The Cute & Form Fitting Evi By Aneros!!

Aneros is best known for its male prostate massage toys, and now they have decided to branch out into women’s toys as well. Their first product for women is a cute and form fitting Kegel exerciser called the Aneros Evi.

The Aneros Evi is designed to give women a fun way to help develop and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.  This can aid in providing an overall better sexual experience. 

Strengthening your pelvic muscles is for a woman’s health

Especially those who suffer from incontinence or weak bladder.  But also gives you a stronger grip on your partner during intercourse and can give you greater pleasure and stronger orgasms.

Also strengthening the pc muscles is also done by women who want to tighten and tone their vaginal muscles after giving birth. 

So as you may already know or now know there are so many reasons to why a woman should do Kegel exercises for both health and sexual purposes.

What Does Aneros Evi Do?

Aneros Evi design is supposed to provide some fun clitoral and G-spot stimulation and aims to give you an orgasmic workout.  It claims that Aneros Evi will work for every woman and anatomy.

But that might not be particularly true.

I’m pretty familiar with a lot of Aneros products so it came to no surprise that the packaging for the Aneros Evi was very discreet and elegant.

Aneros Evi sex toy kegel exerciser
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Evi comes in an outer box that is somewhat minimalistic

It has a picture of Evi on the front.

Inside this is another box that is a nice white box that has a pretty pattern on it.  This box has two flaps that have magnetic closures.

These flaps open and reveal a simple use pamphlet and then Evi in a white plastic tray beneath. Aneros Evi is a solid form covered in a red, velvety smooth silicone.

Features of the Evi

  • Silicone is non-porous and will not harbour any harmful bacteria if properly cleaned.
  • There is no texture except for a light raised Aneros logo on the side of the clitoral arm.
  • The toy is totally rigid and has no give at all.  This is how Evi is able to apply pressure to the G-spot and clitoris.
  • It’s a bit of lint magnet which can be annoying but not as bad as some other sex toys I’ve seen.
  • If you have trouble inserting this toy you can use water-based lube for sex to ease insertion.
  • Cleaning is very simple.  You can use toy cleaner, soap and water or toy wipes. Because Aneros Evi is silicone, you can boil it or soak it in a 10% bleach solution to sanitize it.
Aneros Evi Prostate Massager
Sex Toy: Aneros Evi

Aneros Evi is designed to be able to fit a woman’s anatomy perfectly

There is a bulb, a thin neck, and then a clitoral arm.

Aneros Evi is meant to be inserted vaginally so that the bulb fits snugly up against the G-Spot.  The neck then leads out of the vagina.  And the attached clitoral arm is supposed to fit up against the outside of the vagina and stimulate the clitoris.

There are no batteries or buttons.  This toy is solely powered by the movements of your own body.  You can use this toy standing, sitting or lying down.

Just need to find what works the best for you.

You can take turns squeezing and releasing your PC muscles and feeling how your body responds to Aneros Evi.  Use this toy too when doing your usual Kegel exercises or start moving to have some fun.

You can rock your hips back and forth, front to back, in a hula-hoop motion, etc. Experiment with what produces the best stimulation for you.

When you move your hips Aneros Evi will put pressure and rub on both your G-spot and clitoris.

When I heard about Aneros Evi was released I was very curious to see Aneros take on Kegel exercises.

On paper and in diagrams the Aneros Evi sounds like the Holy Grail of Kegel toys and to a lot of women, this will still be the case.

The truth is that this toy is designed to rub on g-spot while strengthening you pc muscles as well.  But not all woman’s ‘g-spot’ are in the same spot and could be deeper in which case this toy will not stimulate it.

It’s certainly doesn’t comfortably fit well for all woman

A claim that it does is strange at the least.   It is impossible to make a toy that’s going to be perfect for everyone especially when everyone is different and have different body’s.

I do have to say that the Aneros Evi will fit a lot of women comfortably though.  But unlike Kegel balls, it’s hard to tell from looking at the size.

Aneros Evi can make an effective G-spot dildo I guess.  But the arm makes it difficult to use a clitoral vibrator at the same time but it’s not impossible.

In summary, the Aneros Evi in most cases for a lot of women will be a great Kegel exerciser when you want a workout.  It makes a delightful companion to sexual play!

Prostate Massagers for Beginners

The world of sex toys is truly one of the most fascinating things out there.

And, if you think that sex toys are only an option for females, you’d be completely wrong.  Male sex toy industry is also booming, and today we’re going to discuss something called a Prostate Massager.

So, let’s get into everything a newbie would want to know about Prostate Massagers.

What is the Prostate?

The prostate is a walnut-shaped organ located inside the male anus. That’s right, it’s not a typo, it’s located in the male anus.   It’s located almost three inches inside, between the bladder and the penis.

The sperm that men ejaculate passes through the prostate.  But, the real information you need to know is that massaging the prostate can give you an orgasm more intense than what you’d get by stimulating the penis.

That’s the big draw card of prostate play, better orgasams!

The prostate is also called the male P-Spot.  If you’re a kinky fella that’s into anal play, prostate massagers are just what you’re looking for.

Is Using a Sex Toy Necessary?

You might be wondering why you’ve never heard of massaging the prostate as a general activity.  This is because many straight men have issues with sticking things up their butt.

Also, even though the finger can get the job done, using a prostate massager is much more comfortable and pleasurable.  So, instead of dipping your finger in lube and reaching down there, the better option is a prostate massager.

Second reason why Prostate Massagers are necessary

It is because they are specifically shaped to touch the prostate in the right way. That’s what sets these massagers apart from butt plugs.  They look weird if you’ve never seen one before.  But they know how to hit the right spots.

If you tried to stimulate the prostate with a standard dildo or butt plug, it just doesn’t work as well.

aneros evi and butt plugs
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How Can You Use a Prostate Massager?

The first step is to lubricate the massager.  A type of lube mostly depends on the material of your massager.

Most people prefer an anal lube that’s a water based lubricant since it works well with silicone and keeps your toy in a durable condition for a longer period of time.

The best position to use a prostate massager would be to lie down on your back and prop up your feet vertically.  Another position is to lay on the side and tuck your feet into your stomach.

These are just some positions that most men like.  You can of course experiment on your own to see what feels most comfortable for you.

Next step is inserting the Prostate Toy

If you’re new to anal play, we suggest going as slow as possible and buying a thin prostate massager.

The toy might feel a bit overwhelming if you pop it right in, so just insert it gently.  Once the toy is in there, start massaging it in a rubbing motion.  Try to remember which areas feel nice and how much pressure you need to get going.

This stuff is purely up to your liking.

So there’s not much we can tell you to do here.  If you need somewhere to start, just gently use the massager without putting too much external pressure onto it.

You could also slowly increase the pressure as you get closer to climax.

There’s another way of using a prostate massager, but it requires way more expertise in the field.  It’s sort of a hands on approach.

Once you master the technique, you could get a prostate orgasm purely from clenching and releasing the muscles and move around to stimulate the prostate.

What I strongly recommend!

My recommendation is to purchase a vibrating prostate massager.

They’re specifically designed to hit the right spot for you without you having to do a great deal.   Absolutely the best option for beginners and even guys with lots of experience.

They’re more expensive but over the lifetime of the product the extra cost is tiny in comparison to the pleasure you’ll get.   You can check out my favorite prostate massagers here.

aneros evie
Aneros massager

Safety Precautions

Using a prostate massager might seem easy but it does have its fare share of risks as well. Here’s a few safety precautions you should know about using prostate massagers.

  • The toy should always have a handle or a base that prevents it from going completely inside.  Prostate Massagers are small and losing them in your anus might seem funny.  But it possible; and extremely dangerous.
  • Remember, Lube is your best friend.  You need to use plenty of lube to ensure that there is no pain or discomfort after the anal session.
  • Prostate orgasms are a marathon, not a sprint.  Don’t rush too much.
  • If you have some sort of anal condition, then you should never use a prostate massager.  You could be putting yourself at a risk of a serious medical problem.

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