I Work at A Sex Positive Adult Store!

When I first started working at a Sex Positive adult store, it was about supporting myself through university. But since then, many years on and two degrees later, it has become so much more. Its become about filling in those gaps within the community.

Gaps which for whatever reason shouldn’t exist, these include providing sexual aides and support for people with disabilities as well as providing a sex positive environment which caters towards people regardless of orientation, gender and appearance.

Adult Lifestyle Centres

The stores which form a part of the Adult Lifestyle Centres are situated in Fyshwick ACT and Kogarah New South Wales are not perfect.  But there will never be a perfect store when it comes to sexual aides. Everyone has a myriad of tastes and ideas surrounding sex, expectaions and personal choice.

Sexuality, and the stores will always be changing and adapting depending on our customer base and the accessibility of our shops. But what sets these Adult Lifestyle Centres apart from others is the staff willingness to support those smaller communities.  They are an all inclusive retail environment.

The customer base that needs sexual help,  we take them under their wing to teach them ways to enhance their sexual lifestyles. depending on their personal needs. The staff are always willing to grow and learn constantly evolving to work harder, and better for the people we serve.

When I was first brought into the Kogarah Store I was excited, it’s a ground floor store which is wheelchair accessible. It’s the size of a warehouse, meaning there’s plenty of room for not only a lot of stock, but also in getting around inside.

Sex Positive
sexy couple under blankets

Are Adult Stores Relevant

My clients ask me all the time whether adult stores are still relevant when people can get everything online and the answer is always a simple –

“Yes, always”.

Aside from accessibility, issues with technology which some people have, bricks and mortar stores will always have their place.  Granted, I’m aware of the benefits of online shopping; convenience, privacy, but for something so intimate should you really be trusting what you see online? Looking through countless pages of sex toys online isn’t necessarily conducive to getting the right toy.

Information can be biased, misleading and images that do not resemble the actual product you are purchasing. We’ve all done online dating or even house hunting online and things just aren’t always what they look like.

Sex Positive Stores

Sex positive stores should always be your first point of call.  They are not only female friendly, but they’ll be looking out for the best interests of you. Staff will always happily answer your questions, and the goal I impart on both my staff and myself is providing you with the best toy, that fits your specific needs and desires.

Sometimes this will be a trial and error especially as you’re first starting out – but that’s okay – I’ll tell you that it’s an experience that you will enjoy. Sex should be an open discussion, sex should be about freedom, sex information should be readily available regardless of your personal circumstances, gender, physical ability.  That’s one of the reasons behind the sex positive movement; filling in the gaps that just shouldn’t be there.

The Benefits of A Sex Positive Store

The benefits of going into a sex positive store are numerous, but the primary reason is that you can get hands on information specifically tailored to your needs and desires.  This with someone standing directly in front of you that not only cares, but is happy to send you on your own journey.

So if ever or whenever you are thinking about going to an adult store,  always remember I am here to assist you if I can and you are always welcome  regardless of your sexual, physical or mental differences.

Come To Oh Zone

We pride ourselves on being sex positive. Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre’s have employees who do their best to tailor your shopping experience to what you need. At the end of the day, everyone has sex, so don’t be scared off coming into the store.  Everyone has been here at one stage of their adult life.

The best part is the staff can relate to you and you can get expert sex advice from people who talk about it daily!

Author: Author: Stephen Smith – BA Of Social Sciences, M.Ed



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