10 Of The Most Bizarre Penis Facts!

Here are 10 bizarre things about penises I never knew:

Baby XRay


1  We all begin life with a clitoris:

In the womb, all babies begin life with a clitoris. The clitoris remains there until the bodies hormone levels decide on whether the sex of the baby will be a boy or a girl. If the hormones change enough the baby will turn into a boy and a penis develops, but if the hormones remain the same, it will stay a girl.  Under the penis deep under the skin remains a slender edge or crease, known as the gooch. The gooch runs from scrotum to rear-end, are leftovers of the combination of the vaginal lips. So at the very beginning everyone typically starts off as being a girl in the womb.

2  Unborn Baby Have Erections in The Womb:

Believe it or not, an ultrasound has often caught an unborn male with an erection. Numerous infant males have an erection amid birthing which can be a shock to uninformed parents.

3  Monkey Balls Were Used To Treat Penile Dysfunction:

In the early 1900’s surgeons began transplanting monkey testicles onto men.  This practice continued till the 1920’s.  They also experimented with goat testicles.  Unfortunately none of these experiments worked.

Around the 1900’s specialists began exploring different avenues regarding monkey-ball transplants. With a specific end goal to cure penile dysfunction and impotence, specialists started exploring different avenues regarding xenotransplantation: surgically transplanting testicles from goats, chimpanzees and primates into male people. A large number of men around the globe in the 1920s went under the blade for the gathered advantages of what were known as monkey organs. This procedure did not work.

4  Red Meat and Mile Make Your Sperm Stink:

Everyone knows that when you eat asparagus your pee smells.  This smell also carries through to the male semen.  Eating too much red meat or dairy produce will cause you spunk to get a gnarly taste and smell.  Think about this the next time you are hoping to cop a blow-job.

5  Sperm is Good For You:

The next time you are trying to persuade your partner to go down on you explain to them the benefits of sperm in their diet and for their health. An average ejaculation contains just 7 calories so it is certainly a low-calorie treat but it is also rich in natural supplements and vitamins.  Sperm is better for you and richer than fresh spinach – it is a super food and many people believe it is good for your skin.   No wonder these bukake models always look so young.

6  Don’t Trust A Man WithBig Kahunas:

Studies have found that men with bigger testicles are more likely to cheat on their partner, and the smaller the testicles the less likely he is to cheat on you.  So ladies next time you are out on a date take your


with you to find out whether he is the marrying kink.

7  Penises can break:

More than 200 Americans and 40 Brits will break their penis every year.  To break your penis it has to be in a fully erect state and it can occur during rough sexual intercourse or using sex toys incorrectly.  There have also been cases when a man falls out of bed landing on his erect penis.  How do you treat it you may ask???  Glad you did – six weeks of your penis being in a cast and no erections allowed in that period.  Imagine the catch ups when that cast is removed!

 8  Circumcision Is Not Healthy For You?

Contrary to popular belief having your foreskin cut off does not give the penis better hygiene, in fact it is the exact opposite.  People were also told by specialists that being circumcised would help stop bed wetting and decrease the desire to masturbate.  All myths!

9  The Lorena Bobbitt Effect:

After Lorena Bobbitt cut of her cheating husbands dick many ladies across the world conducted a similar operation on their husbands crown jewels.  In Thailand 2000 there were over a hundred reported cases.  Thai Police believed this number was much higher but that the crimes were not reported.  Different ways of disposing of the member emerged too with the most bizarre one of an Indian Woman who attached the penis to a helium balloon and let it ‘float away’.  John Wayne Bobbitt was lucky enough to have his penis reattached and went on the star in a couple of porn movies.

Biggest Dick
Huge Penis

10.  The world’s biggest penis:

In case you are wondering, the world’s biggest penis is just over 13.5 inches in length and 6.25 inches in girth in its flaccid state.  And no it is not one of the brother out there, it is on a white man.  A average sized vagina is 6-10 inches deep.  Measurements of his erect penis were never taken.

So now you have a little bit more info on bizarre penis facts.

So did you know these 10 facts about penises?

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