Finally, A Dame Toy We Love! Meet Fin.

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Fin Was Crowd Funded by Kickstarter

Dame is the brainchild of Alexandra Fine and Janet a company that prides itself on being designed for women by women.  Alex has her masters in psychology and Janet is a mechanical engineer. In 2014 they released their first product it was crowdfunded via IndieGoGo and it was christened as the first hands-free, feminist sex toy. It rivalled products providing stimulation for couples like the we-vibe and traditional cock rings but still remained completely unique. One thing I extra love about Dame is they take an average product and make it more functional, more comfortable and more ergonomic! Recently I received their latest product Fin which was also crowdfunded but this time on Kickstarter which is an impressive accolade as it is the first adult product to be fully crowdfunded via Kickstarter.  Awkwardly so I am a little too familiar with IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, I basically trawl both websites once a week looking to better my life with intuitive or zany crap which is why I basically begged to review Fin (NO RAGRETSSS).
I love the design and aesthetic that accompanies functionality which has been especially achieved with Dame’s Fin. The quality of this design is ridiculous I am so into the way it looks right down to the colour scheme. I struggled to decide between coral and jade because they are both such beautiful colours. I love that Dame stays away from traditional pinks and purples and takes on a more contemporary palette for their products. The retail packaging is a bit bolder with blue and coral tones yet I’m still loving it. The packaging gives a pretty detailed idea of how the toy works and its features. it’s easy to read and has cute little illustrations of the product. inside the retail box, there is an off-white hard box with a bright white illustrative print of the product. Once the top is off you find the Fin sitting in a plastic tray and underneath it is the charger, satin pouch, manual and a cute as a button sticker. I discarded the retail packaging but I did keep the hard box for storage.
Dame Fin Illustration Image
Image: Dame Fin Illustration

Fin Is A Simple Design

Fin is a simple design there’s the body with the button on top and the optional tether. I found the tether a useless inconvenience and that it took away from the Fin’s charm making it less of an extension of the body and more of a tool. Dame has put so much thought into this product you can utilise Fin at any angle. flip it upwards your fingers carry the vibrations through them or use the silicone vibration pad. You can apply fin’s vibrational pad directly to your body utilising the two sides one being squishy and the other being pointed to provide unique stimulation. I Personally preferred the squishier side as I rely heavily on the pressure to get off with this product. I found the point was too direct and too hard when applying pressure but I did alternate between the two sides. I didn’t use the tether at all when using Fin solo but when partnered it was used occasionally for research purposes only. For me using the tether took away the feeling of the Fin being an extension of the body and made it just another sex toy.
Fin can be used on any erogenous zone easily caressed by your fingers. This is literally the only time I won’t suggest using SuperSlyde or any other silicone based lubricant as it makes Fin incredibly hard to grasp if the finger divots get silicone lube on them. Alternatively, I went for some wildfire massage oil or intimate organics defence lubricant to help ease it over our bodies. The silicone outer glides comfortably over the skin but some may find it rather draggy rather than a design flaw it does help the product rest between the fingers without Fin shifting too much.
Initially, I was unsure if you could use the Fin internally as it is only splash proof but after speaking to one of the creators it was confirmed that you can insert Fin for internal massage! I don’t often use my own fingers for G-spot stimulation as I have rather long nails and my fingers are just too short. Personally, I find internal vibes more of a nuisance than anything so I can easily say I was not a fan when I had Fin used on me for internal stimulation. You can also achieve minor internal stimulation with the Fin at the base of the fingers you use it as a clitoral stimulator and use the tips of your finger internally.
Dame Fin fits Discreetly on your finger.

Something About Fin Just Clicks

Something about Fin just clicks, It is extremely unobtrusive and almost organic when in use. I definitely think the Fin shone the brightest for me when used as an external toy at the tips of my fingers for clitoral massage. I found the vibrations did fall short and I was left hoping that there could have been one more setting! What made up for the lack of power was the ability to control the pressure during clitoral massage which I find hard to obtain when using some of the more traditional products have always failed me with. The ability to control the pressure makes up for the lack of patterns and the weaker vibration settings.
Fin is a great product for same-sex paired couples and alternating sex couples and its lack of phallic shape and its non-anatomical like shape should put many users at ease when introduced to Dame’s Fin. The size and ease of this product make it fantastic for beginners and people looking to add a small amount of luxury adventure to their bedroom antics when they have the nervousness of the larger toy stealing the show.
I enjoy the Dame website almost as much as I enjoy the product! its a very cute hipster style but has heaps of great information on their product Eva and Fin. The website does give a bit more information than the provided instructions and retail packaging. The video and cartoons they use are not at all sexualized making the website very female friendly. The promotional video for Fin is extremely simplistic, the vagina is represented as a lily in their Fin promo video made it extremely easy to watch and remained product focused. I felt the websites overall lack of female bodies and the use of everyday people definitely made it very accessible to all women. You can really tell that the owners are convicted of providing a product that serves women and stresses their pleasure above all. Their website also includes customer reviews and some media articles so you don’t have to just take my word on the greatness of the product!
cliff notes: If you want a great vibe that feels like an extension of your body that is rechargeable, made of body safe silicone and extremely easy to use help two sisters out trying to make the world a better place for the female orgasm and pick up a Fin ASAP!

About the author: Amy is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres






Time To Splurge & Pamper Yourself With The Rianne-S Moon

The Moon hand-held vibrator was created by adult company Rianne-S. The Rianne-S Moon Vibrator is shaped like a crescent moon, it is the type of moon you would have seen drawn in fairy tale books. The vibrator comes in three different colours including French Rose, Coral Rose and Deep Purple Rose. The colour choices are adorable, so every time you will use the vibrator it will make you feel like you are really splurging and pampering yourself. The bottom trim of the vibrator is made with a champagne gold colour which gives the vibrator a high-end quality look. The vibrator is made from medical grade soft silicone which feels silky smooth, gentle and delicate which gives the vibrator a high-end quality feel. Since the sex toy is silicone based, it is best used with a water-based lubricant. The vibrator is 188mm in length by 82.5mm in width by 78mm in height. It is paper light at 350 grams, so you won’t end up feeling like you have just run a marathon from using it!

Although the Rianne-S Moon has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it delivers a faint buzzing sound at 49db. I’m pretty sure if you used the vibrator right next to a connecting wall, the person in the next room would think that there is something in their wall or they may assume what you are up to. Though the sound is nothing that a little bit of relaxing music can easily cover up.

The Rianne-S Moon is made to be used for external body stimulation. Here are some tips on using the moon vibrator:

  • Place the crescent hole at the base of your finger, as if you were wearing it as a ring. When you turn it on, the vibration will wave throughout your finger that it has been placed on. For a stronger vibration, you can also move the crescent moon just above the knuckle of your finger. Use your finger to masturbate, for anal or clitoral pleasure.
  • Surround your clitoris with the crescent points to have direct clitoral stimulation.
  • Place the curve of the moon, lengthways on your clitoris for an overall stimulation which will also reach your urethral spot.
  • Your sexual partner can place it on their finger and stimulate your g spot.
  • Use the vibrator as a full body massager.
  • Place the vibrator on the head of a penis or cupped under the balls. Use a piece of cloth around the vibrator to make the vibration softer.
Rianne-S Moon Hand Held Massager
Sex Toy: Rianne-S Moon Bag


The Rianne-S Moon vibrator has two different powerful motors. The motors run from the bottom, and the vibration travels through the arms of the device. The motor has three different intensities that use four different speeds. The moon vibrator has seven unique modes that include:

  • Mode’s 1, 2 and 3 power a constant vibration mode which increases in intensity
  • Mode 4 is a wave vibration mode
  • Mode’s 5, 6, and 7 are different pulsation modes

To begin using Rianne-S Moon, you can shift slowly through Mode’s 1, 2 and 3 to begin relaxing your body. Switch to Mode 4 to get your body into a rhythmic wave. Then to excite yourself, switch to Modes 5, 6, or 7 to make the climax more surprising. To make thing’s long lasting, the moon vibrator can last for up to 2 hours of play time and is 100% waterproof for some extra bath time or sauna fun. There is a small light that changes depending on the mode you select. The light isn’t too intense, it is there to soothe you.

When you buy the Rianne-S Moon it comes with a lilac luxury cosmetic bag. The cosmetic bag has a heart shaped lock with an equally adorable key.  Safely store your vibrator and power chord in the bag, lock it up and no one can access it without the key.  The bag can also be used to carry makeup or beauty essentials for any type of holiday or special event. It would be a great gift set to buy your girlfriend, wife or best friend for a special occasion or just because they deserve to be pampered.

I feel that the Rianne-S Moon could deliver you multiple orgasms, giving you waves and waves of relief. The moon vibrator will leave you literary “feeling moonstruck”. Although the device does appear to be “girly”, don’t judge a vibrator by its cover! Do not underestimate the amount of pleasure and the type of pleasure it can give you. The Rianne S Moon Vibrator can give you so much pleasure I really can not describe it! I honestly, do not come across many quality vibrators that you can power as a vibrator but also use as an extension to your finger. I feel like it empowers individuals to give themselves greater amounts of sexual relief without having to rely on anyone else for help. Since you can use your own finger the stimulation feels very natural. To make things even better, we know our own bodies better than anyone else so if we use it on ourselves, it will just make the orgasm even better. And if your partner want’s to help out, they can have some fun too.

I do recommend you come into an Oh Zone store to make sure the product fits on you or your partner’s finger! The Rianne-S Moon is available in Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre’s throughout Sydney and Adult Smart Online Sex Shop.



Dont Just Sit There, Try The Tenga Iroha Yoru Massager

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The Japanese for centuries have set the benchmark for design and quality of technology, most of Western civilizations electronics such as televisions, washing machines, gaming consoles and fridges have all come from the likes of Japanese designs. Thus why should we say anything different about the Tenga range? Tenga is a brand that is based in Japan, and design very aesthetically pleasing and technological efficient adult toys including masturbators. Their attention to detail and their eagerness to excel in order to benefit the customer truly is reflected through their products.

When I saw the new release of the Iroha Plus range, I will admit… Excitement took over my body, I was like a kid that had just stepped into Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, taken back with aw. Tenga really does know how to make a vibrator better looking than your partner. In specific, the Tenga Iroha Yoru Massager is the one I lean towards. The reason for this choice is 1 of it’s many features, it’s lip like shape at the front of the vibe. Lets be realistic, it is shaped like a whale! So ill just say the mouth part of the Tenga Iroha Yoru Massager is what really entices me because it reminds me of the same concept that the Jimmy Jane Form 2 uses which is stimulating the clitoris on 2 sides rather then direct impact. This will allow for a completely new sort of stimulation instead of the typical clitoris stimulation that the clitoris gets with normal toys (such as bullets).


Tenga Iroha Yoru Massager
Sex Toy: Tenga Iroha Yoru


Tenga Iroha Yoru Massager silicone is very different in comparison to other products on the market that are of the same nature of clitoral stimulators. Its silicone is very soft and smooth and often referred to as squishy or marshmallow-like. The great thing about the texture of the silicone is that you can push it hard onto the clitoris without it physically hurting yourself. By pushing on your clitoris with different pressure it can allow for a much deeper, sensual and harder vibration that will reach any spot that you plan on stimulating. This is just one of Yuro’s many positives values, the fact that the different edges and curves are designed to fit almost any shape of your body. For example, the mouth would be fantastic for stimulating the nipples and back of the head of the penis. Also using the flat side of the Yuro is a great way of stimulating all of yours and you’re partners erogenous zones. The flat side is also fantastic for the clitoris because it stimulates not only the clitoris but the outer region also including the labia. You can place the Yoru on almost any part of the body.

Like all Iroha Plus products, the Tenga Iroha Yoru Massager comes with a sleek and very easy to use charging base. The charging base which connects to any USB outlet makes it a fantastic traveling companion, also a toy that is easy to hide when hiding due to its versatility when it comes to charging. The charging base also comes with a nice clear case, this case will stop any unwanted dust or particles to come on the toy or expose it to any bad bacteria after being cleaned. The case is also designed to place the sex toy on display.

Due to the Tenga Iroha Yoru Massager‘s design, it is waterproof, however, I do not recommend it being used in water. This means that yes you can clean it with running water, however, I don’t suggest that you take it into either the bath or shower with you. Please be sure to clean your sex toy before first use with a toy cleaner, not just general soap.

In conclusion, I do strongly believe that the Tenga Iroha Yoru Massager is a fantastic product, and is very different in comparison to most other clitoral stimulators including those in the Iroha range. Its shape is very unique and if used correctly can be very stimulating for both male and female partners. My favourite benefit of the Tenga Iroha Plus range is how soft the silicone has been created, so that when you’re in the heat of the moment, you can push down as hard as you need to on the personal massager and the sex toy will pleasure you just how you need it to.



JimmyJane Gave Me The Advantage!

Blue Wave Vibration

Most of us need to have foreplay before having sex. Arousing your partner by massage, kissing, teasing and tempting are some of the basic things we do to turn out partners on that will lead to a more rewarding and fulfilling sexual experience.   Massaging both the body and stroking each others erogenous zones is a sure fire way to heat up the action but often it can be tiring.  But not anymore!!!  JimmyJane has given me the advantage and now I am a better lover because of the sensational foreplay that I deliver. This fantastic sex toy is designed with couples in mind (although it could be used for solo play) with multi speed vibrators that attach to your fingers making them sex gods!

Vibrators are simply tiny engines that vibrate at different levels.  Surprisingly the vibrators in the JimmyJane Hello Touch range are quite strong and deliver amazing sensations. The materials that house the vibrator impact on the strength  and generally speaking the thicker the housing the lower the intensity of the vibrations delivered.  Using a JimmyJane finger vibrator will help your cause in the sexual satisfaction department as the vibration is dispersed with your fingers and your fingers will be the material that is used to send the vibrations out to the clitoris or other part of the body you would like to stimulate. This small toy will help in doing things which you couldn’t ordinarily do with your fingers. It is designed to be worn on two fingers and optimized for both internal and external stimulation. The toy delivers an ultra compact vibration in pods enclosed within a silicone finger pad. The dimensions have been minimized so that it can fit on your fingertip and deliver sensations wherever your hand moves. The vibrators are just like your fingers and can stroke surround and squeeze unlike other vibrators.

Hello Touch Massager
Buy Now | Sex Toy Shopping For JimmyJane

If you are well acquainted with the world of adult toys, you will attest to the fact that Hello Touch is one of the most flexible and versatile sex toys that you can ever use. It’s true that you might already be used to the compact finger vibrators and the like, but this wearable vibrator is even stronger, even smaller and as you would expect it, sexier compared to its predecessors. You have all the reason why you shouldn’t think twice about using it and say hello to new sensations. Finger vibrators are quite minimal and non-threatening especially to a sex toy newbie and the sensations delivered are an amazing improvement on trying to do the same things just with your hands and fingers.  The classic design, which guarantees you full control over these vibrators allow you to enjoy an intense intimate experience together with your partner or even during solo action. This is a perfect pick and Jimmy Jane has worked hard to ensure that fingers are brought back into the sex equation while trying to get more sex kicks.

JimmyJane Hello Touch has a light wristband that is also very comfortable when worn. To make things even more sensation, the whole unity is also waterproof and you can use it safely in as many ways as you can possibly imagine. It allows you to use your fingers for teasing, tickling and tantalizing your senses before you move to other more intense sensations and pleasures. You also have the option of wearing the toy on two different fingers for dual stimulation. What makes it a bestselling sex toy is its small size which guarantees that the user enjoys the vibrations exclusively. Touch pads are less invasive which assures you of a more vibration centric and delicate experience.

JimmyJane Hello Touch is the smallest fingertip vibrator available, and the only one optimized for both internal and clitoral stimulation. This intuitive design features a pair of ultra-compact Vibration Pods, each enclosed in a supple silicone finger-pad. We’ve minimized every dimension so you can deliver powerful sensations anywhere hands may roam, without limitation. The Vibration Pods are as mobile and versatile as your fingers – Hello touch can stroke, squeeze and surround in sensation, unlike any other vibrator.

Just wear them on your fingers and surprise your partner while indulging in foreplay. Use them and see what wonders it does to her. Show her your new found talent and surprise with the things you can do with your fingers. Spice up your sex and provide her with natural sexual arousal with the finger vibrator. This toy can be used to stimulate clitoris, nipples, G-spot, Labia and other places which arouse her. It is water proof so you can even use it while having a shower together or while in a pool. The materials used are safe for the body and the vibrations are silent but strong enough to give her full satisfaction.

Features Of The JimmyJane Hello Touch

  • Great for Couples – Enhance your natural touch, perfect for both foreplay and sex
  • Compact Power – Over three times the power in one third the size of most fingertip vibrators
  • Versatile – Stimulate the clitoris, labia, G-spot, nipples and other erogenous zones
  • Dual motors – One in each Vibration Pod
  • Quiet – Strong-yet-silent vibrations
  • Body-Safe and Phthalate-Free – Supple, medical-grade, platinum silicone
  • Waterproof – Shower-ready and washable
  • Intuitive Controls – Easy on and off
  • Batteries Included – Runs up to 6 hours on two AAAA batteries
  • Dimensions – Each Fingerpad is 0.7″x0.9″x0.3″, Dock is 1.0″x2.1″x0.6″
  • Three Year Limited Warranty – Our commitment to quality

How To Use The JimmyJane Hello Touch

  • Front of fingertips: This allows you to contact and vibrate the body with the Vibration Pods directly using natural strokes and massage techniques. Unlike most dual-motored vibrators, HELLO TOUCH allows you to move each motor independently. Try this for both internal and external vibration with one or with two fingers.
  • Back of fingertips. This vibrates the fingers themselves, which in turn can touch and stimulate the body. The sensations from the vibrations will be different, and you’ll be able to feel and locate with your fingertips, as they’re exposed.
  • Thumb & Forefinger: Stroke, grasp and squeeze as you normally would with these fingers. It’s also possible to insert the forefinger for internal stimulation while using the thumb for external (e.g. clitoral) stimulation. (Note – this is easier to do for your partner than to do to yourself.)
  • Front of Mid-Fingers: Stroke with an open hand (e.g. run your hands across your partner’s body or your own). Also good for stimulating the penis by positioning your hand so that the two vibrators contact and rub against the sensitive underside of the shaft, just beneath the head.
  • Choose your own adventure: HELLO TOUCH was designed with adaptability in mind.

JimmyJane has released the new rechargeable version  JimmyJane Has The X-Factor!




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