Why You Need to Choose an Online Adult Toy Store Shop

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Do you wish to spice up your sex life but don’t know what to do? With the romantic gestures and the cuddles, something often feels amiss. Don’t beat yourself up! You can never go wrong with exploring the different types of adult toys when it comes to caring for your bedroom needs. It’s a chance to broaden your sexual horizon as you delve into its exploration while appreciating your partner and self. If you are excited about buying erotic products and are shy of visiting a physical store, online sex shops got you covered. Don’t be too skeptical about this process! Here’s why on-net adult toy stores are worth a look.


It’s easy to get unsolicited advice from different people who seem to pry into your sexual life. It’s often quite common, more so when one speaks about getting erotic products. Get a chance to avoid the judgmental looks and the curiosity from nosy relatives once you choose to walk down this path.

The beauty of shopping at on-net adult toy stores such as deliciasexshoponline is that the packaging is of the utmost discretion. It hardly reveals any text or image concerning the contents within. The package also gets delivered at your doorstep, and you can continue enjoying your privacy.

The convenience

There aren’t most people who are openly willing to talk about adult products, as some view it as a sensitive topic. Most individuals prefer to keep the issue discreet and avoid the sarcasm comments from other people. If you are curious about adult products, you can quickly log online and look for on-net shops that sell them. It’s a chance to avoid the long queues to pay for a product or sitting in traffic to get home.

You also have ample time to relax and browse through the long list of adult toys that will come in handy when you need them. One also can check how to use adult toys to gain maximum pleasure.


The most intriguing part about online adult toy shopping is that you have a limitless option to choose from always. It’s a chance to check out the vast array of products ranging from kinky costumes, cosmetics to fascinating erotic products.

You can get to explore all these with no shame as you also choose what suits your fancy. With complete access to numerous adult toys, you are free to try something new each time, and bedroom boredom becomes a thing of the past.

Never stop learning

Online adult toy shopping provides an in-depth learning session. With each product, you become more intrigued to learn about its benefits, usage, and side effects. You can also watch tutorials as you become more conversant with the various types of adult toys. With a clear description and images, you will always be on the right path during your purchasing process.

You can now check deliciasexshoponline for a one-stop-shop with all matters sprucing your bedroom prowess. Get a chance of each delight as you get to have the ultimate orgasm suitable for your immune system. With adult toys at hand, you can now enter into the new intriguing, and spiced sexual experience like never before.

Make Camping Sex A Hot Reality

Camping sex

Easter is just around the corner, and for many that means egg hunts and family gatherings but for many (myself included) Easter means camping! The merciless summer heat has died down (somewhat) and the school holiday crowds have retreated back into suburbia. I can’t help it, the minute March/April rolls around I get an unavoidable urge to pitch a tent and head out into nature. I have been camping my whole life, my first trip was when I was 3 months old (my dad fancied himself an adventurer) and I spent most of my childhood camping. As a teen I would drag my friends out, now my husband and my dog happily come along.

There are millions of camping hack listicle’s on the internet but I have never found one that gives tips and advice for the sometimes tricky art of having sex when exploring the great outdoors. I am here to change that. Please find below a collection of camping sex tips and tricks:

The bed

No matter your camping style (rough and tumble or glamping princess) the bed is one of the most important camping tools you will take with you, and not only for sex. It is hard to have fun camping (in or out of your clothes) if you have a sore back and didn’t sleep a wink. Whatever your preference; there is something for you. If you are a swag or tent camper, buy a size with enough room for you both. Also consider head clearance, you don’t want to be halfway through the deed when you discover you can’t do that move because there isn’t room. Get the double sleeping bag, the nicer air mattress, whatever you are planning on using think about how it will behave during sex.

The space

Campsites are crowded, whether you are paying for a powered site in a park or are hiking into the great unknown, no matter how remote or empty you think it will be expect some guests.  With this in mind it doesn’t mean that stops anything at all, just remember tent walls aren’t real walls and caravans and buses can squeak a lot with some rocking. Be courteous to others (no screaming sessions during the daylight hours… or at all)

If you are finding the campsite a little too restrictive (I’ve never been a fan of an audience) pack a daypack and head to a trail, a remote beach or somewhere a little more quiet for the day and go at it the way god intended,  out in nature. Sex in public has never been more secretive and convenient!

The cleanliness

This is the biggest complaint I hear about camping sex “I feel gross and I don’t want to do it”. I totally get that, I love camping but there is a level of dirt and mess you have to accept and for some that is a total turn off. If that is you or your camping mate, pay attention to the site you have booked, does it have good showers and toilets, are you near a river or beach that you can use to get and feel clean, if this is important to you make these things a priority when booking. If you’re like me and don’t mind as much, my tip is to take baby wipes with you, good for pre and post clean up, you keep a bin inside your tent or swag and no one is any the wiser. Baby wipes are a must for any camping trip but especially the sexy ones.

Road trip sex
Image: Couple on a road trip

Adult toys

I camp to disconnect from technology, unless that technology makes me orgasm; I am not interested in disconnecting from that kind of tech! You can totally bring your toys on your camping trip but remember to think about 3 things:


Charge your rechargeables and put new batteries in your battery operated adult toys (also carry with you extra).


Like I said, there is a lot of dirt camping, make sure you keep your adult toys in a dry clean spot, not only for the ick factor but dirt and sand can get into the inner workings of your adult toys and break them. ☹


To save any embarrassment at the amenities block tomorrow morning make sure you bring your anti-bacterial adult toy cleaner with you camping if you are bringing adult toys. That way you won’t need water and they will be spick and span for their next use.

I took a remote control bullet with us on our last camping trip and I can say that for the first time ever, I actually enjoyed hiking. 😊


Camping is meant to be relaxing but if you have seen a couple pitch a tent together, you understand how it can be anything but. Go into camping with the right attitude, make it about connecting with your partner and nature, don’t pick at her for freaking out about bugs, and don’t be shitty at him for not knowing how to light a fire. For the best and sexiest camping trips be kind and have fun, which puts anyone in the mood.

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Get Your Rocks Off With RO-JIRA!

Rocks Off RoJira

Like the vast majority of the Rocks Off products, the Rocks Off RO-JIRA arrives in a brilliant colored box with a clear window, however there is a colored card covering the window on the inside so you cannot see the product inside.  I am assuming this is for retail purposes. The box has a lift up cardboard ‘page’ that gives you easy access to the sex toy that is contained in a molded protective sleeve to ensure your toy does not get damaged in transit.

The RO-JIRA is a sexy looking silicone sex toy that comes in a puce color and is fully waterproof and rechargeable.  The vibrator should always be lubricated during play and it is recommended that this be a water-based one.  To charge it there is a jack in port at the base that is powered by a USB cable.  When charging a red light will display and when fully charged a green light will.  There are 10 vibration modes and to turn it on you have to hold the + button down for 3 seconds and then simply press the button to scroll through the different functions and vibrations.



This adult toy is perfect for vaginal or clitoral stimulation however due to it’s shape I would not recommend using it for anything anal as the base is slimmer than the tip and you would not want it slipping in.  You can also use it as a massager on other parts of the body.  For men it would be perfect to stimulate the testicles or perineum and even penis during foreplay allowing you to build up his orgasm more.  I liked it on my nipples and breasts.

This vibrator is strong and I am  not joking about this.  Not quite the Hitachi but certainly up there with the strongest I have experienced in the market.  It was so powerful I never took it up to its strongest vibration and it was ample to make me cum easily.  For those that like their stimulation strong you will really enjoy this one.  When I first opened it I did not expect that and in this instance you do not judge to book by its cover.

I found it best for external stimulation and for me it is not really big enough as an insertable.  Perfect for solo masturbation or as a couples sex toy.  You will like it undoubtedly and I give it a 7 out of 10.