6 Reasons To Shop At Sex Positive Adult Shops

In today’s web savvy digital age, customers are looking for a sex positive adult shop.  They can shop the lowest price at the biggest stores but do not get the same inclusive experience.

So while getting a deal may feel good at the time, there is a trade-off to consider when shopping for price over quality. Now with the Adult Lifestyle Centres you do not have to have that trade-off as they are 100% Sex Positive Stores but still offering discounted prices.

sex positive adult shop
What We Cater For

A Sex Positive Adult Shop

Staff at Adult Lifestyle Centres are well-trained and active in local and group communities and activities.  Many participate in help and outreach groups and love to give back to.  These are the reasons that consultants have given as to why you should always choose a sex-positive outlet.  There you can purchase or learn about adult products and lifestyles.

A Sex Positive Store
Different Personalities

Here are some points that we like to keep in mind to create a happy, welcoming environment.

1. Supports Other Ethical Businesses

Sex-positive adult retailers typically help small, neighborhood, like-minded plus much more ethical organizations.  A particular view involving sex positivity has a great deal to do with the operators product choices. Finally reaping helpful benefits other sex-positive companies and also expanding the rules of which inspired their small business to start with.

Generally within the adult industry that means encouraging companies using feminine management, ethical. And also sound small business techniques, neighborhood small distributors, longtime relationships, and also substitute communities.

Most of us help small distributors whom typically hand-make their goods or make the ethically. We know the vendor and also don’t advertise phony goods of which unfairly copy someone else’s design content first that will reduce the product quality available.

2.  Support Your Local Business

Unlike chain stores, sex-positive stores tend to support their local communities in various manners. Including giving jobs to locals, assisting in help meetup groups and seminars.

Working with local organizations and businesses to improve the community and the acceptance of others.  Each store is an element of a community of neighborhood outlets, WHO work along to bring commerce to the world.

Our retail stores additionally host instructional workshops that exteriorize sex educators and facilitate build community around sex positivity and correct data.  They further our long company mission to produce high-quality, sex-positive product. And non-judgmental, correct sex data through our clean and cozy stores and internet site.

3 . Sex Positivity

Premise of sex positivity is that pleasure is your birthright and everybody in the community is entitled to correct sex education. This info is communicated in an exceedingly shame-free technique and surroundings that’s body-positive.  Comprehensive of individuals with completely different skills, and hospitable to for people of all genders and orientations.

The sex-positive retail model permits folks to securely explore their sexual interests in an informative and non-judgmental approach. We attempt the maximum amount as attainable to replicate the in-store expertise and experience on our web site, with useful info you won’t realize at major discount websites.

No matter what your sexual preference, lifestyle choice or physical or mental make up – we are an all inclusive store.

4.  Allows For Discrete and Safe Shopping

Privacy and safety area unit vital parts of a sex-positive retail setting.  We have a tendency to believe customers ought to be ready to purchase with a guarantee of privacy from trained, discreet sales. Those who provide any relevant safety data to make sure safe and gratifying use of the merchandise.

Merchandise themselves mustn’t cause a hazard to the user.  Each in our stores and on our web site, we provide direct client support to assist each visitor knowing purchase with safety and fun in mind.

5 . Customer Service is Paramount

Sex-positive staff are measured and committed to connecting customers to one thing which will bring them pleasure, not essentially the expensive item.

If you want to buy one thing, and there’s a more cost-effective product on the market, we’ll allow you to grasp your choices.  We’re not just wanting the sale to somebody a thing they don’t wish or would like.  It’s true the most effective thanks to realize the most effective product for you is to have interaction with an informed sales rep and raise plenty of questions!

With a positive perspective, inquiring mind, and a commitment to pleasure, your next favorite toy is simply round the corner!  We work towards serving to individuals have pleasure.  We Support and Cater For All Sexual Orientations and Challenged Groups.

6. Disabled and Mobility Impaired Friendly Adult Shop:

Disabled people are being forced to shop online because of poor access in and around Sydney. But the Adult Lifestyle Centre at Kogarah is changing that. The difficulties using basic but essential facilities such as changing rooms or toilets is an issue. Yet the Kogarah store is a wide open and vast retail space.

Many disabled customers are struggling to access adult shops. With some shoppers even saying they felt “invisible” after being ignored by rude and insensitive staff who addressed their companions or carers instead of them directly.

This will not be the case at Adult Lifestyle Centres Australia where all disabled and mobility impaired people are welcomed. We are a disability friendly adult shop.

So the next time you shop for sex toys

Please keep this information, and sex-positive businesses in mind. A little goes a long way, and your sexual pleasure is worth going to an Adult Lifestyle Centre!

sex positive adult shops
Air Freight Shipping

Cheap International Shipping With Adultsmart!

Adultsmart is one of the leading online adult retail outlets having served consumers for many years with quality products at reasonable prices.

At all times they do their personal best to get you the savings wherever possible. One of the best types of savings is on postage.  Volume of orders domestically in Australia has been increasing yet due to Cheap Domestic Shipping the focus had been on Australian domestic customers only.

DHL the world’s leading International Freight Forwarder has made a deal with Adultsmart that is almost too good to be true. It has all our staff happy with joy that we can pass on these savings to you.

From as little as $7 AdultSmart can now deliver Cheap International Shipping for products your door discretely anywhere in the world.

Discrete delivery is offered so your information is kept private.

You will find that no matter what part of the world you are you may have the product you desired shipped discretely. At a lower cost than you could walking into your local adult store.

sex positive adult shops

Adultsmart prices online are uber competitive

And cover a vast range of products.

There is a massive selection of quality products from vibrators, dildos, cock rings, surgical steel toys, bondage gear, lingerie and much more.  A huge selection of brands on offer from Lelo luxury toys, Fun Factory, Lamarouse, jimmyjane and we-vibe.

Search online at over 10,000 product lines and choose what best suits you.

Best of all is how discrete this service can be.

We know that many buyers out there are embarrassed and worried that other people may know that is in that parcel being delivered to your door. So as an added benefit DHL will deliver it to your local Post Box in many Countries.

How is that for making sure our clients are looked after?

DHL Shipping and sex positive adult shops
Adultsmart International Shipping

Check Shipping Charges in Real Time

Now you will be able to check out your international charges in real time online. Check whether you wish to proceed with your purchases without the need for registering or providing any details.

  • Simply add your item to cart.
  • Select fast checkout.
  • Then select your country from the drop down menu and it will reveal all charges of your intended purchase.
  • Then should you wish to proceed you can continue on with fast checkout with one of our payment options that include Paypal, BitCoin, Mastercard, Visa Card.
  • Or register as a customer to reveal other payment options.

Process is customer friendly and secure.

You can rest assured that when you buy with Adult Smart you are getting more than a great deal. Also getting exceptional shipping whilst your privacy is being protected online, when your parcel is shipped and delivered.  Packaging we use is strictly confidential, so no one will know what’s in it, till you open the box.

All prices shown on the site are in Australian dollars so if you live in the United States Of America take of 25% of the purchase price. Answer will give you a rough idea of the USD price but there is also a handy currency converter where the products are.

We were shocked and our warehouse manager literally said

‘Get outta town.’

It gets even better when we were told that the each order is trackable through each step of the delivery process even if it is delivery to the local Post Office.

Can it get any better than that?

So check out some of our products now! We have the biggest surgical steel sex toy range of any retailer in Australia, massive BDSM category, Cheap Lingerie and the best vibrators for women in town.

Whether you be in Zanzibar or New York City Adultsmart is sure to have something for you.

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