Exclusive Interview with Rianne S

Rianne is a passionate womens sex toy and accessory designer who established her company in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2010.   Adult lifestyle products Rianne S are made with her own personalised designs that empower, inspire and celebrate the sexuality of women.

Her products give you the ability to find ways to improve your sex life and find fulfilling sexual lifestyle for yourselves.  And whilst they explore their personal desires.

She encourages women to love all aspects of their bodies and employs realistic looking models within her advertising campaigns.

Rianne S wanted to create high quality products

And she spent over 1 year creating the prototypes for her first line of sex toys, the “Matryoshka Massager” clitoral massager and the “Forbidden Fruit” body massager.

The shape of her product’s are designed to look non phallic and to appear like everyday objects.

Now with 7 years of industry experience, her sex toy range has expanded to include over 16 different products.


Rianne S
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Exclusive interview with sex toy designer Rianne

Tell me about yourself?

My name is Rianne and I am 36 years old.  I love being an entrepreneurial sex toy designer.  My favourite things include cats, dogs, boyfriend, friends, family, yoga, meditation, sunsets and good food.

I hate chicken, ironing, dirty jobs and bad food.

What are your favourite accomplishments?

  • Being in a healthy relationship after dating tons of bad boys.
  • I never thought I could do this.  Building RIANNE S was a long journey with its ups and downs.
  • Loving myself which I did not really when I was 15.

What quotes inspires you?

“It is what it is”

I do believe in the power of positive thinking and that your thoughts can somehow create your destiny.  BUT acceptance of “what is” is in the end is the key to a piece of mind and happiness which can quite often lead to change.

Then another quote I really like is.

“She believed she could, so she did”

This quote is all about female empowerment and we actually have a bracelet with this quote on it.

Rianne S with Forbidden Fruit Sex Toy Photo
Photo: Rianne S holding the Forbidden Fruit Body Massager

Who is your role model?

I love Oprah, not for her money….. just a little maybe!  But the fact that she has effected so many lives in a positive way.  I like women who inspire other women.

What is the story behind the inspiration, creation and development of your company and product range?

I truly want women to experience a happy sexual life.  As a young woman I discovered this is not always the case for lot of women.

When I was 20 years old I came across a Hustler magazine and the sex toys in there where not appealing to me at all.  I decided that I wanted to do something different.

Women deserve nice looking, quality products that work well.

What does your company value the most?

Improving the sexual lives of women.

How does your company define and measure success?

In a way this is about sales. The more you sell, the more people you reach, which you will hopefully make happy with the products.  That’s where the real success can be found.

What do you love most about your brand compared to other companies?

It looks very nice, stylish, cute and just very RIANNE S.

Rianne S Classique in With Bag Sex Toy
Sex Toy: Rianne S Classique in With Bag

Tell me about your product range?

We are all about affordable luxury.  Nice looking, stylish, quality products for a decent price.  I like to give the customer something extra. Some products come with cosmetic bags, others with a nice bracelet.

Then we have some specials like a very cute heart vibe, a nice Duo toy to be used together and some really good vibes great looking and working.

How many adult lifestyle products have you sold?

Oh My God!

I don’t know but there are many!  RIANNE S sex toys are sold world wide from the US, Australia, Russia, Europe and so on.  Our products are sold in 35 countries.

What are your best sellers?

The vibrators because they are great value for money and look fabulous. And then the booty plugs.

We sell them as a kit in a cute box, people love that.  I guess it’s very appealing to women.  And the heart vibe we sell well, cause it’s just really cute.

Rianne S Booty Plug Luxury Set Sex Toys
Sex Toy: Rianne S Booty Plug Luxury Set

If you could pick just two pieces from your product range, what would you choose and why?

The Bella Vibrator, it’s a straight forward silicon smart wand with strong vibrations and the Heart vibrator because it’s so adorable.

Rianne S Bella Image
RIANNE S Bella Body Wand

What are the most memorable quotes that you have heard about your product range?

It would be something like,

“Oh My God! I had 3 orgasms in a minute!”

Rianne S Moon
Woman in the moonlight and rain

Time To Splurge & Pamper Yourself With The Rianne-S Moon

The Moon hand-held vibrator was created by adult company Rianne S.  Rianne-S Moon Vibrator is shaped like a crescent moon, it is the type of moon you would have seen drawn in fairy tale books.

Materials & Colour

  • Three different colours including French Rose, Coral Rose and Deep Purple Rose. Colour choices are adorable.
  • Bottom trim of the vibrator is made with a champagne gold colour which gives the vibrator a high-end quality look.
  • Made from medical grade soft silicone which feels silky smooth, gentle and delicate which gives the vibrator a high-end quality feel.
  • Since the sex toy is silicone based, it is best used with a water-based lubricant.

Size and Charging

  • 188mm in length by 82.5mm in width by 78mm in height.
  • Paper light at 350 grams, so you won’t end up feeling like you have just run a marathon from using it!
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • It delivers a faint buzzing sound at 49db.
  • I’m pretty sure if you used the vibrator right next to a connecting wall, the person in the next room would think that there is something in their wall. Or they may assume what you are up to.
  • Though the sound is nothing that a little bit of relaxing music can easily cover up.

Tips on Using the Moon Vibrator

Rianne-S Moon is made to be used for masturbation.

  • Place the crescent hole at the base of your finger, as if you were wearing it as a ring.
  • When you turn it on, the vibration will wave throughout your finger that it has been placed on.
  • For a stronger vibration, you can also move the crescent moon just above the knuckle of your finger.
  • Use your finger to masturbate, for anal or clitoral pleasure.

Clitoral Pleasure

  • Surround your clitoris with the crescent points to have direct clitoral stimulation.
  • Place the curve of the moon, lengthways on your clitoris for an overall stimulation which will also reach your urethral spot.
  • Your sexual partner can place it on their finger and stimulate your g spot.
  • Use the vibrator as a full body massager.
  • Place the vibrator on the head of a penis or cupped under the balls. Use a piece of cloth around the vibrator to make the vibration softer.
Rianne S purple bag
Rianne-S Moon Hand Held Massager and Bag

Two different powerful motors

The motors run from the bottom, and the vibration travels through the arms of the device.  It has three different intensities that use four different speeds.

7 unique modes

  • Mode’s 1, 2 and 3 power a constant vibration mode which increases in intensity.
  • And Mode 4 is a wave vibration mode.
  • Mode’s 5, 6, and 7 are different pulsation modes.

To begin using Rianne-S Moon

  • Shift slowly through Mode’s 1, 2 and 3 to begin relaxing your body.
  • Switch to Mode 4 to get your body into a rhythmic wave.
  • Then to excite yourself, switch to Modes 5, 6, or 7 to make the climax more surprising.
  • To make thing’s long lasting, the moon vibrator can last for up to 2 hours of play time.
  • 100% waterproof for some extra bath time or sauna fun.
  • There is a small light that changes depending on the mode you select. The light isn’t too intense, it is there to soothe you.

When you buy the Rianne-S Moon it comes with a lilac luxury cosmetic bag

  • It has a heart shaped lock with an equally adorable key.
  • Safely store your vibrator and power chord in the bag, lock it up and no one can access it without the key.
  • The bag can also be used to carry makeup or beauty essentials for any type of holiday or special event.
  • It would be a great gift set to buy your girlfriend, wife or best friend for a special occasion or just because they deserve to be pampered.

Rianne-S Moon could deliver you multiple orgasms

Giving you waves and waves of relief.  The moon vibrator will leave you literary “feeling moonstruck”.  Although the device does appear to be “girly”, don’t judge a vibrator by its cover!

Do not underestimate the amount of pleasure and the type of pleasure it can give you.  Rianne S Moon Vibrator can give you so much pleasure I really can not describe it!

I honestly, do not come across many quality vibrators that you can power as a vibrator but also use as a finger vibrator.

It Empowers Individuals

Give yourself greater amounts of sexual relief without having to rely on anyone else for help.  Since you can use your own finger the stimulation feels very natural.

To make things even better, we know our own bodies better than anyone else.  So if we use it on ourselves, it will just make the best orgasm even better.  And if your partner want’s to help out, they can have some fun too.

I do recommend you come into Adultsmart store to make sure the product fits on you or your partner’s finger!  Available in Adult Lifestyle Centres in Sydney and Adultsmart Online Sex Shop.

Rianne S Vibrators
Rianne S Xena Heating Vibrator in Purple Image

RIANNE S Xena Always Warms My G-Spot

Who needs a hot cocoa and snuggling to keep warm this winter?

Not me! I have the RIANNE S Xena, a vibrator that keeps me warm from the inside out.

This stunning vibrator not only has the look, the power and perfect design but it’s also heating!  What more could you want from a vibrator?  Especially if you don’t have a man to go halves with you on the heating bill this winter.

How can you look past a self-heating bunny vibe that’s not only going to satisfy you, but keep you warm on those chilly nights?

Let’s Start With The Packaging

This vibrator definitely scores brownie points for its luxe look.

Firstly you get the choice of three stunning two toned colours.

  • Peach with an almost watermelon colour base.
  • Light pink with a hot pink base.
  • My personal favourite lavender with a dark purple base.

Each box also corresponds with the colour of the vibrator inside.  It’s presented in a sleek box with an almost Vincent Van Gogh style paint drip and gold metallic swirl through the beautiful design displayed over luxury box.

Now to accommodate the beautiful background design in the centre of the box is a simple and elegant picture of the vibrator itself.  With the name RIANNE S live love, dig love logo is printed in gold metallic.

If that has got you desperate to know what’s inside, then keep reading.

Rianne S Sex toy range
Rianne S Xena Heating Vibrator in Pink Image

When You Open The Box

Opening the box, you are greeted with a full sized vibrator in the colour of your choice and a special surprise.

Just another edition that makes this packaging a bit extra, you are gifted a gold bracelet in scripted with a sweet verse. Now the vibrator itself is lying in a bed of velvet covered foam, nestled nicely in place with a plastic case protecting it.

Underneath the vibrator and pretty little gift you will find a USB charging cable, instruction manual and a note from the team at RIANNE S.


RIANNE S Vibrator Bracelet Accessory Image
Sex Toy: RIANNE S Xena Bracelet

Features Of The RIANNE S Xena

After some careful research I have come to find that the RIANNE S primary focus is on women and their sexual well-being.

So as any women should, I was expecting a great vibrator and I must say they delivered.

The vibrator is made from medical grade silicone which makes for a smooth feel.  Paired with your favourite lube it’s so easy and comfortable to insert.  It’s accompanied by two strong motors, one in the head of the vibe and one located in the clitoral stimulator.

Now in terms of power

These motors give a very decent amount of power to both the clitoris and the head of the vibrator giving you great stimulation from the inside.

  • Xena has 10 unique vibration modes, 1 speed and 9 pulsing frequencies.  Allowing you to choose your perfect motion and intensity.
  • Completely submergible which means you are limitless with where you choose to take the Xena.
  • What makes this possible is the magnetic charging cable.


One feature about this vibrator that I was not expecting but am very pleased with was that the shaft and clitoral stimulator are both really flexible.  This enables the vibrator to mould to your body rather then you moulding to the vibrator.

It also allows for ideal movement to reach the elusive G-spot, stimulating it with the vibrations from the strong motor in the head.

Now for the most interesting selling point

This vibrator actually heats up to 40 degrees making any women who love hot and heavy sex weak at the knees.  Because now you can get that hot and heavy orgasm all by yourself with the simple touch of a button.

When it comes to buttons, operation is very simple.

  • You are given 5 buttons to control the vibrator.
  • One button hold down to turn on.
  • A press of the motion button to choose your favourite vibration mode.
  • Then you are able to adjust the intensity via the plus and minus button.
  • Of course the last button is to activate the heating mode.

What More Is There To Say?

Beautifully designed and presented, amazing features and strong motors.  This really is your new best friend and I wouldn’t think twice about investing in it.










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