exactly what got them arrested, is there really much of a reason to criminalize it if no one’s getting hurt in the first place.

Well, I can’t say no one gets hurt…

2. Criminalization only hurts the prostitute

Yes, the people who solicit prostitution often get charged with a crime, but in the cases where neither escort nor solicitor gets caught, there’s not a lot of incentive for the solicitor to pay the escort. Sex workers have a high instance of physical and sexual violence committed by their customers. And they can’t report it to the police because they’ll be arrested. In certain states, prostitution can also be used to smear a rape survivor and potentially get their rapist off the hook. When it all shakes out, what’s the worse crime here, providing a service someone asked for, or quite literally raping and or physically assaulting someone?

3. Police will no longer be able to take advantage of escorts

Sexual and physical violence against prostitutes is prevalent. Due to the stigma against sex workers and the inherent power police officers possess, escorts are frequently assaulted or even raped by officers who stage an arrest. By making prostitution legal, police officers will be held accountable and hopefully become less likely to assault sex workers. Obviously not all police officers are rapists, but the ones that are need to be held accountable and shouldn’t be able to get away with despicable crimes just because the woman they’re taking advantage of has a certain career.

4. Escorts can help sex trafficking victims

In Kolkata, India, a group of sex workers came together to help identify trafficked women and help them get the proper help they need. Were escorts able to collaborate with the police, they could help put an end to the exploitation and trafficking of women.

By the way, even though anti-prostitution laws are touted as a way to limit sex trafficking, there is absolutely no evidence to prove this true. On the contrary, New Zealand legalized prostitution in 2003 and has seen such a drastic decrease in sex trafficking that their policy is considered the most effective in fighting it. It’s amazing what happens when you properly regulate something and make easier for victims to come forward and report a crime.

5. The economy would benefit

On a much lighter note, legalizing prostitution would create more taxable income. And when a country has more taxable income, it can do more stuff. Just think of all the money our governments are missing out on just because they’re being prudish. Including the savings on keeping escorts in prison and allowing them to get out of the profession if they decide to get a new career, there’s a potential for serious growth we’re this huge market tapped into and properly taxed.

6. Legalized prostitution is safer

Aside from the other reasons I’ve written about, legalized prostitution allows for regulations around routine STD testing and other procedures that protect the solicitor from catching something he didn’t want to catch. Prostitution in Nevada can only be performed in licensed brothels. The escorts are required to be tested regularly for STDs and use condoms frequently.

In Rhode Island where prostitution was legal for about 6 years, the state saw a 30-40% decline in cases of rape and STDs. That’s a huge deal!

7. There are no victims in prostitution

Laws are created to stop someone from being hurt. Child pornography laws exist to keep pedophiles from exploiting children. Laws against stealing exist to keep thieves from taking people’s stuff etc. etc.

But what about prostitution? Well you can’t really pin down a victim/victimizer in the act of trading sex for money. Now, a woman can become a victim if her solicitor or pimp assaults her, but in that case, she shouldn’t be punished for being assaulted. Imagine if you were thrown in jail because someone robbed your house. Just because you left a door unlocked. That’s crazy, right? Well think about how an escort feels when she gets assaulted and can’t even go to the police. It’s awful.

8. The police can work on solving actual crimes

Think of all the time that goes into arresting someone. You have to arrest them, drive them to the police station, fill out paperwork, yadda yadda yadda. Imagine how much time could be saved if police officers didn’t have to go after escorts. There are tons of crimes committed every day that have actual people who were hurt and yet the police have to go after these victimless crimes just because someone decided 100 years ago that sex shouldn’t be sold. Considering how overworked the police and courts already are, cutting down the things they have to put time and resources towards would greatly increase their effectiveness. As previously mentioned, legalized prostitution also lowers the instances of rape significantly meaning that officers would have even less of a burden on them. So just for convenience sake, prostitution should be legal.

9. It’s just plain old human rights

When you examine the rights workers are give: fair pay, safe working conditions, fair treatment, you see the disparity between sex workers and workers in other industries. When you boil down the basic function of both workers you can’t distinguish which one is which:

A sex worker trades a service for money.

Other workers trade a service for money.

So why don’t escorts get the same protections as other workers when they’re doing pretty much the same thing? Your answer’s as good as mine.

There’s also the fact that women (and to a lesser extent men) should be able to do what they wish with their bodies. If a woman wants to trade sex for money, she should be able to do that as long as she’s not hurting anybody. But no, because America’s ruled by “family values.” Women are treated as criminals when they’re often the ones being brutalized by the men who solicit their services and the pimps that rule their lives.

I guess “family values” like not promoting a system that allows the constant exploitation of women just aren’t as important as telling people what they can and can’t do with their bodies. I know that’s what’s more important to me.

And finally, the biggest reason prostitution should be legal…

10. People are gonna keep doing it

You can’t stop something just by making it illegal. Especially when it doesn’t do that much harm. Legal or not, there will always be a market for the oldest profession. Continuing to pretend criminalizing prostitution does anything more than hurt escorts and encourage sex trafficking is dishonest at the least and outwardly despicable at the most. If people were actually worried about any of these issues they’re pretending to be worried about, we’d have safe, well-regulated places prostitutes could go to work at. The evidence against legalized prostitution is nearly nonexistent and any evidence there is gets trumped by the massive amounts of benefits legalized prostitution has to the country.


Whether or not you support legalized prostitution (which you should by the way), it’s hard to continue saying it’s more dangerous legal than it is illegal. The data shows the opposite and simple common sense dictates the same. If you think it should be illegal purely for moral reasons, fine, but don’t pretend there’s any data backing your claims because there really isn’t. Personal preference is a perfectly acceptable thing. I personally wouldn’t become an escort but I’m not going to demand it become illegal just because I think it’s weird.

If you’re as passionate as I am about making a change, reach out to your local congressmen and women. If they won’t support legalized prostitution, elect someone who will. It’s about time sex workers are given the proper human rights they deserve.


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Sex For The Disabled

Student Learning

Touching Base is an organization that promotes equality and human rights for disabled in that it encourages, organizes and promotes sexual awareness and expression for people with disabilities. The patrons of this organization put forward their views of the current status quo and what they hope to achieve in founding and administering this Australian Organisation. They wish to encourage and make easier sex for the disabled.

“If you deny sexual expression to human beings, cut them off from that aspect of their personalities and of their happiness, then you end up with a lot of very frustrated and very unhappy people. I applaud the work of Touching Base in facing up to reality, challenging the hypocrisy in society and its laws and recognising the needs of people to have opportunities for sexual expression, including people with disability.” 

The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG, Feb 2014

The ever lingering assumption that disabled sex is taboo or that the disabled are asexual or do not have sexual needs or desires should no longer be tolerated in todays society. Organisations such as Touching Base encourage the disabled to explore their sexuality and need for intimate human contact in many ways.

“The work of Touching Base is important because it recognises the serious skills of sex workers and the full human needs of their clients with disabilities.Touching Base has been positive force in breaking down ill-informed stereotypes about sex workers and the range of people who seek their services.

Eva Cox AO, Feb 2014

Working Man

It is the fundamental right of every human being to be able to enjoy and express themselves in any legal manner they choose. However often due to privacy, mobility or incapacitation many disabled are denied this right. Touching Base encourages everyone to be more aware and active in the pursuit to ensure our disabled are able to express themselves intimately for their spiritual, emotional and physiological well-being.

“Access to intimate physical contact is a fundamental human right, but often not available to many people with disabilities due to a range of societal barriers and personal prejudices.  I fully support adults making an informed choice to seek sexual intimacy – and if that is intimacy is provided by a skilled and empathetic professional who practices safe sex, all the better.”  

Professor Basil Donovan, Feb 2014

Regardless of gender, genre or taste Touching Base is the starting point for information and resources into this sometimes difficult topic. They can put those wanting further information or assistance to organisations or resources that will give answers or solutions to difficult and sometimes sensitive issues.

Over the years I’ve seen Touching Base demonstrate a remarkable capacity to make progress with issues that many people in the community have difficulty coming to terms with. Touching Base serves as a role model to other organisations that need to improve the way they support the sexual rights of people with disabilities, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.”

Assoc Prof Helen Meekosha, Feb 2014

Often it is found that Local Councils discriminate or make difficult for the disabled in their draconian restrictions or decisions relating to the adult industry that make access to the disabled difficult if not impossible to adult shops or brothels. Most Councils impose restrictions on adult shops or brothels that they may only operate on the first floor of commercial buildings meaning mobility impaired people cannot gain access.

Luckily in New South Wales one adult store managed to get Development Approval to open a Ground Floor Adult shop. Oh Zone Kogarah caters for mobility impaired persons and encourages visitation from disabled with their trained staff ready to assist.

“It is time we saw all politicians, in all spheres of government catching up with the rest of the progressive world and recognise the rights of all its citizens. Having now retired after many years of public service I urge support for the principles of Touching Base to be embraced by all elected representatives committed to a fair-go in the true Australian tradition.” 

Peter Woods OAM, Feb 2014

So be aware that sex for the disabled is an important issue that must be addressed in a positive and encouraging manner.