Sexual Aids For People With Disabilities

Sexual Aids For People With Disabilities are available now.  There are a wide variety of sex toys on the market for those with chronic illness, pain and physical disabilities.  Here is a quick guide for those with disabilities to check off before you purchase a sex aid –

Before Looking For A Sex Toy

Make sure you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for – ask yourself questions such as what would you like to do with the toy?

How can the toy assist – will it enhance your experience or be able to be used with the abilities that you have?

Where do you want this toy to go – Are you able to reach there by yourself – if not will someone be able to assist you?

What do you want the toy to do – every toy is different – will give a unique experience – stimulate a certain part of the body – does this toy fit what you want to achieve?

What To Look For In A Sex Toy

There are a lot of toys that can easily slip onto a finger, for those with chronic arthritis or muscle spasms.  Others have suction cups to hold a toy in place so that you don’t have to manipulate it yourself.  Strap ons fit onto the body in order to stimulate the clitoris or the penis and scrotum.

Using sex toys if you have a disability will offer you independence from a sexual partner, which will give you autonomy so you are able to do things for yourself. Or it may enhance the sex play that you have with your partern.

All Sex Toys Are Different

Sex toys all have different functionalities to help people in a variety of different way, so you are able to choose an item based upon your own needs. It is important to approach anyone’s sexual lifestyle always with compassion and poise.

Especially when you are buying something for yourself, you always need to remember that sex toys are there to enhance everyone’s lifestyle and to fulfill our own sexual desires in our personal time.

It’s no wonder choosing the right toy for your needs can be very difficult. Consider the limitations of on-line shopping – the photos and descriptions can be misleading and by the time you’ve realized your (or the sites) error it can be impossible or extremely difficult to return your item.

Sex Positive Stores

If attending a store is out of your means then don’t hesitate to shoot a website questions – in most cases they’ll be happy to help you. If they don’t respond then clearly they aren’t looking out for the consumers best interests, and you should move on to another website.

Generally a store that describes themselves as being sex positive will be looking out for your interests, so where possible, have a look at those websites.

People With Disabilities
Diabled Enjoy Sex Toys

People With Disabilities

In New South Wales, Australia regulations generally stipulate that Adult Lifestyle Centers be on the second floor.  This makes it very difficult, if not impossible for differently abled persons to attend. (If you’re not in NSW then check your local regulations).

There are some exceptions to this, and one example of this exception is an adult shop in Sydney that caters for the disabled and wheelchair bound.  The Adult Lifestyle Centre situated at 12 Production Avenue, Kogarah is set up on the ground floor with over 400 square metres of retail space.

With the disabled in mind the proprietors have ensured that there are wide aisles that will easily allow wheelchair access and travel.  The shelving and products in the aisle are all within easy reach.  Wheelchair ramp has been added on the street for easy travel up and down the gutter if required for vehicular access.

Visit a Wheelchair Friendly Store

If Kogarah is too far ring a couple of your local stores and some outside of your area to see if they have disabled access.  It will be to your benefit if you can attend a store in order to receive in depth information about the toys, as well as examining them to determine if they suit your individual requirements.  (Just make sure the store is using gloves when handling toys), .

Is the weight suitable, is holding the toy limiting in any way, does it reach where you need it to or is it too cumbersome to use? Attending the store allows you to get instant access to information and the staff members expertise on the products that they sell.

Above all else, when looking for a sexual aide – It is a lot easier to negotiate through the mine field of products when you have a clear idea of exactly what you want and need from the toy and never hesitate to ask questions you need to in an environment in which you feel safe.



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